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Distinction in a sentence

1. It was a subtle distinction.
2. He has no marks of distinction.
3. This is an important distinction.
4. Only one distinction in Hindi.
5. Mass brings distinction and the.
6. Herbert, an artist of distinction.
7. He served with distinction in four.

8. I see the distinction, he said.
9. This distinction is pointed out by S.
10. He served with distinction in the war.
11. Seeking approval and distinction in a.
12. This draws the purposeful distinction.
13. The distinction ceases, whichever way.
14. That’s an important legal distinction.
15. Is that an important distinction?
16. No such distinction exists in the brain.
17. You as separate from it is a distinction.
18. I aim at a distinction far more glorious.
19. That, he said, is a very just distinction.
20. The eighteenth century has its distinction.
21. But among women a distinction still exists.
22. The distinction is absolute: Truth exists.
23. A problem remains in that our distinction.
24. Let us fight, but let us make a distinction.
25. The debt-financed distinction is important.
26. In any case, the distinction is immaterial.
27. The inner side of that distinction is that.
28. That is a very proper distinction, he replied.
29. This is an important distinction, as we often.
30. The distinction is irrelevant Create a bag of.
31. Served with distinction in three world wars.
32. Another distinction is by their method of sale.
33. This is an important distinction to understand.
34. There is no distinction between soul and spirit.
35. The distinction here is that loans are not taxed.
37. Be careful about a fine distinction at work here.
38. It would be for all peoples, without distinction.
39. It had a unique distinction for the next 12 years.
41. Now we have a distinction between the 'dry ground'.
42. These words certainly imply a distinction of place.
43. You’re the only one that makes that distinction.
44. There is only one throne and there is no distinction.
45. And we fail to make the distinction between the two.
46. Why, you have just said,—a man of high distinction.
47. Thus there will be complete distinction between the.
48. Class: a distinction of all options for the same stock.
49. The reason for there being no distinction in the Old.
50. It was in Greece that a distinction was made between.
51. If God made me then there is no distinction between us.
52. There's increasingly a distinction without a difference.
53. Hence the growing distinction between "black hat" and.
54. You fought with distinction in that war, your Grace.
55. The distinction between stupid and ignorant is important.
56. There was about it now, he thought, a certain distinction.
57. But sitting across from him, that distinction seemed silly.
58. Distinction between the sterility of first crosses and of.
59. I think this mirrors a distinction between two schools of.
60. That distinction is a matter of degree and user experience.
61. There is a distinction between investment and speculation.
62. The intent of this distinction must be clearly understood.
63. Helga had the embarrassing distinction of being the first.
64. Apostles: a distinction which it is necessary to draw; for.
65. M: When you realize that the distinction between inner and.
66. The market for the likes of Distinction software evaporated.
67. Yes, except for the distinction of lavender hair and eyes.
69. These are the spiritual marks of distinction and signature.
70. Distinction between a Promissory Note and a Bill of Exchange.
71. He has, moreover, the distinction of showing almostno French.
72. There is no distinction between the equator and the ecliptic.
73. There is a distinction between God’s law and society’s law.
74. M: When the sense of distinction and separation is absent, you.
75. It was a house of distinction and so was its owner most likely.
76. A distinction may be made between two kinds of market analysis.
77. And the characters in DIVERGENT struggle with that distinction.
78. They who have thus perceived the distinction between kshetr.
79. You must make a distinction between two words: lonely and alone.
80. It was a small, special industry, and had a certain distinction.
81. There is here a clearcut distinction between two points of view.
82. And thus arose the distinction of the visible and the intelligible.
83. Ray then revealed the most simple and important distinction of all.
84. Self-expansion in power, distinction, or pleasure does not suffice.
85. The Post Office stands as a building of distinction and character.
86. The only distinction of which he is capable lies in this direction.
87. Bush has earned the distinction of being the ‘worst president ever.
88. This distinction is dissolved leaving only the process of observing.
89. If the author makes a distinction such of ‘interrupted’ versus.
90. By the time of the sale, Distinction software was hemorrhaging badly.
91. We made no distinction between him and his other brother and sisters.
92. Mr Locke remarks a distinction between money and other moveable goods.
93. Distinction of thoughts belong to clarity to set the way for the truth.
94. This is a very important distinction to make at the beginning of this.
95. That such a distinction is a useful one is generally taken for granted.
96. In the New Testament this distinction is re-affirmed and accounted for.
97. Gould's interest in the family conferred upon it a sort of distinction.
98. Therefore, Graham and Dodd made a vital (and oft-overlooked) distinction.
99. Even today in the Hebrew Old Testament there is no distinction between a.
100. Now we have a distinction between the 'dry ground' and the 'spirit filled'.

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