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    1. May I suggest that we break now and resume this interrogation later?’ Mr Merrett said, his voice breaking into the stillness of the room making me jump slightly

    2. I flop down on a chair to resume my conversation with Emma

    3. The room drifted through gauze to resume its

    4. ’ I said wearily to Molly as we resume our cleaning of the kitchen cupboards once I have reported on Stephen’s call

    5. We resume our labours

    6. She would be clear enough to resume her writing when she got back to Klarrain's, she had been worried about being so blithered that she couldn't

    7. He cackled out loud, and waving them away he turned to resume his seat in the stalls

    8. Skiing after Christmas – nice! I resume my ironing

    9. He cackled out loud, and waving them away he turned to resume

    10. Five minutes later, I retrieve my trolley and resume the shopping

    11. Then just as suddenly, habit, distraction, and old postures resume and all is as it was before

    12. Extravaganza will resume

    13. they were at last allowed to resume their journey

    14. universally agreed, both by him and his father, Philip, thought it worth while, notwithstanding, to return to Athens, in order to resume the teaching of his school

    15. to resume their journey, but Jean couldn’t rid himself of

    16. resume my romance with studies was quickly approaching

    17. I thought it was to tell us that the weather had grown favorable, that now would be a good time to resume our hunt

    18. And that they could resume their lives whenever that day came

    19. He’ll expect you to resume your duties once you can walk

    20. an infant passed its first quarter, that’s when men were allowed to resume sleeping with their women

    21. Zarko noticed her reaction and quickly walked over to the guards to explain the grisly find, hoping to resume the magical moment again thereafter

    22. The day after Jediliah’s funeral Zarko went to visit Helez at the palace, hoping to resume their conversation at last

    23. From here, they could resume their journey across the Aegean Sea

    24. A resume (AmE) or CV (BrE) is usually requested by a prospective employer as a record of your qualifications and professional experience

    25. She hit the button to end the call, then gestured to the computer to resume the music in her large but functional office, before leaning back in her chair and attempting to relax

    26. Faction, combined with the interest of smuggling merchants, raised so violent, though so unjust a clamour, against that bill, that the minister thought proper to drop it ; and, from a dread of exciting a clamour of the same kind, none of his successors have dared to resume the project

    27. likelihood that his ship would not be able to resume her raiding activities, Alabama’s Captain Semmes challenged Kearsarge Captain John Winslow to a ship-to-ship duel

    28. for a brief period of two years, with a promise that, after that period, payments would resume

    29. Your life will resume back on Earth when you return at the same point in time you left

    30. They well knew that the white soldiers would have to leave before the rains set in, and may have thought that eventually they would be left in peace to return to Kumassi, and resume their life, in the old sweet way, as in 1874, when all troops, both white and coloured, were withdrawn

    31. There was one lad who was eight years old in 1994, but claimed to have served in Special Forces (when he was 6 years old) according to his resume

    32. problem; but Miss Bennett ate very little, and she did not resume her

    33. Brock waited a further moon before suggesting that they resume their journey, not because the delay might help them to discover what had happened to Darkburst– that hope had quickly disappeared– but because he couldn't bring himself to ask Soffen to leave her lonely vigil

    34. Brock finally left to joined Grey on the riverbank, leaving Soffen to resume her solitary watch, unaware that her daughter sat a short way off sharing in her anguish

    35. Whether the United States should suspend its forty-three (43) year embargo against Cuba and resume normal trade relations with that country‘s communistic regime is one of the overriding questions presently being debated by our nation‘s political leaders

    36. My shoulders slumped as I turned away to resume my search

    37. me since I knew it would be difficult to resume a normal life with

    38. turning the wheel back to resume our true course

    39. Bert had an amazing resume, when you think about it

    40. "Bah! I don‘t need your help to deal with a few mangy mutts," I said as I climbed out of my ‗night hole‘ to resume my trek following the overpass above

    41. His stomach would be growling and he would hurry back to resume his post

    42. When the Pole said he thought he had best resume his travels, Elizabeth gave him the remains of a loaf of bread, and a piece of sausage

    43. Colling was uncertain as to whether he would welcome that, but he did admit to himself that a transfer Stateside would permit him to locate Elizabeth; and if he returned to civilian life, he could resume his education

    44. And their girls of several ages seemed to quietly vie for the opportunity to serve Mashu, who had tried to resume his reserved attitude, but without as much success as he’d had before

    45. To resume, at that later date implied in the previous paragraph, having been drawn back once more to the quest by some unidentifiable feeling, my first attempt at having cast that wider net mentioned at the end of that earlier time, came up with little of additional value except that by AD 664 the Islamic Empire had reached its greatest expansion

