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    1. They provide for them the means to reproduce and to grow far away from the parents

    2. Therefore, it is important to reproduce vitamin C by eating foods that re rich in vitamin C

    3. If you don't take those pills you won't have that problem, but you won't reproduce either

    4. Cherubs could reproduce, so long as he had the allocation to run it

    5. “Homo Electronicus still cannot reproduce, except by cloning

    6. ’ I said, trying to reproduce his exact words ‘But that it would not be in vain … or something like that

    7. They gave them the ability to reproduce so they would have a constant supply on hand

    8. in his elbow joint, and I could reproduce no pain by

    9. She was born with the ancient human instinct to reproduce as well as possible before it’s too late

    10. In order for humans to survive as a species they had to reproduce as soon as they were able and they would be quite deteriorated by the time the children were grown

    11. The darlings you've brought though strong and ripe, failed to reproduce as expected

    12. However, people with a surplus of this gene sometimes lived longer but, more often than not it caused their cells to reproduce at a rate that was far too rapid, causing tumors and, ultimately, cancer

    13. He believed he had already found a solution to her mind paralysis attack, and that he could not only counter it, but reproduce the attack as well

    14. That smile you offer others, or that little word of encouragement to a friend has the potential to reproduce itself many times over

    15. reproduce the dialogue now

    16. I’d like to reproduce the exact conversation or

    17. That portion which he annually saves, as, for the sake of the profit, it is immediately employed as a capital, is consumed in the same manner, and nearly in the same time too, but by a different set of people: by labourers, manufacturers, and artificers, who reproduce, with a profit, the value of their annual consumption

    18. In every such project, though the capital is consumed by productive hands only, yet as, by the injudicious manner in which they are employed, they do not reproduce the full value of their consumption, there must always be some diminution in what would otherwise have been the productive funds of the society

    19. When multiplied, therefore, to an unnecessary number, they may in a particular year consume so great a share of this produce, as not to leave a sufficiency for maintaining the productive labourers, who should reproduce it next year

    20. If he uses it as a capital, he employs it in the maintenance of productive labourers, who reproduce the value, with a profit

    21. Those goods would probably, the greater part of them, and certainly some part of them, consist in materials, tools, and provisions, for the employment and maintenance of industrious people, who would reproduce, with a profit, the full value of their consumption

    22. They annually reproduce nothing but those funds

    23. Farmers and country labourers, indeed, over and above the stock which maintains and employs them, reproduce annually a neat produce, a free rent to the landlord

    24. growing without seeds to reproduce - hardly the

    25. Could not-quite-humans and vampires even reproduce? He’d said that vampires were born, not made, but he hadn’t said how

    26. Maybe they could only reproduce with female vampires, and once-humans were nothing more than a toy for sex and blood

    27. In one of those communications in March 2003, he sent me the following poem, which gratefully with his permission, I reproduce here in free verse translation: Wake up Europe!!

    28. Those writings which José Diego has discovered in the Historical Archives of the Province of León (Caja 2089, Folio 618) and which he has allowed me to reproduce here, show clearly that the “Ermita” existed already in 1662, the date when a carpenter named Blas Varela was contracted, so that he would

    29. All aristocracies eventually failed to reproduce themselves

    30. ’ Therefore, it is built to reproduce all the conditions, energies, and emotions of the spiritual world

    31. I agree to reproduce at least twice to give my corrected genes the best possible chance of survival

    32. Steps to reproduce: This is the best way to explain where the issue has occurred

    33. investigation (extra effort) is needed to find out the ways to reproduce it

    34. If any bug was found and not able to reproduce it again, then I consider the following,

    35.  Steps to reproduce: This is the best way to explain where the issue has occurred

    36. If any bug was found and not able to reproduce then I consider the following,

    37. How would we reproduce?”

    38. slurs along with al kinds of clichés creep, crawl and reproduce in a fertile

    39. We don’t have any children, so we do not reproduce naturally

    40. We used to give birth and reproduce on our old planet

    41. This is perhaps God"s greatest gift, the ability for all species of life to reproduce itself

    42. reproduce constantly, some only when they're injured and

    43. Maybe if we reproduce the basic experiments, we can find a way for your brain to get the connections needed to understand the rest

    44. For we do the same things as they did: eat and work and reproduce and die

    45. The Queen can reproduce by parthenogenesis, but we—the Administrators, her spawn—cannot reproduce at all

    46. “Every vampire in Ashbourne can reproduce, and that includes hybrids like you

    47. adapt, reproduce and survive; or whether it"s the

    48. These boys really reproduce in a hurry when the others die off and this whole new population is immune to the drug that killed the others

    49. As a society it demonstrates the same ability to grow, reproduce, and self-repair that we have seen in the cell

    50. He rarely typed anything and had such a whispery vocal delivery to his dictating machine that only his personal secretary could understand and reproduce the words on paper

