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Overhaul in a sentence | overhaul example sentences

  1. They will overhaul the system.
  2. Our team needs complete overhaul.
  3. It would have been a long overhaul.
  4. A32 Overhaul of the other four machines, relocating them.
  5. I sure have some ideas already about what to include in that overhaul.

  6. I took this opportunity to overhaul my knapsack, which seemed too heavy.
  7. Four of the old machines need overhaul and this was planned prior to moving.
  8. Hole of Calcutta Treaty' signed some years before was in need of a drastic overhaul.
  9. This was followed by a cost plus fixed fee (CPFF) contract for the actual overhaul work.
  10. Considering the vast overhaul the ship had, the control console remained virtually unchanged.
  11. Therefore, the following payment is due for 4 machines to be given general overhaul (activity 37):.
  12. However, the Alabama was increasingly in need of an overhaul and had only captured a few ships in 1864.
  13. The tender held together for the trip to the depot, but it needs a major overhaul before it goes out again.
  14. At this point, the firm must overhaul its capital structure through acquisitions, stock buy backs or even divestiture.
  15. The activities for the relocation, overhaul and installation of new machines will involve employees of the XYZ company.

  16. It is the authors belief that indeed it is broken, but it is also my desire not to see a complete overhaul of the system.
  17. As they gently strolled through the main entrance of The Intrepid Star it was plain to see this place needed an overhaul.
  18. The design of Hermes assumed it would get an overhaul after each mission, but we’ve extended Ares 3 from 396 days to 898.
  19. Fairly close together in time, Ingalls’ workers caused two radioactive spills on the decks of submarines undergoing overhaul.
  20. A complete overhaul of the system, I believe would not benefit this country in anyway because we cannot afford it at this time.
  21. However, Congress is considering an overhaul of the dividend tax in 2008 that may result in an increase in the dividends tax rate.
  22. Upstairs, the fire crew was doing mop-up and overhaul, dismantling the second-story ceiling, putting out hot spots under the eaves.
  23. The manufacturer left a data port where they could take over control of the ship when it arrived back at their service bays for overhaul.
  24. The earl clearly had misgivings of his own, yet it was equally clear he understood why the Mighty Host had required such a massive overhaul.
  25. In 2000, Congress passed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA) to overhaul the CEA and adapt it to the modern financial marketplace.

