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Reelect in a sentence

1. Which ones? The guys over in the White House with the Committee to Reelect the President.
2. Fortunately, they are elected every other year, which means that the people have an opportunity to monitor their taxing activities and reelect or reject them accordingly.
3. When people mention that politicians are not serving the populace and it’s time for a change, but still reelect their representatives, I only hope that these individuals are people 149.

1. The magnitude of that triumph amounts to a sweep if one considers that the president has carried along with him other Republican candidates in the Senate and the House of Representatives, so that since 1900 when republican McKinley was president, neither party had succeeded in reelecting simultaneously the Presidency, the Congress and the Senate, while at the same time adding seats in both chambers of congress.
1. In 1992 he was reelected to.
2. Thatcher was reelected, but she.
3. Both my dad and I were reelected.
4. Yet when he was reelected, a lot.
5. He’s just kissing butt to get reelected.
6. Hate seems to constantly be reelected to office.
7. Thatcher was reelected, but with a small majority.
8. Since debate began in 1999, Abrams has been reelected twice.
9. President Abraham Lincoln was reelected president, defeating.
10. Me myself, rather than see the nigger get reelected, I would have.
11. Party, not only opened the party’s doors to him –and thus Churchill was reelected a.
12. She was reelected in 1968 to the Senate, serving until 1972, when she was elected to the U.
13. In just twenty-four hours, he will know whether he has been reelected or booted from office.
14. For the first time in more than 50 years, a leader of either party in both chambers has not been reelected.
15. In addition, he is the only candidate since 1988 to have been reelected with a majority of the popular vote.
16. This is because an assessor who valued a property below its market value had the higher chance to be reelected.
17. Two weeks later, on November 6, in a historic landslide, Ronald Reagan is reelected president of the United States.
18. Too tired to stay awake any longer, he plans to fall asleep and then arise to the news that he has been reelected.
19. Since their father’s being reelected three years ago, the president’s children have been cashing in on his fame.
20. Roosevelt was elected on one, dead on another, reelected on the third, and then there was Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima at dawn.
21. Staffing Plan, which means that even if she never gets reelected, she still receives her Congressional salary until she dies.
22. The President was reelected in November, and while we didn’t get back control of the House or Senate, we made some progress in both.
23. She threatened to file for divorce immediately before the next presidential campaign, thereby jeopardizing his chances of being reelected.
24. Yes, yes, of course it is! the Prez's accidental confession was triggered by his own habituation to say anything to get laid or reelected.
25. Though Gingrich is far more experienced than Palin, he remains so unpopular with both his own party and the general public it is hard to imagine him being reelected.
26. Would Wallace be reelected? That is very difficult to predict and depends on how successful coexistence with the Soviets was, as well as the success of civil rights and government healthcare.
27. Eisenhower had come to this meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the sole intent of informing them of what President Dewey, newly reelected to a second term with a comfortable margin, wanted done.
28. I was reelected in a campaign I barely participated in—but the voters in my district, thank goodness, felt I had been doing a good job for them and took my obvious problems (my hand was now visibly shaking during public appearances) as a sign of my justifiable reaction to my father’s illness.
29. Janet Robeson, a solidly-built woman of English descent in her late fifties, had gained a reputation as a resolute, no-nonsense politician and administrator and had recently been reelected to a second term as governor of the Jovian System, collecting a comfortable majority of the votes in the process.

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