    1. He'd reproduced an artifact from his old culture, a culture that had changed beyond his recognition while he lay frozen between the stars

    2. It was, for all intents and purposes, a rum runner from the mid 20th century, reproduced using what they could of native technology

    3. In her soul, she really believed that she had reproduced because she had copied most of her own neural simulation across

    4. But if the quantity of food and clothing which were thus consumed by unproductive, had been distributed among productive hands, they would have reproduced, together with a profit, the full value of their consumption

    5. I reproduced this text? Has any relation to me?

    6. These quotations were meaningful to me and are reproduced here for your contemplation

    7. Though in representing the labour which is employed upon land as the only productive labour, the notions which it inculcates are, perhaps, too narrow and confined ; yet in representing the wealth of nations as consisting, not in the unconsumable riches of money, but in the consumable goods annually reproduced by the labour of the society, and in representing perfect liberty as the only effectual expedient for rendering this annual reproduction the greatest possible, its doctrine seems to be in every respect as just as it is generous and liberal

    8. Only my basic notes are reproduced here

    9. bugs could be reproduced at any time and can be fixed before the product gets

    10. This publication may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the author

    11. reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher

    12. The cells that can't be reproduced have to

    13. And if something—that is, a quality—cannot be reduced, measured, and reproduced in experiment, then such a quality fails to count as knowledge or truth

    14. formation is reproduced or replicated or created at the receiver

    15. Finally, in an effort to prove her point, Nemia cast a Reading on herself and reproduced the scene on the tabletop with a miniature Illusion

    16. and how the wild animals he brought in had reproduced very well

    17. Even such sensations as fatigue will be faithfully reproduced, and those who can finish their semi-final bouts quickly will have the advantage of being less fatigued in the final, exactly as they would in true combat

    18. “The arena that I will simulate for you is the world of Kellaran itself, complete in every way, with everyone and everything on it reproduced to the limits of my knowledge and awareness, exactly as it is in reality

    19. At L’Anse aux Meadows on the northern coast of Newfoundland Island, a Viking settlement, thought to be the first in North America, has been reproduced as it might have looked when still active, based on the archeological evidence and the known features of ancient Norse dwellings

    20. The author had photocopies of several of the sources reproduced at Insty-Prints in Rochester, Minnesota on 11

    21. only one place where life can be reproduced and gestated

    22. science and wisdom, and allow that is reproduced and dialectically

    23. Linda’s ordeal is reproduced in one form or another hundreds of thousands of

    24. describe how the same process can be reproduced within a human being and

    25. ily” reproduced and combined ’ einstein was able to manipulate these mental

    26. 4-1) are reproduced here

    27. barn and the reproduced front-room wallpaper

    28. I reached for one of my recently acquired reproduced copies of antique Royal

    29. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, audio, visual or otherwise, without prior permission of the copyright owner

    30. So, in terms of evolution by natural selection, how could this have happened? One possibility is that female yucca moths that laid eggs inside flowers that they pollinated produced more offspring that survived and also reproduced

    31. in him is accurately reproduced in it by sympathetic vibration, and thus by a

    32. < ! -- Note that anything here is a ‘remark’ and is not reproduced by a browser -->

    33. No part of this publication may be reproduced or translated into any form

    34. Each scale stood out as distinctly as in real life, and the iridescent colors were vividly reproduced

    35. This dais stood in a great, dim room whose walls were hung with dusky tapestries across which crawled dragons reproduced with repellent realism

    36. Until that time cells, reproduced by splitting into two, each of the new sisters being exact clones of the original

    37. And their sons and daughters have reproduced by this time only two children

    38. No part of this book my be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,

    39. License applies to the Document are reproduced in all copies,

    40. Having reproduced, the Oikumi regenerated itself using some of the energy from the souls, and soon more Oikumies started to appear to collect more souls

    41. But the strangest thing of all he told her was about how the ancestors reproduced

    42. They reproduced and grew up so fast that there was barely time to sell the tickets for the raffle

    43. She says that those Warriors must have developed the ability to reproduced amongst themselves, and have maintained a small population out here all this time

    44. Be assured that all this will be reproduced and disseminated quickly via the history department of the Science Council

    45. As the birds reproduced Amaranta Úrsula would release them in pairs, and no sooner did they feel themselves free than they fled the town

    46. reproduced like roaches, they would've conquered this entire

    47. God, I wondered how Londoners reproduced

    48. reproduced over and over, even on the cover of a seminal history textbook

    49. These dreams featured apathetic students, a mayor on the march, and sorcerer’s apprentice newspapers, which reproduced every time he tore one in half

    50. Bhagwat then related a story he would later amplify while releasing a book on Advani’s blogs in Delhi (which was reproduced in the Indian Express)

