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    1. We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have never been drawn forth from the realm of the subconscious into objective usefulness; anyone who has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner will substantiate this statement

    2. In his realm everything is absolute quite independent of anything else

    3. Glenelle had to admit that even though Ava did her best to make the war back at Sol sound exciting, it seemed long ago and far away compared to the adjustments she had to face, being a clone and her whole time had been turned into a fantasy realm

    4. without delay enter the realm of the beast

    5. to transfer from the invisible spiritual realm into the physical one that is

    6. S o far as co n cern s church obligations, elders of the congregation are authority in the realm of expediency

    7. They were passing over some distant realm he had never seen, making him realize how little he had seen, though he had journeyed a local year from the Kassikan, it was a small distance on the world when seen from this distance, not a twentieth of a circumnavigation

    8. There was something happening within the spirit realm that was completely unannounced to anyone else

    9. Instead of turning, however, Lucy placed one unwilling foot in front of another, feeling amid the were-growl at the base of the world as if she must and without delay enter the realm of the beast

    10. How many of us truly believe that God is out for our ultimate good? How many of us are able to whole-heartedly believe that God the Father means that His greatest desire is to see us successful? And what is success in His eyes? I believe that success in His eyes would be from the realm of eternity

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    Synonyms for "realm"

    realm region kingdom land area orbit circle environment province set domain

    "realm" definitions

    a domain in which something is dominant

    the domain ruled by a king or queen

    a knowledge domain that you are interested in or are communicating about