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    1. journey with God when He called him to go to the land of

    2. Gen: 12:7: And the LORD appeared unto Abram, and said, unto thy seed will I give this land: and there builded he an

    3. No one is poor who has land he can live on

    4. This means as they were not given the portion of land

    5. with Abram, saying, unto thy seed have I given this land,

    6. Gen: 17:8: And I will give unto thee and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of

    7. “Field of Vision” and I am now back in the Land of the Drivers

    8. As is often the case at times like these, he woke while dark still gripped the land

    9. Psalms: 63:1: O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirst for thee, my flesh long for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

    10. The crowd of spectators had a moment to look on in horror before Bob plowed right into them, knocking at least a dozen students to the ground and managing to land on a good number of them

    11. He decided to open up the copy of Stranger in a Strange Land he had brought for the flight

    12. land: and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness, and

    13. safe in their land, and shall know that I am the LORD,

    14. “It sure didn’t land on its feet after that

    15. in the land, whither ye go over Jordan to possess it

    16. wonder that was done in the land, God left or withdrew

    17. “I would have known all about it if I wasn’t stuck in radio silence land,” he pouted with a completely straight face, something that only Ackers could do

    18. Psalms: 37:34: Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are

    19. that ye should do so in the land whither ye go to possess it

    20. in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

    21. How do we justify the exploitation of poor, wastage of food, raping women, killing people, settling disputes through war, grabbing land to build temples, churches, mosques in God’s name and minting money on the name of faith and so on

    22. What more can you possibly want to buy, the remaining land in Gengee?"

    23. He gave the place some credit, he liked the land where he was

    24. The land was almost desert in the area they traversed by late Afternoonday

    25. They moved on, settling into the rhythm of the land again

    26. She was using all her control to keep herself from running in panic as it was, without some contact with real land, she wouldn't have been able to maintain her control now

    27. It was two hundred miles of water and two hundred miles of land

    28. He was sound asleep and stayed that way as light grew across the land

    29. you have a lot of carp to land

    30. The barren land would not give to them unless they gave to her

    31. By giving it the richness of the ocean, the barren land would give untold food back in return

    32. These folks also learned fast from other cultures, as they were able seaman and traveled around the world, and would see many wonderful things and this knowledge would return to their own lands, where it quickly would spread like fire upon the land

    33. The mother land has known the secrets of the ocean since time itself began

    34. They were amassing a large contiguous plot of land about twenty miles into the chaparral

    35. There was another faction who felt that it was acceptable to do daily business with the locals but retain their own culture with no more 'political boundary' than land ownership, and a third group who wanted to remain in voluntary association like the core of any other ethnic group, but not be required to join one contiguous territory

    36. They did go and ask him to stop it, but he just said that there was no law against him standing on his land

    37. end of all land

    38. Not a breeze is stirring, no land in sight on the mirror sea

    39. In the dim distance, he makes out what seems to be land

    40. Weakly, he pushes the wreckage toward the land, paddling with his feet while still holding on

    41. never to land, seen long dead aunts and travelled the world as a dread pirate, but never

    42. gardens, the woods and the fields of this watery land, the dreaded days that heralded

    43. gether into one place, and let the dry land appear”; and it was so

    44. hands, and his possessions have increased in the land

    45. In good condition, with the land, I’d normally say about one point

    46. as an inheritance the land which I swore to their fathers to give them

    47. There was another faction that actually wanted to carve out a governed land with a national boundary and laws

    48. land by her side as a reminder of home and her beloved family

    49. from the Holy Land, no less

    50. She had the land around his house reclaimed in the form he had it

    1. "You look more like twenty four than the eighty two Earth years you've been here, and you were what? Forty seven when you went into the capsule, not to mention the years between when you thawed and when you landed

    2. Silence landed on the wall and stuck to it, orientating herself and getting ready to pounce

    3. Everyone in the basement now had their eyes on them, watching in frozen anticipation for what would happen when they landed

    4. The grenades all landed on the floor, gave out a harsh, high-pitched sound, and then a white light shot out in all directions

    5. He landed on the ceiling with a groan, just before The Operator landed on top of him and knocked the wind out of his lungs

    6. Punka landed on Earth, and his children became humanity

    7. Estwig had stopped running, if it was a meteor it would have landed long ago

    8. He leapt out of bed and landed on a thick, mucal

    9. In spite of being in the native language, she saw it was from a guy who had come to this system on the Brazilian ship but was now living seventeen hundred miles south west of the city where they landed

