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    1. They have always done research into reviving victims, shonggot is one of the toughest

    2. The church organist has come to open up the church for us and so, while he unlocks the organ and shows Alastair the vagaries of the beast, I drink some coffee, its warmth reviving me, and munch on a cereal bar

    3. The food is reviving and within the hour I am feeling better

    4. It was the only chance of reviving

    5. "It's one of those machines for reviving people when they've had a heart attack," I explained patiently

    6. Carr's wizened, nut-cracker little face at the appearance of that reviving eel--he saw her sailing witch-like over the buggy wheels

    7. ” In typical doublespeak this is to be done by reviving the “fairness doctrine

    8. But they resist reviving

    9. and many plants that had been reviving themselves to the warmth

    10. relationship there might have been with my dad, and also reviving

    11. One man is standing in front stuffing a wash rag into the reviving victim’s mouth

    12. Ño Josefina continued reviving Leticia and extracting her of the dizziness, then informed her that the animal should have been a hen escaped of the corral, days ago, saving our responsibility in the matter

    13. Reviving romance puts you back in touch with each other's best

    14. Formalism had accomplished its goals of reviving rhymed (me-

    15. What he has done not only does damages to the implementation of the strategy of reviving the country with science and education, destroy the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, but also result in severe social consequences and a series of family tragedies

    16. done an astounding job reviving my health

    17. whiskey, the potency reviving his senses and brushing the cobwebs

    18. Scientists have reported reviving bacteria that had been dormant for many millions of years

    19. The four police cars banked up behind with a police caravan which brought up the rear in the rain, reviving undertones of the funeral procession of the day before

    20. And now, he's reviving faster than that which is humanly possible

    21. "At the rate he's reviving it won't be more than a couple of days

    22. peoples’ own historical heritage, it is about reviving the truth about the strengths of their

    23. reviving, fueled by generous foreign and domestic donors

    24. Stacks of paper notes and scenario flowcharts lay on the table, reviving unwanted job stress

    25. was greatly influential in reviving the Gelug Tradition at this time,

    26. Observe, man, the winds in their blowing and running and the clouds in their swimming and their sticking together! Look at the rains in their falling and the sun with its rays and heat! All these agents and other ones are reasons that help in reviving the land and bringing forth the pasture from it

    27. She stepped into the shower and relished the warm water on her skin, reviving herself slightly

    28. @JUST-ICE Stop worshipping the middle class and the holy grail of reviving it

    29. It is said that its practitioners are interested in reviving the mission of Pharaoh along with other pagan missions, with the aim of destroying the true divine religions

    30. He whispers to his reviving giant, “You, you, you’re going to kill your Uncle Jared with worry

    31. A unified calmness washed over my body, reviving and refreshing me with no hint of frustration or thwarted purpose

    32. He would deliver a final blow, reviving his dignity and position of power

    33. not been posted on in over a month, start a new thread rather than reviving), taking things

    34. The pure air and rapid motion of the motoring intended to revive and brace his little love were apparently reviving and bracing his little love's aunt as well, for lately he had been unable to avoid noticing a tendency on her part to assert herself

    35. · HIS AIM: Restoration of Islamic glory by reviving the spirit of belief, prevailing the Islamic manners and establishing the principles of the Quran

    36. I have already involved myself on this project of reviving the lost species of flora and fauna and

    37. For the amending of every thing that is amiss in the church, the reviving of primitive Christianity, and the power of godliness, and in order thereunto, the pouring out of the spirit

    38. His son, my father, set about reviving the

    39. There is usually some way to kill this character that will prevent him from reviving himself, but there doesn't have to be

    40. There are happily many promising movements in Italy itself; but what are the measures of the Reformed Churches in the capital for reviving the decayed faith of this nation, driven at length into skepticism by its ancient superstitions? To reproduce, in the front of the Vatican, the absurd divisions of England, Germany, and America! Here, where, if anywhere, it was essential that the majesty of original Christianity should be set forth, like a new sunrise, to dispel the darkness of eternal death, are the old sects, come together to repeat the ancient mistakes, and to persevere in the general fixed agreement not to allow a word to be spoken which might tend to shake the theological interests which they represent

    41. She wanted to wash her daughter’s sadness away by reviving her passion, which was to sketch

    42. How much of the incompleteness of his situation was referable to her father, through the painful anxiety to avoid reviving old associations of France in his mind, he did not discuss with himself

    43. My only endeavour is to convince the world of the mistake it makes in not reviving in itself the happy time when the order of knight-errantry was in the field

    44. caballeros? What do they say of my valour; of my achievements; of my courtesy? How do they treat the task I have undertaken in reviving and restoring to the world the now forgotten order of chivalry? In short, Sancho, I would have thee tell me all that has come to thine ears on this subject; and thou art to tell me, without adding anything to the good or taking away anything from the bad; for it is the duty of loyal vassals to tell the truth to their lords just as it is and in its proper shape, not allowing flattery to add to it or any idle deference to lessen it

    45. Basilio, however, reviving slightly, said in a weak voice, as though in pain, "If thou wouldst consent, cruel Quiteria, to give me thy hand as my bride in this last fatal moment, I might still hope that my rashness would find pardon, as by its means I attained the bliss of being thine

    46. At this instant the Trifaldi recovered from her swoon and said, "The chink of that promise, valiant knight, reached my ears in the midst of my swoon, and has been the means of reviving me and bringing back my senses; and so once more I implore you, illustrious errant, indomitable sir, to let your gracious promises be turned into deeds

    47. He recalled stories of catalepsy, the marvels of magnetism, and he said to himself that by willing it with all his force he might perhaps succeed in reviving her

    48. Marianne, now looking dreadfully white, and unable to stand, sunk into her chair, and Elinor, expecting every moment to see her faint, tried to screen her from the observation of others, while reviving her with lavender water

    49. Her voice sunk with the word, but presently reviving she added,

    50. Elinor would not attempt to disturb a solitude so reasonable as what she now sought; and with a mind anxiously pre-arranging its result, and a resolution of reviving the subject again, should Marianne fail to do it, she turned into the parlour to fulfill her parting injunction

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    tending to impart new life and vigor to