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Rut in a sentence

1. He was in a rut.
2. I was in a rut!.
3. What can I say, I'm in a rut.
4. Couples simply got in a rut.
5. A mindset is like a mental rut.
6. You need to get out of this rut.
7. R - 97% of people are stuck in a Rut.
8. I think I've probably got into a rut.
9. At last, he was getting out of the rut.
10. She got into a rut and that was where we.
11. Rut the relief of weeping had to be checked.
12. Allow me to relate to you the rut that I’m going.
13. You’re relatively young, just fifty, you’ll rut.
14. The car came to an intersection and dipped in the rut.
15. The flame was getting closer so I dove into a deep rut.
16. But I always had my curiosity that got me out of the rut.
17. Alternatively, the dream signifies that you are in a rut.
18. You’re relatively young, just fifty, you’ll rut again.
19. And again he lashed the horse, which had got stuck in a rut.
20. The indexes we suggest using are SPX, NDX, RUT, DJX, and OEX.
21. Unfortunately we are in a rut from which it is hard to escape.
22. You are very, very lucky; they are in a rut and grafting every.
23. Her boredom threshold is lower than a snakes belly in a wheel rut.
24. Nothing that is out of the conventional rut succeeds at the start.
25. Nowhere! They‘re too stuck in their rut to move to the next level.
26. At home, it’s easy to fal into a rut – to use the same weight.
27. I wanted to get out of the rut and was waiting for the opportunity.
28. To dream that you are in shackles suggests that you are in a rut.
29. And if RUT rallies far enough, all of your profits would disappear.
30. ATV began to bounce in a rut uncontrollably coming to an abrupt halt.
31. It didn’t when she was stuck in that rut, like a hamster on a wheel.
32. I suggest collecting P/L data as RUT changes price and as time passes.
33. It іѕ easy tо fall іntо a "rut" оf ѕееіng only thе negative.
34. To dream that you have been petrified suggests that you are in a rut.
35. THE MALE BRUTES: (Exhaling sulphur of rut and dung and ramping in their.
36. The officer can see a smaller rut leading up to a plastic manhole cover.
37. He and Theresa now had two little girls and he felt they were stuck in a rut.
38. He had near to paced a rut in the floorboards when there came a knock at the door.
39. It sounds ridiculous because it is! Be relentless and refuse to be stuck in a rut.
40. We've fallen into a happy little rut haven't we? Nicole asked as she and Ryan walked.
41. They jolted me from a twenty-year rut, and for that reason alone I’m indebted to the man.
42. If he wastes away his time of leisure then God may put him again in the rut of daily labor.
43. It was more than obvious she was stuck in a rut of perpetuity that she thought she deserved.
44. But there's a rut where a man has been, so if we go on I guess we shall find the path again.
45. Some might say that without getting to know these extreme feeling is to be in a continuous rut.
46. In other words, breaking out of the rut of the atomistic view of the world, that characterizes.
47. TOMIC could write options on the SPX, RUT, NDX, DIA, AAPL, IBM, PG, JNJ, or GOOG, to name a few.
48. We do not prove what love we imitate, but the actions we practice do create the world they rut.
49. It was at this time that my brother Mike would put a bug in my ear that helped get me out of my rut.
50. It looked serene until the cart hit a rut and Andrew’s head bounced off a support rod behind him.
51. In my paper trading account, I opened the following double calendar with RUT @ $840: Total debit $12.
52. There is somewhere in every brain the energy that will get you out of that rut and put you far up on the.
53. I loved to fall into the common rut, and had a whole-hearted terror of any kind of eccentricity in myself.
54. Steam gently rose from the hot, wet underside of the ship where it lay in the rut it had dug the damp sand.
55. Just when I’d begun to think life was a boring rut, you made me excited about tomorrow and the next weeks.
56. It was the time of the rut, when the sound of antlers rattling against other antlers would tell her where to go.
57. It had become a nice, cosy little rut, with enough of an income to pay for his meagre lodgings and general upkeep.
58. For example, in the RUT condor we might have a profit target of 15% of margin and an allowed loss of 20% of margin.
59. But the more you stay in a rut, the deeper the rut gets, and eventually it falls in on you and becomes your grave.
60. Society was in such a rut of selfishness that two critical themes of the Enlightenment involved toleration and equality.
61. How could life have done this to him? A few days ago, he was a lonely and unhappy man stuck in a rut with nowhere to go.
