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Scale in a sentence | scale example sentences

  1. As I scale the last.
  2. On a scale too immense.
  3. We may have to scale.
  4. I need to reset the scale.
  5. They did not move a scale.

  6. This is a good scale model.
  7. A full scale invasion was.
  8. Just on a much smaller scale.
  9. But as I was about to scale.
  10. On a smaller scale of course.
  11. My anxiety went off the scale.
  12. On this scale, Mars is about 0.
  13. The scale ranges from 0 to 14.
  14. I couldn’t scale another tree.
  15. Saturn's size on this scale: 1.

  16. At one end of the scale these.
  17. It was also a question of scale.
  18. ASer, each scale a screen.
  19. I use the exact scale shown to.
  20. I thought of the scale operation.
  21. It was made on a 1:10,000 scale.
  22. An official sets the wage scale.
  23. He had to scale the canyon wall.
  24. That’s above your pay scale.
  25. On a scale of one to ten?

  26. So it will be on the larger scale.
  27. She could only imagine its scale.
  28. These are scale replicas of ships.
  29. Ready? The Hamilton Anxiety Scale.
  30. Its size on this scale is about 0.
  31. What is the Hamilton Anxiety Scale?
  32. I wasn’t in the mood to scale any.
  33. The scale of stretching of time and.
  34. Sliding Scale Based on Time Intervals.
  35. The BOP scale runs from 100 to –100.
  36. The radio chatter is off the scale.
  37. Appreciate the Scale of your project.
  38. On a bigger scale, look at Waco, Texas.
  39. In the following scale diagrams, the.
  40. But this isn’t full scale espionage.
  41. Show him how to use a scale to weigh.
  42. You can scale that down to meet time.
  43. The scale is huge but not overpowering.
  44. Large scale calamities are the sum of.
  45. At the other end of the scale we find.
  46. Only on a more … comprehensive scale.
  47. The scale is the most practical, all-.
  48. What he does is small scale, they’re.
  49. It’s on a scale, like anything else.
  50. This affected me in a large scale manner.
  51. At the other end of the scale is obesity.
  52. Wax on, wax off—but on a global scale!.
  53. Here is a helpful plan for scale practice.
  54. My cool factor shot up by a scale of ten.
  55. It was glass blowing on a critical scale.
  56. And, it's manifestation on a grand scale.
  57. This incident had turned the scale for her.
  58. Using a scale of 0 to 30, how much of the.
  59. Not on the same scale as our superiors.
  60. Use the weighing scale, but not too often.
  61. Surplus on personal scale is saving money.
  62. This cat can scale trees or swim in water.
  63. But nobody does it on the scale that we do.
  64. A division scale 10 is provided next to 11.
  65. I can't scale the ramparts on this side!.
  66. Imagine stepping onto the scale and being.
  67. The black hand on the scale points to zero.
  68. He rebuilt the Temple on a massive scale:.
  69. Using a scale of 0 to 100, how much of the.
  70. But the wars are the large scale happenings.
  71. Here everything is on Nature's great scale.
  72. Each step shall have to have its own scale.
  73. RSI charts are plotted on a 0 to 100% scale.
  74. E leaned down and examined the scale closer.
  75. Rapid growth depends on the ability to scale.
  76. Not all features can be shown to exact scale.
  77. And at the other end of the scale, software.
  78. It will be a full scale reeling and turning.
  79. I have, of course, modified the time scale.
  80. Only those without burdens can scale walls.
  81. These tips and strategies can help you scale.
  82. I’m thinking hog raising on a small scale.
  83. It is lacking in scale, perspective, and data.
  84. Bakpri donations but the scale is much larger).
  85. Rate it on a scale of 0-4 in the right column.
  86. Those celebrities also began on a small scale.
  87. Every day, the scale of my conquests expanded.
  88. The colors are named on a scale of one to ten.
  89. On a global scale, Heart-Walls lead to ethnic.
  90. The result is on a simplistic scale of 1 to 10.
  91. I can’t scale the ramparts on this side!’.
  92. He produced another map, drawn to another scale.
  93. Note: The pH scale is based on the powers of 10.
  94. It's no more than sword-play on a larger scale.
  95. The scale was only an inch or so off the ground.
  96. However, Kennedy was powerful on a global scale.
