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Blunt in a sentence

1. Sorry to be so blunt.
2. Blunt? Of course he is.
3. He pointed it at Blunt.
4. I’ll be blunt with you.
5. Give my regards to Blunt.
6. A blunt knock on the door.
7. A blunt object punched his.

8. Blunt chewed on what Klein said.
9. And allow me to be blunt again.
10. Not the usual blunt instrument.
11. Who used gas? Blunt asked.
12. Donna said you would be blunt.
13. Blunt, we would be most grateful.
14. Topher laughed and took the blunt.
15. A blunt ridge connected my hill.
16. Hanor was blunt, holding his gaze.
17. Cut the chatter, Blunt said.
18. No, he said, his tone blunt.
19. Chang said, That’s very blunt.
20. Edmund could be disarmingly blunt.
21. I hate to be blunt Jimmy but….
22. The owner was mean, cold, and blunt.
23. But I warn you that I’ll be blunt.
24. Blunt! Everything all right, sir?
25. But, and forgive me for being blunt.
26. I should have questioned Blunt more.
27. Blunt was going to call on you today.
28. He question was direct, almost blunt.
29. He could scare Blunt a bit if need be.
30. It’s hard to say, replied Blunt.
31. Blunt pushed himself back into his seat.
32. Go upstairs and check, Blunt said.
33. Blunt, still shaking his head, said, No.
34. Yeah, but for how long, Blunt said.
35. Let’s get out of here, Blunt said.
36. She took one more hit off the blunt and.
37. Godwyn Blunt yawned and stretched his back.
38. Yes, said Miss Blunt, standing there.
39. Calras knew very well how blunt he sounded.
40. The initial, blunt shock held him in place.
41. That’s it for the meeting, Blunt said.
42. Blunt ground his teeth together and nodded.
43. Good show with Blunt in there, both of you.
44. She told him the truth with a blunt coldness.
45. But what if it gets stuck? Blunt asked.
46. And to be blunt, we could do with your help.
47. Well we can't be mad at Gigi for being blunt.
48. Blunt spun around and shot at the moving tile.
49. Blunt trauma to the head or other body part.
50. Oh shit, sorry to hear that, Blunt said.
51. Blunt heard the voice and replied on his radio.
52. She shuddered at the immediate, blunt response.
53. That’s a pretty good start, Blunt said.
54. Godwyn Blunt was less than impressed with Dafyd.
55. If the cops come, Teek will just eat the blunt.
56. Rewe was not as blunt as before when he said:.
57. Features neat but blunt, set tough by her genes.
58. Blunt thanked the highlander and turned to leave.
59. They were pointed, and blunt, square, and round.
60. His accusation certainly had an affect on Blunt.
61. Really Gary, don’t watch this, Blunt said.
62. There was now little current to blunt his efforts.
63. Sorry, but I have to be blunt here; if you steal.
64. How’s it going? Blunt asked over the radio.
65. This myth got started because --- let's be blunt.
66. Blunt, was telling me he was going to contact you.
67. I’m going to be very blunt with you, Shannon.
68. Blunt had done many things that he was not proud of.
69. But his blunt, emphatic sermons got people talking.
70. Blunt as its driver whipped the horses unmercifully.
71. Blunt hadn't gone by the morning, George and I left.
72. Blunt came here while we were both out this morning.
73. He struck the blunt end of the trishul on Ish's head.
74. As much as Blunt hated Colette, he was nevertheless.
75. He couldn't recall when he spoke to Blunt precisely.
76. It was looking more and more like Blunt was involved.
77. It was dull and blunt, but it knocked me back, anyway.
78. Gary turned to see commander Blunt standing behind him.
79. She saw the blunt that Junya had rolled before he got.
80. What I find odd is that Blunt asked Price about demons.
81. Before that – to be blunt – it was sheer craziness.
82. Blunt stood at the podium marking notes on a yellow pad.
83. Blunt holstered his pistol and ran towards the wreckage.
84. Robbie licked his lips, and Hal saw uneven blunt molars.
85. It was Godwyn Blunt who later reminded Ronan that young.
86. What do you have? Blunt asked stopping at the cell.
87. Again Blunt hesitated and again Jacob pressed on the knife.
88. Gary looked up at Blunt who was standing over his shoulder.
89. The room filled quickly and Commander Blunt took the podium.
90. His question was blunt and direct but she was ready for it.
91. He jabbed the blunt end of the trishul again at his chest.
92. Blunt hesitated and Jacob shifted his weight onto the knife.
93. It was a short, blunt message, but it made him pale at once.
94. Using a blunt blade can increase the danger of ingrown hair.
95. Jason tried to blunt his unease by considering how he would.
96. Blunt was not a fan of the Welshman’s patronizing approach.
97. His crude manner was not a shock, but his blunt sarcasm stung.
98. Blunt chuckled, a nasty sound that gurgled up from his throat.
99. Obviously nothing serious or she wouldn't have been so blunt.
100. There statement was blunt and without any warning whatsoever.
1. This will avoid blunting and clogging the razor too quickly.
2. My curious Rules of Secrecy also prevented Boredom—that greatest Enemy of Lovers—from blunting the Point of Passion.
3. Very similar to insulin, if you eat first thing in the morning you are enhancing that high cortisol and blunting the fat burning effect your body will have during a fasting.
1. Is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose.
2. Their weapons are chipped and blunted; their shields.
3. It's just that I soon realized why my harpoon got blunted and.
4. Nor was it till after a few enjoyments had numbed and blunted the.
5. It was just that a long absence had blunted the edge of her resentment.
6. I couldn't get mad at Murray; not after nearly forty years had blunted.
7. His senses must have been blunted and atrophied with money and the getting of it.
8. My father had it but his had been softened and blunted by his years in the Newlands.
9. The point of Stephi’s plan – Ariel as boy-bait – was blunted by the passing days.
10. The Ciceronian period, which hardly sufficed for Verres, would be blunted on Caligula.
11. The new way I’d been aware of my body since beginning my hike had blunted the old ways.
12. Farebrother, her sharpness blunted for the moment by her confidence in maternal judgments.
13. Judging by the blunted ends of metal rods, it used to have railings, but it doesn’t anymore.
