reservoir sätze

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Reservoir sätze (in englisch)

  1. The winch-man's landed in a reservoir.
  2. Where were they going? The reservoir?
  3. The body is a reservoir and has a store.
  5. A man screamed on the other side of the reservoir.

  6. The tattoo must have acted as a source and reservoir.
  7. Again, this is our reservoir for steps or modes we may.
  8. Again, this is our safety reservoir, where we adapt and.
  9. The anger was always there: a reservoir of flammable fuel.
  10. He then checked the urine level in her catheter reservoir.
  11. Derek had drunk his fill of the entire reservoir and peered up to.
  12. They must have gone to that reservoir back there, Acadia said.
  13. The street was in the hills and had a view of the San Pablo Reservoir.
  14. Xerx was patient, but as a reservoir of answers Tammas found him empty.
  15. We need a Reservoir of liquid metal to compensate for other two shrinkages.

  16. By volume, nearby Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States.
  17. The lamp on the table had a green glass reservoir which was half full of oil.
  18. Turner looked at the steep Penine Hills and the reservoir away in the distance.
  19. They bypassed the Reservoir and looped north, paths he hadn’t taken in years.
  20. Gloria went to the property, a small acreage on a paved road near a reservoir lake.
  21. And you'd better believe me, every one of them is a reservoir for intestinal disease.
  22. They were held up in the dried up fresh water reservoir underneath the old city hall.
  23. No longer able to contain them, the remaining tears suddenly burst from their reservoir.
  24. A dipping into the infinite reservoir of knowledge, which is part-of the infinite universe.
  25. The sprite-like halfling strode across the pebbly beach to the edge of the natural reservoir.