  97. Let us imagine a scale on which the values are.
  98. Massive solar activity on an unprecedented scale.
  99. Ride on a Hive Builder as we scale this fortress.
  100. Examples include choice or scale items such as:.
  1. I did a bit of scaling.
  2. The scaling walls of the.
  3. I ended up scaling a house.
  4. I just stood scaling tears.
  5. I was scaling tears again and again.
  6. Scaling the steep walls of the universe.
  7. But this tree was off limits for scaling.
  8. Scaling back up the floor was impossible.
  9. Breaking noon casts reflections, scaling water.
  10. Allow easy scaling as the account balance changes.
  11. Although, she was next to my tree, her tree scaling.
  12. The scaling part was probably a remnant of a leopard.
  13. I chose the closest one, scaling it and then placing.
  14. Linking to the Scaling stage you can now build on this.
  15. Michael was close behind, scaling the wall as soon as.
  16. That’s the power of the SkyROIcket scaling technique.
  17. Using Scaling Techniques are a very good way of helping to.
  18. Brian and I walked towards the JBZ, scaling the hill, until.
  19. After the scaling of the tree I ordered Louis to get on the.
  20. I ran as fast as I could scaling the perimeter fence of the.
  21. A black wolf was scaling the building, taking Darek with him.
  22. You can use scaling to help quickly identify the most important.
  23. Scaling in can be an effective way to test the market environment.
  24. They raced up the stairs two at a time, scaling the circumference.
  25. However remote the prospect of scaling it, it had to be better than.
  26. Emily was out the window within seconds, scaling down the side of the.
  27. He was on Villefort's premises—had arrived there by scaling the wall.
  28. He could not have been, since she could hear him scaling the tree again.
  29. Gavroche began the operation of scaling the hedge, then suddenly paused.
  30. I was just scaling tears; lost in the abysmal of my anxieties and dilemmas.
  31. However, even with scaling down this statue, it was still an impressive size.
  32. He reappeared moments later, scaling the long ladder up one leg of the crane.
  33. Scaling position sizes dynamically by signal strength does not seem to help much.
  34. HFs use various ways of scaling or targeting volatility to improve their portfolios.
  35. The wall, which was daubed with an ochre yellow wash, was scaling off in large flakes.
  36. Eczema is characterized by scaling, thickened patches of skin that can become red and.
  37. But from the imprints of the palms, the one scaling the wall had his face facing the wall.
  38. Scaling is not necessary, fish can be cooked with scales on and it will retain its moisture.
  39. I’m right here, she said, scaling down the brick wall, her voice bellowing in the air.
  40. If the body of the pattern falls over the line, it receives the full 25 percent in the scaling.
  41. Scaling in and out means you get into or out of a position in increments as the price rises or falls.
  42. Silently Jerry took his place, scaling the mast with stringy muscles standing out from sparse flesh.
  43. The wind blows wild; trees uproot; water rises to scaling heights; I can cause storms too and earthquakes.
  44. The first result of Gavroche's meditation was, that instead of scaling the hedge, he crouched down under it.
  45. Add to that, most prop firms were scaling back at this time as discretionary traders were mostly unprofitable.
  46. It lowered out of the sinni tree, scaling down it with ease as the soldiers were firmly strapped in their seats.
  47. Scaling the dizzy heights of advanced models is the Eiffel Tower set with 3,428 pieces, first issued back in 2007.
  48. Scaling position sizes inversely by recent historical or option-implied volatility tends to improve Sharpe ratios.
  49. There are other possibilities for scaling the x-axis, but these tend to be less used except in certain specific contexts.
  50. He came from a race of hillmen, accustomed to scaling forbidding crags, and he was a man of unusual strength and agility.
  51. Rapp had resolved their sniper problem in that Afghan town by scaling the wall and shooting the man through a broken window.
  52. They have traded movie in a theatre and shopping in Chandigarh for scaling mountains, like a pure idiot on several occasions.
