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Roomy in a sentence | roomy example sentences

  1. In a roomy stall they put Betty.
  2. I love old roomy garages or barns.
  3. It was all very wide, and open, and roomy.
  4. They were in a roomy place with a staircase in it.
  5. Air conditioned, roomy, and well-armed, we tooled.

  6. The lodge was a roomy and solid building in the yard.
  7. It was roomy and snug, and might still last many years.
  8. It was a roomy, old-fashioned fly, with seats for four.
  9. From the outside it looked roomy but well past its prime.
  10. He preferred big cars, roomy things he could stretch out in.
  11. They had a nice roomy place, quite stylish in the native way.
  12. Nice roomy cages, fattening food, careful breeding, no worry.
  13. Philip was such a roomy crocodile that this left considerable.
  14. He went down them and found himself in a roomy kind of cave in.
  15. It has a style imported from any country of the world do not know roomy.

  16. He stood beside them beaming, on them first and on his roomy clothes from.
  17. They were generously roomy even for him, and he was a big man with boots to match.
  18. The try-works are planted between the foremast and mainmast, the most roomy part of the deck.
  19. She wanted one of those old fart’s cars, something large and roomy with oversized comfy seats.
  20. After some haggling we get into an old American car painted yellow, a roomy Buick with heaps of grunt.
  21. I had a roomy ground-floor accommodation that had lots of windows, cheerful lighting, and a decent view.
  22. A row of torches lit the roomy building, and there was a rustle of noise as the horses moved in their various stalls.
  23. Such persons, she felt, should be put aside into a place made roomy for repentance by the clearing out of all claims.
  24. These magical paths are invigorated with all kinds of plant life and the area can be small if your yard is not particularly roomy.
  25. High in their roomy gables, seated behind their tasty tables, the mad regulars gossip and chat, sipping stably away at their Poets.

  26. When I expressed my distress to Annamaria, she patted my shoulder and then slipped her hands into the pockets of her roomy khaki pants.
  27. How strange! he said to himself, It is an Arabic house with a roomy courtyard, with water streaming from a fountain in its centre.
  28. Apart from being roomy and having a built-in work bench at one end, the garage also gave access to a spacious storage room the size of a normal bedroom.
  29. Twenty years before, when Dolly was a child, the lodge had been roomy and comfortable, though, like all lodges, it stood sideways to the entrance avenue, and faced the south.
  30. They thought the inside of the house delightfully roomy, and more spacious, said the elder, while the younger one smiled agreement, than one would have expected from its outside.
  31. A matter of some twelve or fourteen times a man's height down in this pit, on the right-hand side, there is a recess or space, roomy enough to contain a large cart with its mules.
  32. As we crowded in, thanks to the courtesy of Carton, we found a roomy chamber, with high ceiling, and grey, impressive walls in the southeast corner of the second floor of the Criminal Courts Building.
  33. His office was described by reporter Floyd Rogers of the Winston-Salem Journal in May 1988 as a roomy, walnut-paneled office on the fifth floor of his gracefully aging office building on Terrace Hill here.
  34. I thought to myself this is more like it the large public rooms kitted out as wards were roomy and airy and the décor of them was both elegant and opulent I mean after all this had been one of the worlds finest liners.
  35. But now they ought to be more than shoots--great trees, in whose shade we all would sit gratefully, and you enjoying free days, with the pleasant memory of free years behind you and the cheerful hope of roomy years to come.
  36. In winter, when they would be glad of a warm, roomy place in which to spend their afternoons, school is only in the morning; and in summer, when the thirstiest after knowledge are apt to be less keen, it is both morning and afternoon.
  37. She hides her disease behind big smiles and roomy embroidered sweatshirts, answering every question about her health with: Oh, I’m just fine, but how are you doing, sweetie? She is dying, but she is not going to admit it, not yet.
  38. In fact some were too roomy, and as they climbed in the dwarves thought anxiously of the shaking and the bumping they would get inside, though Bilbo did his best to find straw and other stuff to pack them in as cosily as could be managed in a short time.
  39. So on this, the first Lady-Day on which the Durbeyfields were expellable, the house, being roomy, was required for a carter with a large family; and Widow Joan, her daughters Tess and 'Liza-Lu, the boy Abraham, and the younger children had to go elsewhere.
  40. Yesterday while you were enjoying yourself at the masquerade, he was saying that he might in the last resort send for you as his lawful spouse to join him in the entrails of the monster, especially as it appears the crocodile is exceedingly roomy, not only able to accommodate two but even three persons.
  41. It is not a scrambling collection of low single rooms, with as many roofs as windows; it is not cramped into the vulgar compactness of a square farmhouse: it is a solid, roomy, mansion-like looking house, such as one might suppose a respectable old country family had lived in from generation to generation, through two centuries at least, and were now spending from two to three thousand a year in.
  42. It is all very morbid: the fair outward surface of daily life, the gay, flower-starred crust of earth, and just underneath horrible tainted things, things forlorn and pitiful, things which we who still walk on the wholesome grass must soon join, changing our life in the roomy sunshine into something infinitely dependent and helpless, something that can only dimly live if those strong friends of ours in the bright world will spare us a thought, a remembrance, a few minutes from their plenty for sitting beside us, room in their hearts for yet a little love and sorrow.
  43. It was in the light, she thought, looking round her, the wonderful light, the soft radiance of the forest; it was in the air, warm and fresh, scented and pungent; it was in the feel of the pine needles and the dry crisp last year's cones she crushed as she went along; it was in the cushions of moss so green and cool that she stopped to pat them, or in the hot lichen that came off in flakes when her feet brushed a root; it was in being young and healthy and having had one's dinner and sitting quiet and getting rested and knowing the hours ahead were roomy; it was in all these things, everywhere and in everything.
  44. It is our third wedding anniversary and I am alone in our apartment, my face all mask-tight from tears because, well, because: Just this afternoon, I get a voice mail from Nick, and I already know it’s going to be bad, I know the second the voice mail begins because I can tell he’s calling from his cell and I can hear men’s voices in the background and a big, roomy gap, like he’s trying to decide what to say, and then I hear his taxi-blurred voice, a voice that is already wet and lazy with booze, and I know I am going to be angry—that quick inhale, the lips going tight, the shoulders up, the I so don’t want to be mad but I’m going to be feeling.

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