    10. Minutes later the shuttlecraft landed right in front of it

    11. He threw it down in disgust, it landed on the kitchen counter face up and she could see what was on it

    12. ‘Looks as though Harvey might get landed with the job of defending him

    13. Chief Horcheese landed hard in a three-point stance and he swore she dented the hull

    14. She landed not far from where Raleigh drifted limp

    15. And he meant it as a compliment, but it didn’t feel like it landed as one

    16. There was a clarity that came after the panic, a flash of insight that happened more quickly and landed more solidly than any thought he’d ever had

    17. It was true he hadn't been alert when he landed here, but then not many are alert while they sleep

    18. From there, via one party conversation or another, he landed a series of job offers that culminated with him moving to London as foreign correspondent for Consolidated World News, better known as CWN, one of the many news agencies that supplied stories for the Middle East newspapers and satellite television channels

    19. Ernesto had claimed Isabel's affection before they even entered orbit of the planet, she was pregnant before the shuttlecraft first landed

    20. All of a sudden I was tossed into the air, landed against bookshelves and I collapsed on the floor together with some heavy volumes, while Arion was already aiming his weapon at me

    21. Elden dodged and Sons’ punch landed on the tree

    22. Son jumped as far as he could over the quicksand and landed in it, but

    23. “In this field, where we landed” said Catwhiskers

    24. The travel device could have landed anywhere

    25. landed based birds, they had never seen a bird that had settled

    26. landed in the snow

    27. this was where they landed before, and sure enough, amongst the

    28. Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers landed back where they set off

    29. The dragon landed, textbook landing, if a dragon learned to fly by

    30. The dragon swooped down again but this time landed down

    31. He saw Steve waiting by a large boulder, and watched as he came forward as they landed

    32. ale kegs should be fine as when they landed it was judged to have

    33. But the burning log landed on the plume of it's tail

    34. Are you there? Daniel moved to the spot where the pebble had landed

    35. He finished his chore and headed back, he saw Kate and Daniel as he landed

    36. She landed, and as they mounted, Oreo jumped on one of the seats that Steve had made for the ‘twins’; and they took off

    37. It was whilst wandering around ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES in the hope of bumping into Michalis at the check-in that something heavy landed on my foot

    38. Wings fully extended he landed stretched to his full height; carefully and slowly folded his wings, and turned his massive head and stared at the group of students standing in dumb awe at the sight of him

    39. They stopped short when they saw Jake, and then Lady Elzbeth landed and Steve dismounted

    40. A beautiful brownish red colored falcon sailed out of the nearby woods and landed on her outstretched arm, “easy Lancelot,” it squawked once and settled itself

    41. He purred for a moment, and Lancelot took off and flew to Jake and landed on his right wing

    42. It had probably landed in an uninhabited area because it was the size of a building and would have left a mark

    43. As she ran up the side of the mountain, Lancelot swooped down and followed her into the cave and landed on a perch high above

    44. As the dragons and riders landed they saw that a terrible battle had taken place there

    45. She fell into a hatching ground and landed on a clutch of 22 dragon eggs in the gelatinous stage

    46. They landed and as John climbed down, Kate held her breath

    47. Cyberia flung her arms around her handsome, landed busker and hugged him so tightly that he thought he would burst

    48. When Diana landed Wolf tried to prepare her, but when she saw them all gathered around him she became panic-stricken

    49. As Lady Ariel landed Daniel and Kate stepped forward to greet them

    50. The visitor landed and his rider slid off with Lady Sally in his arms

    1. Johnny bounced down the stairs of his house two at a time, landing on the main floor with a loud thump that took him into a slide toward the kitchen

    2. She was still all scratched up from landing in the brush, some of the wounds should have been treated with more than a few dribbles of water and the corner of a tee shirt

    3. "That's all made of metal isn't it?" Estwig gasped as the landing legs extended

    4. grasses on the landing

    5. stepped out onto the landing

    6. There’s a bathroom at the end of the landing

    7. Bolt looks up at the top of a hill just as Ahmed’s 747 appears over the hilltop, roars past overhead on its way to landing just a few hundred yards away

    8. On their first orbit within landing distance of their old site, they did not descend

    9. She took the scope and was able to pan it at a slow enough speed to look in the area around the landing site

    10. She was looking back toward Herndon's place no more than twenty five miles from the old landing point when her scope started picking up something else in the area

    11. Puzzled, Leonora went over and opened it to see a puffy, pasty, pink-haired, nose- and ear- and lip-pierced woman standing on the landing

    12. Once back on the landing, though, she turned, and said,

    13. companions emerged onto a short landing at the end of which was another heavy