    46. I was afraid if I moved away from her too long, I would not be able to resume being with her and next to her

    47. He started spinning counterclockwise windmills, then abruptly stopped and reversed back into clockwise windmills; he could stop on a dime and resume full speed in the other direction in no time flat

    48. Janie sent her resume ahead and was

    49. It took a whole day before anyone could resume laughing …

    50. The courts would resume only after the end-of-year vacation

    1. two-for-one offer resumed, and through it all Cat breathed hard and fast

    2. She resumed her observation of the banks past which the barge was steadily progressing

    3. She resumed her baking and my anger grew

    4. He rabbits on suggesting all sorts of things and gradually normality is resumed … by the time he parks in the drive of the house I’m more or less on an even keel … if feeling totally washed out

    5. ’ He said by way of explanation as he resumed his seat in the kitchen

    6. “At the start of the War,” he resumed, “We had a standard

    7. “I was invalided out of the army,” he resumed, his gravely voice

    8. Touching their caps, the companions resumed their walk, watched

    9. resumed, “It was only safe to cross when the tide was out and, even

    10. old man resumed, “Whatever you try – arrows, spears, fireballs

    11. “At one time,” he resumed, “There were a large number of

    12. “It was a brave and resourceful man,” he resumed, “Bromath by

    13. “Where did that come from?!” demanded Belle once she'd resumed respiration

    14. ” whispered Belle with resumed shock

    15. “George resumed his Sunday fishing excursions once the bungalows were completed, he took turns every few weeks with Belle

    16. “What happened after that is a matter of speculation,” he resumed,

    17. The two gentlemen resumed their seats in the dining hall and were soon joined, as usual, by the Spelmans

    18. extended stays in your world,” Bram resumed, “And we know that

    19. The waitress brought our steaks, once we had everything we needed, Simon resumed his story,

    20. When they had completely run out of fence, they resumed their walk on the roadway, with Harry calling 'Switch sides' at every odd moment or so

    21. Chloe was beside herself, so she resumed the explanation, “It seems that, in the States, there are not candidates of Harold's depth of talent and skill enough to be considered for the vacancy

    22. Kennitch for his forecast of the realized benefits in more specific terms, then resumed

    23. They enjoyed each other's company into the wee hours of the morning and resumed their conversations over breakfast

    24. “I’ll guess that would be a ‘no’,” she said, and resumed walking down the back hallway with him in tow

    25. The guard finished writing down their names then hastily retreated toward the head of the line where he resumed his interrogations with increased vigor

    26. There was silence for a moment, then the conversation resumed

    27. The pounding resumed and she turned to see the gate vibrating

    28. recovered much of the lost weight, enough that pale Selene had resumed her monthly visit

    29. problem at your home or college!” she resumed in her motherly

    30. “Anyways, leave all that, but nice place, yes?” I resumed

    31. resumed the six basic steps she had taught me

    32. in my arms and we resumed our soft whispering

    33. And with that he went back to his desk, and resumed writing the

    34. am not the ghost,” I resumed, clearing my credentials

    35. Chloe ignored my insult, tossed her curls with an amused smile, then resumed her

    36. By now the queen had resumed her position by his side, her audience with Helez complete

    37. Then Tragus resumed his shouting, angrier than ever

    38. He had intended to leave his comments there, but quickly resumed as soon as he saw the Breton’s mouth fly open for retort

    39. Blackburn's trial resumed that day, after its postponement was decided by Judge Hicken

    40. They slowly resumed their normal soft-blue glow

    41. The Earth resumed its slow rotation forwards

    42. He did cease twice, but immediately resumed as if a “tap” had been turned off by an unseen hand only to be immediately turned on again

    43. ” Her voice trailed off, then she resumed

    44. The baby settled and we resumed our conversation as I picked up my cup and sipped

    45. When we resumed our Journey, Boaz continued his story

    46. She resumed: ‘Right now the inconceivable appears to be happening, and you are understandably in a state of extreme distress

    47. And what had it to do with her? But Shelagh resumed eating as if nothing had happened

    48. ” Alex replaced the pot on the burner and resumed his place at the table

    49. He resumed his watch on the waves, which were

    50. When she resumed walking, Amaranthe kept her pace normal

    1. Jo’s decidedly breathless when she resumes the conversation

    2. She disappears into the corridor that connects the main function room to the kitchen and the office while the young man resumes his place at the bar and gets his pint