62. You start out with $100,000, and monitor the markets you want to trade: SPX, RUT, NDX, RTH, OIH, AAPL, CAT, EXC, MCD, and WMT.
63. True, the passage of time may be good for the put spread, but unless RUT declines further, you may never be able to earn a profit.
64. However, if IV declines (when the market is no longer falling) or the RUT makes a sudden rally, the calendar spread will lose value.
65. Most SPX trading firms also trade OEX, RUT, NDX, ES, and many individual option names because of the correlation between all the indexes.
66. If you only allow the trade to risk $200 if you can risk $40,000 (2% of $2 million) per trade, then you could trade up to 200 RUT condors.
67. If time passes and RUT holds steady or moves even closer to the strike price, the calendar spread would gain value, and that would be excellent.
68. If you trade a RUT condor with 10-point wing-spreads where condor uses $1,000 of margin (assuming Reg-T), you would think you could do 40 RUT condors.
69. Wiesse would certainly not be amused by that sort of inattentiveness … as a result I find myself watching the path carefully, straining my eyes for any such rut.
70. Most of them would never get out of that rut and lived lonely lives that were only punctuated by the social life that devoured the money they often had to work hard for.
71. Because for a male bird in rut: the twin full, ruffled ball of feathers of a female bird’s ass is what attracts them to her when she exposes herself to him: not her breasts.
72. From what I understand, he was bitter and didn't care if he lived or died, but through careful prodding, he was shown and given the opportunity to get out of the rut, and he did.
73. If RUT moves to the $800 to $805 level three weeks after the trade is opened, and if IV increases by 5%, I calculate that the theoretical value of the put calendar would be $13.
74. We know that the deer season starts with the hunt in August, but it is not until after the rut that the meat is free of all the hormone and urine substances and becomes flavorful.
75. I guess that’s why they call it being stuck in a rut and why there are always long lines waiting to buy lottery tickets from every convenience store and mini mart across the country.
76. America’s fast food culture has driven the country into a rut where life has become one big drive-through! Strong healthy hair needs a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish the roots and scalp.
77. He snatched up the flashlight, gingerly lowered an expensive and glossily shined shoe into the center of a tire track, the least muddy path through the ooze, and began to inch forward along the rut, towards the gaping entrance.
78. On the day of battle, this hollow road whose existence was in no way indicated, bordering the crest of Mont-Saint-Jean, a trench at the summit of the escarpment, a rut concealed in the soil, was invisible; that is to say, terrible.
79. The ticker symbol RUT represents option trading on the index and, like the previous volatility related indexes, the Russell 2000 Volatility Index (RVX) attempts to show what the market is pricing in 30-day implied volatility for the index.
80. There was a power outage at the home late one evening, and in the course of that night one of the residents, a lady called Rut Åkerman, fell and broke her femur, and she lay there for hour after hour pressing the button on her alarm to no avail.
81. Medraut went home to the north again the following day, and a fortnight honeymoon for Arthur and Rhonwen began, and whenever I saw him during the day, he told me she and him did nothing other than rut with the mad desire of their age; I did not believe him.
82. They might have skidded faster and further had the back wheels not encountered some obstacle, perhaps a deep rut or a stone at the side of the road, and as Jalesow down-shifted and used the clutch to bring the vehicle under control, they slowed considerably.
83. How horrified he would have been seven years before, when he first arrived from abroad, had he been told that there was no need for him to seek or plan anything, that his rut had long been shaped, eternally predetermined, and that wriggle as he might, he would be what all in his position were.
84. Was it feelings of inferiority with Alice being so successful and him stuck in a rut that made him do something risky? Drew believed the only way to understand what had motivated Gary that night would be through candid interviews with the people on the list that lay on the desk in front of him.
85. Besides feeling himself in a false position among those to whose set he no longer regarded himself as belonging, who yet regarded him as belonging to them, he felt himself getting into the old accustomed rut, and in spite of himself fell into the thoughtless and immoral tone that reigned in that circle.
86. By improving in these simple ways you’ll get out of the sexual rut and you’ll be doing things differently, in this way your partner should suddenly become more interested in having sex with you because its new, exciting and isn’t dull – and this in turn should help you down the path to getting more.