    14. Half way down the landing a recess in the left hand wall glowed

    15. " She’d made the landing just fine, of course

    16. On the next landing we walked through another set of identical utilitarian swing doors and into a large open space, a space that covered the entire width and length of the building

    17. A fly hovered above the disordered tresses, analysing and collating the data flooding the atmosphere, another joined it, debated landing but was deterred by a worm of hair borne on the cooler breeze crossing from the nearby seashore

    18. There's a nice deep baggage shelf under your seat, and your footrest is the landing board

    19. Danton and his companions emerged onto a short landing at the end of which was another heavy wooden door

    20. Half way down the landing a recess in the left hand wall glowed brightly under a spotlight

    21. The three of men, Danton, the gaoler and the guard, swept down the landing towards the far door, their mistimed triumvirate steps clattering out a chaos of irregular rhythms

    22. a smooth landing outside the caves

    23. The dragon landed, textbook landing, if a dragon learned to fly by

    24. ale kegs together, landing on the ramps and Cosmicblasto turned

    25. He was landing, and stretched to his full height, wings extended out

    26. At the western end, where we shall be landing, the land is lower

    27. Michael went to her as she stepped off the last landing to the ground

    28. And the landing and the carrier bags

    29. On a landing, hovering, unsure whether to step

    30. "I suspect that is the same object and that our visitor attempted some kind of contact by landing someone or something on our world

    31. As it approached the landing and started forward it was not prepared for what faced it

    32. Oreo saw them and her rage was renewed as she leapt off the lower landing and dived into the midst of them

    33. Jake placed the trailer on the field, circled again, and then came in for a landing taking full advantage of the reflection of the sun to show off his great majesty

    34. “Who is that landing next to him?”

    35. As they approached Andrew could see several dragons coming in for a landing, and he slowed

    36. Daniel stopped at the last landing and turned to him; “Paul,” he answered him, “we are in constant communication with each other thru our dragons

    37. ” She paced the landing in front of the kitchen and yandrille space, from one bedroom door to the other

    38. As Rah circled and came in for a landing he could see Michael and Lady Jennie waiting for him

    39. As she stepped off the landing he stepped forward

    40. Duncan felt a small quiver beneath his seat as the pilot began turning a lever and he rightly guessed that the pilot was lowering the landing gear

    41. Just as suddenly they were released and the craft coasted to a landing dock and came to a stop

    42. Before Kai could move, Rayne took his dare and vaulted over the gate landing lightly on her feet

    43. Five Scathers lay dead on the landing, warriors panting at the ferocity of the encounter

    44. They came to the landing and Rayne had a view of the courtyard below; it was awash in Scathers and Warriors battling

    45. Rayne stood on the landing and peered below, searching the mob for Lord Tarak

    46. She dove off the landing, to his horror, and into the fray

    47. “Duncan! No…!” She ran towards the landing with Lord Tarak and Kai behind her

    48. This means that no matter where you hold that landing net the fish will be able to see it or sense it

    49. As they came to the landing leading downstairs, he led them off to the left

    50. Duncan took everything in quickly and saw the landing Tarak had spoken of; he made his way down to it and stood still

    1. 2Chl: 17:10 : And the fear of the LORD fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that were round about Judah, so

    2. Recognising the void that suddenly lands on the senior citizen in terms of emotional support hitherto provided by joint families, Government, NGOs and Associations of senior citizens can institute this highly effective “treatment” programme

    3. The levels to which they brought agriculture and the special relationships they developed with the ocean and the lands bear a closer look

    4. A fake helicopter lands on the center wagon wheel, which is bigger than the other two

    5. These folks also learned fast from other cultures, as they were able seaman and traveled around the world, and would see many wonderful things and this knowledge would return to their own lands, where it quickly would spread like fire upon the land

    6. Plunk: it lands on the ground two stories below

    7. Plunk: He lands on the ground two stories below as John and all the class rush to the window to see what has happened

    8. " Those girls had tried to act like Yakhanian sophisticates way out there in the ranch lands on the fringe of habitation

    9. They proposed buying a corridor thru the wild chaparral to connect their lands and Ernesto was arriving with a delegation of his sons to discuss it

    10. The winter will strike the central lands of the Highland Elves and two basins down wind

    11. Her destiny, however, was not that of the cold mountains and the lonely snow bejewelled passes that brought fitful life to their lands

