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    1. So in conclusion, I would like to reiterate that it is only Christianity that holds the view of a triune God

    2. After breakfast, when it appeared, they all might just slip back into bed, she decided to reiterate her words of the night before

    3. Another salient point which mediums often reiterate is that they do not have control over who will appear in their readings

    4. I reiterate, time and time

    5. “Would you please explain our analysis of the strategic situation to his piousness the Castigator, as well as reiterate the battle plan?”

    6. To reiterate -- NLP is the study of the brain and the way it gets

    7. Verses 14 and 15 reiterate the basis of the believer’s sonship

    8. I just want to reiterate a few things about the department and the staff we have here

    9. So let me reiterate: I had a really hard time with my 2nd

    10. I know I’ve said this before, but I would like to reiterate what a

    11. There are some things that are important to reiterate in order to help you set up and optimize your ad campaign

    12. I want to reiterate that this was not a sudden development, and as Johnnie has indicated, it has been carefully thought out and planned for by the two of us

    13. honestly don’t think Mikkel would have felt the need to reiterate

    14. ” To appreciate the wrenching story one must read the gripping saga, but suffice it here to reiterate the fraud and deception necessary to further the philosophy of unopposed Socialism, which must be perpetuated by coercion

    15. After all the negativity perpetrated by the believers in Socialism, I wish to reiterate, on the positive side, that the joy and satisfaction of realizing the results of a strong and productive societal system are inspiring

    16. have to reiterate to them that their hair cannot

    17. First off I wanted to reiterate on some points that Judy

    18. This is one of the points I wanted to reiterate

    19. But Jesus would reiterate, "In the kingdom you must be righteous in order to do the work

    20. just to reiterate, every moment is an event

    21. Cortez shook his head, “I am very sorry for your loss Don Callucini but I can only reiterate that you are to pay me in full

    22. One hour of teaching will not wholly change the beliefs of a lifetime, and so Jesus found it necessary to reiterate his message, to tell again and again that which he wished them to understand; and even then they failed to grasp the meaning of his earth mission until after his death and resurrection

    23. I must reiterate that there are a tremendous amount of great people that are caring and spiritual people in this great country

    24. To reiterate his point about my safety in the Jim Crow car, Dubois showed a young white girl and her nurse who rode among us

    25. I can only reiterate that all of this seems to be

    26. To reiterate the focus of Jesus’ ministry, Matthew 15: 24 testifies that Jesus was “… sent

    27. orientated individual, who liked to arrive on-time then reiterate that their

    28. I can’t reiterate how strongly I felt about her; even though I knew her only a short time, it felt as though we had been friends all our lives

    29. To reiterate the

    30. To reiterate the Gordon model: The current price of the stock = Next Dividend /

    31. To reiterate, the

    32. chastise them and reiterate our call for fairness

    33. So let me reiterate that all the people who have seen success in

    34. Let me reiterate that nothing great was ever achieved

    35. C: I reiterate: Because all places and times exist within the Sound Matrix, everything is connected

    36. I always reiterate on this point

    37. I have stated the steps to destiny before, but I feel it is important to reiterate once again

    38. me reiterate: Due to the extreme nature of this national emergency, every

    39. I reiterate that I as a taxpaying citizen of the Republic of South Africa have the right to lay these charges and request the SAP's detective branch to investigate these charges to the best of their ability

    40. But let’s break this down a little further and reiterate a point I made at the beginning of

    41. But let me reiterate to you that you need to be involved in this because as of this point, you and Aidan are in my core team

    42. Continue to reiterate that the cost of not having the tool is much greater than the cost of getting the system…this relates to money as well as time, addressing growing business needs, etc…

    43. Reiterate the importance proper Talent Management will have on the organization ultimately, while also simultaneously enhancing the employee experience

    44. I would like to reiterate that all our statements to official agencies were sent

    45. This is PTSD triggering: incessantly reiterate 'Government says/does a' and the entrained masses' TPT meta- X hyper-agitated thwartedness focuses on the government as their enemy

    46. Your fat intake will make up the remainder of the daily intake so here youʼll have to do a bit of calculations but again, I want to reiterate that this is a jumping off point so once you have the calculations you are done

    47. But I want to reiterate this: compound movements are essential! It’s non-negotiable; you HAVE to do

    48. But today I want to reiterate the importance of putting

    49. Today, as we near the end of this program, I would like to reiterate those

    50. If I like carefully to separate my own soul and body, why should I not do the same with those of other sinners? It has always seemed to me so quaint the way we admit, the good nature with which we reiterate that we are all wretched sinners

    1. ’ I reiterated, dreading the next question

    2. ’ I reiterated calmly, more than ever aware of how much

    3. It is reiterated in numerous ways

    4. It is through suffering in this priesthood that we learn obedience, and we ourselves are perfected unto the salvation of Israel – the author of that salvation being Christ, and being reiterated through His Body (Hebrews 5:8-9)