87. Besides, though taste latterly had deteriorated to a degree, original music like that, different from the conventional rut, would rapidly have a great vogue as it would be a decided novelty for Dublin's musical world after the usual hackneyed run of catchy tenor solos foisted on a confiding public by Ivan St Austell and Hilton St Just and their genus omne.
88. Therefore, these attempts to quit the addiction will have only a short-term effect (a small fluctuation in the planned “trajectory” that cannot essentially influence the quality of the Vector of a subsequent Choice which could replace this priority Direction by another one that leads to a higher-quality individual development scenario), after which “the human being” will get back to “his rut”.
89. Yet, for all my attempts at dissimulation and assiduous adoption of such signs of love sickness as I had occasionally observed in other people, I only succeeded for two days (and that at intervals, and mostly towards evening) in reminding myself of the fact that I was in love, and finally, when I had settled down into the new rut of country life and pursuits, I forgot about my affection for Sonetchka altogether.
90. He walked along the meadow, dragging his feet, rustling the grass, and gazing at the dust that covered his boots; now he took big strides trying to keep to the footprints left on the meadow by the mowers, then he counted his steps, calculating how often he must walk from one strip to another to walk a mile, then he stripped the flowers from the wormwood that grew along a boundary rut, rubbed them in his palms, and smelled their pungent, sweetly bitter scent.
91. For now, though, this awareness was buried, hidden in a rut,.
1. All of them were stuck in their daily ruts and daily rutting.
2. Choad guided Areola down to the floor, and the two started rutting.
3. There were naked bodies everywhere, male and female rutting openly.
4. The rutting season hasn't started yet, and the weather at the foot of Mt.
5. The man behind her had his fatigues around his ankles and was rutting into.
6. The ensuing gossip in the royal court of a prince, rutting with a foreign scholar, had seen to that.
7. Their lovemaking this time was filled with intimate passion rather than the animal like rutting of the night before.
8. In the corner of the room, the pair of serving girls were a knot of flesh, quivering beneath an orgy of rutting shadows.
9. Then the first orgasm overwhelmed her, her whole body arched and shuddered, she cried out like a rutting animal at the climax.
10. Are you a dumb beast to be caught rutting just because you happen to be in season? he bellowed, snapping her out of her reverie.
11. The teasing and flirting and the anger I had felt, on and off, for weeks, all built up into a crescendo of rutting and fucking that peaked for him just after it did for me.
12. And men guarded over their women with cruel and bitter jealousy; no better than rutting baboons fighting over a harem that would kill the children to accelerate heat in the females.
13. The shorter character, who was basically a drunk, had to retrieve the other schmuck’s wallet, and he needed to sneak into a bedroom where a couple of tubby lowlifes were rutting like pigs in a trough.
14. That would be ever since Lord Trundlebloom, Minister of Game and Bounty, had suggested with a meaningful wink that ‘a hunting party might mistake Galinda for a rutting boar, and then we’d be done with the nuisance forever’.
15. Her memories were too faded to tell his name – I don’t think she knew it herself, although their drunken rutting was easy to extract from her mind, as their daughter, Athene, was conceived in the God-King’s Temple that night.
16. Seconds later they were surrounded by a shouting, laughing, dancing, rutting, masturbating crowd of naked Vassals and Freemen, plus a sprinkling of Aristocrats now devoid of all inhibitions, including their previous contempt for other castes.
17. Women and serving girls ran everywhere, and I wished more than ever that Arthur could be with us now, but he was even more distant from us in his Command; he must be important, must be seen to be important, not seen as an eighteen-year-old youth, out rutting with young maids.