    3. Synthetic star shine bursts from the PA and the grind resumes

    4. Somewhere along the corridor the sound of a vacuum cleaner resumes its low drone and Carol's defensive brusqueness breaks as Dave's shirt absorbs the moisture that spills from her eyes and onto her cheeks

    5. His shirt is ruined and as he resumes his seat at the kitchen table he gives Billy a weather-eye, a knowing look that says; I'll get you, pal, your card is marked

    6. I'm still interviewing and started sending out resumes to companies that don't visit the campus

    7. I've had many interviews and I'm sending out lots of resumes and it will pay off one of these days

    8. I'm still sending out resumes and something will happen soon

    9. It dashes ahead, recedes, and resumes the same pattern tirelessly

    10. The others used to show resumes or

    11. "Well, I'm trying to save this case while I still have time before it resumes

    12. * We see it in their resumes, where they very much exaggerate what Special Forces was and tries to apply the same with normal infantry battalions hoping the prospective employers would be too stupid to know the difference

    13. And, if we escape internment, it will really look good on our resumes!”

    14. After few minutes, gnawing on a fox bone, the rabbit returns to his typewriter and resumes typing

    15. reviewing resumes, that is a skill that is in great demand by people who need a

    16. Becoming a career counselor who writes resumes and cover letters is not strictly a

    17. what kinds of resumes work to develop a product that will work well for the

    18. And, within a few seconds, Anup shuts his eyes and resumes his sleep

    19. equally impressive resumes? High emotional intelligence or 'EQ' is what will differentiate you from your

    20. Joe Vielock, a VP who was also being let go, and I shared a secretary to type our resumes, answer our phones, and give every impression that we were cashiered while we were still in very good standing

    21. Spend hours sifting through resumes or job applications

    22. Denver was and is one of the chapters with huge employment sites with job listings and it allows job seekers to post their resumes for prospective employers to examine

    23. As things looked worse and worse for me at EI, I did update my online resumes with Monster and Career Builder with my MT contact data, but I kept same the ISP

    24. ” RJ shrugs off his response and resumes to playing his video game

    25. The rain causes the hair to stick to his face and melds his tunic to his body, but Ralph resumes the search

    26. When mains resumes, pin 1 of iC2

    27. after noting the inter-When mains resumes, pin 1 of iC2 goes low and DiS1

    28. I have sent out 150 resumes since I was laid off in April 2008

    29. When the price penetrates the support line at point E, the trend resumes its fall, with the price objective F, measured from E

    30. in one hand and collected all the resumes from all the

    31. has all the while been in attendance, resumes it, as the Adept goes back to

    32. She had sent in lots of resumes to businesses over the years without even getting responses

    33. Check out where the company is located, the date that they would start to receive resumes, and such

    34. If you have a laser printer, then you should know that it is the best kind of printer for resumes

    35. Although resumes are based on the past, you should also make it in a way that it would sound like it is aimed for the future, which should impress most employers

    36. This is because resumes are best written in the third person point of view

    37. This can improve not just your skills in writing resumes, but it can also help you in other things as well

    38. They order more beverages, and Ed resumes his table tapping

    39. Harry with his assistant Sarah resumes working hard to achieve fauna life prolonging

    40. There have been many years now where companies have so many resumes coming in daily and no jobs to give people

    41. “Though he might seem fine, I still think it is best to wait a while before he resumes his classes

    42. The manager looking at the resumes will see mine twice and rather than trying to figure out which firm to credit for it if he decides to hire me will just forget about me completely

    43. The elevator resumes its descent

    44. I take my place over his shoulder, and he resumes his work

    45. Don’t forget, Ernie was my section head, so it wasn’t unusual that we met quite often to go over resumes and candidate interviews behind closed doors

    46. resumes from the same point at which it was discontinued

    47. out at least a hundred resumes last week

    48. There, man surrenders to the sleep and does not wake up unless God gives back the choice to his spirit and resumes His former favor upon it

    49. candidates whose initial resumes or job applications reflect

    50. The Captain stops for a moment, winks to the family, and then resumes his timely powerful pace

    1. ’ She assured me, resuming her seat on the bed

    2. Maybe he should have been more of a man, hiding his feelings and resuming the daily

    3. Maybe he should have been more of a man, hiding his feelings and resuming the daily grind, putting on that happy face that she did so well even when the soul was blank

    4. rang for resuming the last class of the day

    5. They wait until we are some distance down the track before resuming their pounding

    6. The shot cuts back to the studio and the girl in the red blouse pauses and looks sad for a moment before resuming her stock smile and moving to another story about the happy farmer and then another plan for the redevelopment of Plymouth city centre

    7. ordered three ales and a round of bread before resuming

    8. and then swung him in the air, resuming his “Lady in red is

    9. Some of them complained that he was a slave driver, which made him slack off a bit to allow them to catch up before resuming the daily workload

    10. linger before resuming his revelation amid the driest of chuckles

    11. But they kept on, resuming their sprint

    12. She asked then, “How is my training supposed to proceed then? I'm a little confused; am I supposed to graduate or something before resuming my life?!”

