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Rounded in a sentence

Is rounded with a sleep.
I rounded up all of the.
They rounded a corner, on.
They rounded up the aliens.
His footsteps rounded the bed.
Richard rounded on the masons.
Tammas rounded on the Captain.

They rounded the corner and.
He rounded the wrong corridor.
Then a rounded stone was found.
Graisse rounded the next corner.
He had rounded up all but three.
Bigwig rounded on him, snarling.
With its rounded edges and hard.
Rounded to 3 significant figures.
Some are angular, others rounded.
I rounded a long sheet of plywood.
The woman rounded on me in surprise.
A square item with rounded corners.
Rounded cutoff points were applied.
He rounded out the portfolio with 7.
Hilma's eyes rounded with amazement.
Coming up empty, he rounded on Luke.
She had rounded out, her belly was.
He was rounded up and brought to me.
We rounded the next bend in the path.
Just then the dog rounded the corner.
The party goers, rounded up by the.
She rounded a curve and surprised a.
Haven’s eyes rounded in recognition.
They had rounded Stars on their face.
Llurdis rounded on her, face clouding.
When he had gone, Midge rounded on her.
They rounded a headland and Ava gasped.
Rounded by years of a mother’s love.
If they can invest in a well rounded.
Her shoulders are not rounded on the.
Fifty minutes later as he rounded the.
We rounded the building at the same time.
As he rounded a corner into a room far.
They are rounding up Jews.
Just as she was rounding.
It was rounding some hills.
She ran for a while, rounding.
As one of the cars was rounding.
Rounding a corner they saw lights.
Where the rounding Pi curving lines.
Rounding off special favours with.
Ahead of me, rounding the corner, Mr.
Rounding the helicopter, Locke stopped.
Rounding the corner she picked up speed.
This will come about with or without rounding.
He said he was rounding up some of his old.
Nicole said rounding off the fabrication nicely.
Her rounding eyes were fixed up on the ceiling.
Such functions can be used for rounding numbers.
Rounding the grass clump, I saw that it was John.
Rounding out my ammo were three mags for my pistol.
They are rounding up suspects in Bamberg, a nearby.
He also told me that they are rounding up Greek Jews.
They are rounding up the Jews, Kantor said to himself.
Rounding the last colossal bush, what was concealed.
Rounding the corner were several of the castle guards.
And it was a lark, I tell you, rounding up the cattle.
Faith is leaving the road you know, rounding that bend.
Then, rounding another corner, he stopped in his tracks.
Rounding out my ammo were three mags for my pistol.
The National Trust attendants were rounding up the last of.
Rounding a bend in the road, she spotted Balin’s old cabin.
Of course the cost of rounding up fifty people was higher than.
She looked down the wash and discovered an old woman rounding.
It was a bad question, since they were already rounding the bend.
Are you out of your senses! Rana exploded, rounding on him.
Finally he abandoned the chase and started rounding up the goats.
The next few days were spent rounding up as many as we could find.
I didn’t notice Dongho rounding the corner, but Eli luckily did.
The boats separate and row off, each on its rounding course to the.
While thou, Time's spirals rounding, out of thyself, thyself still.
Rounding a corner, she was surprised to find herself back at the park.
And when the police arrived they had no trouble in rounding them all up.
As I shot, the rounds.
Do six rounds of breath.
We will have two rounds.
After a few rounds of the.
Rounds came and rounds went.
After a few rounds of this.
Its clips held seven rounds.
Minus the rounds, of course.
These ones held sixty rounds.
She shot off fifteen rounds.
He was here on morning rounds.
A total of sixteen rounds then.
We made the rounds of doctors.
Few rounds reached his position.
We all gave the hag a few rounds.
The Time stop lasts for 3 rounds.
They would sword all five rounds.
Two rounds of shooters and their.
The magazine was two rounds short.
She’s been making the rounds.
Frank gave them a few rounds each.
Five thousand five hundred rounds.
We had different rounds for the gun.
Ending of the rounds of falsehood:.
For a few rounds with anyone wil ing.
He had fired three rounds when the N.
This was his idea of rounds anyway!.
Fiona just beat Mary in ten rounds.
It is the firemen going their rounds.
Bartenders served rounds on the house.
Fire off a few rounds as he goes past.
He was making his usual rounds, when.
Bok had reloaded with incendiary rounds.
I did it, so it had forty rounds total.
Fifty rounds of the fight have elapsed.
The rounds aimed at the small building.
He made the rounds of the farm yesterday.
He was doing his rounds with a watering.
CINT(number) rounds off the integer number.
Just a nurse doing her rounds, he guessed.

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She spun round to Sam.
This is only round one.
Round and round he ran.
Round trip is two ways.
He had lost this round.
A quick look round the.
Round and round we went.
First round is on me.
She dare not look round.
I make it all year round.
You! Go round up the.
I flew round to greet him.
Or whatever way round it.
My friends went round to.
Julian looked round at her.
A gasp went round the room.
After the third round of.
By the Crier on his round.
It is the other way round.
It was the other way round.
The second round of study.
The nearest one spins round.
There was a round of I’s.
Three men came round the.
It wasn’t a round circle.
He sat up, and looked round.
Racheted a round into the.
Adam put his arm round her.
I could come round after.
M: It is the other way round.
They do tend to crowd round.
There were a round of I’s.
A round about snuck up on me.
He slipped his arm round her.
Ralph spins round to face him.
He went round and round, in.
He swilled the brandy round.
A shake of the head all round.
God gave him rest round about.
A priest doesn't talk round.

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