  26. Mirs Bay was at the first hour, and behind him, at four o’clock was the High Island reservoir.
  27. We drove all the way through Idaho, and got the very last campsite at Bully Creek Reservoir in Oregon.
  28. One of the landmarks is the West Reservoir which no longer serves the purpose for which it was built.
  29. By a tunnel inserted at the rear, this reservoir is kept replenished with water as fast as it evaporates.
  30. Just ahead, on the other side of the river, Indian Creek entered as it flowed south from Mill Run Reservoir.
  31. It made him think of the economic potential of Alleghenia, especially with its reservoir of natural resources.
  32. It was grinding the side of our car, maneuvering us toward a steep, rocky drop-off to the reservoir far below.
  33. It connects to the overflow of the reservoir and carries the waste materials down into the river further down.
  34. So I’ll heat water with the RTG to create a heat reservoir, then I’ll make the return air bubble through it.
  35. It’ll have two bulky Hab batteries, the atmospheric regulator, the oxygenator, and my homemade heat reservoir.
  36. Malarial parasites are usually released from its reservoir in the spleen at a certain time into the blood stream.
  37. Men as fit as you, when your everyday strength is gone, can draw on a mysterious reservoir of power far greater.
  38. It would be more convenient to have the reservoir in the rover, but it has to be near the regulator’s return air feed.
  39. On 14th February the Japanese captured the main water supply reservoir and advanced towards Alexandra Barracks Hospital.
  40. She wondered what he meant, but she was afraid to pry, so she looked across the reservoir to the mountains on the other side.
  41. The water system had a reservoir that still appeared to be full and they could use a drainage valve as a tap to dispense it.
  42. He went to the small reservoir at the lowest point of the deeper canyon, the pool to which both falls spilled into, and drank.
  43. At a slow and steady rate, the pipes were lowered into the water reservoir and a fountain of acidic water spurted out of the top.
  44. The other two surprise nominations had not been tampered with, and it provided the deceased with a bottomless reservoir of pride.
  45. Call the lieutenant! Call 911! Therese cried to her aunt, who still sat on the wooden table looking out toward the reservoir.
  46. That he was alone as he was when he was ten, looking at the inviting reservoir, its cool water, and it’s simplistic maternal pull.
  47. Edgar Cayce discovered that he could put himself at will into the state of mind in which he could tap into this reservoir of knowledge.
  48. Only five homes stretched the expanse between Lemon Reservoir and the national forest, and the homes were more than half a mile apart.
  49. Summer break from school was filled with helping Ted, doing chores, going to the Warren farm on weekends, and swimming at the reservoir.
  50. We started going to the local swimming pool, but somehow Harriet got it in her head that the reservoir water was cleaner than the pool.
  51. As with other members of the crew the nation is fortunate in having a reservoir of men, mechanically-minded and with engine experience.
  52. Ten Commandments have the order not chaos under unregulated passion, a reservoir of freedom with responsibility towards people’s life.
  53. I’d consumed 128 ounces of questionable reservoir water since I’d arrived a couple of hours before and I still didn’t have to pee.
  54. The appointments arranged for you by the king so that you can be prepared to assist him in the Reservoir Reconstruction Meeting on Friday.
  55. During this cool period there is less demand for hydropower and with the reservoir low from summer releases, the river flows are less volatile.
  56. Again he smiled to himself and walked over to the fence under the trees and looked out over the Aberdeen Reservoir and the island of Ap Li Chau.
  57. In the English apparatus, the gases are both in one reservoir, and they are propelled by their own elasticity, after condensation, by a syringe.
  58. The Melner cabin? It was about a half-mile south up the road from Therese’s house, the third of the five houses across from the reservoir.
  59. I had built up a reservoir of affection for Diane ever since she visited the ABC News bureau in Baghdad when I was stationed there before the war.
  60. It’s just another bit farther, I said around each bend and over every rise as the sun sank toward the horizon until at last I saw the reservoir.
  61. From where he stood, rain dripping from the brim of his straw hat, Plover Cove Reservoir abutted the other side of the channel at eleven o’clock.
  62. It turned out that each of the cryonic suspension pods had a plastic reservoir of an ethanol based mixture, as part of the temperature control system.
  63. The energy seemed to pour out of some inner reservoir into his arms and legs, and into his fingers so that all of him was on the move all of the time.
  64. Before turning up the gravelly drive to his log cabin, he went to the reservoir once again to kick off his boots and dip his feet into the cool water.
  65. He could see off to the northwest, a body of water which must be the Cambria Lake Reservoir, one of six reservoirs built in conjunction with the Aquifer.
  66. Also called a cool mist humidifier, this type of appliance uses a reservoir, wick, and filter to disperse room temperature water vapor into the air.
  67. Finally the rain stopped the wind died away but the concrete had stored up a reservoir of punishment that it leaked into the interior like an insidious gas.
  68. Shaping their perceptions on the one gig entertainment debt that clawed at the reservoir, and there were a lot of magnifying glasses calculating the scores.
  69. He’s jogged around the Reservoir plenty of times himself over the years, but always for the sake of being the sort of person who jogs around the Reservoir.
  70. Cup-shaped plants and cavities between the leaves of bromeliads (many of which are parasitic on the branches of tropical trees) often collect a reservoir of water.
  71. Who could resist you anything? He dove under and swam freestyle in a flash of white to the other side of the reservoir and back before she had counted to ten.
