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Act in a sentence

1. It was time to act.
2. I act and move on.
3. They also act as a.
4. He had to act soon.
5. You can cut the act.
6. Every act is a vote.
7. She had in one act.

9. We have voted to act.
11. The act to be god, i.
12. It was an act of God.
13. That you must act NOW.
14. To get in on the act.
15. Part of an act that.
16. The act made him glow.
17. He had to act quickly.
18. To act in a great way.
21. That this act of love.
22. George had to act fast.
23. You cannot act in the.
24. That is, you act like.
25. Act on what you think.
26. And every our act and.
27. MUST act on these ideas.
28. It made them act worse.
29. It was a calculated act.
30. How should she act at.
31. A small act of defiance.
32. Any reception is an act.
33. We‘ll do a double act.
34. Perhaps must lead to act.
35. Act crazy, she had said.
36. You could act like that.
37. Then Fred decided to act.
38. This was no time to act.
39. Have faith and act on it.
40. But, this act was to be.
1. Hope is acting in a.
2. I am acting in her.
3. He was acting like a.
4. You are acting in the.
5. The acting chief stood up.
6. She was just acting tough.
7. Fuck me and stop acting.
8. It was almost like acting.
9. I started acting out and.
10. He was acting on instinct.
11. The CD-1000 is fast acting.
12. The old man is acting, too.
13. She has been acting weird.
14. He must have been acting.
15. He was acting as if he was.
16. But she was acting so weird.
17. So I start acting all snappy.
18. And now she's acting that way.
19. Whilst doing duty as acting Q.
20. They prevent you from acting.
21. I mean, Peter was acting.
22. He has been acting strangely.
23. Then I won't be acting a lie.
24. I apologised for acting stupid.
25. His girlfriend is acting weird.
26. Why was she acting like that?
27. Yes, he has been acting odd.
28. That you'd been acting strange.
29. Jon was acting dumb at reception.
30. After thinking and acting in a.
31. It’s a slow acting painkiller.
32. And as long as you’re acting.
33. The water reclaimer is acting up.
34. I understood that he was acting.
35. Here was where the acting came in.
36. Roy on film, acting out the Beast.
37. The Acting Commissioner was livid.
38. It's acting like a rocket motor.
39. Acting with the wrong knowledge.
40. He was drinking and acting crazy.
1. I felt and acted smug.
2. If the Lord has acted.
3. He acted as if he did.
4. This acted as a doorway.
5. They have acted as the.
6. And that is why I acted.
7. He acts and is acted on.
8. He acted out chapter six.
9. Instead, I acted out of.
10. She had acted weird all.
11. In this we acted wrongly.
12. She acted like it anyway.
13. Captain Hawes acted as a.
14. I acted as spokesman and.
15. The horse acted as if it.
16. This House felt and acted.
17. The portal acted of its own.
18. If he believed Q and acted.
19. After all, you acted wisely.
20. In fact they acted like men.
21. Charles all the time acted.
22. The rest had not yet acted.
23. There I acted stupidly again.
24. Their link had acted too late.
25. And if you acted as follows:.
26. It was a mercy the boy acted.
27. It’s like it was acted out.
28. Hesper had acted in time to.
29. She acted strange that night.
30. She did not speak, she acted.
31. Adversity acted as a catalyst.
32. All that metal acted as a.
33. The beings acted very excited.
34. He acted as if this statement.
35. Turkey at the time acted quickly.
36. He also acted in eight episodes.
37. I had acted hastily towards him.
38. Extremely well told, well acted.
39. The right way is then acted out.
40. No, the Mother Church acted to.
1. Acts 7: 22 to 37.
2. Acts 7: 22 to 29.
3. See Acts 1: 1 to 11.
4. It acts as an entry.
5. It acts as a medium.
6. Let's look in Acts 9.
7. It acts as a buffer.
8. In this way, He acts.
9. Acts 2:27, 31, 24, 36.
10. In Acts 9:15 Paul is.
11. The Acts Of The Unjust.
12. See also Acts 7:51; 2.
13. John 14: 6; Acts 4: 12.
14. So their acts are not.
15. Acts little of his will.
16. Acts Of The Law Defying.
17. Space acts the same way.
18. He acts and is acted on.
19. Show me their good acts.
20. Matthew 9:31 and Acts 7:3.
21. See Luke 2:1; Acts 11:28.
22. He acts but with justice.
23. The Acts of the Apostles.
24. All acts are acts of God.
25. See also Acts 7:51; 2 Cor.
26. Acts of bravery, as well.
28. He acts on his suspicions.
29. In Their Law Defying Acts.
30. I realized my sinful acts.
31. I think random acts of.
32. I can act only as she acts.
33. In Acts the Apostle Peter.
34. Acts 7: 44 to 50; 2 Peter.
35. Complete 5 acts of Kindness.
36. Every prudent man acts with.
37. See Acts 6: 1 and Acts 5: 7.
39. So did Peter (Acts, 3:22,23).
40. That is the sort which acts.

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