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Randy in a sentence | randy example sentences

  1. It was Randy who replied.
  2. Randy looked at the ground.
  3. Randy were left without jobs.
  4. Randy grabbed it and pulled.
  5. Randy thought it was a good.

  6. Randy should fix the following.
  7. Randy comes to wake me up at 8.
  8. When Randy had ridden out to.
  9. It was exactly what Randy and.
  10. Randy peered down the corridor.
  11. Randy he hadn’t been aware of.
  12. You’re a good liar, Randy.
  13. Randy gave a contemptuous snort.
  14. A miracle could happen, Randy.
  15. Randy said he could upgrade the.

  16. Randy became puzzled for a moment.
  17. Randy had stabbed him three times.
  18. It's just crazy, Randy said.
  19. Greg and Randy return with the goat.
  20. I can never recall asking Randy a.
  21. Of course, you know Randy, Kate.
  22. Randy thought about it for a moment.
  23. Randy? Are you with me, bud?
  24. Randy dropped her back into the tub.
  25. Randy scratched the back of his head.

  26. Randy, my husband Randy, was dead.
  27. I can be a bit randy in the morning.
  28. He glanced over his shoulder at Randy.
  29. Randy jabbed the ringleader in the neck.
  30. Randy folded the parchment in his hands.
  31. Randy jumped back with a startled yelp.
  32. Randy hit it precisely, in the shoulder.
  33. Randy jumped back with a surprised gasp.
  34. Nancy, Randy, soldiers with kickshellacs.
  35. Randy, and finally to the rest of the men.
  36. Is it part of the will? Randy asked.
  37. Randy is sent to New York for two months.
  38. Randy sighed and shook his head at Jeremy.
  39. Randy is on the city council and he has.
  40. Randy touched it but did not unsheathe it.
  41. STAND UP! Randy yelled by way of reply.
  42. Randy speeds off in one of the motorboats.
  43. It gave Randy hope that she would do well.
  44. He quickly glanced at Randy, who offered.
  45. Randy crept up to the door and peered inside.
  46. Randy fidgeted and clasped his hat nervously.
  47. Same holds true if it was Walter or Randy.
  48. Let them deal with Randy, Aidan continued.
  49. I asked him, What’s the joke, Randy?
  50. Randy Humphrey was one of the most brilliant.
  51. This was really, according to both Randy and.
  52. She turns toward Randy, still in his moment.
  53. Randy looked to the ground and shook his head.
  54. That’s what you told me last time, Randy.
  55. Randy snorted again, this time in appreciation.
  56. Randy bit his lip and looked Barron in the eye.
  57. Randy, the last of the quartet, was still here.
  58. As Randy looked around the room, he realized.
  59. Randy swallowed hard before laughing nervously.
  60. Randy missed these creature comforts to be sure.
  61. Randy had continued to watch the girl, and wait.
  62. Why? I think its sort of cool, Randy said.
  63. Marty turned to Randy and took a sip of his beer.
  64. Greg lets Randy shoot… the shot lands above it.
  65. His eyes slowly wandered from the money to Randy.
  66. His eyes darted back from Randy to Dan to Jeremy.
  67. He admits it, Randy said, crossing his arms.
  68. Randy looked like he had been slapped in the face.
  69. Jeremy Foster was there too, Randy continued.
  70. Randy had always been a hard worker, though, and.
  71. Randy shoved her down under the water--and held her.
  72. From what though? Nancy and Randy without question.
  73. You have some trouble in there? Randy said with.
  74. Randy has a second try… again it strikes above it.
  75. Diane D! Madilyn Lewis and Randy Coleman shout.
  76. Randy tilted his head and gave Barron a curious look.
  77. He’d already decided that if that Randy gave him.
  78. Foster here has served his sentence, Randy chided.
  79. I don’t know who he was, Randy said honestly.
  80. So his randy fortnight passed, calm before the storm.
  81. But - as Randy says - that's what they are there for.
  82. Randy closed the distance with a patient, casual gait.
  83. Randy! He waited for a response, but there was none.
  84. Randy kept his council on the other side of the corner.
  85. Fingers crossed, Randy would not choose to do the same.
  86. Randy leaned over and whispered something to his lawyer.
  87. Ma nodded but kept talking about her beloved Randy the.
  88. Once free, Randy would almost certainly track her down.
  89. Truth is, I’m feeling rather randy and missing my man.
  90. Randy shuffled nervously then looked to the Maynwarings.
  91. RANDY FISH HAD all the starch and vigor of a sock puppet.
  92. I don’t know exactly where he got it, Randy said.
  93. That’s not a bad idea, Andy, Randy said wickedly.
  94. Marty looked intently at his old friends Lester and Randy.
  95. Fearful some randy male would go too far I took him home.
  96. Where did he go after Randy dropped you off at the hotel.
  97. Randy is watching all the game through the spotting scope.
  98. Soon Randy announced he had to leave, so I was left alone.
  99. The crowd and reporters see Madilyn Lewis and Randy Coleman.
  100. Randy went to it without making a sound and slipped inside.

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