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    1. If the cops come, Teek will just eat the blunt

    2. “Yeah, but he didn’t eat the whole blunt! Is the wrap even edible?”

    3. Topher laughed and took the blunt

    4. “I’m going to be blunt, Topher, and I should have said this before

    5. The end of the crutch wasn't real blunt and it was heavy enough to put force behind

    6. The third man hit Ish on the neck with the blunt end of the trishul

    7. He jabbed the blunt end of the trishul again at his chest

    8. He struck the blunt end of the trishul on Ish's head

    9. 10 If the axe is blunt,

    10. To the untrained man, to the casually aggressive, violence is a blunt instrument wielded on a whim and a skin full, but to Alex it is a tool employed with the loving care of a master craftsman

    11. interjected with characteristically blunt questions occasionally, and

    12. jumped over Johnson’s swings, while the NN Agent used his blunt wooden swords

    13. As it was, Wuffs would say she was mamby-pambying, he wanted it blunt

    14. Also if safety has to come on the backs of harming others is it safety? The blunt answer

    15. As he turned to its direction the vehicle landed, its silver aerodynamic profile changed to a blunt egg-shape which bounced on the road like a bubble

    16. Several different expedients, however, may be fallen upon, which will effectually blunt the edge of all those incitements to diligence

    17. But, and forgive me for being blunt

    18. And allow me to be blunt again

    19. She told him the truth with a blunt coldness

    20. favored them with a blunt stare

    21. The other shadows jumped Dumpus and Porge, and blunt clubs and fists began raining a tumult of fury on the poor Halflings

    22. It was dull and blunt, but it knocked me back, anyway

    23. Blunt weapon or not, Sicarius could have killed his opponent easily

    24. Though too blunt to make much of a weapon, it had sufficient heft for an impromptu chisel

    25. She almost injured herself laughing, before becoming concerned by my unhealthy wheezing and red face, and blunt refusal to get up from the floor for the next ten minutes

    26. This time, there was none of that blunt coldness in his inquiry

    27. Had it stayed in the open, it would have seen another moon, but even Slikit's blunt claws had no difficulty digging it from its ill-chosen hiding place

    28. It is not a blunt instrument but a rapier to remove the cancer inside a community without destroying the community

    29. “Right – but tell me, you seem to have been down here for a while, why does a geologist stay down here in Costa Rica when the good money is obviously back in The States?” Sylvia was certainly blunt, but she had been so open about herself – it was Beth’s turn

    30. After that blunt demonstration against terrorism, the country seemed united in showing to the world that it was also determined to face it without fear and with resolve to support a definitely antiterrorist government as was the one Aznar led

    31. Rewe was not as blunt as before when he said:

    32. “You’ll do nothing of the kind, Truman Herrera!” Beth spat her words, interrupting his blunt proclamation

    33. “I’m going to be very blunt with you, Shannon

    34. The commissioner had brought every motorcycle cop within a thousand kilometres as a show of force, and took great pleasure in delivering a blunt message to his old mate

    35. The Castigator had been blunt in his orders and frugal in his explanations

    36. He understood he had been too blunt, but while trying to think what to say next and especially how to apologise, the public servant leaned closer to Ethan before continuing:

    37. His heart sank when he saw the shadow of Jalesow’s arm, terminating in the unmistakable blunt outline of an automatic pistol, separate from the solid outline of his shadow on the snow and raise to point at the back of his head

    38. There was now little current to blunt his efforts

    39. He looked around then for Father Likembe and out of the corner of his eye he barely had time to see him before the priest knocked him in the head with something blunt and heavy

    40. Calras knew very well how blunt he sounded

    41. In many cases, the Clean Air Act is no longer about clean air; instead, it has become a blunt

    42. She took one more hit off the blunt and

    43. the blunt out in the rear ashtray, and turned on the Playstation 2 that was hooked

    44. up the remainder of the blunt from the ride in the SUV, and started to roll

    45. back on the bed and put the blunt out in the ashtray by the nightstand

    46. She saw the blunt that Junya had rolled before he got

    47. Khevasiah drove as Junya pulled small tokes from the blunt he rolled

    48. the blunt, and passed it back to Khevasiah, ensuring she would not interrupt his