14. His new bandages were neat, flat and covered with a pair of her cotton gloves that blunted his sense of touch.
15. Buey Dan could tell by the sounds of firing and lack of satchel explosions that the attack was being badly blunted.
16. That was a bitter blow to MacArthur, who had fervently hoped that his aviation could have blunted the Japanese invasion.
17. The passage of time had blunted the edge of their mutual hostility, but there was still a resentful tilt to Alice’s head when she said hello.
18. The boy struggled against himself to understand why the blunted bullets rebounded back at him like feasting ants as they peppered his leg and thigh.
19. Their children, two girls, were totally devoted to Marti and the rancher‘s paternal instincts had long since been blunted by the total female presence.
20. The men of the higher dominating classes whose conscience is naturally not sensitive or has become blunted, if they don't suffer through conscience, suffer from fear and hatred.
21. The heat of Noonsleep and Afternoonday was only a tiny bit blunted as they descended into the Gengee, but they had lost only a few hundred feet of altitude, just enough for him to notice.
22. Her weapons of scorn, She was helpless before his calm smile and his drawling remarks, for she had never coldness and abuse blunted in her hands, for nothing she could say would shame him.
23. I have heard it said too that the arrows of Love are blunted and robbed of their points by maidenly modesty and reserve; but with this Altisidora it seems they are sharpened rather than blunted.
24. Byron had noted the dull stings on his body but hadn’t realise they had been bullets striking him and falling to the floor, looking at his feet the ground was becoming littered with blunted ammunition.
25. Was it that she had been out of things for so many years? Had she then become a specialist? As the weeks passed and the first sheer delight in just being well was blunted by repetition, she began to be puzzled.
26. Is it a wonder that the women of a slave race lost their womanly instincts; that the moral nature was blunted and marred; that the mind became impoverished, the heart a waste place for poisonous weeds to grow?
27. This attack is easily blunted by a track record of accomplishments which should focus on the Peking and Moscow Summits and a carefully paced follow-up program of improved relations with both the Soviets and Chinese.
28. Then, with the maul, after repeatedly smiting the upper end of this iron rod, he placed the blunted needle endwise on the top of it, and less strongly hammered that, several times, the mate still holding the rod as before.
29. It was one thing to avert a scandal and another to reconcile to the oddity; while it brought to the fore our own liaison in the wake of our spouses’ demise, yet their offence offended even our blunted sense of righteousness.
30. Besides, I cannot be sure of my memory as to all I saw in these last years, for the faculty seems blunted as regards the later compared with the earlier period of my imprisonment, there is a good deal I am sure I have quite forgotten.
31. She would not voluntarily give unnecessary pain to any one, and though I may deceive myself, I cannot but think that for me, for my feelings, she would—Hers are faults of principle, Fanny; of blunted delicacy and a corrupted, vitiated mind.
32. Canning will probably be much surprised at this limitation; and conceive hostility more pointed than he had anticipated; some of the points may, however, be a little blunted by including France, the most operating and unmanageable of her enemies.
33. Ravenous, and now very faint, I devoured a spoonful or two of my portion without thinking of its taste; but the first edge of hunger blunted, I perceived I had got in hand a nauseous mess; burnt porridge is almost as bad as rotten potatoes; famine itself soon sickens over it.
34. Chiming then to me, with exquisite consent, as I melted away, his oily balsamic injection, mixing deliciously with the sluices in flow from me, sheathed and blunted all the stings of pleasure, whilst a voluptuous languor possest, and still maintained us motionless, and fast locked in one another's arms.
35. These were the helpless people, blunted by constant oppression and temptation, like that boy with the mats, and hundreds of others whom Nekhludoff saw both in and out of prison, and the conditions of those whose lives systematically drove them to the necessity of committing those acts which are called crimes.
36. Is he getting too old for the job at hand, did he get too complaisant? Had the easy life in Arrowhead blunted his ability to function properly as a law-man? Maybe if they had called the Millers sooner and he had gone with Brad, three lives would have been spared and that savage monster would already be back in custody where he belongs.
37. And have we not a right to say in his defence, that the true lover of knowledge is always striving after being--that is his nature; he will not rest in the multiplicity of individuals which is an appearance only, but will go on--the keen edge will not be blunted, nor the force of his desire abate until he have attained the knowledge of the true nature of every essence by a sympathetic and kindred power in the soul, and by that power drawing near and mingling and becoming incorporate with very being, having begotten mind and truth, he will have knowledge and will live and grow truly, and then, and not till then, will he cease from his travail.
1. The hair dragged up high at the back sharpens the lines of the profile as the low knot blunts them.
2. Every fresh act of sin lessens fear and remorse, hardens our hearts, blunts the edge of our conscience, and increases our evil inclination.
3. These were despatch'd with bayonets or batter'd with the blunts of muskets, A youth not seventeen years old seiz'd his assassin till two more.
4. He knew Ready was feeling himself since they smoked about three blunts and shared a bottle of Hennessey together before stepping out into the world to satisfy their munchies attack.
5. Time would pass, and the growing number of the days blunts the first sharp edge of feeling; but the memory of what I had given would bind us together in a friendship for ever unlike any other.

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