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Quartz in a sentence | quartz example sentences

  1. Quartz is the most abundant.
  2. Professor Quartz stared at him.
  3. She handed the object to Quartz.
  4. Quartz gave a howl of pain and fury.
  5. With quartz, carbonate of lime, &c.

  6. No… it was all about Raven Quartz.
  7. It could be something to do with Quartz.
  8. That and the quartz made it jump out at me.
  9. The quartz was mined in the state of Minas.
  10. What’s this about Quartz? demanded Duplex.
  11. Tell us about Professor Quartz, Sakura cried.
  12. The Quartz? Why that name? she asked, confused.
  13. Dexter and I knew that you would never help Quartz.
  14. Enough of this mindless chatter, snapped Quartz.
  15. Chlorite in Litchfield, is found on quartz, with talc.

  16. The gangue is quartz, and the walls and hill granite.
  17. At one hundred feet in they they ran into solid quartz.
  18. There were healing quartz stones on the beaches as well.
  19. DE is chemically identical to quartz and white ocean sand.
  20. That is precisely my intention, replied Quartz smoothly.
  21. At the last moment, he swung around to face Quartz and fired.
  22. A granulated, schistose aggregate, chiefly of quartz and mica.
  23. Tourmalines with quartz occur in pegmatites all over the world.
  24. With it, Quartz could control Earth and possibly the uni­verse.
  25. Even the cooktop blended in with the polished quartz countertop.

