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  1. Each pass is one rep.
  2. A sales rep calls the.
  3. I had to earn my own rep.
  4. BANK REP: I see that fee.
  5. This time it was the rep.

  6. That very minute, our rep.
  7. Leave 1 rep in the tank.
  8. There are others like Rep.
  9. Not without a union rep.
  10. Here are the THT rep ranges:.
  11. He was the teachers’ union rep.
  12. Of course that kinda sealed a rep.
  13. Stop the set when the rep speed slows.
  14. The Sit Rep stated that we’d all be.
  15. Call me back when the union rep is here.

  16. But I was attached to my rep as a Zen guy.
  17. Your Yellow Page ad rep does not have a.
  18. He had a rep as an enforcer and collector.
  19. I had a reason to call Denny, the union rep.
  20. It was said that one smartass sales rep had.
  21. Incentive to keep appointment with sales rep.
  22. I think he played that rep of his a little.
  23. When you review that setup, that is another rep.
  24. Jim knew that this man was not the government rep.
  25. He will not come to my office without a union rep.

  26. When you make a trade in real-time, that is one rep.
  27. Pull up lists of leads and activities by sales rep.
  28. Reaching failure in a rep range that’s too high:.
  29. Either your body could do another rep or it could not.
  30. The tour rep is still trying to get them onto the boat.
  31. There is a tour rep is standing there with a clipboard.
  32. In the latest example of these backstage dealings, Rep.
  33. When you can’t perform another full rep, stop the set.
  34. Actually that was not entirely true; the government rep.
  35. The two fullbacks we had in the rep team were fairly big.
  36. There are exceptions to al of the rep ranges in each cycle.
  37. She knows that I’m a medical rep and that I travel a lot.
  38. Fritz or his office without me or the other union rep, Sue.
  39. But in case the rep is obstinate, here’s what you can do.
  40. In other cycles of THT you will work within a 6-8 rep range.
  41. Kim signed the tablet, passed it back and the rep sped away.
  42. Another example is when doing THT Volume in the 6-8 rep range.
  43. This is assuming a 1 second lift and a 2 second lowering per rep.
  44. We want to have a union rep present when you talk to the students.
  45. Yes he can do anything apparently but not have a fleshy rep on the.
  46. He was wearing a navy blue suit, crisp white shirt, striped rep tie.
  47. To cosponsor the SAFE Teen Act, please contact Steffany Stern in Rep.
  48. The bank rep calling you excited tel ing you that you’ve been.
  49. BANK REP: Sir, I was able to check with my supervisor and waive the fee.
  50. Sales rep name and activity history (calls, emails sent, inquiries, etc).
  51. Sounds good over the phone (for example, when a sales rep calls a prospect).
  52. Soon after that, their marketing rep contacted me, saying they loved the book.
  53. You know vampires get a bad rep, Billy shouted, waving his arms in the air.
  54. On three various occasions I thought it would be a good idea to hire a sales rep.
  55. Then that pretentious class rep bitch interrupted us and ruined the whole thing.
  56. Every stretching lasts for about fifteen seconds, so every rep lasts for a minute.
  57. When you take the time after the close to archive that setup, that is another rep.
  58. The tour rep intercedes, He says he has a boat, he could catch them up if you want.
  59. Each and every THT cycle and rep range will have you training OPTIMALLY within the.
  60. At this point, the record promotion man would suggest taking the union rep to the pub.
  61. The rep then called a corporate higher-up to decide what to do with the totaled automobile.
  62. I asked him if he was preparing for an epidemic and he said he had a very generous sales rep.
  63. Now assess… did you give an 8? Could you have done another rep? My guess is you probably could.
  64. When you share this trade with your desk and discuss it with another trader, this is another rep.
  65. If you are training in the 8-12 rep range as recommended in THT and by the National Strength and.
  66. Himself ravished with the contemplation of the idea of good, and delighting in solid geometry (Rep.
  67. THT Volume in the 7-10 rep range, you’l notice that shrugs are stil to be performed in the 12-15.
  68. When the market rep from Lorillard came in to inspect his company’s showings, he was incredulous.
  69. When I recently called Morgan Stanley, the rep I spoke to recommended a minimum balance of $50,000.
  70. She found the number of the rep, a shop teacher who was buddies with all the coaches who loved Tom.
  71. The customer-service rep was very polite, but insisted she couldn’t do anything to erase the charge.
  72. They must love you as much as I do, Wren said after he had read the documentation the rep had left.
  73. The harbor-master’s rep handed Kim a tablet with an envelope of documentation and pointed to the tablet.