  26. The other 4 machines are given general overhaul and subsequently re-located as well, which is after the first 5 have been tested and commissioned.
  27. The rest of the machines are meanwhile given an overhaul and also moved, installed and tested into the new machine shop after repairs are finished.
  28. Gordon was in unusually good humor, election campaigns had that effect, and without argument or hesitation, he agreed to a complete dry dock overhaul.
  29. As a result of the Activity Analysis carried out, the duration of this specific part of the project involving machine overhaul and relocation has been calculated:.
  30. Changes do need to be made but a complete overhaul of our healthcare system would cost entirely to much money that our government seemingly cannot afford right now.
  31. What is now our only helicopter in operation is being used by James, since the other one is undergoing an overhaul for a minor technical problem; so I’ll have to go by car.
  32. Our tasting menu also underwent an overhaul and became more refined, but that was somewhat easier to create as the desserts on there were just miniature versions of the main menu.
  33. To Egypt's obvious profit, because Napoleon's stupendous energies, for a while were directed to the study and overhaul of just about every aspect of Egyptian society and antiquity.
  34. Even in the world of finance, it has been proven that the only way to effectively overhaul and mend any hemorrhaging economy is by a massive, synchronized, drastic, holistic approach.
  35. Basically, I am here to announce a complete overhaul of our acquisition and development process for our aircraft and helicopters, plus important changes to our existing prototype programs.
  36. Therefore, the Project Team employed the Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) analysis to determine the probability of having this machine moving and overhaul process completed within 12 days.
  37. The activities projected to be carried out for the expansion of the company could be divided into building work activities and activities involved in the overhaul and relocation of existing equipment in the production plant area.
  38. We are more in debt as a country then we have ever been and a complete overhaul will cost way too much in my own opinion to our taxes and some feel monies could be taking away from medicare, when we really have an aging society.
  39. He was grateful the Charisians’ mission to wreck the Symarkhan end of the Hahskyn-Varna Canal had failed, but their withdrawal had also meant there was very little chance even his screw-galleys were going to overhaul the retreating galleons.
  40. Sometimes switching from the point of view of searching for a combination that will drive profits at an acceptable leverage ratio and capital outlay to one of looking at limiting risk can also lead to a major overhaul of the trade construction.
  41. We favor companies with transparent businesses that we can understand fairly quickly and those that have large and recurring maintenance, repair, and overhaul revenues from an installed base, such as elevator companies or aerospace-parts firms.
  42. This stoical mode of life he sought to apply also to his family, so far as the sympathetic respect which he conceived to be his mother’s due would allow of; so that, although, in the drawing-room, he would show her only stuttering servility, and fulfil all her wishes, and blame any one who did not do precisely as she bid them, in his study or his office he would overhaul the cook if she had served up so much as a duck without his orders, or any one responsible for sending a serf (even though at Madame’s own bidding) to inquire after a neighbour’s health or for despatching the peasant girls into the wood to gather wild raspberries instead of setting them to weed the kitchen-garden.
  43. Responsibilities for the control and indications for the occurrence of individual risks are then allocated among team members as follows: the procurement manager is responsible for ensuring timely supplies and observing the activities planned in the risk management plan; the works manager is responsible for machine overhaul activities, to provide list of all defects found in machines and the results of measures to repair these defects; the financial manager is responsible for observing the occurrence of the financial flow risk; I, the production manager, am responsible for all risks related to the level of production: disturbances in the general order of re-locating machines and presses and planned operation interruptions, as well as for taking any necessary and timely corrective measures as planned.
  1. Are they still overhauling?
  2. Hand over hand the pirate galley was overhauling the lighter ship.
  3. Captain Smith, in his testimony before the naval court, said that he was on the bridge when he saw the Hawke overhauling him.
  4. He did, however, permit them to continue overhauling up to four Permit class attack submarines in Ingalls’s old, original East Bank yard.
  5. Ingalls was overhauling ships of the Permit class, sisters to those being overhauled simultaneously by Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company (NNS).
  6. Of course, EB was overloaded with new construction, but could have done at least as well as NNS in overhauling classes which it had built in the ‘50s and ‘60s.
  7. Trillions of dollars have been spent on worldwide education reforms, usually focused on overhauling the system in some way—smaller classrooms, better curricula, more testing, and so on.
  1. Surely ye all have overhauled.
  2. He then overhauled everything in the box.
  3. We have overhauled every boat, big and little.
  4. The national security apparatus had since been completely overhauled.
  5. He bought a used Chevy convertible and overhauled it to impress Cynthia.
  6. Waterways and airways do not have to be continually repaired, and overhauled.
  7. With every boat which we have overhauled since then this trick has succeeded.
  8. The engine on the newly overhauled F-100F purred and responded to the slightest touch.
  9. Ha! That represents the last time that the colonel needed to have his machine overhauled, I fancy.
  10. The agent, to improve the chances of a sale, decided to have the house overhauled and redecorated.
  11. A decision has been made to move four of the existing machines while the others are being overhauled.
  12. We might make it through next summer with this envelope, if we’re lucky, then we’ll either have her overhauled or replaced.
  13. LCDR Jim Schroeder, before he became West Bank ACO, was the cognizant ACO for Rickover’s SSNs being overhauled in the old East Bank yard.
  14. Ingalls was overhauling ships of the Permit class, sisters to those being overhauled simultaneously by Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company (NNS).
  15. That was a bitter, bitter thought, that last one, because unlike the batteries fringing the Kyznetzov Narrows, Yu-kwau’s waterfront artillery had been completely overhauled.
  16. The importance of the value of love is endorsed and verified when Jesus Christ summarised, overhauled and redefined the above historic Ten Commandments and rules of the Old Testament, into two major and imperative concepts.
  17. Christ Himself totally overhauled and redefined many of the ancient scriptures and replaced them with messages that relate to the invocation of unconditional relational love, compassion and reconciliation to be practiced between all peoples.
  18. But that means that our subconscious must be dynamically balanced, and that means it's imprinted tape must be overhauled, corrected, re-connected, re-experienced, re-designed: so that its energy flow is not subverted into the wrong places or channels.
  19. Simultaneously --- The Revenue / Tax System must be overhauled --- simplified!! Implement a fair Tax concept!! The tax would be based upon type products purchased and be a % of the cost – the total % being a combination of a federal % and a state / local %.
  20. Many of these verses need to be completely overhauled or reinterpreted as Jesus explained, imploring the need for urgent change of the interpretation to the ancient laws and rituals of scripture that fall short of the new message of mystical relational love and compassion.
  21. A few details of intelligent non-commissioned officers could have gone through the cars and tabulated their contents; but if beans were wanted, a search was made until they materialised, and the same cars would be overhauled by men searching for beef or tomatoes later in the day.
  22. Since the discovery of the detectaphone in his suite at Gastron's he had had his rooms thoroughly overhauled, lest by any chance there might be another of the magic little instruments concealed in the very walls, and having satisfied himself that there was not, he instituted a watch of private detectives to prevent a repetition of the unfortunate incident.
  23. He was not well enough to travel at all; he was just starting; he had unhappy memories of winter at Brideshead and would not come until spring was well advanced and the heating apparatus overhauled; he was coming alone; he was bringing his Italian household; he wished his return to be unannounced and to lead a life of complete seclusion; he would give a ball.
  24. As soon as the vessel discovered the galleys she went about with the object and in the hope of making her escape by her speed; but the attempt failed, for the chief galley was one of the fastest vessels afloat, and overhauled her so rapidly that they on board the brigantine saw clearly there was no possibility of escaping, and the rais therefore would have had them drop their oars and give themselves up so as not to provoke the captain in command of our galleys to anger.
  1. These overhauls were done in two stages.
  2. Portsmouth NSY in Kittery, ME, with which EB still splits overhauls and.
  3. The rest were all old SE’s that needed a lot of work, even complete overhauls.
  4. The Navy also used overhauls to update submarines with new technologies and components.
  5. It is the final main station of civilization previous to the isolated forest of Cape York Peninsula that overhauls the countryside.
  6. Other nuclear shipyards, both private and government owned performed similar overhauls on submarines of the same class, so the contractor was expected to have his arms around the problems.
  7. These overhauls could take as long as several years and involved a refueling whereby the spent reactor core was removed by crane, placed on a flat bed rail car, and returned to Westinghouse/ Bettis outside of Pittsburgh.
  8. Rickover pulled the plug on Ingalls’ doing even overhauls, about the time I moved to EB 2/79, because for two successive real time comparisons, NNS had done its contract for $37m; whereas Ingalls’ final number was $62m.

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