    5. We have the same thing being reiterated within the crown of thorns

    6. This is reiterated in Revelation 20

    7. The warning not to jerk any movements is reiterated here as you should not try to swing your arms over violently as you may well injure a rigid muscle which would discourage you from ever attempting this valuable exercise again

    8. ’ He reiterated firmly

    9. Rishabh reiterated, “I still maintain, get a training there

    10. I'll take them all down, he reiterated the sentence in his mind like a war song, his eyes burned with rage

    11. Despite these reinforcements, Toral, that afternoon, sent out a defiant letter to Shafter, stating that he could sustain a long siege, and reiterated his refusal to surrender, save with a safe conduct for his army with full honours

    12. related incidents of their boyhood's time, compared, reiterated, and

    13. Then rearing up on his hind legs, he reiterated his accusation

    14. No one knows for sure when,” he reiterated significantly

    15. Through it all the ridiculous thought reiterated as the unbelievable scenes followed one after the other

    16. Curt pulled the bag back out of his pocket again and Ted reiterated, “Do you have any rolling papers dude?”

    17. Bob soporifically reiterated, “Just come by in the middle of the week

    18. glenn reiterated that while having lunch

    19. ” Then i reiterated, “i

    20. est battles ever,” she reiterated

    21. “Dacian?” she reiterated, taking a seat

    22. The teacher reiterated the marks to be awarded, “Top marks

    23. “Fine, then I can be your first, and your last”, he reiterated forcefully

    24. “No, no, no, no,” she reiterated, smiling and shaking her head

    25. He said some more complimentary things about me and reiterated that everything we were doing had a beneficial effect in the multiverses

    26. Smith, Roland"s successor as USCG commandant (1966-70), reiterated that position and was supported by Secretary of the Treasury Henry H

    27. done,” he reiterated, throwing his gloves onto Hal's desk

    28. “No, we got no beef with you,” Keys reiterated

    29. ” And such is the power of a constantly reiterated insinuation, that the


    31. He paid compliment to his mother and eldest brother for being willing to release him but reiterated that loyalty to a dead father forbade his leaving the family no matter how much money was forthcoming for their material support, making his never-to-be-forgotten statement that "money cannot love

    32. " He constantly reiterated, "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" He made no direct attack on the possession of property, but he did insist that it is eternally essential that spiritual values come first

    33. Again, please allow it to be reiterated, that once raised to the conscious mind, being aware of and planning for negative resistance disempowers, dissolves and dissipates the majority of it’s power, yet we still must deal with and pass through what’s left

    34. Zophar reiterated his melancholy advice

    35. Jesus fully understood how men prepare themselves for the decisions of a crisis and the performance of sudden deeds of courageous choosing by the slow process of the reiterated choosing between the recurring situations of good and evil

    36. And you cling to these erroneous concepts in spite of the reiterated declaration that my kingdom is not of this world

    37. Knowing that the Sanhedrin had sought to bring Jesus to Jerusalem for trial and recalling the Master's recently reiterated declarations that he must be subject to death, the apostles had been literally stunned by his sudden decision to attend the feast of tabernacles

    38. integrated ROI projections into a triple reiterated module which was then used as

    39. “Document everything," Sheila reiterated

    40. Established crime syndicates as well as groups that the law enforcement personnel previously did not know existed frantically assured the public that they had nothing to do with the attack and reiterated their fear of retribution for crimes they did not commit

    41. their physician, and should be reiterated by hospital nurses

    42. The plan evaporated, howev-er, as soon as Amaranta Úrsula reiterated her decision not to move from Macondo even if she lost a husband

    43. As soon as Juanita was off the phone with Wilson, she reiterated the story to Jared, and then she and he went straight to Sir Richard’s office in the complex

    44. Conference (UNDV) held in Thailand reiterated in the joint communique:

    45. In November 1997, the Association reiterated that its decision of refusing Falun Gong's registration remained valid

    46. ” The Robot reiterated

    47. Vanessa reiterated that I had to stay curled up

    48. This reverend, in his tranquil country setting, was free of those pains and trials; he would have difficulty in relating to those conditions and the endurance such an experience invoked in a man of the cloth, for if ever he doubted the ways of the Lord, his experiences had reiterated his faith in His guidance

    49. simpleton even though he was quite brilliant with respect to his detection abilities in areas such a forensics, and his dress code—a plain cotton dress shirt buttoned to the top that was one size too large, khaki slacks that were rumpled and patched at the knees, and a dirty handkerchief sticking from his back pocket—further reiterated his stereotype

    50. To Mitchell, his brother's chilling words reiterated a sense of closure to the various chapters of pain their father so selfishly wrote

