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    1. of your activities because you’ll need a reservoir of strength to

    2. It made him think of the economic potential of Alleghenia, especially with its reservoir of natural resources

    3. Just ahead, on the other side of the river, Indian Creek entered as it flowed south from Mill Run Reservoir

    4. The water system had a reservoir that still appeared to be full and they could use a drainage valve as a tap to dispense it

    5. It turned out that each of the cryonic suspension pods had a plastic reservoir of an ethanol based mixture, as part of the temperature control system

    6. Chris was sure that such a quantity was not sufficient but that was more than half the water in the reservoir and six litres was quite enough of a weight when there was other stuff to be carried

    7. He could see off to the northwest, a body of water which must be the Cambria Lake Reservoir, one of six reservoirs built in conjunction with the Aquifer

    8. 33 In the article, scientists Michael Wysession and Jesse Lawrence explain how they have found evidence of a vast water reservoir beneath eastern Asia that would comprise the volume of the Arctic Ocean

    9. Gloria went to the property, a small acreage on a paved road near a reservoir lake

    10. It connects to the overflow of the reservoir and carries the waste materials down into the river further down

    11. "The winch-man's landed in a reservoir

    12. We drove all the way through Idaho, and got the very last campsite at Bully Creek Reservoir in Oregon

    13. But it turned out it was bad luck, because if we hadn't seen the Bully Creek Reservoir site, we would have stopped at a dreary, depressing private campground a few miles further on

    14. The tattoo must have acted as a source and reservoir

    15. area into the lower reservoir or the abdomen

    16. reservoir to the upper reservoir is through the middle reservoir or the

    17. learns to retain the sex energy and move it up into the upper reservoir

    18. reservoir then move it up into the higher center of the mind and

    19. upper reservoir and converting it into a very strong power is the real

    20. reservoir, where it is stored

    21. Derek had drunk his fill of the entire reservoir and peered up to

    22. I wickedly cackled, enjoying my brothers’ defeat, the look on their faces would be remembered as a source of comfort, or as a reservoir for when I got the blues for centuries to come

    23. It touched a reservoir of anger against an enemy that had been able to conceal its true intent behind a barrage of false promises, personal attacks, and misrepresentation


    25. I’m thinking you could turn a mill wheel instead, or if the timing for that was inconvenient, you could lift water into a reservoir, so that the water could be used to turn a mill wheel when it was convenient for the millers

    26. and a reservoir, the main water supply for the compound

    27. there, and I’m going to throw this virus in that reservoir

    28. that reservoir, this whole damned trip will be a waste of

    29. reach that reservoir from here?” she asked

    30. its weight, then peered at the reservoir

    31. the other side of the reservoir

    32. A man screamed on the other side of the reservoir

    33. And you'd better believe me, every one of them is a reservoir for intestinal disease

    34. Shaping their perceptions on the one gig entertainment debt that clawed at the reservoir, and there were a lot of magnifying glasses calculating the scores

    35. Edgar Cayce discovered that he could put himself at will into the state of mind in which he could tap into this reservoir of knowledge

    36. apparent reservoir of subtle bioenergy at the base of the

    37. reservoir of dark matter within earth leadbeater, the metaphysicist, says that

    38. The sprite-like halfling strode across the pebbly beach to the edge of the natural reservoir

    39. Summer break from school was filled with helping Ted, doing chores, going to the Warren farm on weekends, and swimming at the reservoir

    40. We started going to the local swimming pool, but somehow Harriet got it in her head that the reservoir water was cleaner than the pool

    41. As if a vast reservoir of loathing had burst inside their chests, a torrent of fears, aversions, frustrations, difficulties and horrors that was life in Oasis poured forth

    42. The children knew that there was a great reservoir of information about their heritage that they could tap into and when times allowed in a busy household, Bridget would engage with those who wanted to listen, in such conversations

    43. the world from which He has come, in order that He may supply the reservoir

    44. humanity) add a little to the reservoir, and are thus privileged to share in the great sacrifice

    45. to the fact that he had a reservoir of power capable of guiding him to great

    46. Turner looked at the steep Penine Hills and the reservoir away in the distance

    47. from this hidden reservoir that held all joy and sorrow and leaked

    48. They serve the function of a reservoir of energy while the skills is needing it for interpretation or as a full reserve to experience the sensations and to use the qualities of a particular skill that has been developed in a medium or person that is able to sense and perceive beyond that of which is widely acceptable on your plane

    49. there was a swelling of his eyes concealing the reservoir of tears

    50. He then checked the urine level in her catheter reservoir

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    Synonyms for "reservoir"

    reservoir artificial lake man-made lake source well fountainhead river fountain

    "reservoir" definitions

    a large or extra supply of something

    lake used to store water for community use

    tank used for collecting and storing a liquid (as water or oil)

    anything (a person or animal or plant or substance) in which an infectious agent normally lives and multiplies