    49. seat back and proceeded to finish the blunt that was rolled

    50. “You’re going to have to put me down with your connect bruh, this shit is some FIRE!” I said to Nugget while putting the last of the blunt into a pair of roach clips

    1. The heat of Noonsleep and Afternoonday was only a tiny bit blunted as they descended into the Gengee, but they had lost only a few hundred feet of altitude, just enough for him to notice

    2. thousand and more crew who had died in it, thought of their screams, blunted by the sudden

    3. Judging by the blunted ends of metal rods, it used to have railings, but it doesn’t anymore

    4. Buey Dan could tell by the sounds of firing and lack of satchel explosions that the attack was being badly blunted

    5. ‘Tempting, but your thick head would just have just blunted my axe,’ he smiled then immediately followed his humour with a chilling tone

    6. His new bandages were neat, flat and covered with a pair of her cotton gloves that blunted his sense of touch

    7. My father had it but his had been softened and blunted by his years in the Newlands

    8. Their children, two girls, were totally devoted to Marti and the rancher‘s paternal instincts had long since been blunted by the total female presence

    9. Their weapons are chipped and blunted; their shields

    10. I couldn't get mad at Murray; not after nearly forty years had blunted

    11. That was a bitter blow to MacArthur, who had fervently hoped that his aviation could have blunted the Japanese invasion

    12. The point of Stephi’s plan – Ariel as boy-bait – was blunted by the passing days

    13. still have our animal bodies, but we’ve civilized ourselves and blunted

    14. It was one thing to avert a scandal and another to reconcile to the oddity; while it brought to the fore our own liaison in the wake of our spouses’ demise, yet their offence offended even our blunted sense of righteousness

    15. Byron had noted the dull stings on his body but hadn’t realise they had been bullets striking him and falling to the floor, looking at his feet the ground was becoming littered with blunted ammunition

    16. The boy struggled against himself to understand why the blunted bullets rebounded back at him like feasting ants as they peppered his leg and thigh

    17. Is he getting too old for the job at hand, did he get too complaisant? Had the easy life in Arrowhead blunted his ability to function properly as a law-man? Maybe if they had called the Millers sooner and he had gone with Brad, three lives would have been spared and that savage monster would already be back in custody where he belongs

    18. Was it that she had been out of things for so many years? Had she then become a specialist? As the weeks passed and the first sheer delight in just being well was blunted by repetition, she began to be puzzled

    19. blunted by hours of battle

    20. Is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose

    21. I have heard it said too that the arrows of Love are blunted and robbed of their points by maidenly modesty and reserve; but with this Altisidora it seems they are sharpened rather than blunted

    22. And have we not a right to say in his defence, that the true lover of knowledge is always striving after being--that is his nature; he will not rest in the multiplicity of individuals which is an appearance only, but will go on--the keen edge will not be blunted, nor the force of his desire abate until he have attained the knowledge of the true nature of every essence by a sympathetic and kindred power in the soul, and by that power drawing near and mingling and becoming incorporate with very being, having begotten mind and truth, he will have knowledge and will live and grow truly, and then, and not till then, will he cease from his travail

    23. Nor was it till after a few enjoyments had numbed and blunted the

    24. blunted all the stings of pleasure, whilst a voluptuous languor possets,

    25. "It's just that I soon realized why my harpoon got blunted and

    26. This attack is easily blunted by a track record of accomplishments which should focus on the Peking and Moscow Summits and a carefully paced follow-up program of improved relations with both the Soviets and Chinese

    27. "By heaven!" cried Caderousse, drawing from his waistcoat an open knife, and striking the count in the breast, "you shall disclose nothing, reverend sir!" To Caderousse's great astonishment, the knife, instead of piercing the count's breast, flew back blunted

    28. The new way I’d been aware of my body since beginning my hike had blunted the old ways

    29. It was just that a long absence had blunted the edge of her resentment

    30. The passage of time had blunted the edge of their mutual hostility, but there was still a resentful tilt to Alice’s head when she said hello

    31. Chiming then to me, with exquisite consent, as I melted away, his oily balsamic injection, mixing deliciously with the sluices in flow from me, sheathed and blunted all the stings of pleasure, whilst a voluptuous languor possest, and still maintained us motionless, and fast locked in one another's arms

