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Recurrence in a sentence

1. A Recursion Tree for the Recurrence.
2. Analysis can be done using recurrence equations.
3. Jean has never had a recurrence of pain in that area.
4. Recurrence for the number of multiplications M (n):.
5. Unfortunately, the rate of recurrence for women with.
6. The recurrence of the same remarkable reading in two MSS.
7. After ten years she had a recurrence of the thyroid swelling.

8. Recurrence for the number of one-digit multiplications M(n):.
9. This is necessary to prevent the recurrence of diverticulitis.
10. Each time there was recurrence of pain another injection was given.
11. Use a mask and darken below eyes with charcoal to avoid recurrence.
12. Something was needed that would serve as a bulwark against a recurrence.
13. Being thus sort-of on record, he could produce it if there was a recurrence.
14. After this incidence she had a recurrence every year after a major examination.
15. The day passed away in utter silence—night came without recurrence of the noise.
16. In one double-blind trial, the recurrence rate of kidney stones dropped from 64%.
17. Since that time, I have not seen a recurrence of the problem but I still take backups.
18. He was treated immediately with chemotherapy and has no more recurrence of his lymphoma.
19. One of the methods for solving any such recurrence relation is called substitution method.
20. To what extent, if any, such a dietary change decreased the risk of stone recurrence has.
21. The recurrence of heaven is meant as the blessings which it always brings, yearly and periodically.
22. In one study, women who took Echinacea experienced a 43% decline in the recurrence rate of yeast.
23. Vitamin B6 supplementation has been shown to help prevent recurrence of calcium oxalate kidney stones.
24. I remember my roommate calling me out on it in the Refectory the morning after the fifth or sixth recurrence.
25. In the process, substances that form kidney stones are diluted, reducing the risk of kidney stone recurrence.
26. This time he did not want surgery because of the cost and also because the recurrence occurred even with surgery.
27. This will tell you how you need to alter your diet in future to give you the best chance of preventing a recurrence.
28. Note that if the recurrence relations are formulated using the forward approach then the relations are solved backwards.
29. Descriptions of the sea most captivated all the listeners and gave rise, for White Feathers, to quite a recurrence of nostalgia.
30. I will overlook your impudence this time, but there had better be no recurrence if you wish to have a successful end to your schooling.
31. He made emendations to his logbooks which tracked the annual fads and rages as a reference for the future recurrence of any one of them.
32. The treatments described here can help alleviate pain until things return to normal, and help speed recovery, as well as avoid recurrence.
33. How serious was it, how serious could it have been, how well did staff recover from it, how should a recurrence be minimised or avoided?
34. Over a 5 year period, the recurrence rate for non-surgical procedures is 10-50% While the recurrence rate of surgical hemorrhoidectomy is 26%.
35. The amino acid, lysine, has been reported to reduce the recurrence rate of herpes simplex infections in both preliminary and double-blind trials.
36. The knowledge that drunkenness or insanity has been prevalent in a family may be the best safeguard against their recurrence in a future generation.
37. Once the acute episode has passed, measures will have to be taken to find out the cause of the disorder and to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.
38. Although she was told to wash her hands and not use them to scratch her head, she had a recurrence 2 years later and had the same procedure done on her again.
39. What have been the propositions heretofore made by our Government to Great Britain upon this subject? I find, by a recurrence to the correspondence of Messrs.
40. I did not like this iteration of one idea—this strange recurrence of one image, and I grew nervous as bedtime approached and the hour of the vision drew near.
41. When an algorithm contains a recursive call to itself, its running time can be described by a recurrence equation or recurrence which describes the running time.
42. And long after this unusual experience, the user may suffer from a vivid recurrence in his mind of the things he experienced when under the influence of the drug.
43. After the fall of Gilgamesh, the Council of the Wise decided it must act to prevent the recurrence of humankind creating false gods and the re-emergence of Gadiel.
44. General Voltimir had been in conference with the president, outlining the inexplicable recurrence within compound 4569#3, a secret location somewhere in southeast Russia.
45. Just in case a hostile local tribe of Martians killed off York and Williams, we have instructions to land in a further region, to forestall a recurrence of such a disaster.
46. She may experience a recurrence of ambivalence or abrupt personality responses as moodiness, emotional liability but this has to be in check as one tries to improve oneself.
47. And so to 2003 … how old is Bunty now? Seventy two … apart from the odd recurrence of the ‘pains’ which she mentions, she seems particularly fit and healthy for her age.
48. The banker was always presupposing that he could count in general on Lydgate as a coadjutor, but made no special recurrence to the coming decision between Tyke and Farebrother.
49. After thrombosis, avoid prolonged sitting or standing, alcoholic binge, smoking, and hot bathes, or saunas, as they can trigger events that may cause a recurrence of another clot and protrusion.
50. We are told of the existence of a Steering Provider by the recurrence of rainfall at certain times, as well as the cycle of the seasons and atmospheric events and their reoccurrence at regular times.
51. Haunted by the shootings at the park, I worried that my voice or a recurrence of the shakes would give them reason to wonder about me, but when I spoke, I sounded normal, which may not speak well of me.
52. The real intent of this article is, therefore, an inquiry of most serious import; and is to be settled only by a recurrence to the known history and known relations of this people and their constitution.
53. He wished to see if any of our citizens had received injury from prosecutions of this kind; and, if they had to redress the wrong by such a prospective measure as may prevent a recurrence of similar mischief.
54. My object in the proposed reduction was not to enable the Government to get on with the aid of loans and taxes, but to make such a reduction as would have enabled the Government to dispense with a recurrence to them.
55. We shall now signalise the three principal errors on justification noted in the New Testament, and afterwards show how the restoration of the truth on the source of Immortality is fitted to explode them, while offering some security against their recurrence.
