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Roma in a sentence | roma example sentences

  1. Next he marched on Roma.
  2. They prefer to be called Roma.
  3. By early winter he had entered Roma.
  4. The next and last stop was to be Roma.
  5. It was a relief to leave Roma the next morning.

  6. After about a month in Roma, Carlos moved on Napoles.
  7. Gonzalo placed them east of the town, nearest to Roma.
  8. Next stop, the station and a single ticket to Roma Street.
  9. This was easily our most pleasant accommodation and meal since Roma.
  10. He had arrived outside Venice by car and parked in the Piazzale Roma.
  11. The Authority of the Roma Catholic Church is nothing but a bunch of flimsy paper.
  12. The Roma worship nature, the spirits of the sun, moon, air, earth, wind and fire.
  13. Shortly after we arrived, de la Vega arrived with some forces he had gathered in Roma.
  14. We rode generally north from Roma staying at inns in the cities and monasterios in between.
  15. I told him we could continue along the coast until we reached Ostia; then we could go on to Roma.

  16. The killing fields of sand-strewn Roma Arenas has come back in the most cunning horrible way possible.
  17. I also noticed that the mood of the people of Roma had turned against their heroes of a few days before.
  18. Emory continued, The Roma believe that all things are alive, that even the trees and rocks possess souls.
  19. The brainwashed rabble of Roma had been brainwashed by the propaganda of their rulers for hundreds of years.
  20. Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna The Roma train station was not as crowded or hectic as I had expected, but.
  21. Roma origins began on the Indian subcontinent over one thousand years ago when they entered southeastern Europe in the last quarter of the 13th Century.
  22. Gonzalo asked that the people of Campania, the province that includes both Roma and Ostia, be exempted from taxes for ten years since they had suffered so much loss.
  23. The sultan, Bajazet the Second, agreed to help if the papa would put to death his brother, Djem, who was in exile in Roma and whom he considered to be a threat to his rule.
  24. Anyway, there had just been a secret meeting of the cardinals, and three cities south of Roma, Pontecorvo, Tarracina, and Benevente have been made into a duchy under the duke of Gandia.
  25. The Nazis also rounded up and murdered Roma (gypsies), homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses (because they refused to make the Nazi salute), as well as political opponents and resistance fighters.

  26. Octavius Pudens Cæsius Honoratus, and some bronzes, among which were the base of a candelabrum and the handle of a chiseled vase, decorated with a helmeted bust of Roma, of the Byzantine period.
  27. The arrests had begun hours earlier, under the veil of night, when police and SA storm troopers broke into the shanties and wagons that were home to Roma and Sinti families—Gypsies—and rousted them from their beds.
  28. The ethics of betrayal: were so sanctified and unquestioned and unspoken, and secret, and cunningly practiced by all the elite: that the brainwashed Roma soldati were easily kept on the leash of their own corruptions and betrayals.
  29. The other party were the disciples who responded to him (pth), then after his migration with his mother to a cave on a hill of a firmly mountain and a head spring[15] thereabout by a command from Al’lah so as to return highly glorified at the time of Armageddon, those disciples, may God be well-pleased with them, after his depart kept following him, (pth) and helped him so that all Roma had believed at their hands.

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