    1. First, this class, it is acknowledged, reproduces annually the value of its own annual consmnption, and continues, at least, the existence of the stock or capital which maintains and employs it

    2. "The Queen, the original progenitor, reproduces without fertilisation, without the need for a human male to impregnate her

    3. “It would seem that nature has given itself a model that it reproduces without

    4. Your body reproduces itself entirely every seven years

    5. is advisable to test it out beforehand by setting your home printer to greyscale to check that it reproduces well, although the result will not be the

    6. course of his life, and the way in which the living image reproduces his

    7. now he merely reproduces that which comes from above

    8. reproduces the form and features of the body in which the Lord last lived on

    9. conscious mind as instructions and reproduces in our beings or affairs whatever

    10. Since the diagram is the ripple of one sales event, it reproduces itself each payday when another dollar is put into the market by our employee

    11. sensors to decode the mix of frequencies, as well as an assembler that reproduces this mix

    12. Each cell is born, reproduces itself, dies, and is absorbed

    13. larger, and reproduces rapidly in a saltwater aquarium with abundant nutrients

    14. Have they not seen how God originates the creation, and then reproduces it? This is easy for God

    15. 7 reproduces the first two charts, with the addition of a Win Ratio Control Chart also using a 20-day look-back period

    16. 1 reproduces the optimization space constructed for this basic objective function

    17. For instance, Herbert asserts that a hybrid from Calceolaria integrifolia and plantaginea, species most widely dissimilar in general habit, "reproduces itself as perfectly as if it had been a natural species from the mountains of Chile

    18. But already Grimm has shown that another fly, a Chironomus, reproduces itself in nearly the same manner, and he believes that this occurs frequently in the order

    19. It reproduces a living panorama of scene, and actors, and circumstance idealized into the intense and artistic life of imaginative composition, and written with a brilliancy of style and epigrammatic play of thought, a depth of significance, that render the story one of the most fascinating and absorbing

    1. This virus is reproducing by taking over the reproductive process of its host cells, you being the host cell

    2. Could the human mind be connected to a higher intelligence that is sending its commands wirelessly? Are human minds receiving messages from superior intelligence entities? Do we all have in our brain or mind a voice/text mail box that is operating so silently that we do not perceive it? We don't know for sure but it looks like a very good explanation to some of the following questions: Where do our thoughts come from? How are our ideas generated? Who is the creator of life that is capable of reproducing itself while developing and improving? What is the purpose of life?

    3. So far as it is employed in the second way, it promotes industry ; and though it increases the consumption of the society, it provides a permanent fund for supporting that consumption; the people who consume reproducing, with a profit, the whole value of their annual consumption

    4. As in a well ordered state of things, therefore, those ground expenses, over and above reproducing in the completest manner their own value, occasion likewise, after a certain time, a reproduction of a neat produce, they are in this system considered as productive expenses

    5. This is something that throughout history, would have been humanly impossible to obtain; even with the best technology available to us today, can we with absolute certainty conclude that, as mere mortals, we would in no way be able to get even close to reproducing an artefact of similar qualities

    6. By definition, they were reproducing

    7. Dr Mckenzie had used methodologies that only she was capable of reproducing without the original research notes

    8. Before reproducing this letter, I visited the above mentioned Web page

    9. In order for one of us to start reproducing parthenogenetically, without fertilisation, the Queen would need to die

    10. This 'chosen' Administrator would thus become the new Queen and start reproducing parthenogenetically

    11. When they stop reproducing, aging stops too

    12. sufficient; reproducing on its own through

    13. And of course the wizards have the capacity available to do this because Selkies use the least magic of any race, so reproducing it in the simulacrums is a light load

    14. Although they arrived with advanced technology, they could not sustain it because they did not bring the means for reproducing it with them

    15. sets the swing, reproducing His own vibration in the astral body of the

    16. It is Godlike to share your life and all that relates thereto on equal terms with the mother partner who so fully shares with you that divine experience of reproducing yourselves in the lives of your children

    17. Thus reproducing you imperfectly in this sphere

    18. We’re reproducing another form of ourselves

    19. Reproducing the budget from Chapter 2 for the American family on the next page we see that somewhere around 50% spare money for medical is 0

    20. But this kind of market is revved up and more than reproducing itself

    21. Widely considered as inferior beings by the psyonics and often being called so, they were gradually pushed to the lowest levels of the society and forbidden from reproducing, with measures such as forced sterilization being applied to them

    22. would have phrased this apparent contradiction as “God is reproducing himself

    23. would have phrased the union of humans with God as “God is reproducing

    24. With language, man had a tool that could create other tools, like a flowering vine bearing fruit and reproducing, growing ever larger