    1. I’m sure we’ve all read the passage in Galatians where Paul reiterates the verse in Deuteronomy about how anyone who dies upon the “tree” is considered cursed

    2. Paul reiterates what he has written, which would indicate the importance

    3. Verse 19 Again Paul reiterates that sinners sin more and more on their way to destruction, but

    4. leadbeater reiterates that although there are counterparts of the eyes,

    5. reiterates the idea that there is no ruler telling anyone

    6. reiterates the revelation of truth

    7. Matthew reiterates this same concept two verses on;

    8. The Guardian Doctor reiterates the camp commander’s dictum regarding humans — they may not treat Warriors or Guardians as their knowledge of our species and our medical requirements are woefully inadequate

    9. And verse 17 reiterates the fact that the antichrist will go after Christians

    10. reiterates what the Geeta says:

    11. Now he reiterates

    12. Now he reiterates the

    13. "What do they have against me kissing? It's fun," she reiterates

    14. This reiterates the point that there is only one God and Creator

    15. Jackson reiterates the assertion that they were known

    1. Reiterating the jumbling mass of ministry people to adopt new sound practices in a matter of days was just as inconceivable as totally circumventing the antiquated ministry machine in whole

    2. The Kurzweil capstone is that with such capacities, scientific advances will begin to occur at vastly accelerating paces, though reiterating, whether his predictions occur in two generations or five hundred is fundamentally irrelevant to my argument

    3. Reiterating, suppose you could know which side was facing up when the coin was flipped and exactly how hard it was flipped

    4. make all the decisions in this industry, the women just look pretty reiterating it

    5. reiterating that you believe they are lying whenever they say almost

    6. The scribe felt his sudden tension, knew at once the kind of legends his mind would be reiterating, and whispered words of comfort again

    7. me while I sat down, reiterating all of the different aspects of my

    8. which contributes to the greater good – so start by reiterating the goal, and then show how further

    9. All in all, The Mayor figured he had next election clenched by reiterating the promise he made when he first was running for Office of 'getting rid of the trash that is cluttered the good streets of New York'

    10. reiterating to myself all the reasons not to kill at all but, driven by the

    11. What did he care? Mary returned and sat down beside Steve who started reiterating points one by one, keeping count on his fingers

    12. By telling them that you are looking forward getting in contact with them again, you are reiterating that you are indeed very interested in getting the job

    13. The attorney had the floor and was reiterating their position

    14. They jump out at me at any moment, and lure me into compulsively reiterating my plans, rehearsing different scenarios and developing my megalomaniac strategies

    15. ” Detective Hester continued by reiterating what she had only recently learned from Brother Matthew, “Members of monastic communities own nothing in their own right

    16. She asked if I had changed my name in the records, reiterating that I had the option of doing so and presenting as female

    17. The Rev Dr Norman Vincent Peale author of the best selling book The Power of Positive Thinking when asked, “What is a successful person?” said, reiterating his teachings of a lifetime

    18. "And are you glad to see me?" asked she, reiterating her former question, and pleased to detect the faint dawn of a smile

    19. When he withdrew from the scene of his painful recollections, they both accompanied him downstairs, reiterating their hope that he would come again whenever he pleased, and assuring him that their poor dwelling would ever be open to him

    20. It passed slowly out of sight; but still he heard in his ears the laborious drone of the engine reiterating the syllables of her name

    21. In March 1972, Rose wrote again to Saint Coletta, reiterating her interest in being informed of Rosemary’s status

    22. ” When Ebright responded by questioning his prices, it was Pocock who now pushed back, firmly reiterating the amount: “The price on an eight is $1,150

    23. There was one from his CO reiterating to Puller that this case was off-limits

    24. Hadn’t he told Pulaski that the goal was just to finish the profile? And yet there was this dissembling body, this conglomerate Richard, returning to the kitchen, reiterating that he was sure Samantha would be okay (which he wasn’t), and that Carmine should get some sleep (which he probably couldn’t), and just generally knitting that doily of horseshit you were expected to insert between the bereaved and the fact that no one, in the end, made it out of this life alive

    25. ‘And are you glad to see me?’ asked she, reiterating her former question and

    26. To this, Radney replied with an oath, in a most domineering and outrageous manner unconditionally reiterating his command; meanwhile advancing upon the still seated Lakeman, with an uplifted cooper's club hammer which he had snatched from a cask near by

    27. " Thus declare the learned interpreters of Christianity, thus unwittingly reiterating the assertion of those who misunderstood the Christian doctrine long years ago, and crucified the Master

    28. William Bangs was reiterating this to his wife’s niece, who stood regarding his potato patch rather disdainfully through the glamour of a lorgnette

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    to say, state, or perform again