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Renunciation in a sentence

1. The stage of renunciation can.
2. The monastery is a renunciation.
3. Renunciation is the name of the.
4. This renunciation will bring him.
5. No need of any acts of renunciation.
7. Renunciation cannot be achieved overnight.

8. Tyāga (renunciation of fruits of action):.
9. Renunciation means absence of hankering after fruit.
10. It is necessary to live this process of renunciation.
11. Not to accept or use a thing is external renunciation.
12. So this kind of renunciation is soon followed by the.
13. Renunciation of the false is liberating and energizing.
14. What is renunciation? How to start? Where the mind is.
15. Tyaga is the renunciation of the fruits of all works, i.
16. It is found moving sometimes in the area of renunciation.
17. This fear is real renunciation and arises from our wisdom.
18. This chapter also sheds light on the nature of renunciation.
19. True Occultism or Theosophy is the great renunciation of self.
20. We should maintain renunciation – the sincere wish to attain.
21. It is simpler than to practise renunciation, which leads to a.
22. Renunciation is the name, not of a means, but of the goal it-.
23. Krishn insists that only that man has made true renunciation or.
24. And to have no attachment to the thing is internal renunciation.
25. This renunciation gave him satisfaction, and was easy and simple.
26. Total abandonment is renunciation, a state in which even will and.
27. Listen, O the best of Bharat, to my notion of renunciation and.
28. For renunciation, we have to go deep within and pray and meditate.
29. You praise renunciation, the way of knowledge, and yet other times.
30. Way of knowledge through Renunciation and then the Way of Selfless.
31. The Lord said, ‘Both renunciation and selfless action achieve.
32. But by this renunciation he placed her on an extraordinary pinnacle.
33. True renunciation - is that which kills our attachment for the thing.
34. But renunciation of fruit in no way means indifference to the result.
35. This is complete renunciation the highest stage of spiritual seeking.
36. Renunciation is achieved by a mere surrender of whatever we do to God.
37. Possessed thus of the yog of renunciation by the sacrifice of all.
38. Since there is, in such a state of mind, complete renunciation of de-.
39. One was the renunciation of his old life, of his utterly useless education.
40. So renunciation of the material world is the right step for one who quests.
41. But since providential indications demand a renunciation from me, I renounce.
42. I endeavored to explain this act of renunciation, which seemed so strange to him.
43. Spirituality is usually associated with renunciation of the worldly attractions.
44. No ascetic renunciation here! Only energy; how to get more of it, how to connect.
45. But desirelessness or renunciation does not come for the mere talking about it.
46. Again, let no one consider renunciation to mean want of fruit for the renouncer.
47. Here is the way Gandhi expresses the idea of the renunciation of the fruits of action:.
48. Renunciation is not giving up the things of this world, it is accepting that they go away.
49. The answer to this is that we should first of all understand what renunciation truly means.
50. Tannirodhah – through practice and renunciation the modifications of mind are subjected.
51. It is impossible to lay up love within oneself—but the renunciation of oneself is possible.
52. Genuine renunciation is an inner operation which must be performed to become a true seeker of God.
53. But now that she was stung to a fever by Izz's tale, there was alimit to her powers of renunciation.
54. I am not enthusiastic over your Jesus, who preaches renunciation and sacrifice to the last extremity.
55. How can there be true renunciation till the moment of that fulfillment? Till then we are only wayfarers.
56. And she had not reached that point of renunciation at which she would have been satisfied with having a wise.
57. His mother turned away her face, sat looking across the room, very quiet, grave, with something of renunciation.
58. Under such circumstances the external renunciation of the thing is not renunciation in the true sense of the term.
59. She entertained no visions of their ever coming into nearer union, and yet she had taken no posture of renunciation.
60. The sudden renunciation of everything one has previously stood for is a well-established part of the human repertoire.
61. Renunciation; why? Sacrifice; to what end? I do not see one wolf immolating himself for the happiness of another wolf.
62. And in sacrifice she was proud, in renunciation she was strong, for she did not trust herself to support everyday life.
63. The renunciation which is vitiated by meditation upon and mental enjoyment of the thing renounced is not true renunciation.
64. To avoid unnecessary rumours he took the paper with the renunciation from the table and, on his return, locked it in his safe.
65. What sort of a monk should I be, and how could you glorify the renunciation of my will ? ' And I marvelled then at this humility.
66. For example, introduced into the mind stream are mindfulness, loving-kindness, renunciation, stillness, understanding, and wisdom.
67. It was as if, in her post-McGillicuddy renunciation of bourgeois courtship and monogamy, she’d forgotten how the game was played.
68. True renunciation is only this total cessation of will and desire, and there is no sacrifice earlier than this accomplishment that.
69. The husband’s refusal to make love to his wife is simply considered as a free renunciation of his legitimately acquired sexual rights.
70. One aspect of the renunciation is to give up all actions done with desire and other is to show non-attachment to the fruits of activities.
71. In the name of the state they demand of me the renunciation of everything which may be dear to man, of peace, of family, of security, of human dignity.
72. He knew very well, that in his love for Lucie, his renunciation of his social place, though by no means new to his own mind, had been hurried and incomplete.
73. Inner renunciation then, begins with a rejection of those internal messages and commands that come from the ego and are fueled by a false perception of 'self' and 'world'.
74. Non-Christians, that is those who find the aim of their lives in earthly happiness, must always rule Christians, the aim of whose lives is the renunciation of such earthly happiness.
75. In three minutes the Vicar was on horseback again, having gone magnanimously through a duty much harder than the renunciation of whist, or even than the writing of penitential meditations.