  74. The HR rep told me there were mitigating circumstances and he had been a solid employee up to that point.
  75. Here’s the important point: After a full Macrocycle has passed, you wil change to a different THT rep range.
  76. I have called the union, but you know how our rep is, and the union as a whole is in bed with the school board.
  77. The key to optimizing an account is talking to an actual customer-service rep, either in person or on the phone.
  78. Reynolds rep, who after asking for the general manager and being told he was traveling, then asked for Dave Feldman.
  79. When the payments were in cash, I suspected pirates, but instead of calling the Space Force, I visited the sales rep.
  80. Any sales rep worth his salt would jump at the chance to make these high-dollar sales given the state of the economy.
  81. Extend your torso forward, rolling on your straightened arms, then pull back to the start position to complete one rep.
  82. While Matthew had a polished and shiny rep in public, we inside the Angel family knew that at any given moment he could go nuclear.
  83. Tony had come to Rhode Island as a volunteer on my first state rep run and now had worked his way up to being my most trusted employee.
  84. I urged that we hire KLAD, key sales rep firm at the time for outdoor located in New York City, but the decision was pushed off for three months.
  85. The man framed in the bathroom door was wearing a black London Fog raincoat, wire-rimmed eyeglasses, a white button down shirt and striped rep tie.
  86. There was much here that was suggestive to the kindred spirit of Plato, who had doubtless meditated deeply on the 'way of life of Pythagoras' (Rep.
  87. During this time Fleurette would only step away momentarily to take an important telephone call or to speak briefly with a sales rep who had turned up unannounced.
  88. Because of the leverage provided by technology, such as a software robot (bot) that interacts with customers over e-mail, the rep can work in an oversight capacity.
  89. Shakespeare has taught us how great men should speak and act; he has drawn characters of a wonderful purity and depth; he has ennobled the human mind, but, like Homer (Rep.
  90. When I left my job and sometimes even during my tenure as a sales rep my wives earned more than I did but never once did they make me feel like anything less than the man of the house.
  91. Casey who’d also bought into the company, with three children now, was the sales rep who travelled all over the state and sometimes interstate keeping a steady flow of work coming in.
  92. Now this friend of mine was a sales rep like I was back in the day and his job included a lot of travel so it wasn’t uncommon for him to be out of town and sometimes out of state on business.
  93. For example, whereas an unaided customer service representative might be able to handle perhaps 1,000 customer complaints a month, a technology-enabled rep might be able to cover thousands of customer interactions per minute.
  94. I am eternally grateful to my colleagues in politics, business, and advocacy, and want to thank everyone who supported me as a state rep in Rhode Island and during my years as a Congressman from Rhode Island’s First District.
  95. Well, if you want to take your case to the city council that’s fine, but I suggest shooting for the stars; contact the locally elected state rep or senator, and maybe have a bill introduced this upcoming legislative session.
  96. On the other hand, his argument that Homer, if he had been able to teach mankind anything worth knowing, would not have been allowed by them to go about begging as a rhapsodist, is both false and contrary to the spirit of Plato (Rep.
  97. When the Lorillard rep told him he was canceling the rest of his inspections and would recommend that all Lorillard contracts be cancelled in our markets, the manager told him to Do whatever you want, but I have no time to meet with you.
  98. The modern disbelief in medicine has led in this, as in some other departments of knowledge, to a demand for greater simplicity; physicians are becoming aware that they often make diseases 'greater and more complicated' by their treatment of them (Rep.
  99. The bot can handle most e-mail queries, supplying answers culled from past interactions with live customer service reps, and, on the rare occasions when the system can’t adequately resolve a customer’s issues, can pass the customer on to a live rep.
  100. His answer? Acknowledging that the ship was taking on water (= SINKING, however slowly!), that most, if not all on board are suffering badly from diarrhea (=CHOLERA-risk to medical minds) the UN rep stated that he really could not tell if the situation is urgent until he went on board to determine the conditions existing there at the time.

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