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Receipt in a sentence | receipt example sentences

  1. And … a receipt for.
  2. Could I have a receipt?
  3. The receipt is in the bag.
  4. He will leave a receipt so.
  5. Would you like a receipt? No.

  6. Sign this receipt here, please.
  7. A lunch receipt lay on the floor.
  8. I wrote his name on that receipt.
  9. Follows here the strict receipt.
  10. You want a receipt? he asked.
  11. Martin is not on the sales receipt.
  12. You’ll also see a receipt for a.
  13. Credit card receipt for the plane.
  14. Of course, I no longer had a receipt.
  15. No need for a receipt, he said.

  16. I need a copy of their sales receipt.
  17. The deposit receipt was not Teller’s.
  18. Then he carelessly asked for a receipt.
  19. And all on the receipt of some bad news.
  20. He said that the receipt of the signal C.
  21. Don"t worry kitty, I"ll give you a receipt.
  22. A receipt was taken from the proper person.
  23. Meanwhile your receipt will be your license.
  24. I thanked him, got my receipt and drove off.
  25. The approval will be in effect upon receipt.

  26. This was nothing less than the receipt by Mrs.
  27. Iwill bring you the receipt before you pay me.
  28. I will, of course, provide you with a receipt.
  29. Where's the receipt? The company sent me a.
  30. The clerk counted it out and gave him a receipt.
  31. She then marked it and Sent it back in receipt.
  32. He had his key to the hotel, a receipt for beer.
  33. Two, the receipt of money was precluded by Christ.
  34. On receipt of his narrow-eyed stare, she added with.
  35. Sprug as a receipt for their tithe, they could then.
  36. Receipt of custom: The tax office; the place of toll.
  37. But the receipt is dated May, pointed out George.
  38. We will send this book postpaid on receipt of price, $1.
  39. If so, banks should insist on receipt of satisfactory.
  40. After all, I have a receipt that says I bought it for $29.
  41. Bugg acknowledged receipt of my in-good faith check and.
  42. Sent, postage paid, to any address on receipt of the price.
  43. Er, here, Batistuta replied, handing over the receipt.
  44. On the receipt or bill, always make a note of the specific.
  45. The day arrived that was fixed for the receipt of the money.
  46. Sam, this isn’t about a receipt here or a receipt there.
  47. But can you produce the Government receipt for the royalty.
  48. The investor can look forward to the receipt of cash dividends.
  49. I looked for a receipt from my bank, but there was no receipt.
  50. Promptly, she wrote the information on the back of his receipt.
  51. I will only ask you to give me a receipt, and you can pay the.
  52. Granny was in receipt of occasional sums of money, gifts whose.
  53. Batistuta clenched the receipt in his hands as walked along the.
  54. Never throw away the receipt and the package of the gift you buy.
  55. He left the receipt in order that you might see that he had paid.
  56. The man handed Smith the Jack Daniels and the credit card receipt.
  57. The purchaser would pay for the goods and leave with her receipt.
  58. The maid received the package and signed on something as a receipt.
  59. Defarge took his receipt without noticing the exclamation,.

