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Reappearance in a sentence

The crowd clapped with the reappearance.
then the reappearance of an old man's yearned-for sign.
reappearance of Jesus alive again in the midst of his.
And then the reappearance of an old man’s yearned-for sign.
Carruthers, but it is the reappearance of that odious man, Mr.
The estate tax’s gradual disappearance and reappearance was.
Today, with Levin’s reappearance, a fresh source of anxiety arose.

Thankfully she was saved from this crisis by the reappearance of Gavin.
The reappearance of the light is identical with the persistence of the I.
There was no telling what his reaction would be to her reappearance here now.
Mirza considered himself a Mahdi in a reappearance of Mohammad to revive Islam.
Their hues and shadows changed with the sun’s passage overhead and reappearance of the stars.
Even after she disappeared into her nearby quarters, he stayed there hoping for her reappearance.
miraculous reappearance of an unverifiable fantasy character when they should have been looking for.
In biology is the reappearance of new features after it has not been evident for several generations.
YUKI HAD JUST about gotten a grip on the astounding fact of Lily Herman’s reappearance when John Kinsela called his first witness.
And perhaps they went too far, given the reappearance of extreme safe haven premia during the 2007–2008 systemic financial crisis.
She stared up at him and saw concern and hurt in his eyes Okay fine, a guy from my past who I am deathly afraid of made a reappearance.
" He shook his head as he looked at them, "I don't know what the reappearance of Giant's means but I do know nothing good can come from it.
The other guard had gone outside after Ingrid's reappearance; now he came back in, nipping off whatever retort the seamstress would have cast.
So that the anxiety caused by the public reappearance of his family name, having to do with the coronation of Remedios the Beauty, was baseless.
He nodded and he growled, when he heard of the hobbit's reappearance and of their scramble down the stone-slide and of the wolfring m the woods.
It was inevitable that he should wish to get rid of John Raffles, though his reappearance could not be regarded as lying outside the divine plan.
The only plausible theory I had come up with was that he was still secretly in love with Sis, and her sudden reappearance was causing him anguish.
Caderousse's hands still grasped the gold and bank-notes, and La Carconte called up her sweetest smiles while welcoming the reappearance of their guest.
Somewhere behind these concerns was an awareness that William hadn’t caught up to her, and that there was still time to prep Daddy for his reappearance.

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reappearance return