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Steamy in a sentence | steamy example sentences

  1. The day was hot and steamy.
  2. It was hot and steamy the day we first met.
  3. The steamy jungle was turning cold and dark.
  4. Every dirty, steamy bit of it: the offer made.
  5. And Ellie hadn’t just left a hot, steamy shower.
  6. Someone whispered in the steamy background, 'Imagine.
  7. It’s always so hot and steamy here after the bath.
  8. The winged waitress placed a steamy cup in front of me.
  9. He was floating in a deep, steamy pool of fragrant water.
  10. He spills some of its steamy contents along his journey.
  11. We exchanged steamy love letters over the next few months.
  12. It was a wonderfully steamy night, and I used my fly rod.
  13. Gary placed the two mugs of steamy hot cappuccino next to.
  14. To do that he had to have a good cup of uwe, fresh and steamy.
  15. After our…um…hot and steamy shower, we indeed talked a lot.
  16. Their mother then set another steamy skillet onto the glass table.
  17. Hot and steamy coffee was ready for me when I went to the computer.
  18. Rose stood there, a bowl of hot steamy soup in her hands your.
  19. Emily filled the bowl with steamy stew and sat at the counter to eat.
  20. Within seconds Joel’s simple kiss became a steamy, passionate one.
  21. She heard someone come into her room as she stepped into the steamy.
  22. As they trudged through the steamy wet jungle the Drongs did not talk.
  23. You can see why it appealed to me as a location for a steamy, sexy scene.
  24. He had been in steamy clinches with women before, but the professionals at.
  25. In the bathroom, it’s all hot and steamy from where he’s been showering.
  26. Steamy hot water cascaded down in pulsating waves that massaged my muscles.
  27. The ship quickly approaches oceans and oceans of steamy, solid white clouds.
  28. The air was still hot from a pretty steamy and humid Iowa day, but dressed.
  29. As he pours the steamy brew, he requests, I want to know all about you Ava.
  30. She assured him this was New South Wales and not the steamy backwaters of Asia.
  31. His steamy breath slapped her face, and his lips desperately searched for hers.
  32. Even with the air conditioner set on high, the room got very steamy that night.
  33. It was geared to sex, hot steamy, one-night-stand sex, with no strings attached.
  34. Rain blasted the steamy windshields, hitting with the solid force of a firehose.
  35. She grabbed on to his head and led his mouth to hers, resuming their steamy kiss.
  36. The water had cooled the can and that in turn cooled the steamy vapor within the can.
  37. Jaden notices this is creating a tunnel through the steamy compressed hydrogen clouds.
  38. The dark was still warm and steamy even now at the coldest hour of the week in late winter.
  39. A steamy shower may feel great, but it's one of the worst things you can do for your skin.
  40. Maybe you can just chalk the whole experience up to a steamy encounter, no strings attached?
  41. The steamy mist coming out of the cave entrance before us was the picture of foreboding mystery.
  42. Without it, the water would just boil immediately and I’d be hanging around in a steamy atmosphere.
  43. We have two pools at Klarrain's but he stays at the one inside and it's so steamy you can hardly move.
  44. Within two days of their meeting at his father's villa at Cap-Ferrat they were in steamy, sensual love.
  45. Two days later, Halfdan's long eyelashes suddenly fluttered in the steamy air, one hand clenching in a fist.
  46. By day it was steamy and hot and breathless; at night a cold wet mist came up and chilled them unmercifully.
  47. He kissed her forehead and she abandoned herself to desire like she had only seen depicted in steamy novels.
  48. This soon to be best-selling novel contains a hot and steamy scene in a restaurant called Dans Le Noirin London.
  49. Gulab stared at her intensely and after a second of stillness, she seized Tara’s face and gave her a steamy kiss.
  50. Maybe you should sit down for a while, the deputy replied pointing to the cement floor covered with hot steamy water.
  51. Unks leads us into a quick prayer of thanksgiving before everyone begins eating the steamy stew and the fresh baked bread.
  52. The steamy smoke drifted over to her and her stomach began to rumble, telling her just how long it had been since she had eaten.
  53. With his survival skills and his latest round of luck, Hilderich was certain that he would have perished in this steamy cauldron.
  54. After making love again and again in a couple of steamy positions I’ve showed her over the past months, she dropped to the pillows.
  55. However, it's still up there in more or less up-scale Europe, not down in those looked-down-upon, hot 'n steamy lower-rent latitudes.