  72. Lives in South Yorkshire, but wishes it was by the coast, as she has a love for anything nautical, but instead is happy with an old golf course converted to a reservoir.
  73. Alvin twisted a metal lever resting up against the outer part of the circular wall, at the base of the bottle’s neck, which released the lower reservoir of the canteen.
  74. The stone floor beneath him was just a stone, an uneven dumped slab of concrete on the stony shore of a wood shrouded reservoir, he was home, or at least in the vicinity.
  75. The intense heat of the fire is prevented from communicating itself to the deck, by means of a shallow reservoir extending under the entire inclosed surface of the works.
  76. It touched a reservoir of anger against an enemy that had been able to conceal its true intent behind a barrage of false promises, personal attacks, and misrepresentation.
  77. As if a vast reservoir of loathing had burst inside their chests, a torrent of fears, aversions, frustrations, difficulties and horrors that was life in Oasis poured forth.
  78. Their methods are as reasonable as to try to pour some precious stuff from the spring to the reservoir through a non-conducting pipe, which could by the least effort be opened.
  79. Then again, what choice did he have but to go along with this? Since the girl’s name had leaked, it was as if the city’s vast reservoir of grievance had finally broken its dam.
  80. When this reservoir is vacated, the reptile is of course innoxious, and the most inert plant would then stand a good chance of gaining reputation with the credulous as a specific.
  81. But it turned out it was bad luck, because if we hadn't seen the Bully Creek Reservoir site, we would have stopped at a dreary, depressing private campground a few miles further on.
  82. I wickedly cackled, enjoying my brothers’ defeat, the look on their faces would be remembered as a source of comfort, or as a reservoir for when I got the blues for centuries to come.
  83. The fulvius seems to belong to the genus vipera; it has the fangs, but not the orifice behind the nostril, which communicates with the reservoir of venom, so conspicuous in the crotali, &c.
  84. She wanted to ‘recreate’ Minto! She turned off the ‘Gene-implanter’ construction lesson as she heard an alarm from the radiation reservoir, indicating that the process has completed.
  85. The pontoons are 100 meters square, with a top chamber for flotation and emergency storage, and a bottom chamber open to the sea to collect the gas, and act as the main reservoir and buffer.
  86. Chris was sure that such a quantity was not sufficient but that was more than half the water in the reservoir and six litres was quite enough of a weight when there was other stuff to be carried.
  87. The ability to pool Reliance would give Leasco a reservoir of future earnings that it might be able to call upon and that, after 25 percent capital gains taxes, would still be in excess of $7 per share.
  88. That so numerous a catalogue of plants have gained credit with the uninformed as specifics, will not be surprising, when we know that the reservoir of the venom is very readily exhausted and slowly replenished.
  89. Their only drinking water came from a reservoir fed by runoff from rice paddies fertilized with human excrement, and to avoid dying of thirst, the POWs had to drink it, leaving 90 percent of them afflicted with dysentery.
  90. So, next on the list was a technique called hydraulic fracturing—or fraccing—where water and sand are injected under high pressure into the reservoir, resulting in many tiny cracks or fractures in the shale rock.
  91. I’m thinking you could turn a mill wheel instead, or if the timing for that was inconvenient, you could lift water into a reservoir, so that the water could be used to turn a mill wheel when it was convenient for the millers.
  92. The children knew that there was a great reservoir of information about their heritage that they could tap into and when times allowed in a busy household, Bridget would engage with those who wanted to listen, in such conversations.
  93. Apart from the psychic and mental energy boost they give you and the ability keep you awake and alert for a long time, they seem to open up an extra reservoir of your brain and increase your capacity to absorb what you are studying.
  94. The analyser would change the frequencies (or wavelengths) of the solar radiations in the reservoir, would add any extra feature pertaining to the new radiation alone, control their intensity and pass them on into the radiation proof chamber.
  95. It requires either an enormous surface mining operation, or, when the resource is buried too far below the earth’s surface, a highly energy-intensive operation involving the injection of steam into the reservoir to get the tar-like resource flowing.
  96. Now, why should the whale thus insist upon having his spoutings out, unless it be to replenish his reservoir of air, ere descending for good? How obvious is it, too, that this necessity for the whale's rising exposes him to all the fatal hazards of the chase.
  97. It was three quarters of a mile down the dirt road that separated the houses from the reservoir, and Jen’s mother ran the trail rides up through the forest in spring and summer, so, occasionally, Therese could hear them calling out commands to their animals.
  98. The authors of The Pacific Crest Trail, Volume 1: California said the nearest reliable water was fifteen miles away at Rock Spring Creek, but they conceded there was, in fact, water nearer by in a reservoir that they strongly advised against drinking from, calling its quality questionable at best.
  99. They serve the function of a reservoir of energy while the skills is needing it for interpretation or as a full reserve to experience the sensations and to use the qualities of a particular skill that has been developed in a medium or person that is able to sense and perceive beyond that of which is widely acceptable on your plane.
  100. The driver pressed the accelerator harder and the aging sedan raced along the wide highway, paying scant attention to the few other cars and lorries, as it passed through the village of Tseng Lan Shue to the T junction which either went right to Clear water Bay or left to Sai Kung and the restricted High Island reservoir and Mount Hallows, west of Long Harbour and east of the Tolo Channel.

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