1. The track next door was rutted and almost impassable.
2. I turned onto the rutted track and followed the voices.
3. Soon they came upon a dusty, rutted track flanked by a.
4. The heavy vehicle rode well over the rutted country roads.
5. It got wider and less rutted and the forest opened up ahead.
6. The ground is rutted with the imprint of old tractor wheels.
7. The ground was rutted and pitted with potholes and was dirt.
8. Its streets consisted of three dirt tracks crossing the rutted highway.
9. The road was rough and rutted, and the space-steel clanked continuously.
10. He slid down the rutted slope, bike dragging along, entangled in his legs.
11. The cart swayed back and forth, slipping from one rutted puddle to the next.
12. She looked down the sights and saw the gravel covering the rutted entrance.
13. The green in front of the cathedral was rutted and trampled by the fair, and.
14. I’m thinking to re-appear the Board Exam next year, I was rutted at that moment.
15. It was even a little spooky heading down the badly rutted dirt road onto the property.
16. Will accelerated as best he could on the rutted road, as the settlers chased after them.
17. The travellers passed over and came upon a wide rutted track leading towards the uplands.
18. Beyond it a rutted lane ran between low well-laid hedges towards a distant clump of trees.
19. The road was highly compressed, rock hard soil, rutted and pitted, but a road none the less.
20. The rutted road became a driveway that looped in front of the manager’s cabin just ahead.
21. From a hundred yards away, as the van strained up the rutted dirt road, we could all see her clearly.
22. And in that world rutted by the habits of love, however defined, does love there exist as object?
23. It was rutted and bore many signs of the recent heavy rain; there were pools and pot-holes full of water.
24. We had just watched a large articulated lorry disappear up the rutted lane with the last of his stock inside.
25. As his car bumped up the rutted drive, Nicholas Rosetti had never been more afraid for his life, or his soul.
26. Jezzie ignored the crime scene signage and sped down the rutted dirt road to a cluster of buildings in disrepair.
27. Although I was expecting it, it was still something of a shock to see the bare, rutted moonscape of the demolition site.
28. He took a route at the side of a hill too rugged and rutted to bother traversing with the bike, but certainly not impossible.
29. Wary of entering Krosniewice, they left the main road before they reached the town in favor of a rutted track that led eastward.
30. Ryan bounced along the rutted dirt road, across the wooden bridge he’d help rebuild last year after a mudslide took out the old one.
31. It continued straight along the beach as a narrow, rutted track with a mangrove-bordered estuary to the left and on the right, the sea.
32. It was told of him that once he went clear to Shawnee and hired three whores in one bed, and snorted and rutted on their unresponsive bodies for an hour.
33. The cold, dim day mirrored Leesa’s mood as she limped along the dirt road toward Balin’s cabin—road being a kind description, she thought, of the rutted pathway.
34. A small, sporadic stream of automobiles with faded paint and patched tires bounced along the rutted roads that paralleled the railroad tracks, all heading the same direction—west.
35. It was pathetic in a way, for you could see from the air the rectangular pattern of wide streets that once had been busy and lined with houses, now rutted with the rain and grass- grown.
36. Each will, no matter its choice, has its own gravity arced by its attractors and traced by its actions, and therefore becomes not simply a path walked, but a trail led or a groove rutted.
37. Her father sighed, remembering how he himself had shamelessly rutted after Julianne’s mother, of how he would have taken her to bed in an instant if their families hadn't watched them so closely.
38. She looked about the rutted and cut-up space around the depot for the equipage of some old friend or acquaintance who might drive them to Aunt Pitty’s house but she recognized no one, black or white.
39. So Beth had descended from the main building on foot, picking her way along the rutted switchback drive avoiding most of the puddles, except for one slip that left a shoe and blue jeans cuff caked with mud.
40. He looked suspiciously at the rutted mud, stacks of logs and the gate at the entrance of the darkened yard, bent to a strange shape from countless collisions with trucks or logs and hanging from broken hinges.
41. New Hope Church was a nightmare of another life and so was tramp on the red rutted roads, slop-slop through the red mud, retreat, entrench, fight—Big Shanty, where they turned and fought the Yankees like demons.
42. With no one to tell it otherwise and having been kicked for speed, the beast took off, every muscle maximizing for a headlong dash up a rutted, inclined and twisting trail towards its comfortable stall where feed might possibly be waiting.
43. From Salinas to Los Banos, through Fresno and Bakersfield, then over the pass and into the Mojave Desert, a burned and burning desert even this late in the year, its hills like piles of black cinders in the distance, and the rutted floor sucked dry by the hungry sun.
44. How many websites are there? How many do you know of? We wander rutted trails pre-traveled by every mainstream swell of novelty-seeking that is baffled by the constant galactic explosions of information that we'll never have the time or ability to personally investigate.
45. Jonathan turned in to a driveway, drove past an unlit house where a dog barked, and followed a rutted dirt road that took us back among rows of corn and flowers until finally the headlights swooped across a large boxy tent that was erected on a wooden platform and he parked.
46. The deeply rutted and switchback entrance from the highway had always been passable only by four-wheel drive vehicles and too narrow when meeting head-on: she had once had the harrowing experience of backing through a hairpin at the edge of a cliff to allow the passage of an electric company truck.