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  1. The funds are receipted by bank personnel, entered into the bank’s vault counter, and eventually posted to the bank’s computer records.
  2. Dear Sirs,--We beg to acknowledge 10 pounds received and to return cheque of 1 pound, 17s, 9d, amount of overplus, as shown in receipted account herewith.
  3. At one end was the receipted bill for the 287,000 francs, and at the other was a diamond as large as a hazel-nut, with these words on a small slip of parchment:—Julie's Dowry.
  1. Sixty eight receipts in total.
  2. San Francisco Receipts of the Cal.
  3. His receipts did smell really nice.
  5. Keeping records such as PayPal receipts is.
  6. She can keep receipts and then submit them.
  7. Receipts of the California Chinese Mission 284.
  8. Receipts of the California Chinese Mission 227.
  9. Receipts of the California Chinese Mission 131.
  10. Receipts of the California Chinese Mission 641.
  11. Sign your receipts in a way that makes it easy.
  12. The receipts of Berea College, Hampton Normal and.
  13. By 1929, the receipts were over $1 billion per year.
  14. This is not only indecent, but the receipts realized.
  15. And pray you still have the receipts for all of them.
  16. I remember how he saved receipts from things that had.
  17. Lost receipts and undocumented expenses can be avoided.
  18. Some were human manuals and receipts, others quick notes.
  19. Keep all receipts of expenses and copied of correspondence.
  20. Gross receipts are included in the list of documents needed.
  21. Mary’s Gael hoopsters) for a cash refund, without receipts.
  22. Later, you will want to move those receipts to your tax file.
  23. This will save you time and hassle when looking for receipts.
  24. Receipts of the California Chinese Mission, received since Sept.
  25. And don’t forget to keep the receipts, interrupted Gladys.
  26. Many grocery stores receipts will even tell you how much you save.
  27. I had copies of the shipping receipts from the Federal Reserve Bank.
  28. And you’re the one that insists on keeping my receipts put away.
  29. Piles of cash and miscellaneous receipts cluttered the kitchen floor.
  30. One of his trips came up so he told me how to take care of the receipts.
  31. She made sure she kept the receipts for Gladys, but declined to join them.
  32. The officers demanded receipts for the purchases, which they didn’t have.
  33. Credit Card Use this to track your credit card receipts and reconcile your.
  34. Then people will store their receipts in banks in special fire-proof vaults.
  35. Third, dividend receipts may be tax advantaged for shareholders subject to U.
  36. Hair, fiber, blood spatter, footprints, receipts, notes—forget all of that.
  37. And there are also the clothing receipts from Mauritius in December last year.
  38. Our accounts detail receipts and expenditures and are available for inspection.
  39. The most startling statistic was the increase in government income-tax receipts.
  40. In the usual case, such receipts of cash are taxed only on a capital gains basis.
  41. Then people will not know what to do will the receipts they accumulate every year.
  42. The report of all transactions involving receipts by non- profit organizations of.
  43. It was printed on very thin paper, the type used in Hungary for shopping receipts.
  44. Manny was swimming in receipts and cash register tapes organising them for Mrs Liu.
  45. Several Russian companies trade on the NYSE as American depositary receipts (ADRs).
  46. The sum of bank money, for which the receipts are expired, must be very considerable.
  47. Receipts (IDRs) and shall not grant any loan / advance against security / collateral.
  48. The receipts were to cover the expenses, and anything beyond was to go to the actors.
  49. I asked to see the store manager to go through my situation and the receipts with him.
  50. American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are foreign companies that are traded on a major U.
  51. They’ve collected 2 weeks of receipts from the restaurant and turned them over to you.
  52. These receipts were not reported as current income but were credited directly to surplus.
  53. Make sure you thoroughly destroy old receipts that have your card details printed on them.
  54. A bank would loan out money by printing more receipts, though there was nothing to back them.
  55. The first fellow had to wait twenty minutes while I went through my receipts and bills drawer.
  56. We just keep the receipts and cheque butts and that’s all there is to running this business.
  57. Two kids wired up after a nightclub overdose is worth the shoe leather and the petrol receipts.
  58. The holders of receipts, who had no bank money, must have received within two or three per cent.
  59. Each item of receipts or expense appears in its proper place, where it can be found without delay.
  60. In my suit jacket’s pocket were the two receipts, nominal amount, say 50 cents, for each incline.
  61. Create a Receipt Depot: a folder near the door that everyone drops receipts into as they come home.
  62. Capitalization and punctuation in the Receipts section is inconsistent, and was retained as printed.