    13. Jacob grinned, relieved, before resuming walking

    14. When they left, the idea of resuming it as a private venture with him as its master occurred to him

    15. His initial adrenaline rush had quickly subsided, and his thoughts and actions were concentrated on the urgency of burying the bodies, breaking camp, loading the wagon and resuming their journey as unobtrusively and quickly as possible

    16. Within an hour, and after resuming the lead, they were on a macadam switchback that

    17. Resuming her previous position Leora heaved a heavy sigh

    18. ” she agreed with a compassionate smile, and returned to her chair, where she exchanged a quick hug and kiss with her husband Wittan before resuming her meal

    19. “And that’s not all,” Calvin said, resuming the clip once more

    20. Lacklustre eyes gave me a brief once-over before resuming their vacant stare into a more attractive realm

    21. a nap, resuming his watch about eight in the evening

    22. ago, I read an article stating that Iceland was resuming

    23. "Oh yes, paper in plant," the technician agreed, resuming his smiles

    24. He had even entertained thoughts of resuming their relationship once this study was over

    25. ” Mesker replied, handing the papers over to Billy and resuming his stance

    26. Handing it to Billy, and then resuming his rigid stance

    27. Resuming her walk with a vigorous step along the trail she was following since Sepphoris, Nancy, or more correctly Nauca, headed towards Canae, where a large group of people were visible in the courtyard of one of the bigger houses of the village

    28. Upon resuming our journey, the warning 'beep' and the 'red

    29. me by resuming his sad story

    30. Resuming his advance, Jack walked past four street intersections, encountering or seeing only a few civilians who quickly hid or walked away on seeing him

    31. Juanita looked at the picture of Nancy for a few more seconds, her eyes sparkling with interest, before resuming her work

    32. Walking behind the aborigine, Ingrid waited to be hidden from the airfield by the trees, then stopped briefly to take off her T-shirt, tying it around her waist before resuming her walk with her torso bare, happy to be able to freely soak some sunrays

    33. Before resuming the video game, he glanced into Phillip's light blue eyes, needing the definitive answer he was searching for

    34. The officer grabbed Mitchell's shoulder, resuming

    35. ” He replied urgently in a near whisper before resuming his telepathic conversation

    36. Harold looked up with a worn face, fixing his glasses and resuming

    37. He breathed away from the phone, before resuming

    38. In the house, he couldn't stop his curious anger from reaching for the telephone before resuming contact with Mindy

    39. That's the bitter pill that I have to swallow every day when I wake up, and then you wonder if you still have a bunch more of those pills left in the bottle!" Mitchell was then attempting to pull the doctor's energy into himself, before resuming

    40. Jose glanced at Mitchell suspiciously before resuming his fake Italian accent

    41. � Putting a full magazine in her rifle before resuming her progression, Nancy then advanced cautiously and as quietly as she could towards the Germans hiding behind their truck

    42. ����������� �Our fighter aircraft factories have been hit very hard by these new British bombs and are having problems resuming production

    43. The enemy infantry to the east, shaken by the first powerful battleship shell, had stopped to take cover and was only resuming its advance when six more sixteen-inch caliber, one ton shells came in

    44. Jim Flynn had wasted no time in resuming his affair with the beautiful

    45. After a few seconds and a few exchanged whispers between themselves, the newcomers lowered their weapons and stood up, resuming their advance

    46. That event gave her the occasion to see how cool and professional her two involuntary companions were, with no signs of nervousness or anxiety shown by the Americans, who simply crouched quietly behind drums with their carbines at the ready and waited for the Russians to go away before resuming their routine

    47. ’’ Said Petrova before resuming her flogging

    48. Resuming her prowl of the beach, Jillian felt the surge of exasperation Astarte so often evoked

    49. ‘That’s going to make one insanely rich bunch of men-at-arms!’ Thought Robert to himself while resuming his walk around the camp

    50. The valley returned to its original beautiful and elegant look, and the perfect weather was started resuming

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    curriculum vitae cv resume sketch survey re-start restart take up sum up summarise summarize

    "resume" definitions

    short descriptive summary (of events)

    a summary of your academic and work history

    take up or begin anew

    return to a previous location or condition

    assume anew

    give a summary (of)