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Vast in a sentence | vast example sentences

  1. It is a vast field.
  2. A vast cavern of them.
  3. And God's earth is vast.
  4. Or haply the vast hall.
  5. And gave him vast wealth.

  6. We had a vast deal to say.
  7. The vast majority of cash.
  8. The British Empire was vast.
  9. His vast green wings boomed.
  10. The universe is a vast sea.
  11. Lonely and vast and far away.
  12. And we do own vast resources.
  13. It symbolizes that the vast.
  14. Vast open spaces rushed past.
  15. NLP is a vast subjective field.

  16. I stole to the vast moonlight.
  17. The city of Lock Core was vast.
  18. Culvert was in the vast house.
  19. Karma is intricate, too vast.
  20. Carrie also knew that a vast.
  21. A vast amount of this is done.
  22. The aforementioned list is vast.
  23. Stars twinkled in the vast sky.
  24. The vast rout held their peace.
  25. They were in a vast sunlit hall.

  26. Today vast numbers in America.
  27. It was dim in the vast theater.
  28. He boomed his vast green wings.
  29. Net auctions are vast in scope.
  30. That’s a vast amount of money.
  31. It was dark in the vast theater.
  32. He was searching that vast tomb.
  33. Gaea alone is a vast wilderness.
  34. As an instructor, for the vast.
  35. The sea is a vast pool of nature.
  36. Truth is like a vast tree which.
  37. I had no idea this was so vast.
  38. It was vast, the size of the moon.
  39. The opportunities to give are vast.
  40. Somewhere a vast animal made water.
  41. The prospect that one day a vast.
  42. The range of his cronies was vast.
  43. He gazed out at the vast expanse.
  44. Her vast belly was above him with.
  45. There was a vast wrongness to them.
  46. Fear seemed to stretch out a vast.
  47. The vast majority of dog-to-human.
  48. The Town Library is large and vast.
  49. The warriors entered a vast chamber.
  50. So the result was a vast salt flat.
  51. Stewart could see over the vast land.
  52. But the vast majority of the stalls.
  53. Then the glow brightened and a vast.
  54. That is the core belief of the vast.
  55. Otto looked around at the vast horizon.
  56. List building tips are vast and varied.
  57. Words would trivialize my vast sorrow.
  58. Have you ever seen a vast room ful of.
  59. Mordor; a vast shape winged and ominous.
  60. Before them they saw the vast expanse.
  61. They sat in a vast circle in the cellar.
  62. It is so strange to think of the vast.
  63. Glasgow was vast and sad and depressing.
  64. To lose ourselves in thy vast otherness.
  65. The realms of hell are so vast, so dark.
  66. Kate was the chatelaine of vast estates.
  67. The vast majority of fashion models are.
  68. The vast tackles have now done their duty.
  69. In that instant, the vast crowd gravely.
  70. Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of.
  71. Than to be the king of a vast domain.
  72. It was time that this vast man should fall.
  73. There were vast regions of unexplored land.
  74. Thus the vast multitude of religions has.
  75. O summits vast, that to the climbing view.
  76. This morning you said Lemurians need vast.
  77. The vast amount of water amazed the old man.
  78. Because of the vast amount of water above.
  79. The vast majority of the time, if you are.
  80. However, there was a vast area behind the.
  81. With a vast rush Grond was hurled forward.
  82. A row of quince trees separated that vast.
  83. The vast hemisphere of sky was fluorescent.
  84. Scanning the vast hall, Aerith could tell.
  85. In the vast majority of cases if you’ve.
  86. Looking slowly around at the vast stretch.
  87. This keeps making the vast majority of the.
  88. Glimmering and vast, out in the tranquil bay.
  89. While this age does owe a vast debt to the.
  90. The sky is a vast and empty place sometimes.
  91. Vast, indeed, was the change that we beheld.
  92. The fields are vast, the grain whitens, the.
  93. But no more or less than the vast rest of my.
  94. To the east, the Park was a vast dark quarry.
  95. He found the vast expanses of shelf space odd.
  96. There was such a vast concourse of people in.
  97. It contained a vast hanger full of equipment.
  98. They crossed the lengthy galleries and vast.
  99. Jean could hardly see the man under his vast.
  100. Panic from the vast loneliness that choked me.

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