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    1. It was an ―accident‖ waiting to happen! Now President Bush is allowing himself to be (further) manipulated by his political opponents into revitalizing the area through spending initiatives and designs modeled on the wasteful, economically improvident urban programs of the sixties instead of providing relief and (financial) assistance on a needs basis

    2. Now of course, we are sentient whenever we are awake, but we still revel in the revitalizing rays of the source at sunrise, and it is still the most special time of day for us

    3. Life was awakened around me and the revitalizing breath of nature was sowing in my spirit the seed and the peace of resignation

    4. The humor has lost its revitalizing effect

    5. If people built a structure on a land that has revitalizing energy, then they would prosper

    6. “If we focus on revitalizing downtown, really supporting local retail and creating a climate that will appeal to entrepreneurs looking for good locations to invest in small business, it’s a benefit to the entire community

    7. and purified with revitalizing energy of water

    8. that are revitalizing areas on damaged reefs with captive raised corals! There are also scientific

    9. The remainder of the task went smoothly; the second cup of coffee revitalizing his

    10. We left the house after our revitalizing daily ablutions and a hurried breakfast and stepped onto the noisy street, cool but bright with sunshine

    11. Learn a new revitalizing, life changing way of thinking

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    renewing restorative revitalising revitalizing reviving

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    tending to impart new life and vigor to