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    1. The second sounds like Man’s attempt to restate the first within his limited perceptual imagination

    2. Finally I want to restate a Conservative belief

    3. There is an ideological underpinning to the PC movement that is a given, but for the sake of completeness, I will restate it

    4. Restate the opening and give them a recap of each of the items you covered and the benefits

    5. Another way is to restate your ‘cast iron money back guarantee’

    6. reader, is to restate the major benefits in your headline, so I’m going to write

    7. When he failed to reach the minds of all of the apostles by means of one illustration, he would restate his message and employ another type of parable for purposes of illumination

    8. The well-meant efforts of Jesus' early followers to restate his teachings so as to make them the more acceptable to certain nations, races, and religions, only resulted in making such teachings the less acceptable to all other nations, races, and religions

    9. And now that he has personally left the world, he sends in his place his Spirit of Truth, who is designed to live in man and, for each new generation, to restate the Jesus message so that every new group of mortals to appear upon the face of the earth shall have a new and up-to-date version of the gospel, just such personal enlightenment and group guidance as will prove to be an effective solvent for man's ever-new and varied spiritual difficulties

    10. Her testimony would restate much of what Brian Carter had already said

    11.  Ask, ―What is it that bothers you about ____?‖ and then restate

    12. This is so important I need to restate it

    13. For those who like to scan read, I am going to go ahead and restate the above verse under this specific caption so you can have it once again at a quick glance as you scan down on these bolded captions

    14. pointed out--and now restate:

    15. That swings back to what I was talking about earlier, that you can then restate your

    16. I'm trying to restate the problem

    17. “All of you have already been briefed as to the final intentions of the Code, but I’ll restate them now

    18. The roles played by the security and its price in an investment decision may be set forth more clearly if we restate the problem in somewhat different form

    19. All that is necessary then is to restate the capitalization throughout the period on the basis of the current number of shares

    20. Again (on page 335) the authors restate this view in their concluding chapter as follows:

    21. 3 In 2002, Qwest was one of 330 publicly-traded companies to restate past financial statements, an all-time record, according to Huron Consulting Group

    22. In conjunction with the purchase agreement, the company’s existing lenders have agreed to negotiate in good faith to amend and restate the company’s current credit agreement

    23. , and to think that we give an explanation when we only restate a fact

    1. " she restated her, tease of earlier

    2. “I mean,” Elenir restated in as calm a voice without accusing as she could manage, “it's becoming clearer and clearer that there is a Lascorii trail to follow here and we are groping in the dark!”

    3. ” [255] He restated this many times, and in many ways

    4. 126112 which had been issued by President Reagan which restated the importance of the

    5. The whole is brought into question until new information can show how the detail fits into the existing structure or the structure must be restated to include that new information

    6. He restated his offer, saying that he felt what he was offering was still too much and it was going to be a stretch to pay it

    7. “Over Here, Youssaf!” After having the question restated, and after a moment of thought, Youssaf responded, gathering speed as he talked

    8. Here, Youssaf!” After having the question restated, and after a moment of thought, Youssaf

    9. 4 Restated in the words of Robert L

    10. "Bullshit," Sophie restated getting to the front door before him and standing in front of him

    11. In substance, and restated in modern phraseology, Jesus taught Angamon:

    12. After several hours of discussion the lad asked this question: "But, Teacher, what do you mean when you say that man experiences a higher form of self-consciousness than do the higher animals?" And as restated in modern phraseology, Jesus answered:

    13. The golden rule as restated by Jesus demands active social contact; the older negative rule could be obeyed in isolation

    14. Jesus' instruction to the apostles during these days, regarding prayer and worship, may be summarized and restated in modern phraseology as follows:

    15. 1 This memorable discourse on religion, summarized and restated in modern phraseology, gave expression to the following truths:

    16. 6 Long into the night the apostles and evangelists continued to ask questions, and from the many answers we would present the following thoughts, restated in modern phraseology:

    17. Summarized and restated in modern phraseology, Jesus taught:

    18. These talks, condensed, combined, and restated in modern phraseology, present the following thoughts for consideration:

    19. Nathaniel and Thomas jointly presented their views of the divine nature of the Master, and the following narrative is a condensed, rearranged, and restated presentation of their teaching:

    20. This discourse, together with his answers to questions, may be summarized and restated in modern language as follows:

    21. “I mean for my symptoms," Brian restated, before the Judge could rule

    22. restated with its component parts

    23. With this insight, I have restated the earlier table but used the 14 principles

    24. He restated his opinion and instead of just graciously saying

    25. rite is here restated in brief

    26. myself, Mark and Peterwere now to vote on the amended articles and the new and restated by laws

    27. Frank restated the unthinkable—he had been given complete control of the competition

    28. Massie restated the urge to stand up and kick sand in both of their faces

    29. “You were saying about the children?” I restated testily

    30. ” Larc restated patiently

    31. In 1995, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops restated its guidelines to be inclusive of people with disabilities

    32. This was restated often and as the gospel from multiple different traders

    33. But when in the following year it applied to list additional shares, it found it necessary to adopt a less questionable basis of reporting its income to the New York Stock Exchange, so that its profit for 1926 was restated to read $461,296, instead of $1,071,000

    34. 2 Standard Statistics has restated the Swift annual reports by listing the 1933–1935 deductions for inventory declines as charges to surplus

    35. Securities and Exchange Commission that Informix had committed accounting fraud, the company later restated its revenues, wiping away $244 million in such “sales

    36. Near the end of the briefing, Captain Tim Moran, the head of SWAT for the metro police, restated the facts as he knew them

    37. Thus, Williams’s definition ought to be restated: investment value is the present worth of future cash bailouts, whatever their source

    38. The Williams theory, to be realistic, could be restated to posit that a common stock held by noncontrol stockholders is worth the sum of all the net after-tax cash expected to be realizable in the future from ownership of the common stock, with such net cash being realizable either from cash disbursements by the company (whether in the form of dividends or otherwise, such as liquidating in whole or in part), and from sources outside the company (whether they are stock purchasers or lenders willing to treat the common stock as collateral for borrowings by the shareholder)

    1. The Lord restates the basis on which He will communicate with

    2. Verse 18 restates the spiritual principal involved, being the same as in verse ten, above

    3. Verses 8 to 12, in this part of his presentation, Paul restates the original purpose of

    4. If a company restates numbers such that they would not have qualified at the time of purchase, we replace the stock in the portfolio

    1. A polished speaker would have given a conclusion, quickly restating all his points

    2. Accordingly, we three secondary midwayers completed such an adaptation of Jesus' teachings, restating his pronouncements as we would apply them to present-day world conditions, and we now present these statements as they stand after having been edited by the Melchizedek chairman of the revelatory commission

    3. " Then the Master discoursed at some length on the earthly family as an illustration of the heavenly family, restating the two fundamental laws of living: the first commandment of love for the father, the head of the family, and the second commandment of mutual love among the children, to love your brother as yourself

    4. After you’ve made all your points and addressed any resistance they may have had, you want to drive it all home by restating what it is you’re seeking to accomplish by implementing this system

    5. So many Netwriters ease up at this point, just as they should be restating key benefits and closing the sale

    6. restating what the Empowerment Manager said, all of us have already that power inside

    7. restating of the facts, but in a tone of disbelief

    8. He who believes in separate and innumerable acts of creation may say, that in these cases it has pleased the Creator to cause a being of one type to take the place of one belonging to another type; but this seems to me only restating the fact in dignified language

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    ingeminate iterate reiterate repeat restate retell go back come again

    "restate" definitions

    to say, state, or perform again