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Retaining in a sentence

Collapse of a Retaining, 113.
It is only a matter of retaining the.
But even with this under- worth retaining.
One was that retaining the semen would create.
Pull the net along and anchor the next retaining loop.
The deal with half-breed women retaining their humanity.

I threw it to the side, retaining the javelin for myself.
He leaned back against the edge of a cement retaining wall.
Retaining your balance is hard and it is easy to fall over.
When the economy heats up and the cost of retaining.
OTHER INFO: Recruiting and retaining the best talent is one.
They have explained about retaining the power and moving the.
Retaining the same sizes of our small boxes as 1 meter and 0.
Is it true that retaining this energy creates creative power?
Carroll finally stepped out from behind the shadowy retaining wall.
He had almost made it to their retaining wall when he was caught and.
Some of them are quite effective for attracting and retaining customers.
They originated from off to his left, beyond a high brick retaining wall.
My child faces lot of difficulty in learning and retaining that learning.
Try to rewrite passages in a different tempo while retaining the flavour.
You want to learn if the salespeople are rewarded for retaining customers.
Those on the right had fared slightly better with 1 still retaining its roof.
At high levels of earnings, there is a penalty for retaining earnings and not.
Officers and their soldiers could go home retaining possession of their horses.
Also because he is not sure of always retaining his situation, and wishes to.
She found herself more successful in sending away than in retaining a companion.
Chris Meeks' mind was not so good at retaining the manufactured pseudo-memories.
Tyrus, retaining his demon form, walked over to where the Devil was seated and.
The non-intercourse was abandoning one part and retaining another of the system.
Finally, seeing that she could not keep on retaining the words any longer, said:.
The practice of telling stories was their way of retaining the Wood Sprite history.
This bill was abandoning a part of the non-intercourse system and retaining a part.
Battlement: A retaining fence; a low safety-wall built on top of a flat-roofed house.
The fundamentals of a money-management firm include acquiring and retaining accounts.
Cisco learned the importance of retaining talented employees after acquiring StrataCom.
The fact of the matter is that Ms Radia too had a personal stake in Raja retaining the.
The Sioux, for instance, had brought their case for retaining the Black Hills before modern.
And the two remaining tribes formed Judah in the south; retaining Jerusalem as their capitol.
He hit cat-like on his feet and one hand, instinctively retaining his grasp on his saber hilt.
Total retained EPS is $11.
Not only will more retained.
Carton, they have retained me.
It has retained everything you.
The Buddha retained his body for.
How are those staff to be retained?
More earnings are retained, and the.
If the energy is retained, it can be.
When earnings are high, more retained.
The punch will be retained by magazine.
But the Germany of 1945 retained neither.
My life retained the aura of a nightmare.
Into sub consciousness but have retained.
The company has proudly retained the word.
And plenty could be retained in the memory.
On the outside, Locke retained his demeanor.
A higher percent of retained earnings will.
Choosing to finance with retained earnings.
She would without doubt have retained some.
Ether, retained some seeds of cognate heaven.
She retained no memory of her life with them.
The sound is retained by changes in spelling.
He still retained, however, his jaunty speech.
The Queen still retained some discretion, however.
The latter retained the count's hand between his.
For the managers Sylvan retained, the natural.
They laid down the crown, and retained no aureole.
In the financial department Marie had retained the.
Owen had retained the patent for the machines and.
If you retain anyone's sins they have been retained.
Water is retained by life, aquifers, soil and in ice.
But you know something I retained copies of some of.
But he retained any personal feelings on the outcome.
If the following year’s retained earnings equal $1.
The disparity caused a build up of retained earnings.
KGB apparatchik had again retained full power and the.
Noirtier's eye still retained its inanimate expression.
She retained her consciousness to the very last moment.
Septuagint proves it retained this meaning as late as B.
The Commander of that Army was retained in his position.
However, if one retains the.
There is a rubber seal that retains.
It retains the right to secede at will.
Whatever he hears in classes, he retains.
In the settlement Tina retains custody of.
Though what authority he retains is not clear.
As Modified Citrus Pectin still retains much.
The only thing that still retains innocence.
Additionally, this particular type retains its.
It sees all unconditionally and retains nothing.
The mind is sharper and retains more information.
Retains all the features and devices of the Pocket.
Best Qualities: Retains everything he sees and hears.
What will be the score if Andy retains his service and.
A museum of the revolution retains the atmosphere of the.
In this game mind retains the status of Subject for itself.
As long as this pool retains its size, no bonds must be sold.
This growing medium retains water and nutrients extremely well.
The gracious woman retains honour, and strong men retain riches.
That he who never peril'd his life, but retains it to old age in.
Through adolescence and adulthood, he retains the prerogative to.
The GED is an interesting phenomenon, because it retains a sort of.
The more salt you eat the more water your system retains to dilute it.
The memories Dani retains are enough that she should hate the world.
Neither theuniversity nor the city retains much of its ancient importance.
At the death of the physical body the Astral body retains its shape for a.
I unpack my gun and we examine it; the sight still retains the figures I set at home.
Antigone retains her sensory apparatus, but it is to be used for Oedipus' daily needs.
Only one-third of the population worldwide retains the ability to digest lactose into.
At the same time, the companion out-of-the-money option still retains some delta value.
The skeleton retains 90 per cent of radiation so leave at least 3mm (⅛in) on the bone.
Given his interest and his youth, he retains this information, and his list gets longer.
This is because EasyLanguage retains historical values for variables but not for arrays.
And in this synthetic 4 Ray the forming it Rays-colors do not blend, each retains its identity.
With all its magnificence, it still retains the simplicity of the hut from which it was evolved.
But if the car exceeds the speed the earth retains to spin the car will exclude some space from.
It is all as he has said; it is very evident that the mind still retains its full force and vigor.
And again, if he is forgetful and retains nothing of what he learns, will he not be an empty vessel?
He retains those for which He has decreed death, and He releases the others until a predetermined time.

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And I retain the scar.
He tried to retain his.
Max will retain his benefits.
They did learn and retain our.
I can’t retain their abilities.
It could not retain its position.
What You Should Retain from Lynch.
She was unable to retain her anger.
He allowed him to retain his sword.
Your goal is to retain the entire 8.
What You Should Retain from Graham.
Nothing of self would I retain;.
We men, can retain it and then tap.
We only retain the advantages of the.
Did he really think he could retain.
What You Should Retain from This Book.
Earned money, retain some stipulations.
He wished to retain the first part of Mr.
Besides you’ll retain your immortality.
What You Should Retain from This Section.
We will be able to absorb and retain the.
I hate that you retain everything you see.
I still want to retain Elmore's friendship.
Buy a call to retain exposure to the stock.
Clay soils retain water, so they need less.
Her only hope was to retain his friendship.
May one be pardon'd and retain the offence?
For the moment, Gordon, we’ll retain you.
She looked up at Maybelle, trying to retain.
In the end, they retain power for themselves.
Some translations retain the word Abaddon.
Even though plural, they retain their genders.
It is unfortunate that candidates retain from.
The leaders can still retain their position in.
What You Should Retain from History’s Lessons.
Shells, fresh-water, long retain the same forms.
Then he will be able to retain his breath as long.
Without the entire mural the Well will retain its.
Why? Because I want the reader to retain some sense.
If you retain anyone's sins they have been retained.

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