56. But that base prompting which makes a women more cruel to a rival than to a faithless lover, could have no strength of recurrence in Dorothea when the dominant spirit of justice within her had once overcome the tumult and had once shown her the truer measure of things.
57. The frequent recurrence of his wife's illness served to increase Owen's pessimism with regard to the future, and the fact that he was unable to procure for her the comforts she needed was not calculated to dispel the depression that filled his mind as he reflected that there was no hope of better times.
58. Pray do not suppose that I am insinuating that food is of undue interest to you; but it is true that if you did not have several meals a day and all of them too nice, if there were doubts about their regular recurrence, if, briefly, you were a washerwoman or a plough-boy, you would not have things the matter with your soul.
59. Ten minutes had elapsed since the nurse had left; Valentine, who for the last hour had been suffering from the fever which returned nightly, incapable of controlling her ideas, was forced to yield to the excitement which exhausted itself in producing and reproducing a succession and recurrence of the same fancies and images.
60. At first he attributed it to a recurrence of the mental disorder that she had suffered from after the birth of the child, and he had been glad to leave her at Owen's place in Nora's care, but on the evening of the third day when he returned home from work, he found a letter in Ruth's handwriting which told him all there was to tell.
61. The bill, which is now proposed to be passed, has this assumed principle for its basis—that the three branches of this National Government, without recurrence to conventions of the people, in the States, or to the Legislatures of the States, are authorized to admit new partners to a share of the political power, in countries out of the original limits of the United States.
62. She had to do the bedrooms, and on the evening of the second day, as a result of the constant running up and down the stairs carrying heavy cans and pails of water, she was in such intense pain that she was scarcely able to walk home, and for several days afterwards had to lie in bed through a recurrence of her old illness, which caused her to suffer untold agony whenever she tried to stand.
63. QUESTIONS: Did the idiots who paid $8+ for this stock in 1968 know anything at all about the company’s previous history, its five-year earnings record, its asset value (very small)? Did they have any idea of how much—or rather how little—they were getting for their money? Did they care? Has anyone on Wall Street any responsibility at all for the regular recurrence of completely brainless, shockingly widespread, and inevitable catastrophic speculation in this kind of vehicle?
64. His emotion on entering the room, in seeing her altered looks, and in receiving the pale hand which she immediately held out to him, was such, as, in Elinor's conjecture, must arise from something more than his affection for Marianne, or the consciousness of its being known to others; and she soon discovered in his melancholy eye and varying complexion as he looked at her sister, the probable recurrence of many past scenes of misery to his mind, brought back by that resemblance between Marianne and Eliza already acknowledged, and now strengthened by the hollow eye, the sickly skin, the posture of reclining weakness, and the warm acknowledgment of peculiar obligation.
65. Lawrence (martyr, lo August): the monthly recurrence known as the new moon with the old moon in her arms: the posited influence of celestial on human bodies: the appearance of a star (1st magnitude) of exceeding brilliancy dominating by night and day (a new luminous sun generated by the collision and amalgamation in incandescence of two nonluminous exsuns) about the period of the birth of William Shakespeare over delta in the recumbent neversetting constellation of Cassiopeia and of a star (2nd magnitude) of similar origin but of lesser brilliancy which had appeared in and disappeared from the constellation of the Corona Septentrionalis about the period of the birth of Leopold Bloom and of other stars of (presumably) similar origin which had (effectively or presumably) appeared in.
66. Everything was a friend, or bore her thoughts to a friend; and though there had been sometimes much of suffering to her; though her motives had often been misunderstood, her feelings disregarded, and her comprehension undervalued; though she had known the pains of tyranny, of ridicule, and neglect, yet almost every recurrence of either had led to something consolatory: her aunt Bertram had spoken for her, or Miss Lee had been encouraging, or, what was yet more frequent or more dear, Edmund had been her champion and her friend: he had supported her cause or explained her meaning, he had told her not to cry, or had given her some proof of affection which made her tears delightful; and the whole was now so blended together, so harmonised by distance, that every former affliction had its charm.
67. I should be extremely sorry that the imprudent act of any officer should involve consequences so particularly severe as the present instance must naturally produce, if repeated; and although it is very much my wish, during the continuance of the differences existing between the two countries, to adopt every measure that might render the effect of war less rigorous, yet, in another point of view, the conviction of the duty I owe my country would, in the event of such grievances as I have already stated being continued, not admit of any hesitation in retaliatory decisions; but as I am strongly persuaded of the high liberality of your sentiments, and that the act complained of has originated entirely with the officer who committed it, and that it will be as censurable in your consideration as it deserves, I rely upon your taking such steps as will prevent a recurrence of conduct so extremely reprehensible in every shape.
68. The various colours significant of various degrees of vitality (white, yellow, crimson, vermilion, cinnabar): their degrees of brilliancy: their magnitudes revealed up to and including the 7th: their positions: the waggoner's star: Walsingham way: the chariot of David: the annular cinctures of Saturn: the condensation of spiral nebulae into suns: the interdependent gyrations of double suns: the independent synchronous discoveries of Galileo, Simon Marius, Piazzi, Le Verrier, Herschel, Galle: the systematisations attempted by Bode and Kepler of cubes of distances and squares of times of revolution: the almost infinite compressibility of hirsute comets and their vast elliptical egressive and reentrant orbits from perihelion to aphelion: the sidereal origin of meteoric stones: the Libyan floods on Mars about the period of the birth of the younger astroscopist: the annual recurrence of meteoric showers about the period of the feast of S.

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