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Acquisition in a sentence | acquisition example sentences

  1. The acquisition is probably a.
  2. How Is the Acquisition Financed?
  3. CPP extinction, but not acquisition.
  4. Then the process of acquisition of.
  5. Be Ready For The Acquisition Offer.

  6. You said it was a simple acquisition.
  7. Appetite: Acquisition of Material Things.
  8. Acquisition transitions to the mainte-.
  9. Type of Suppliers and Acquisition types.
  10. Acquisition of Kayser-Roth by Borden’s.
  11. Thinking over the acquisition of rewards.
  12. In the acquisition of a new habit, or the.
  13. So the acquisition of money did help him….
  14. What Is the Motivation Behind an Acquisition?
  15. Prior to the acquisition talks, Citisoft had.

  16. This is going to result in a low acquisition.
  17. Such an acquisition is especially attractive.
  18. Spiritual acquisition is the only true wealth.
  19. Further acquisition of such shares should be in.
  20. An acquisition may be used to resolve the problem.
  21. The other part of expansion is through acquisition.
  22. Withdrawal from nicotine blocked the acquisition of.
  23. But you also win in the area of customer acquisition.
  24. The acquisition will be funded by debt and paid in two.
  25. Depending on the eventual payout, the acquisition will.

  26. This acquisition never involves physical money payment.
  27. I call these theories ‘mechanisms of belief acquisition.
  28. The acquisition of limited communication skills and self-.
  29. Shoop could tel that this was a recent acquisition, which.
  30. Agere Systems announced Monday the acquisition of an Irish.
  31. He sat heavily beside me and held his recent acquisition up.
  32. Axon says the acquisition supports its strategy in two key.
  33. We can estimate the cost of a new customer acquisition at.
  34. Yet the acquisition highlights a pattern that has begun to.
  35. What we have to work out is the cost of customer acquisition.
  36. When that happens, the acquisition is highly likely to fail.
  37. Thus they may be forced to seek an acquisition to counter a.
  38. The acquisition, therefore, would be twice as easy as before.
  39. In many cases the total cost of the customer acquisition is.
  40. Vinny mulled over the acquisition for a few seconds and then.
  41. Does the Business Retain Its Customers After an Acquisition?
  42. The really lasting wealth is made up of spiritual acquisition.
  43. The strategic acquisition, the first following the company’s.
  44. I was not hung in any acquisition of any corruption activities.
  45. In many acquisition situations the acquirer is consolidating a.
  46. Lion Nathan’s $10 million acquisition of its third brewery in.
  47. The acquisition will not have a material effect on the Group in.
  48. Assuming no acquisition, book value per share would grow from $10.
  49. Your mind is steeped in the habits of evaluation and acquisition.
  50. This however, does not mean spending less on customer acquisition.
  51. This acquisition has, however, also meant we have lost something.
  52. Management uses overvalued stock or cash to finance the acquisition.
  53. In some, there will be synergies in the acquisition but these will.
  54. Blockade of D1 receptors in the basolateral AMY during acquisition.
  55. It is in the best interest of the seller for the acquisition to be.
  56. We did not learn until after the acquisition that they had identi-.
  57. Acquisition of knowledge rather than information is what I will seek.
  58. Infosys can use that money for expanding revenue or for acquisition.
  59. The phase of acquisition is the most expensive of the customer cycle.
  60. In scenario Buyer Two, the acquisition is worth 10% more to the buyer.
  61. The answer may be something simple like an acquisition or a disposal.
  62. I see you’ve heard about their recent acquisition, Shi Tai kai.
  63. The acquisition of this new truth has placated the gods’ ire, it has.
  64. It was the biggest acquisition ever for Berkshire Hathaway at the time.
  65. Arjun’s vision is limited only to acquisition of sovereignty over the.
  66. Once the parties have agreed the business terms of the acquisition, the.
  67. The seller can show a full appreciation for the acquisition issues and.
  68. After the business terms of the acquisition are agreed, the buyer will.
  69. A financial buyer seeking an acquisition will often have many choices of.
  70. The acquisition of more information in the manner described above is the.
  71. The value of any acquisition is thus directly related to the speed with.
  72. Lying on top of my University texts was my latest acquisition - 'Tarzan &.
  73. The final item of the meeting involved the acquisition of a Toronto based.
  74. There are seven ways to evaluate whether an acquisition has been successful.
  75. It was said in the last verse that with the acquisition of the capacity of.
  76. It’s always fun after Christmas when he shows off his latest acquisition.
  77. And what similar use or power of acquisition has justice in time of peace?
  78. For the buyer, an acquisition which has a quick payback is going to be much.
  79. Had the acquisition been consummated four years earlier in 1994, Compaq may.
  80. The acquisition may be based on some level of integration of the seller’s.
  81. To such a professional body Roger Chillingworth was a brilliant acquisition.
  82. This type of acquisition is an expansion strategy where the firm desires to.
  83. As far as more complex things than math or fine art, such as acquisition of.
  84. The payment of cash or shares after the closing date of the acquisition may.
  85. Yes, the mayor and the village have agreed to the acquisition of the land.
  86. The acquisition of the visitors' ferry (no, not a submarine) at the cost of.
  87. This may be the consequence of company acquisition, bankruptcy, or delisting.
  88. Even a business which has failed can still be an attractive acquisition for.
  89. In hindsight, it is easy to recognize this as a strategic acquisition by ROSS.
  90. Prepaid acquisition costs were $445 million, up from $203 mil lion, a big jump.
  91. Bank finance should be for acquisition of shares of PSU under a disinvestment.
  92. This is what happened with GM’s acquisition of Electronic Data Systems (EDS).
  93. Often with this type of acquisition, the buyer is seeking to acquire knowledge.
  94. The acquisition of wealth my darling reaper, that is where everything begins.
  95. The banks financing acquisition of equity shares by promoters should be within.
  96. The bank finance would be only for acquisition of shares of existing companies.
  97. This type of strategy and policy toward acquisition should sound familiar to you.
  98. The purpose of the initial meeting is to simply get on their future acquisition.
  99. Trying to save money on another acquisition, my father put a stump in the ground.

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