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    1. I would have consulted Gypsy Rosa Lee, but since switching to tea bags, her predictions have not been up to much

    2. Compsilura concinnata is a fly that was imported from Europe to combat the gypsy moth

    3. And, still reeling from guilt, then I saw a couple of Gypsy women, suckling their babies as they themselves begged from a heap of rags with outstretched hands

    4. Matt considered the gypsy

    5. asleep, Gypsy men were easy prey for the mob, and

    6. the Gypsy called Kassim

    7. broadly whenever the Gypsy hurt himself

    8. that aggression my little gypsy friend

    9. dragged the gypsy out through the door and into the

    10. to the gypsy chieftain

    11. gypsy camp at Erendell, where he was tended by

    12. “You’re a young gypsy

    13. The Hungarian waiter was highly amused at Jack's demonstration and had turned up the piped gypsy music and soon had them all dancing the Csardas awkwardly between the tables

    14. the whaleship, Gypsy, out of New Bedford

    15. Cornelius Hunt was the officer off duty on the Shenandoah and, as such, was assigned to board the Gypsy and arrange with her captain for the consequences

    16. the end of the Gypsy

    17. The CD changer had just replaced the Gypsy Kings with the Rolling Stones, when Caroline inserted, amid her continuous chatter about Brian Walston’s wonderful qualities and her trials and tribulations at having a troupe of prostitutes to herd, that the stable boy, Alfredo, had mentioned that a horse had died at sea of colic

    18. I met Gypsy Rose Lee in her tiny apartment in Queensway, West London

    19. The Hungarian Revolution had just ended and Montreal enjoyed an influx of gorgeous people with Magyar features, long-legged girls with thigh-high boots (unknown until then) and gypsy music pouring out of cafes

    20. He took me to a little French restaurant with a candle on the table, ordered a German white wine and insisted I have a sip (I wondered if I’d go to hell but decided probably not), and a violinist serenaded us with gypsy music

    21. One morning a remarkable square-faced woman with loop earrings and somewhat gypsy look was there

    22. The child with the beautiful voice finally found the lyrics to the wild, gypsy music that possessed her, in the strong, pitch-perfect lines of this strangely compelling book

    23. “Bear’s my only family; these forests and the Gypsy caravans are my only home

    24. “There’s a Gypsy camp ahead

    25. For a moment her mind left the Gypsy camp altogether and returned to the little wooden boat out on the sea

    26. A flock of birds burst suddenly from the trees and flew, cackling, over the heads of the Gypsy band

    27. “Not a very respectable position for a Gypsy

    28. “Are you a Gypsy?”

    29. An ominous cloud had fallen over the Gypsy band, and the raven left its branch and followed the wagons

    30. She saw herself in the Gypsy camp, surrounded by bright caravan wheels and the stillness of the forest at night

    31. Yet, it is doubtful that your friend the Gypsy thinks of her story as anything more than a fairy tale

    32. There was no Nicolas with her to poke fun at her and tell her which way to go and keep her from getting lost in this strange territory, or to find her a Gypsy wagon with feather pillows to sleep in

    33. When I was a child I wanted to be a gypsy

    34. There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir;

    35. Lee, nor was she Gypsy Rose Lee’s naughty daughter

    36. All this to Gypsy Music

    37. Yes, stabbed him in the eye with that Gypsy sausage

    38. and here whatever is the right word, I dashed out of the Gypsy

    39. said something in the Gypsy language that sounded pleasant and

    40. had such a good time that, when the Gypsy guy who I had poked in

    41. Gypsy the lips I press; and see

    42. I returned to the gypsy and waited until it was dark

    43. Maybe the enchanted wizardry from my trip to Krazy’s club still lingered, or maybe Father had made a deal with a gypsy, but when I opened my eyes and looked around, the park was alive

    44. While rehearsing me, Edgar had told me to be subtle and not too fast, like Gypsy Rose Lee who could trigger male orgasms merely by the seductive manner in which she removed a glove! I’d wrapped a bit of semi-transparent curtain netting around my cods, under my pouch, under my swim suit, under my shorts, under my trousers; and a singlet under my shirt under my jacket

    45. Claude established a rapport with one of the Gypsy trolls named Raphael

    46. The old gypsy woman smiles, holding her flowers, and says, “Yes, but he don’t know what he is,” then continues to vigilantly stare out into space somewhere just ahead of her

    47. "What about you, Gypsy?"

    48. "And how long have you been pretending to be a gypsy? You're not very good at it

    49. Since the cowbird had been a gypsy, traveling with the buffalo, females never had bothered to make nests but simply dumped their eggs, which would crack open to reveal large murderous chicks, into the nests of smaller birds

    50. Gypsy Jack‘s meat distributors sold custom cut meat to half the restaurants and hotels in south Florida at a whopping profit not to mention the gator meat and scads of hides sold to the European buyers compliments of Joe Billie‘s legitimate license as a gator hunter

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    Synonyms for "gypsy"

    gypsy romany gipsy bohemian roma romani rommany itinerant gitano nomad traveller traveler <i>[US]</i> caucasian tribe egyptian rom gypsy <i>[US]</i> vagrant

    "gypsy" definitions

    a laborer who moves from place to place as demanded by employment

    a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling; they are believed to have originated in northern India but now are living on all continents (but mostly in Europe, North Africa, and North America)

    a person who resembles a Gypsy in leading an unconventional, nomadic way of life

    the Indic language of the Gypsies