  63. I was probably better off not having a receipt- most receipts for returns expire after 6 months anyway.
  64. She told me that if you did ‘take me on’, as she put it, I was to be sure to keep all the receipts.
  65. I hoped it wouldn't get mixed in with the receipts for cattle feed and other things in the farmer’s pockets.
  66. Certainly a study confined to the interest and dividend receipts less expenses would prove of negligible value.
  67. According to the defendant and receipts, what time was Dante Halleyville at the diner that morning? she asks.
  68. The figures of minimum gross receipts do not appear well chosen from the standpoint of bond investment in general.
  69. Nicked a student thesis and put it in a posh report, when all they needed to do was look at the bloody receipts!.
  70. Description: Receipt Hog rewards you with coins for submitting photos of you grocery receipts and completing surveys.
  71. The owners of bank credits, and the holders of receipts, constitute two different sorts of creditors against the bank.
  72. As a global investor, McDuff often has an easier time trading American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and shares of non-U.
  73. But I went through all of the credit card receipts from the restaurant and found a couple that had the adjacent table.
  74. Did you here anything? Did you see anything notes, receipts, a map, anything else that they might have said or done?
  75. The owner of bank money cannot draw out bullion, without producing to the bank receipts for the quantity which he wants.
  76. Turns out that if you expose receipts to sunlight they eventually just fade away, much like my intentions to keep receipts.
  77. There was some decline in business at supper-time, so that Colling and Ferguson were able to tally up the day’s receipts.
  78. There is also the Professional Securities Market for specialist securities such as convertibles, debt or depositary receipts.
  79. I have receipts for the tens of thousands of dollars we sent you over the years and plenty of emotional scars to go with them.
  80. Even at Christmas time in his father’s drug store, daily receipts had seldom totaled more than a couple of thousand dollars.
  81. It would also include proof of purchase documents such as credit card sale invoices and slips, and cash register tape receipts.
  82. And when I say twenty five receipts, we’ve excluded over thirty which we’ve deemed could, conceivably, be business related.
  83. George had characterised it blatant fraud, overlooking the many dodgy lunch receipts he had submitted over the last year.
  84. Because, when going through my itinerary receipts, I can see that the cost of the varmint hunt has not been added to the package.
  85. I checked them off against his list, noted the details, wrote receipts, and promised they would all be hanging before nightfall.
  86. Create a launch pad area where you keep your to do list, returns & receipts, directions, and anything else you will need for your day.
  87. After several weeks of working to return the tree, I walked into Lowe’s with the dead tree and a shoebox full of receipts from Lowes.
  88. In such emergencies, the bank, it is supposed, would break through its ordinary rule of making payment only to the holders of receipts.
  89. Now, let’s see, over the last eighteen months you’ve submitted a number of receipts from Park Circus Promotions in Milton Keynes.
  90. Grushenka had received many such letters, accompanied by such receipts, from her former lover during the fortnight of her convalescence.
  91. The depositors reportedly then could use the receipts issued from the goldsmiths and began to trade those notes in business transactions.
  92. On the part of the stockholder, the receipt of the cash usually is optional, rather than mandatory (as is the case with dividend receipts).
  93. While wheat is still an important field crop, it ranks a distant third behind corn and soybeans in terms of both acreage and farm receipts.
  94. I should have kept it in the box with all of my other receipts, but for some reason I tried to put it somewhere special and lost track of it.
  95. I heal’d her with the Herbal Receipts I knew; thus she was always grateful to me, for she saw me as her blessed Friend, who sav’d her Life.
  96. The Cadillac driver was tallying receipts for his seven different accounts, Western Union, MoneyGram, faxing, photocopying, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
  97. When a foreign company wants to access the American capital markets, it has the option of issuing its shares as American Depository Receipts (ADRs).
  98. What is paid for the keeping of bullion upon receipts, is alone supposed to amount to a neat annual revenue of between 150,000 and 200,000 guilders.
  99. For instance, according to Berniece Miracle, he would go through her trash, looking for receipts to see just how much she had paid for certain items.
  100. If it helps your memory, none of the receipts is less than two hundred pounds, many are over one thousand pounds, and there is one for six thousand pounds.

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