  56. Mark had downgraded the business meeting of the six men, in favor of two steamy affairs taking place simultaneously, in separate rooms.
  57. He stared out of the back of the Metro, stared down the long, straight highland road, and settled himself into a damp and steamy slump.
  58. Just to think Aquana had just finished having steamy make up sex with Raekwon and now she wanted more but not from the father of her children.
  59. Sitting patiently in his living room, he sipped on a steamy cappuccino while awaiting an investigative disclosure by Detective Johnson and Tom Malkovich.
  60. They carried but one small bag each, empty in the highlands where every article of clothing they had was worn for warmth, and bulky again in steamy valleys.
  61. How the hell he ended up in the shower, immersed in its steamy heat, he didn’t know, but he was there before she hit the tile, his arms wrapped around her body.
  62. AS EARLY AS the hot and steamy summer of 1961, John Kennedy had confided to close advisers that the stressful work of the presidency had already aged him ten years.
  63. Each nose, tongue, ear, and eye tastes the bountiful bouquet of steamy stews, savory searing meats, fresh baked breads, and fragrant flowers floating across the harbor.
  64. One steamy August evening while Paul was in his bedroom playing one of his favorite video games he noticed a very unusual noise coming from outside the front of the house.
  65. Charles swallowed hard while eyeing her: compared to Nancy, the steamy women of the Fronde who thought of themselves as contemporary Amazons were pale imitations of female warriors.
  66. I thought about it, it wouldn't be that bad between me and Chris would it? I mean it was one kiss! One amazing, hot, steamy kiss that made me weak at the knee just thinking about it.
  67. The Schuelerite upper-priest stood for a moment, clapping his gloved hands together against the day’s cold while he exchanged a few words with the shivering sentry on a steamy spurt of breath.
  68. Protopopoff, a little man with a rosy egg-shaped head and a faint touch of slanted, oriental eyes, laughed as they undressed in the heavy, steamy environment and took sheets that resembled Roman togas.
  69. He knew that when the can was full of steamy hot air due to the boiling water that the pressure of the humid vapor was just about equal to the atmospheric pressure that was normally all about them, some 14.
  70. At the prestigious country club, François played golf while she lounged with other women’s husbands in the clubhouse bar, orchestrating countless real-life dramas, complete with steamy sex scenes and her as leading lady.
  71. Later, when I came out of the steamy bathroom in the robe that had been provided, I opened the nightstand drawer and found the Glock plus two loaded, fifteen-round magazines in addition to the one that was already in the pistol.
  72. How could I possibly have such a hot best friend? It had been pure torture for me, secretly drooling all over him when all I wanted was to have him as a boyfriend, rather than the boy who popped over for a pizza and some steamy sessions on PlayStation.
  73. Always a believer in nurturing the whole self, Morgan is now taking his love for adventure, passion, and romance, and diving headfirst into the steamy pool of erotic romance with the simple, heartfelt goal of ‘telling an interesting story that turns people on.
  74. Where else is one likely to witness two brokers getting into a steamy feud over who has a “real” Mercedes-Benz? And, of course, there was what I dubbed the “peacock syndrome,” or the tendency for retail brokers to strut around in their well-tailored raiment.
  75. The rising sun was making dark silhouettes of the mountains to the east, and Raul didn’t want to miss sunrise, but he couldn’t greet it before freshening up with a steamy shower, a shave and preening to perfection his hair, mustache and any wayward strand about the ears or nose.
  76. His mouth left hers to begin a trail of hot, steamy kisses down the sides of her neck and into the valley between her breasts, his lips dipped lower and lower as he made his journey to the cleft between her breasts…undoing a few buttons on her shirt to gain access to this part of her body along the way.
  77. Because Patty went to the same school as a kid, and she never had to do Half-Lunch or Free-Lunch, and now her stomach knotted as she remembered the Free-Lunch kids and her patronizing smiles toward them as they presented their dog-eared cards, and the steamy cafeteria ladies would call it out: Free Lunch! And the boy next to her, buzz-haired and confident, would whisper inanely: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.
  78. If the smile on her face combined with that dreamy, steamy expression is any indication - I’d say Kathy’s mind is already on her honeymoon!! Of course if I was marrying a man as sexy as Joel - a man moreover who loved me as much as I loved him, then I too would be thinking not of the wedding ceremony about to begin - but about the honeymoon to come! Everyone laughed at Charley’s comment, especially when it became apparent that Kathy hadn’t heard a single word she’d said!.

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