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Recurrence in a sentence

recurrence of kidney stones.
The heaven of recurrence,.
A Recursion Tree for the Recurrence.
· Find out the recurrence relations.
suffered a recurrence of typhoid fever.
wheel of recurrence for the aforesaid reason.
a recurrence of the same thing, or similar ones.

Analysis can be done using recurrence equations.
Jean has never had a recurrence of pain in that area.
Recurrence for the number of multiplications M (n):.
of a recurrence, taking the long term view and moved.
Unfortunately, the rate of recurrence for women with.
The recurrence of the same remarkable reading in two MSS.
After ten years she had a recurrence of the thyroid swelling.
bacteremia and less likely to have recurrence of bacteremia3.
Recurrence for the number of one-digit multiplications M(n):.
This is necessary to prevent the recurrence of diverticulitis.
is a socialgathering, of regular recurrence, for conversation.
change would reduce the risk of stone recurrence remains unclear.
Each time there was recurrence of pain another injection was given.
Use a mask and darken below eyes with charcoal to avoid recurrence.
did not correlate with special protection against recurrence or death.
stressors and breast cancer risk or the risk of breast cancer recurrence.
Something was needed that would serve as a bulwark against a recurrence.
which he achieves the supreme goal, after which there is no recurrence of.
Being thus sort-of on record, he could produce it if there was a recurrence.
After this incidence she had a recurrence every year after a major examination.

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recurrence return