  26. I have a piece of blue quartz that should fit where the sapphire is.
  27. The quartz is mostly greenish, probably coloured by the next stratum.
  28. Bennu stands on the more I believe it is made out of quartz, the same.
  29. Of course, nothing is more important to Quartz than his inventions.
  30. Crystal: It is a stone of the flint kind, the most refined kind of quartz.
  31. The actual spiritual revolution does not need miracles or quartz crystals.
  32. That is, an aggregate of fine-grained quartz and mica, without any felspar.
  33. The group stopped at a stall with necklaces and bracelets of coloured quartz.
  34. But Saffyre had seen first hand the results of her parent’s feud with Quartz.
  35. A certain color vein of quartz in a boulder, a certain shaped branch on a tree.
  36. There are both twinned and untwinned crystals on or with quartz and/or dolomite.
  37. The "Guardian" is a small pink quartz crystal skull which weights less than 1 lb.
  38. The epidote is generally associated with quartz, and sometimes is imbedded in it.
  39. Quartz crystals appear to abound at the same place, besides various other minerals.
  40. They include the unique yellow topaz on quartz that’s now in the Carnegie Museum.
  41. The cinnabar included in quartz is a great rarity and it is the best I ever acquired.
  42. I am responsible for preparing all quartz data storage units for ejection into space.
  43. Small crystals of the red often run from the vein of quartz into the adjoining feldspar.
  44. The imbedded substances are calcareous spar, quartz, chalcedony, analcime, prehnite, &c.
  45. That would probably embed the gold dust into the small cracks and crevices of the quartz.
  46. You mean that ‘krystaline-mover’ that Quartz said could control any machinery?
  47. Anton is a small clear quartz skull that was carved in Brazil which is less than 1 lb.
  48. One thing that some hobbyists forget about is the quartz sleeve that the UV bulb slips into.
  49. He told me that within each piece of quartz, there exists the potential of an inter-.
  50. Perhaps, as in milky quartz, this hazy aspect is due to inclusions of very tiny gas bubbles.
  51. On West Brook, this gray limestone is traversed by a vein of quartz, containing sulphuret of iron.
  52. In the case of high-quality aggregates (crushed granite and quartz sand) using, as it is shown by E.
  53. Hornstone, next to quartz, is the most abundant of the silicious minerals associated with limestone.
  54. The pink tourmaline on quartz, which measures 5 inches across, is from Paprok, Nuristan, Afghanistan.
  55. It contains so large a proportion of silex that it is often but little removed from granular quartz.
  56. As it is, we used quartz crystals we gleaned from a river, not much bigger than large grains of sand.
  57. Flick off other peoples stresses: Carry a piece of the crystal smoky quartz in your pocket or handbag.
  58. This hill slopes to West Brook, where quartz often forms perpendicular banks from 50 to 100 feet high.
  59. Mountains in which the best cinnabars were glued to imagi-natively created mounds of quartz crystals.
  60. Most of the quartz, except the white, yields a small portion of lime, and has been called calcareous quartz.
  61. In Augusta and Rockbridge counties in Virginia, beautiful crystals of quartz, of a singular form, are found.
  62. The other specimen is from Gilgit and exhibits a 5-inch-long aquamarine on a 7-inch-long smoky quartz crystal.
  63. The first looked like an eagle in flight; the second appeared to be a red garnet and the third, ivory quartz.
  64. Following this, we hear from Katrina Head about her rose quartz skull, The Guardian and how this skull.
  65. Here also argillaceous slate rests on the quartz, as well as on the vertex, and on the east side of Stone Hill.
  66. Maybe place a white quartz rock on top of it, as gold in this state is typically found in veins of white quartz.
  67. It occurs in the veins of the greenstone, in geodes, on balls of zeolite, on chalcedony, on lamellar quartz, &c.
  68. That’s the ore they were after; see the black in with the quartz? That’s some of the silver they extracted.
  69. He visited the mine and just as he had been told to expect there was gold showing in the quartz rock of the walls.
  70. Argillaceous Slate rests on quartz on Stone Hill, and is also found low down in the valley connected with limestone.
  71. Great quantities of quartz and quartz rock, sometimes covering with their fragments the sides of hills, are frequent.
  72. He’d have assumed it was quartz, were it not glowing brightly in both visible light and in his magic-sensing vision.
  73. Atahualpa is a 9-10 ounce frosty clear quartz skull that was made by a carver in Brazil around September of 2009.
  74. I particularly treasure this 1-inch-long doubly terminated gem crystal of smoky quartz with green tourmaline inclusions.
  75. Quartz appears again on the opposite side of West Brook, but further north, on a hill connected with the Taconick range.
  76. She had also found Rose Quartz deposits, which usually denoted gold, so maybe there was some of this precious mineral too.
  77. Fortunately, this applies to calcite and quartz, but it is rarely observed in nature, at least, not in stunning specimens.
  78. The rose mica is found in a large grained granite with amorphous quartz and silicious feldspar, crystallized and amorphous.
  79. The aquamarine has been repaired, but I think that is to be expected, much as it is with amazonite and quartz from Colorado.
  80. Analcime—in same place, very abundant, and is associated with quartz and amethyst, which are sometimes enclosed by analcime.
  81. For example, to treat stomach pain, some healers place charged quartz on the lower abdomen area to help restore energy there.
  82. The side of the hill at the pits is covered with quartz pebbles; some of which are as transparent and beautiful as I ever saw.
  83. Olin guessed, Because you told me that the man went bankrupt I would think that there was very little gold in the quartz vein.
  84. That meant that Zygmunt would inspect all the candidate boulders for seams such as quartz veins or pre-existing fracture lines.
  85. In the remarks, to which this paper is a supplement, blue quartz was inadvertently put down among the minerals found in Deerfield.
  86. Both the quartz and tourmaline are perfectly formed, and the specimen has a touch of lilac lepidolite that sets it off perfectly.
  87. This is due to the greater indestructibility of the quartz pebbles, and the weathering away, or denudation, of the sandstone face.
  88. Mary had said one might then seek seams in the quartz deposits spread like ancient tree roots all throughout this harsh landscape.
  89. Harold said I would like to see you guys go that route and leave this quartz to us hard rock guys, there is no way to tell, of.
  90. The miniature specimen of bornite crystals on quartz crystals shown on the left is from the Old Copper Mine in Bristol, Connecticut.
  91. Associated with this cellular ferruginous quartz, brown hæmatite is often observed; this valuable ore often yields eighty per cent.
  92. A considerable tendency to crystallization appears at this place, not only in the quartz, but in the foliated structure of the barytes.
  93. Greasy quartz, rose quartz, hornstone, and rock crystal, are occasionally found; the last in considerable quantity south of Stone Hill.
  94. It is composed of fine and large grains of silicious stones, nearly white, and resembling pebbles of white quartz: the texture is firm.
  95. On the east side of Stone Hill, it is more granular, and may perhaps be called arenaceous quartz, containing a larger proportion of iron.
  96. She held up a big clear quartz crystal and sang to it, Gonna rock around the clock tonight, gonna rock, rock, rock, 'til broad day light.
  97. The varieties, so far as I have observed, are quartz, hornstone, flint, jasper, and semi-opal; and several, which to me are non-descripts.
  98. Combinations of aquamarine and smoky quartz are much rarer than amazonite and smoky quartz, and a specimen of this quality is truly a wonder.
  99. It looked insurmountable, that giant palisade with its sheer curtains of solid rock in which bits of quartz winked dazzlingly in the sunlight.
  100. Either their skull or skulls seem more activated and/or that inside the quartz itself, the crystal has changed its form or become more transparent.

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