76. For a Christian the oath of allegiance to any government whatever—the very act which is regarded as the foundation of the existence of a state—is a direct renunciation of Christianity.
77. The non-Christians, that is, those who base their lives on the worldly good, must always rule over Christians, over those who assume that their lives consist in the renunciation of this good.
78. Silent meditation in the morning, renunciation of desires, suitable diet, discipline of the senses and observance of the vow of silence daily for about at least an hour will produce serenity.
79. Ah! sacrifice and renunciation are recommended to me; I must take heed to everything I do; I must cudgel my brains over good and evil, over the just and the unjust, over the fas and the nefas.
80. Renunciation has both sadness and joy in it: sadness because you realize the futility of your old ways, and joy because of the greater vision that begins to unfold when you are able to let go of them.
81. When one has attained proficiency, he should everyday fill two parts of his mind with Philosophy and supreme Renunciation, and the remaining two parts with Meditation and devoted Service to the Guru.
82. At first this renunciation of self was unpleasant, but it was short lived, and Nekhludoff, who now began to smoke and drink wine, soon ceased to experience this unpleasant feeling, and was even greatly relieved.
83. If she now sought him in judicial manner and demanded confession, renunciation, and all the rest of it, what power remained with her still? Having brought her this far in her musings, the fiacre drove up and stopped.
84. After all, the story of the renegade monk and his earthly love, culminating in marriage, is not unusual; one foresees the ultimate solution of this problem—his renunciation of the world and his return to his monastery.
85. Just now I am writing to write out my notes—there is much that has to be written out—that everything which is said in Paul (Corinthians xiii) about love has to be said, and even more—about the renunciation of oneself.
86. Terrible renunciation! species of domestic apostasy! Charles also went before Maitre Cruchot to make two powers of attorney,—one for des Grassins, the other for the friend whom he had charged with the sale of his belongings.
87. And why should this clamor be raised on the question whether you will or will not make a formal renunciation of the old articles of political faith? Although, on reconsideration, perhaps I have no cause to be surprised, and ought to pardon gentlemen.
88. As we have seen, prayer, the celebration of the offices of religion, alms-giving, the consolation of the afflicted, the cultivation of a bit of land, fraternity, frugality, hospitality, renunciation, confidence, study, work, filled every day of his life.
89. And you talk of the renunciation of my will; I am ready to be deprived of my money on the spot and to give up my rank and to lay all my medals and ribbons on the table, but my pipe of tobacco, though I've been struggling for ten years, I can't do without.
90. Hyde was thenceforth impossible; whether I would or not, I was now confined to the better part of my existence; and O, how I rejoiced to think of it! with what willing humility I embraced anew the restrictions of natural life! with what sincere renunciation I locked.
91. A saint who dwells in a paroxysm of abnegation is a dangerous neighbor; he might communicate to you, by contagion, an incurable poverty, an anchylosis of the joints, which are useful in advancement, and in short, more renunciation than you desire; and this infectious virtue is.
92. Patriotism in its simplest, clearest, and most unquestionable significance is for the rulers nothing but a tool for attaining their ambitious and selfish ends, and for the ruled a renunciation of human dignity, reason, conscience, and a slavish submission to those who are in power.
93. Through penitence, renunciation and meditation let us develop within ourselves the spiritual man; let our life be an ardent awaiting of deliverance, a constant sacrifice of will, an undying yearning for God, a revery of sublime love, occasionally rewarded with ecstasy and a vision of the infinite.
94. She was humiliated to find herself a mere victim of feeling, as if she could know nothing except through that medium: all her strength was scattered in fits of agitation, of struggle, of despondency, and then again in visions of more complete renunciation, transforming all hard conditions into duty.
95. To educated people in the West, Western civilisation represented the highest level of technological advancement and moral precepts that humankind was capable of, so to turn to the art of the non-Christian peoples of Africa or Asia seemed to be a shocking renunciation of all the modern world stood for.
96. In opposition to his uncle’s opinion, he thought that the setbacks in river navigation, always on the edge of disaster, could be remedied only by a voluntary renunciation of the riverboat monopoly that the National Congress had granted to the River Company of the Caribbean for ninety-nine y ears and a day.
97. The kingdom of God is taken by force and only those who make an effort get hold of it,—and it is this effort of the renunciation of the change of the external conditions for the recognition and profession of truth which is the effort by means of which the kingdom of God is taken and which must and can be made in our time.
98. But there were strong cords pulling him back from that abrupt departure: the blight on his happiness in thinking of Dorothea, the crushing of that chief hope which had remained in spite of the acknowledged necessity for renunciation, was too fresh a misery for him to resign himself to it and go straightway into a distance which was also despair.
99. The Christian Church has recognized and sanctioned divorce, slavery, tribunals, all earthly powers, the death penalty, and war; it has exacted nothing except a renunciation of a purpose to do evil on the occasion of baptism, and this only in its early days: later on, when infant baptism was introduced, even this requirement was no longer observed.
100. She loved him not less but differently, with a tenderness that comes only when we have ceased to lean—to repose; with a protection that only comes when we are conscious of weakness; with renunciation that only comes when we see and accept the destruction of the ideal, the death of illusion, and take up with courage the reality and embrace it instead.

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