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Crystal in a sentence

If you mean Crystal, no.
He held the crystal in.
He picked up a crystal.
The air was crystal clear.
Now it was crystal clear.
I saw it clear as crystal.
The water is crystal clear.

Kane handed her the crystal.
Crystal pointed at the door.
Crystal reached into her bag.
The sky was a crystal blue.
The Voice from the Crystal.
We met at Crystal Palace.
The market has crystal balls.
Crystal moved off the clutch.
The crystal glowed with the.
Diane D turns towards Crystal.
The clearest of crystal water.
Clancy in nearby Crystal City.
Torren starred at the crystal.
But it only made Crystal laugh.
The main crystal skulls that.
That perfect crystal will form.
Then one of the crystal domes.
Above, all was crystal clarity.
I spotted a large crystal and.
Crystal was shaking her head no.
Oh hell yes, Crystal said.
One crystal in a seam of others.
I had forgotten about the crystal.
He pulled a bag of crystal meth.
Crystal Blue Persuasion, hey hey.
He holds the crystal out for al.
Time to pull out the crystal ball.
Crystal knows the whole story.
Crystal was fourteen at the time.
You know that Crystal Watson! I.
A crystal stone embedded in the.
Beyond the beacon's crystal dome;.

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