    12. gave him to conquer all of the lands you have shown him

    13. those lands will become his slaves

    14. She had to explain that Darceen is a city and the Ttharmine is what's left of the great sea of the old lands

    15. They were people from different lands that had been conquered by the

    16. Soon stories spread through the kingdom and lands far beyond about the

    17. Stories of Sons’ greatness continued to reach distant lands

    18. Seeing you in this… it doesn’t matter We are going to keep watch over the lands of our country so how far my eye goes, I can see that you are here in your that they truly profit her children

    19. we never heard him speak of the missing time, the bad lands

    20. According to Isaiah 49:22-23, even the kings and queens of the earth shall bring them back upon their shoulders! This re-gathering of Israel will be such a moment that all people in all countries in all lands shall behold it and shall know the Lord is God

    21. For another, I knew of sorceresses from lands of kings and castles only in fairy-tales

    22. deep in the heart of the myth lands,

    23. Oliar hadn't stayed long in Zhlindu on a cosmic scale, not a century, and he was off thru Kyeb and then the old lands, then to Yondure, where he remains this day

    24. Out in the Bad Lands, where the sun

    25. and the brown earth of fields in foreign lands,

    26. in a small void that flexes in the shadow lands

    27. that edge the shadow lands of corruption

    28. At a point where three channels of the river joined, Luray thought it looked like it did when she'd first sailed this route to Wescarp, in the early decades of the 34th century when this was still called the sea of reeds and she and Oliar were just leaving the old lands

    29. And what a shock! Much colder than I expected but it didn't take long for the spirits to come and charm me away to mythical lands and peoples

    30. She brought his mind back over twenty centuries to the ancient lands he once called home

    31. Nevertheless, and in the privacy of her own salon, she was quite vocal in her support of the poor oppressed victims of foreign dictators and of those unfortunates in far off lands whose lives were devastated by fire, famine and flood

    32. In the living room he installed a fifty-six inch television monitor and was able to interact with online services in super-sized mode, which he found particularly useful when inspecting the assets and attributes of various potential brides from far flung lands such as the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and the Philippines

    33. lands, buried bones came fresh to the surface and the dogs of war

    34. As he lands, he looks round as though trying to work out where Sam is but, not seeing the dog anywhere, decides to investigate what there may be to eat

    35. lands whose lives were devastated by fire, famine and flood

    36. 8 The lands are accursed because of this name

    37. This one was marching off toward the flat lands, hiding the distant hills and making it look like they were on remote islands

    38. the existence of the lands of Faerie had not been kept sufficiently

    39. places to all generations; they call their lands after their own names

    40. Humanoid life, humans in particular, had crossed that boundary in the early to mid 40th if one was poor and living in his ancestral lands in the old north, many generations ago

    41. That’s why we wondered these lands from

    42. travel all over these lands with the herds, back ‘fore

    43. It was logical that the highest sorcerers in all the lands would be even more interested in electric ghosts didn’t it? He tried not to let that throw him, “What fuss is she making?”

    44. It was at least a mile before he got to the grain lands, and they were certainly more than a mile across

    45. “Contrition is all well and good,” Varn’m said, “But because the All of Knowledge of All of Lands does not permit shonggot to me made or sold by it’s vendors and purveyors, your business with the Kassikan and all its subsidiaries is hereby terminated and all accounts must be settled within one year

    46. “Well yeah, in all the lands I guess there could be a couple/few billion Crucifictionists

    47. 18Then he will turn his attention to the coast lands and will take many of

    48. 30Ships of the western coast lands will oppose him, and he will lose

    49. instead of running off to the Holy Lands so we can kill

    50. gave my lands to themselves as a

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    Synonyms for "land"

    farming land country nation body politic commonwealth res publica state demesne domain dry land earth ground solid ground terra firma soil din land edwin herbert land acres estate landed estate kingdom realm bring set down bring down put down down shoot down set ashore shore property real estate tract acreage bank mountains dirt clay gravel loam sand fatherland region province continent area field stretch sweep terrain turf drop anchor dock put in come into port arrive moor berth leave the ship disembark descend come down in aircraft touch down alight

    "land" definitions

    the land on which real estate is located

    material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use)

    territory over which rule or control is exercised

    the solid part of the earth's surface

    the territory occupied by a nation

    a domain in which something is dominant

    extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use

    the people who live in a nation or country

    a politically organized body of people under a single government

    United States inventor who incorporated Polaroid film into lenses and invented the one step photographic process (1909-1991)

    agriculture considered as an occupation or way of life

    reach or come to rest

    cause to come to the ground

    bring into a different state

    bring ashore

    deliver (a blow)

    arrive on shore

    shoot at and force to come down