  53. I’ll be able to sleep at night now not having to fear he’s scaling barbed wire walls in a desperate attempt to rescue you.
  54. Thirteen minutes later he was scaling Bino’s squeaky steps and forcing a credit card behind the latch of the sloppy-fitting door.
  55. It is simply scaling up the computational devices we are familiar with and programing the operating system itself with a self interest.
  56. The AGC concept was introduced in Chapter 5; however, in this case, we are scaling on the basis of power rather than on wave amplitude.
  57. His hair was curly like a creeper as scaling on his head and resembled as the true carbon copy of the great pop singer, Michael Jackson.
  58. It is very easy to scale into a trade, to keep scaling in, and to end up with more size and a larger loss than you had originally planned.
  59. Over the dusky green of the rye as it ripples and shades in the breeze; Scaling mountains, pulling myself cautiously up, holding on by low.
  60. Adam placed the headphones over his patient’s ears and the mask over his nose while Michelle prepared the scaling and polishing equipment.
  61. Since Digg was having problems in scaling its MySQL database software, it began to shift over to another open source system called Cassandra.
  62. Imagine that you are scaling into a trade in a large move, and something happens that suggests the volatility may be even higher than expected.
  63. The facility was carved out of the ground creating a pit thirty feet deep with brick paved sides that would deter any vampires from scaling out.
  64. Scaling the bluffs reminded her of climbing the rock wall at her old gym at Alamo Heights, except here she had no gear and harness supporting her.
  65. The AGC concept was introduced in Chapter 5 of this book; however, in this case, we are scaling on the basis of power rather than on wave amplitude.
  66. Once again, note that this is not the same thing as an entry that requires scaling in to reach full size as the market moves against the entry price.
  67. There are also kinds of trade entries—for instance, scaling in in anticipation of mean reversion—that may require multiple entries to be effective.
  68. This scaling factor sets +100 and −100 as approximations to the plus and minus one standard deviation if the data had a Gaussian probability distribution.
  69. His client, whom he, in his character of counsel, persisted in calling Champmathieu, had not been seen scaling that wall nor breaking that branch by any one.
  70. I had gone only thirty or forty feet when I saw black-clad figures scaling the fence perhaps sixty feet ahead of me, far from where I’d thought they would be.
  71. What is nice about this entry method is it allows scaling in and typically ends up with a better average price than if a trader had waited for the squeeze to fire off.
  72. For instance, a trader scaling into a long trade will usually be buying small pieces (perhaps 20 percent to 33 percent at a time) of the total position size into declines.
  73. Knowing this, when this scenario sets up, I’ll start scaling into these positions early, and I will often have built up a full position before the squeeze even fires off.
  74. I was scaling tears; thinking that what was happening with me; at that moment I was unable to take any decision; felt deserted and lonely while leaving Gopal at the bus stand.
  75. I plunged on, scaling rocks, straddling fallen tree trunks, snapping marine creepers that swayed from one tree to another, startling the fish that flitted from branch to branch.
  76. Since then, dozens of books, national magazines, web sites, and grassroots "simplicity circles" have sprung up to offer support and share ideas for those interested in scaling back.
  77. Am I scaling in? Am I scaling out? Am I getting all in and all out? What is my risk/reward ratio? This is a lengthy part of the plan, as I will write down sample plays for all my categories.
  78. Under cover of a murderous hail of arrows from the goblin archers farther back, scaling ladders were laid against the walls and grappling hooks thrown to lodge between the merlons on the battlements.
  79. A dozen of them had tried climbing out gunports and scaling the ship’s side, as well, but the hovering SNARC had spotted them, and his merciless shotgun had been waiting when they topped the bulwark.
  80. I became weary of ranging fields and scaling walls, and seriously alarmed at the idea suggested by you, that if caught hovering about here your father would very likely have me sent to prison as a thief.
  81. Of the 50 or 60 large-block sales investigated, only one was a short sale, and that one was entered as an order to sell by scaling up on sale execution price so that the stock was not battered by the order.