    32. Her weapons of scorn, She was helpless before his calm smile and his drawling remarks, for she had never coldness and abuse blunted in her hands, for nothing she could say would shame him

    33. Farebrother, her sharpness blunted for the moment by her confidence in maternal judgments

    34. motor activation is blunted after 3 weeks but not 24 h of withdrawal from repeated

    35. markedly blunted in cocaine dependence and predictive of the choice to self-administer

    36. have demonstrated a blunted dopamine response to a psychostimulant when much

    37. release rather than a blunted effect

    38. appears to be a blunted dopaminergic response

    39. dopamine neuronal injury, such that blunted dopamine release would be expected in

    40. blunted in cocaine dependence and predictive of the choice to self-administer cocaine

    41. The Ciceronian period, which hardly sufficed for Verres, would be blunted on Caligula

    42. Ravenous, and now very faint, I devoured a spoonful or two of my portion without thinking of its taste; but the first edge of hunger blunted, I perceived I had got in hand a nauseous mess; burnt porridge is almost as bad as rotten potatoes; famine itself soon sickens over it

    43. His senses must have been blunted and atrophied with money and the getting of it

    44. She would not voluntarily give unnecessary pain to any one, and though I may deceive myself, I cannot but think that for me, for my feelings, she would—Hers are faults of principle, Fanny; of blunted delicacy and a corrupted, vitiated mind

    45. Then, with the maul, after repeatedly smiting the upper end of this iron rod, he placed the blunted needle endwise on the top of it, and less strongly hammered that, several times, the mate still holding the rod as before

    46. Besides, I cannot be sure of my memory as to all I saw in these last years, for the faculty seems blunted as regards the later compared with the earlier period of my imprisonment, there is a good deal I am sure I have quite forgotten

    47. These were the helpless people, blunted by constant oppression and temptation, like that boy with the mats, and hundreds of others whom Nekhludoff saw both in and out of prison, and the conditions of those whose lives systematically drove them to the necessity of committing those acts which are called crimes

    48. The men of the higher dominating classes whose conscience is naturally not sensitive or has become blunted, if they don't suffer through conscience, suffer from fear and hatred

    49. Canning will probably be much surprised at this limitation; and conceive hostility more pointed than he had anticipated; some of the points may, however, be a little blunted by including France, the most operating and unmanageable of her enemies

    50. Is it a wonder that the women of a slave race lost their womanly instincts; that the moral nature was blunted and marred; that the mind became impoverished, the heart a waste place for poisonous weeds to grow?

    1. Very similar to insulin, if you eat first thing in the morning you are enhancing that high cortisol and blunting the fat burning effect your body will have during a fasting

    2. This will avoid blunting and clogging the razor too quickly

    3. `You may soon desire to sleep,' he said, 'and especially good Samwise, who would not close his eyes before he ate -- whether for fear of blunting

    4. My curious Rules of Secrecy also prevented Boredom—that greatest Enemy of Lovers—from blunting the Point of Passion

    5. release, and those with the greatest blunting of [11C]raclopride displacement were

    1. He knew Ready was feeling himself since they smoked about three blunts and shared a bottle of Hennessey together before stepping out into the world to satisfy their munchies attack

    2. Every fresh act of sin lessens fear and remorse, hardens our hearts, blunts the edge of our conscience, and increases our evil inclination

    3. Time would pass, and the growing number of the days blunts the first sharp edge of feeling; but the memory of what I had given would bind us together in a friendship for ever unlike any other

    4. The hair dragged up high at the back sharpens the lines of the profile as the low knot blunts them

    5. These were despatch'd with bayonets or batter'd with the blunts of muskets, A youth not seventeen years old seiz'd his assassin till two more

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    Synonyms for "blunt"

    blunt deaden dull benumb numb crude stark candid forthright frank free-spoken outspoken plainspoken point-blank straight-from-the-shoulder abrupt short discourteous brusque uncivil gruff plain-spoken unsharpened not sharp rounded straightforward direct stupid dim-witted stolid heavy thick soften desensitise desensitize diminish paralyse

    "blunt" definitions

    make less intense

    make numb or insensitive

    make dull or blunt

    make less sharp

    make less lively, intense, or vigorous; impair in vigor, force, activity, or sensation

    having a broad or rounded end

    used of a knife or other blade; not sharp

    characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion

    devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment