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Romantic in a sentence | romantic example sentences

  1. Yes, I am a romantic.
  2. I was not a romantic.
  3. You are such a romantic.
  4. Plus it would be romantic.
  5. It has a romantic history.

  6. I made romantic plans of.
  7. It was silly - and romantic.
  8. Becky was in romantic tears.
  9. On the romantic Moscow streets.
  10. It was on a romantic Feb 2007.
  11. We could feel romantic around us.
  12. Our romantic exile days are done.
  13. The girl was romantic in her soul.
  14. I felt very heavenly and romantic.
  15. Her romantic interest was a painter.

  16. They do not exist in romantic myths.
  17. The romantic moment had been broken.
  18. How romantic could these things be?
  19. It's supposed to be romantic, silly.
  20. You can create a romantic atmosphere.
  21. I am a romantic at heart, which you.
  22. The reality is not nearly as romantic.
  23. I wasnt sure if romantic was what I.
  24. Who is the wonderful romantic?
  25. They had some very romantic times there.

  26. A friend’s new romantic relationship.
  27. Oh, you silly, romantic little Panos.
  28. He had always been a hopeless romantic.
  29. This year will be a stable romantic year.
  30. The mood was romantic and sensuous, and.
  31. The trouble was this romantic vein in him.
  32. Then she expressed with a romantic tone:.
  33. They’d never gone in for romantic stuff.
  34. He’d always struggled with romantic love.
  35. I’ve heard it’s the most romantic city.
  36. She frowned, Doesn't that sound romantic.
  37. Basil meanwhile started romantic overtures.
  38. Ease of communication is a romantic turn-on.
  39. The best song that describes all my romantic.
  40. They had good romantic aspects last year too.
  41. Probably the most romantic city in the world.
  42. But that scene was still somehow very romantic.
  43. But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted.
  44. Not caring in the romantic way I cared for him.
  45. No reason tonight can’t still be romantic.
  46. I would guess that it wasn't anything romantic.
  47. It is not a particularly romantic kind of month.
  48. Is God romantic? I believe that He is the orig-.
  49. It was a soft glow, setting off a romantic feel.
  50. Yes, there was something romantic in that notion.
  51. It was the most romantic experience of my life.
  52. You've always some romantic notion in your head.
  53. That bit of romantic idealism died with Kaidu.
  54. One of these is a romantic comedy, she said.
  55. Of course he hadn't reckoned on Lisa, a romantic.
  56. My parents had a romantic notion about America.
  57. You will say that this is childish—or romantic.
  58. Peers: History of the Romantic Movement in Spain.
  59. As for Steven, everything ended up to be romantic.
  60. Not for the Preven kings the romantic spires and.
  61. They stayed here for a long and romantic Dusksleep.
  62. The romantic slows I dreamt of dancing with Djamila.
  63. Surprises are one of the easiest ways to be romantic.
  64. This brings happy romantic meetings and nice paydays.
  65. I’ve booked for a romantic supper at the Heavenly.
  66. Blehh, there’s nothing fun and romantic in this.
  67. It wasn’t the most romantic thing he’d ever done.
  68. It was certainly romantic, and even a little historic.
  69. The oasis was very romantic; like a Hollywood film set.
  70. Our courtship was as therapeutic as it was romantic.
  71. My darling, what a wonderful romantic you are!.
  72. To Maria, it seemed to be the perfect romantic moment.
  73. She and I will never be in a romantic relationship.
  74. It's romantic in the books and makes for a great story.
  75. Remember the old days when the most romantic gift was.
  76. Rakesh set a romantic instrumental tune for the moment.
  77. I have also tried to present the romantic relationship.
  78. This very well could be one of the most romantic ideas.
  79. Tracey had to admit she was a hopeless romantic at heart.
  80. Well, no; but young folks aren't always romantic either.
  81. I have no sexual or romantic interest in her whatsoever.
  82. It was one of the more romantic gifts I’ve ever gotten.
  83. Carnations aren’t exactly romantic, but a nice thought.
  84. Lafferty ever mention this romantic relationship with Mr.
  85. You couldn’t ask for better romantic aspects right now.
  86. I’m a romantic, you see, and I wanted something better.
  87. Love? Surely he didn’t mean love in the romantic sense.
  88. He advised him not to shock my romantic notions, but to.
  89. Not the most romantic place for lovers, that was certain.
  90. There's another kind of atmosphere, a romantic atmosphere.
  91. And that is the beauty of NOT being an incurable romantic.
  92. Bassam, I expected you to be much more romantic after the.
  93. Not only did the romantic of the wicked and the forbidden.
  94. Quite a romantic ride, about a three and a half hour trip.
  95. The place had a few couples in it and was quiet, romantic.
  96. The second was a romantic love-songs collection that had.
  97. What a romantic chiding? he said moving closer to her.
  98. Tarana was surprised at this sudden romantic mood of Karan.
  99. Romantic, you think more of candles - aah - and nice music.
  100. This meeting immediately struck Rostov as a romantic event.

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