  82. Crouching down in a corner, peeping up the lane, the next object that Young Jerry saw, was the form of his honoured parent, pretty well defined against a watery and clouded moon, nimbly scaling an iron gate.
  83. Investors free to apply leverage would get better long-run results in all the above cases by scaling up the opportunities in low-volatility assets (although funding spreads would eat up some of the benefits).
  84. Seems as if in scaling the formidable gate she overestimated her athletic prowess and settled onto the topmost curlicue of the iron scroll adorning the gate top; which unexpectedly penetrated her unrepentant genitalia.
  85. It is true, the body must now work physically more in order to bring forth a change because it is now working through tougher conditions, not just walking up hill, but now scaling a mountain because of the medicinal interference.
  86. Where was there any proof to the contrary? No doubt that branch had been broken off and concealed after the scaling of the wall, then thrown away by the alarmed marauder; there was no doubt that there had been a thief in the case.
  87. Then the woman was wheeling me away from the ocean, back toward the tarry sand and the parking lot and the bent-over palm trees—real palm trees, not made of recyclables—with their long beards of shredded bark, scaling away from the trunk.
  88. Using this method of scaling your stops will enable you to at least take partial profits, and at the same time enable you to stay in at least part of your position for possible future price progress or extension of the move that’s under way.
  89. When trading a long–short position, pairwise volatility scaling (weighting long and short legs by their empirical volatilities or betas) reduces and (if risk estimates are accurate) potentially eliminates the position’s market directionality.
  90. There are subtle relationships between the length of swings, angle of swings (a visual indication of rate of change, assuming that vertical scaling is consistent), and the specific formations at the turn of swings that can reveal momentum conditions to the trained eye.
  91. The fellow must have been sleeping beside the road, for, as I came abreast of him, he raised upon one elbow and after a single glance at the approaching caravan leaped shrieking to his feet and fled madly down the road, scaling a nearby wall with the agility of a scared cat.
  92. When they were exhausted, when these formidable men on the point of death had no longer either powder or ball, each grasped in his hands two of the bottles which Enjolras had reserved, and of which we have spoken, and held the scaling party in check with these frightfully fragile clubs.
  93. He knows it is very difficult not to throw money at a problem and almost impossible to stop doing so without the electorate complains about a "down scaling of jobs" and "leaving us open for attack" and whatever cr-p the opposition politicians can think off to make life difficult for you.
  94. It was an official Black Op so we parked our cars out of sight over by the community college and, clad in camouflage, walkie-talkies, black-face, climbing gloves and scaling rope with swivel-hook, we ran and secret-agent-rolled our way across the dark shadows of the courtyard to the first level.
  95. She seemed to have such power on the stage as she danced, and the costuming! He thought the tail with the arrowhead on the end was a cute touch, marveled at the red glowing eyes and the small horns and reminded himself to ask her how she got the scaling effect on hands, arms and legs under the spotlights.
  96. There was one striking thing which caused him to meditate deeply, like a warning whisper from Providence itself: the scaling of that wall, the passing of those barriers, the adventure accepted even at the risk of death, the painful and difficult ascent, all those efforts even, which he had made to escape from that other place of expiation, he had made in order to gain entrance into this one.
  97. If you know that support levels are not clean, how will you trade around them? Will you sell your position when the level drops, book many small losses, and reestablish when it holds again? Will you simply position small in the range, plan to buy more if it drops, and accept that you will occasionally take very large losses on your maximum size when the market does drop? If you are scaling in, how will you deal with the fact that your easy wins will not be on your full size, as you did not have the opportunity to buy your full line near the bottom of the range? By the time you see the support level is holding, the market will already be far from the level, increasing the size of the stop loss needed.
  1. Steve scaled a fence, and.
  2. They are often scaled down.
  3. When is the mountain scaled?
  4. She’d scaled the damn crevice.
  5. I quickly scaled the food counter.
  6. She scaled just eleven stone nine.
  7. But when I scaled the building there.
  8. I quickly scaled a tree that was only a.
  9. Since the coast was clear I scaled down.
  10. I scaled tears bitterly while leaving you.
  11. Not all products or services can be scaled.
  12. As I scaled the stairs, I noticed something.
  13. Everybody scaled tears for the lost of Promod.
  14. I ran back to the nearest store then scaled it.
  15. This is not true of arithmetically scaled charts.
  16. Purobi was very upset; she scaled tears for Parul.
  17. I scaled it and then fell asleep on a thick branch.
  18. I said nothing; I just scaled tears in front of him.
  19. By the time I’d scaled the hill I began to hear.
  20. Thinny scaled me up and down with a medical scanner.
  21. Dean shut his netbook and scaled down from his perch.
  22. We scaled it at the same time reaching the seating.
  23. As a boy in Leningrad I had scaled many such fences.
  24. They scaled the wall in meager seconds and hastened.
  25. After we scaled the hill we turned left and proceeded.
  26. Brian and I scaled the three foot fence located at the.
  27. I scaled the tree and then tuned into what was going on.
  28. I scaled the tree then Cynthia extended her arms as she.
  29. Outdated machines scaled the sweeping brick walls of the.
  30. Instinctively, I scaled the large house reaching the roof.
  31. Barely a moment after I scaled the building, the blaring.
  32. I scaled it, all the way up into a beautifully built tree.
  33. I ran across the street and then scaled a tree located on.
  34. The barricade once scaled had a mane of lightning flashes.
  35. I ran to the tree, leaped onto it and then scaled it until.
  36. After ensuring that the coast was clear, I scaled the tree.
  37. I approached the crib with caution and then scaled it like.
  38. I entered the fraternity house without incident then scaled.
  39. Cecily let go of the limb, and scaled the remaining few yards.
  40. Instinctively, I scanned the area and then scaled the nearest.
  41. Slowly he scaled the steps, his hands raised up to touch the.
  42. As they had no ladders, the French scaled it with their nails.
  43. Young men scaled the bars; shouts echoed all through the yard.
  44. They came to landing unlike the others they had scaled after a.
  45. Joshua ran to his brother and scaled the rail in a single step.
  46. The flute was a fin in length with three holes of scaled sizes.
  47. Two hours later we came upon a cliff face that couldn't be scaled.
  48. In one swift movement he leapt for the trunk and scaled the tree.
  49. And from the mountain wall, the one that scaled the mountain did.
  50. He scaled a number of steep hills, following the caravan of boulder carriers.
  51. She strode across the white cobblestones and scaled the hedges that bordered.
  52. Whether you have existing products, services or processes that can be scaled.
  53. It appeared to be abandoned so I approached it and then scaled it to the nest.
  54. A light was visible high at the top of the slope that they had just scaled down.
  55. Damned fools---it was scaled for my ship, not so large a vessel as this!.
  56. Has the story of the two disputants reached you? When they scaled the sanctuary?
  57. Ranger could feel the air pouring out of her nostrils rising from her scaled snout.
  58. The breeze rapidly scaled up to a wind and then a gale as they moved into the storm.
  59. Since values of k and h are scaled similarly and h > 1, no adjustments are required.
  60. However, after a few moments he had scaled to the stair in front of the voix humaine.
  61. I approached the tree, scaled it and then chose a very high branch to hit the sack on.
  62. I scaled it for a better view and spotted another road across an old clear-cut swath.
  63. Quickly, I scaled the wall, but to my sad surprise, the guard had been dismissed early.
  64. The barricade was ten times attacked, approached, assailed, scaled, and never captured.
  65. The ice burst from his hands and moved to the dragon, running up the black scaled legs.
  66. She moved forward and pushed ashore a small, simple wooden box, with her scaled flipper.
  67. The values of these functions are measured in different units and are scaled differently.
  68. Their blades, sharpened in the Plane of Order, left scalding gashes on their scaled hide.
  69. The group scaled the remaining ladder and surveyed the area around them with their torches.
  70. All the framework was black with time, and from the iron the paint had mostly scaled away.
  71. The thick, scaled hide of the Titan was strong and deflected the attack of the adept mages.
  72. The entire grandiose structure and goal has been scaled down to an ordinary lab-experiment.
  73. On top of the control panel was a scaled down replica of the giant hologram visual interface.
  74. In addition to using limit orders, Hal could have scaled into the trade with a hundred shares.
  75. I could have never scaled those dizzying heights without the support of such political giants.
  76. With absolutely no time to waste I ran to the fireplace and then scaled it as fast as I could.
  77. She turned and clung to the rock wall, quickly finding her footing as she scaled down the side.
  78. Christina started up the ladder, periodically glancing behind her as she scaled the wobbly rope.
  79. Lord Taliesin and his friends scaled several spiraling flights of stairs to a great dining hall.
  80. This time a dark grey, scaled creature, with long whiskers, and a different shaped snout appeared.
  81. His blue, scaled tail barely entered the water, with his large frame propped by two front flippers.
  82. Michael spun round and scaled the stairs three at a time, hoping the hooded figures would not follow.
  83. Halon fired again but it glanced off the scaled shoulder as the creature swung his arm aggressively.
  84. Although it has scaled down its operations, it’s still a significant player in the industry today.
  85. She quickly scooted to the edge overlooking the ocean and scaled down the bluffs and out of his view.
  86. Like shivering, half drowned rats, we climbed up the scaled arm onto the heavy plated monster’s back.
  87. The trees near me were dead and brown, but further a network of red thread scaled the still living stems.
  88. Nevertheless, when I scaled a high escarpment, I could see no volcanoes within a radius of several miles.
  89. Once the markets triggered my buy stop, I scaled out in thirds all the way up to my target (see Figure 18.
  90. As the mercenaries scaled several, spiraling flights of stairs they remained cautious and ready for battle.
  91. Small front flippers and scaled tails; yes, these are Wyverns, Sea Dragons, yet we’re so far from the sea.
  92. It was brilliant, all the backtracking the boy had accomplished and how he’d scaled so far from the trail.
  93. He created Plenty of Fish, an online dating website, and scaled it to making $10 million a year working at.
  94. Additive convolution is more appropriate for criteria that are close in their nature and are similarly scaled.
  95. He scaled the pillar easily, like a spider at home on its web, but was stuck once he hit the rounded table top.
  96. The repetitive chinking sound from the Uphrians’ scaled armour quickened, marking their sudden change in pace.
  97. They soon found themselves in the shadow of the peaks and then onto the escarpment they had scaled the day before.
  98. Plotting an indicator scaled to a normal probability distribution has a huge advantage on indicator interpretation.
  99. Don't worry if you're starting small, this will be scaled up intelligently month after month as profits accumulate.
  100. The buckle was strangely made, in the form of a golden serpent-head, flat, wedge-shaped and scaled with curious art.
