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    1. To sum up the case for honey and the case against sugar I would say this

    2. It is clear that any short piece cannot ‘sum up’ Carl Jung given the amount of written work he produced during his life time and then the amount of books and articles written about him

    3. In order to satisfy ourselves upon this point, it will not be necessary to enter into any tedious or doubtful calculation of what may be the lowest sum upon winch it is possible to do this

    4. It seemed to sum up the eccentric

    5. There is a Hindi saying that seems to sum up the spirit of nonattachment: “Keep the heart in God and the head in the world

    6. Hard to sum up the last twenty-five years, Bru realized

    7. This cannot be shown in a sum upon the blackboard,

    8. “Before I sum up, there is one more section that I would like to read,” said

    9. Verse 18 and 19, Paul starts to sum up this presentation; the word “consequently” in some

    10. words of woe couldn’t sum up the feelings that now plagued Derek

    11. “Way to go sum up the most interesting two weeks of my life

    12. which we can sum up as 'what we know and can rely on'

    13. It had all happened so rapidly that he hadn’t had time to sum up his unique acquaintance and unusual success

    14. Each man graded his copy of the checklist, and together they totaled and averaged their scores to sum up a collective "No

    15. 11 For this purpose did the Son of God come in the flesh that he might sum up and finish the sin of them who persecuted his prophets unto death;

    16. If I sum up what I have heard from clients who have bought, this is what they told me:

    17. He was very pensive on meeting her that evening and drank a few pints trying to sum up the courage to tell her, wondering how she would take it

    18. To sum up, here are just a few medical conditions in which drinking green tea is reputed to be helpful:

    19. we should sum up the final points, which

    20. Professor Schmidt, could you sum up for our viewers what we have seen taking place so far?”

    21. It had to sum up the book and tell why

    22. To sum up Mark writes Have truth (salt) in yourselves and have peace one with another

    23. In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on

    24. amount of calculation can sum up the stimulation derived from my

    25. To sum up, remember the simple ROSES rule that covers the

    26. If you could sum up the three most important things that you should be seeking after in this life, I think you could sum it up in these three types of pursuits:

    27. Michael tried to sum up the situation in his

    28. ‘But working women come on a different platter altogether, don’t they?’ he seemed to sum up the essence of philandering

    29. To sum up, mental thought provides descriptions by which we can communicate to others our personal experience

    30. To sum up the concept of Hatha, Kundlini and different Chakras is all aimed at turning the devotee

    31. Kevin could pretty much sum up the entire room in one word: books

    32. If you think about it, we could sum up the 2 reasons they consistently followed an effective weight loss program as follows…

    33. To sum up this section, an Effective Weight Loss Approach will…

    34. will simply sum up human actions

    35. So, to sum up the ideas of antiChrist, be it known that ANYTHING,

    36. They really did sum up his own convictions

    37. " Or had it begun with the great empire-builder Cecil Rhodes, whose motto was, "Africa for the whites?" How could he sum up the history of his people in a sentence? He thought of a way

    38. It seemed to sum up the place

    39. Sum up all the evidence and come to your own conclusions – Ffind a closing statement that is based on the evidence, a summing-up statement that is realistic, rational and balanced

    40. I doubt if there are many cities in the world which can sum up the philosophy of the local population so precisely and succintly

    41. It is very proper to sum up our prayers in that form of prayer which Christ taught His disciples

    42. Romans 9:11-15 Although I do not add up, all I can sum up is that God seeks the worst of us to call the best of you

    43. Made him sum up Alexander’s claim to immoral fame too succinctly…

    44. Winston Churchill was addressing the graduating class in a well-known public school, when one of the pupils asked him to sum up his fantastic success

    45. To sum up, academic drawing is all that can be really taught, and is as necessary to the painter as the practising of exercises is to the musician, that his powers of observation and execution may be trained

    46. To sum up, there are two aspects of a subject, the one luxuriating in the sensuous pleasure of it, with all of spiritual significance it may consciously or unconsciously convey, and the other concerned with the lines, tones, shapes, &c

    47. And we can sum up the N

    48. Thus the three major rays sum up in themselves the process of creation, of energising, through the urge of the divine will; and the work of the four minor rays (as they are called, though with no idea of there being lesser or greater) is to elaborate or differentiate the qualities of the life, and so produce the infinite multiplicity of forms which will enable the life to assume its many points of focus and express—through the process of evolutionary manifestation—its diverse characteristics

    49. Let's sum up a little in our reasoning and thinking about this extremely interesting Law of the Universe

    50. In short, to sum up all in a few words, or in a single one, I may tell you I am Don Quixote of La Mancha, otherwise called 'The Knight of the Rueful Countenance;' for though self-praise is degrading, I must perforce sound my own sometimes, that is to say, when there is no one at hand to do it for me

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