    25. In that case, you would have the choice of either putting the crew in hibernation, or of building a generation ship, where people would live and die while reproducing themselves

    26. “You are correct that we cannot forcibly prevent people from reproducing

    27. At the same time, private enterprise has the right to deny service to clients it does not want reproducing

    28. Think about who’s reproducing,” his eyes shifted involuntarily to Lacey--only for a moment, but everyone noticed it, “and what kind of children we are leaving to our world

    29. I pictured her organs repairing themselves and her blood cells reproducing, forming new blood to replace the old

    30. When a person is delivered, the Holy spirit keeps reproducing it self like an explosion out of the belly

    31. “Movie-producers wish to invest with minimal amount of risk by merely reproducing what has already been proven to be a money-maker

    32. In these iWorlds, toxicity of information in any system is a cancer that expands beyond itself virally reproducing a cascading info-nami across other zones and habitations, extending beyond the virtual into the real

    33. Here is a question: are ethical systems extreme heterozygotes? Is the ethical system incapable of reproducing itself past the first generation of adherents, believers, founders? If so, is this necessarily so, or can we construct an ethical system that can reproduce ethical trees (minds) and ethical fruit (acts) that are direct and similar descendants of the original ethical system? And if we can construct the latter, what would that system look like, how would it be composed, why and towards what end would it function?

    34. Earth is a reproducing share organism, all is table and gift, and only from that, only from that foundation, is any thing profited

    35. From the deluge of webpedic pages referencing the query, “larger than me?”, we find ourselves treading in the same post-freewill sea of confusion: “What do I choose?” In this whirlpool of infinite information, we drown in endlessly reproducing choices, unable to swallow a single unlinked meme, incapable of uttering a solid conclusion

    36. Is this the best we can do: be Sisyphuses of recycling, reproducing meaning from being green, resourcing existential purpose from personal self-sustainability, while still misidentifying the principle terrorist to a people's democracy, to a caring humanity, to life in general and consciousness in particular – money, just simple fucking money?

    37. Earthquakes and tectonic shifts or mall demolitions and nuclear testing the stretching of its limbs? Is it our artificial electrical grid or thunderstorms and hurricanes that comprise Eartheart's higher nervous system? Our field is the lab, our flesh a sensor net, but certainly, the soil, not the dump, is Eartheart's digestive tract; water, not monergy, its circulatory system; weather patterns, not satellite orbits, its respiration; until we're all resourcefully recycled as excrement, decay and death becoming soil once again, where microbial life crawls the face of all the skin of this mother we sprawl across, until we rise, again, as food and stomach both reproducing as sustenance for each other, the carriers of essential vitamins and minerals feeding the many organs comprising its biodiversity

    38. He then puts them to death and exterminates them, after reproducing new ones

    39. reproducing in order to continue the line

    40. metres below the surface, and reproducing from the

    41. The quality of a hi- fi system consists of reproducing the quality of the music it plays, and the latter is what we’re talking about here

    42. What is this influence? Let me remind you that three-dimensional holography is the method of recording, reproducing and transformation of wave “Fields”, which is based on wave interference

    43. But scientists are light years away from being able to demonstrate or duplicate life as it exists today by reproducing life from its origins, from the cell of a micro-organism living in a primordial pond being the basis for the existence of life and humans today, although it could be said that evolution, in essence, has been scientifically proven

    44. These accurate, painstaking school studies are very necessary indeed as a training for the eye in observing accurately, and the hand in reproducing the appearances of things, because it is through the reproduction of natural appearances and the knowledge of form and colour derived from such study

    45. X, page 87 [Transcribers Note: Diagram IV], he would proceed to invest it with straight lines, taking advantage of any straightness in the boundary, noting the length and the angles at which these straight lines cut each other, and then reproducing them to scale on his plan

    46. I didn't marry Emily for the sole purpose of reproducing, I love

    47. But in all painting that aims at reproducing the impressions directly produced in us by natural appearances, this question of focus and its influence on the quality of your edges is of great importance

    48. It is not enough to drink in and remember the emotional side of the matter, although this must be done fully, but if a memory of the subject is to be carried away that will be of service technically, the scene must be committed to memory in terms of whatever medium you intend to employ for reproducing it—in the case of a drawing, lines and tones

    49. It is really one of the most wonderful means of reproducing an artist's actual work, the result being, in most cases, so identical with the original that, seen together, if the original drawing has been done on paper, it is almost impossible to distinguish any difference

    50. I happened, too, to hear of the scene at the office, from a man who described it capitally, unconsciously reproducing the scene with great vividness

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    Synonyms for "reproduce"

    multiply procreate reproduce regurgitate propagate generate beget breed duplicate represent trace photostat remake reconstitute

    "reproduce" definitions

    make a copy or equivalent of

    have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant

    recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.

    repeat after memorization