  1. Put it on the scales.
  2. Scales fell off in his hands.
  3. The blue scales of its body.
  4. The scales of time are at work.
  5. Great Britain holds the scales.
  6. Had a pair of scales in his hand.
  7. Weighed the mountains in scales.
  8. Now here are the same two scales.
  9. As for he whose scales are heavy.
  10. Ad for Marvin's Safes and Scales.
  11. But as for one whose scales are.
  12. The scales should still be closed.
  13. On the left hand side of the scales.
  14. The scales on that Day will be just.
  15. The scales are balanced in this card.
  16. But as for he whose scales are light.
  17. Those whose scales are heavy are the.
  18. He scales it down in size to fit the.
  19. Scales can be altered to emphasize or.
  20. Fish also have scales (a covering) for.
  21. Justice holds the scales upon which we.
  22. Perhaps at these scales it is more of a.
  23. We used ordinary electronic floor scales.
  24. He poured the sand onto the digital scales.
  25. My sisters had scales when they came out.
  26. Practice without using scales for feedback.
  27. Gavial of Caen, analysis of the scales of, A.
  28. She won't get on the scales, no one knows.
  29. Use scales for feedback about weight-bearing.
  30. The scales swayed down on the Carrington side.
  31. It had been enough to tip the scales back in.
  32. Your scales are softer and your bones heavier.
  33. Some of its scales sparkled green and in the.
  34. The fishy scales spread up as far as her belly.
  35. I had to be weighed on the scales every Tuesday.
  36. The wise man scales the city of the mighty, and.
  37. They wildly tried to brush off the burning scales.
  38. Its scales glowed orange and red in the firelight.
  39. He should have reported to Governor Scales by now.
  40. Are they doing those procedures with scales, now?
  41. Sliding scales to accelerate conversion, 315–318.
  42. The gold scales of the body armor gleamed under the.
  43. Jesus, he never argued! His scales mus’ be crooked.
  44. AGARICUS - Always dry, with only a few small scales.
  45. Why not? I’m jus’ balancin’ the crooked scales.
  46. Scales that are of similar material to that of stone.
  47. Scales are usually connected to the presence of ants.
  48. If I protected those scales, Allen, I protected the.
  49. The scales immediately fell off the young man’s eyes.
  50. Adding passing tones to guitar scales is a great and.
  51. Justice, with her scales, represents the weighing of.
  52. Those whose scales are heavy-those are the successful.
  53. Her life had been filled with the scales being equal.
  54. They all gathered around the scales to read the weight.
  55. My dear cousin, do not weight your life in the scales.
  56. It was the absence of scales that gave them away, but.
  57. Decrease the weight-bearing target amount on the scales.
  58. When she got out of the shower, she looked at the scales.
  59. Increase the weight-bearing target amount on the scales.
  60. This was history in the making on the grandest of scales.
  61. Their arrival turned the scales in the battle for Moscow.
  62. Eartheart, the scales became the crust of the Earth.
  63. Since scales should be memorized, I prepare a chart that.
  64. Scales, feathers, fur and hard shells were all represented.
  65. The scales on his chest were in the shape of a large flower.
  66. The serpent hissed, his scales fal ing away in smoking pieces.
  67. Black seized the pages and let his eyes drift over the scales.
  68. I am armoured above and below with iron scales and hard gems.
  69. Instead of watching the scales, watch your plate and make sure.
  70. Water is the great equalizer, the great balancer of the scales.
  71. The black wool fell to his heels, as black as Laeron’s scales.
  72. Every pupil asks at least once: "Do I have to practice scales?".
  73. THIS IS TO CERTIFY, that Fairbanks’ Scales have been used at H.
  74. It was a sickly white color, with a green tinge upon its scales.
  75. There are three scales of categorization: Macro, Meso, and Micro.
  76. A dark color of slate grey, replaced the brilliant green scales.
  77. She kicked the scales back under the vanity and burst into tears.
  78. Brazil tips the scales as the world’s largest producer of beef.
  79. In the interim, Zeke had set up a giant set of scales in the shed.
  80. Scott A Robb’s (USA) colossal cabbage tipped the scales at 62.
  81. In the dim light its scales glistened coldly, white as hoar-frost.
  82. Many are only driven by greed and power, albeit on varying scales.
  83. Scale Tipping helps to tip the scales of body-image in your favor.
  84. The first snake was yellow, with scales standing up around its face.
  85. Paul then put it on a scales, this particular stone weighs in at 4.
  86. Wedding? He sat on my hind leg and ran his hands on the scales.
  87. Come on, let's get out of the water, before we grow scales and fins.
  88. Ok, time to weigh, he said, pulling scales out from by the door.
  89. Forest, its green scales tarred by the dust and grime of its resting.
  90. We see pollution, greed, lust, and waste on scales never before seen.
  91. The balls hit against his scales and fell ineffectively to the floor.
  92. The scales hurt my knuckles, but I ignored the pain and kept punching.
  93. The synthetic coverlet depicted stars and planets at distorted scales.
  94. So that you see the whole thing is a mere matter of weights and scales.
  95. And give full measure when you measure, and weigh with accurate scales.
  96. His thick scales seemed impervious to even the scratchiest of brambles.
  97. Adam weighed the guard, standing it on its side on the sensitive scales.
  98. Had she cut herself on the scales? She realised it was menstrual blood.
  99. My weakened chest scales were underneath me covered with Al’s shield.
  100. Some traders managing large positions might decide to exit using scales.

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