1. The ruts of his own fatherland.
2. It’s growing in those ruts.
3. Slush and snow filled the ruts in the.
4. He could also see the ruts worn in the.
5. The ruts were up to the hubs of the cannons.
6. We find a way out of the ruts that humans are.
7. The road had ruts in them from the semi-trucks.
8. He lumbered off down the worn ruts in the grass on a.
9. Help them rise above their ruts in life by being as.
10. The ruts of the road had bestowed on the wheels, the.
11. There weren’t even wheel ruts in the crusted-over dirt.
12. Cannon rolled past, the drivers flaying the through the ruts.
13. All of them were stuck in their daily ruts and daily rutting.
14. The path was surrounded by tall grass and the ruts were filled with.
15. Gomes turned the Ford into the ruts and switched to four wheel drive.
16. He dropped to his knees and began tossing clods of dirt into the ruts.
17. Without the trailer, it was easier moving over the bumps, ruts and sand.
18. And here, too, he did not follow the ruts of a Caucasian officer's life.
19. Everyone was moving on quietly and calmly in dead level ruts save Cecil Lindley.
20. There were no trees, but so many flowers that even the ruts were blue with chickory.
21. The saturated road no longer absorbed the water, which ran along the ruts in streams.
22. There were no stairs, only ruts carved into the stone to make footholds and handholds.
23. Onto a dirt road that had seen some usage by the deep wagon ruts the horses stumbled over.
24. The burns were red and raw with splinters of rope sticking out like needles from the deep ugly ruts.
25. Let’s get this over with, he said as he hobbled off down the worn ruts in the side of the hill.
26. I’m gonna get a shovel, dig it up, and fill in these ruts, Rob said as he set out for the garage.
27. Ingrid gripped the dash board, bouncing up and down as LP's four wheel drive hit ruts in the sand tracks.
28. They both tried to run, but neither could move in any more than stuttering steps over the ruts and gullies.
29. A much wider path, clearly distinguishable as a road with wheel ruts on either side, led out of the clearing.
30. We moved slowly as I struggled over rocks and through ruts toward the small village in the hill country of Judah.
31. All day! She looked down the glaring red road, cut in deep ruts where cannon wheels and ambulances had gone over it.
32. The wagon bumped and jolted over the ruts in the road, and Maggie sighed with contentment as she leaned against the wall.
33. Though dark, the quiet man had little trouble staying parallel to the ruts, occasionally detouring around a ditch or pond.
34. Henry stopped just as the ruts in the driveway veered in either direction, surrounding the house with the rocky dirt path.
35. Samson Duff downshifted the four speed 4x4 to second gear as the narrow, potholed blacktop rudely turned into two dirt ruts.
36. The machine was a beautiful silvery blue, with pneumatic tires to smooth out the bumps and ruts of Eudora’s dirt streets.
37. There were a few wagon ruts going this way, but at half the washes they had to have the kedas dig to make ramps for the wheels.
38. His eyes were fixed on the page and his forehead was smooth and unwrinkled though there were two little ruts between his eyebrows.
39. The main ruts turned north along a fence line so the light must be the end of the road going south and had to be Joe Billie‘s place.
40. She knew by the sun that she was heading east, and she thought, judging by the deep cartwheel ruts in the baked mud, that she was on the main road.
41. He manages to edge the car onto the hard packed ruts of a field entrance and, bending forward, he rests his head on the soft plastic of the steering wheel.
42. The road, which was cut up by deep ruts, lay through a thick pine forest, mingled with birch trees and larches, bright with yellow leaves they had not yet shed.
43. None of the Olsens spoke as Glorth turned the wagon onto the road north to the Michaud farm and then let the horse find its own path and pace over the solid icy ruts.
44. All day and every day one might hear the sound of dead men’s bones crunching beneath the feet of horses and the wheels of the wagons, as they were crushed into the ruts.
45. With lift provided by the steering jets on the rental ship’s under side, the cargo ship ran up the rental’s engines enough to free it from the ruts it had dug in the grass.
46. Turning his bike on to his road, Frank fought the deep ruts that had formed in the recent heavy rain, his hands locked on the handlebars as he kept the big machine on a straight track.
47. The shaft-horses were tilted against the shafts by the ruts, but the dexterous driver sitting on the box held the shaft over the ruts, so that the wheels ran on the smooth part of the road.
