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Redevelopment in a sentence

1. The anchor tenant for eighty acres of redevelopment.
2. Our company did a lot of the redevelopment work for him.
3. Redevelopment was the authority by which we could tear down.
4. Peyton Consolidated is a big mover and shaker in urban redevelopment circles.
5. In the past year, 5,429 property seizures have been threatened for economic redevelopment projects, plus 354.
6. When she had to go offer testimony at a hearing over one of the City’s endless redevelopment plans, he took off work to watch Will.
7. The West India Docks where Canary Wharf is located once formed part of the busiest port in the world, but it was after the docks were closed in 1980 that the government adopted various policies to stimulate the redevelopment of the area.

8. The shot cuts back to the studio and the girl in the red blouse pauses and looks sad for a moment before resuming her stock smile and moving to another story about the happy farmer and then another plan for the redevelopment of Plymouth city centre.
9. They decided to sell the building for redevelopment, and with the proceeds move to smaller premises and use the balance to further the charity’s aims, in particular to fund the purchase of an expensive piece of medical equipment for the hospital.

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