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Land in a sentence

On farm land.
Land of Nod, n.
of land and sea.
Or on the land.
end of all land.
It could land.
the land of nod.

to her home land.
'Tis a land to.
Law of the land.
the land of Egypt.
land of the brave.
The land around.
go out of his land.
land of the living.
Of land and water.
This was her land.
The land Ogg had.
wealth of the land.
land on the waters.
success in the land.
visible in the land.
Travel across land.
They took our land.
It adjoins my land.
in the land of Egypt.
your God in the land.
landing on his feet.
Landing about two.
to the landing site.
After landing in D.
The landing was good.
landing on the lawn.
The landing was hard.
The landing was dark.
He checks the landing.
of stairs to a landing.
The landing was empty.
The landing would be.
Sue had a soft landing.
Then the landing began.
grasses on the landing.
It was a hard landing.
We will be landing in.
towards the landing area.
upon Hope on the landing.
This is the landing pad.
They stand on the landing.
preparations for landing.
On the second landing, a.
Shortly after landing, Dr.
The landing gear comes out.
On the landing stood Rose.
Landing pages that convert.
precautions on landing 526.
I landed a.
I landed in L.
He had landed.
Landed a sweet.
She landed in a.
Having landed on.
landed in the snow.
It landed on the.
It landed on Josh.
when the cat landed.
landed on his knees.
They landed on the.
They landed in the.
We landed with the.
when the jet landed.
The Eagle has landed.
The med ship landed.
He landed ten yards.
Then a second landed.
We landed at Idlewild.
It landed quite some.
Then I landed on the.
The Zephyr had landed.
er landed in the hos-.
My match landed in a.
She had landed a job.
He had landed on his.
He landed hard on the.
landed right next to us.
Luckily, we landed on.
He lands on the.
Whatever it lands.
those lands as well.
In lands where the.
Whole tribal lands.
lands by the US Army.
The cold hard lands,.
He lands on the roof.
the horse lands again.
Residing in the lands.
To the lands on moon,.
He lands smoothly on.
lands and plunder them.
Think of the lands.
the two lands into one.
products in their lands.
free the Lands of Lemar.
portal to magical lands.
She lands on both feet.
Hate toast that lands,.
from the northern lands.
Soaring over the lands.
Out of bounds it lands.
A tear lands on her face.
Where? To evening lands.
His lands are near?.

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