48. Deep ruts and "cradle-holes" were worn in the ice, as on terra firma, by the passage of the sleds over the same track, and the horses invariably ate their oats out of cakes of ice hollowed out like buckets.
49. They could barely make out the remains of the corrals where they had kept their horses, but the deep ruts left by the PI ships, Buddy and Daisy, could still plainly be seen where they had rolled in from the lake.
50. In the midst of the outspread line of Cossacks two wagons, drawn by French horses and by saddled Cossack horses that had been hitched on in front, rumbled over the tree stumps and branches and splashed through the water that lay in the ruts.
51. If the wheat and rye trampled down by this cohort of transports on the march had not filled in the ruts and strewn a litter beneath the wheels, all movement, particularly in the valleys, in the direction of Papelotte would have been impossible.
52. On the ancient pavement, laid out in patterns, sunk into ruts and holes, the portly Ignacio, mindful of the springs of the Parisian-built landau, had pulled up to a walk, and Decoud in his corner contemplated moodily the inner aspect of the gate.
53. It was no longer solitude, for there were passers-by; it was not the country, for there were houses and streets; it was not the city, for the streets had ruts like highways, and the grass grew in them; it was not a village, the houses were too lofty.
54. Yes, sir, I regard you as an ordinary Philistine; and if you want to know what that in my opinion is, it is one who walks along in the ruts he found ready instead of, after sitting on a milestone and taking due thought, making his own ruts for himself.
55. We were settled down into them, as ruts; and, no matter how slow or hard or fruitless our movements along the old line, it seemed impossible to see what else to do, or how we could strike out into new paths, or plan any material change in the ordering of our campaign.
56. How worn and dusty, then, must be the highways of the world, how deep the ruts of tradition and conformity! I did not wish to take a cabin passage, but rather to go before the mast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains.
57. All sorts of joyous sounds filled the air; the jolting of a cart rolling afar off in the ruts, the crowing of a cock, repeated again and again, or the gambling of a foal running away under the apple-trees: The pure sky was fretted with rosy clouds; a bluish haze rested upon the cots covered with iris.
58. Owing to the unaccountable delay in road-making during the dry days and the subsequent employment of improper measures in repairing washouts and ruts with brushwood and sand, to withstand the periodic downpours, even the light mortars could not be brought to the front before July 9th, and not one of the siege guns was landed.
59. It all came back to her now, the nightmare journey after Rhett’s footsteps died away, the endless night, the black road full of ruts and boulders along which they jolted, the deep gullies on either side into which the wagon slipped, the fear-crazed strength with which she and Prissy had pushed the wheels out of the gullies.
60. We crossed a rickety old wooden bridge that had been nearly washed away by the floods, and commenced to climb the mountain side by a road that was nearly as steep as a steeple and which wended around to nearly every point of the compass, ever going up, over ruts and rocks, roots and trunks of trees, now jumping across a ravine, and next climbing a fence.
61. In the night snow had fallen, and when Iván Petróvich had driven to church the snow had not yet disappeared, but was soft; now, though there was no sun, it was all melted from the moisture, and on the highway, on which he had to travel for three versts before turning into Chirakóvo, the snow was white only in last year's grass, which grew in parallel lines along the ruts; but on the black road the horses splashed through the viscous mud.
62. He knew now that he’d been completely wrong: Sylvia felt no mother-son solidarity with him – never had! It was time to strike out on his own and getting his hands on that coke was the answer! There’d be money enough to be free of her forever! He tromped down on the accelerator of the La Hacienda 4X4 firing a spray of gravel behind as he followed the switchbacks and ruts then, with a squeal, the tires found pavement and he roared off towards San José.
63. You see the place far away in the distance the whole time, and you jolt on and on at a walking pace towards it, in and out of ruts, over grass-mounds, the sun beating on your head, sea on your left rolling up the beach in long waves, more sea on your right across the undulating greenness, a distant hill with a village by the water to the west, sails of fisher-boats, people in a curious costume mowing in a meadow a great way off, and tethered all over the plain solitary sheep and cows, whose nervousness at your approach is the nervousness begotten of a retired life.
64. The coach is borne o'er ruts and holes,.
65. Looking down, Tom could see many ruts and tracks in the ground,.
66. By the city's quadrangular houses--in log huts, camping with lumber-men, Along the ruts of the turnpike, along the dry gulch and rivulet bed, Weeding my onion-patch or hosing rows of carrots and parsnips,.

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