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Surmount in a sentence

I mulled over ways to surmount this.
The undead were about to surmount the wall.
What we need to figure out is how to surmount these new obstacles.
Or, as Bethell puts it, They think goodwill can surmount all problems.
And this is how, in fact, we surmount our limitation to the limited I and.
He wanted to call out, but his throat was constricted by some force he could not surmount.
The word reached his ear as a wave which he no longer had the strength to surmount passed over his head.

His sense of right had surmounted and would continue to surmount anything that might be called antipathy.
In vain did the horses put forth every effort to surmount it—the French saved hardly a gun or private carriage.
They have enabled Batavia to surmount the additional disadvantage of perhaps the most unwholesome climate in the world.
Suddenly, laughter filled the air, the kind that bullies use when trying to surmount their victims, and I peered at my brothers.
Olin took notice of these things, once again counseling himself that mindless emotions will surmount factual logic any day of the week.
The smell of sulphur could not surmount the stench of the burnt flesh, similar to roast beef, convincing Max and his team to become vegans.
But it was not in a lover's nature—it was not in Fred's, that the new anxiety raised about Mary's feeling should not surmount every other.
Well, not everything had gone perfectly but he was reasonably satisfied that he would have been able to surmount the difficulties he encountered.
Third, breakouts sometimes succeed only after several attempts, especially when the breakout must surmount a longstanding resistance or support level.
However, we are likely as humans, to be at the dawn of human evolution in terms of future psychological/spiritual abilities to surpass and surmount the influences of human base instincts.
Nevertheless, as she failed to surmount the Hindu emotional obstacles for her Italian ascent to the gaddi, she chose to catapult the wily but silly Manmohan Singh to the gaddi as her proxy.
Such advantageous situations have enabled those two colonies to surmount all the obstacles which the oppressive genius of an exclusive company may have occasionally opposed to their growth.
Again and again she felt herself lifted lightly off her feet and over some obstacle that would have taxed her strength to surmount, and her wonder grew at the sheer physical power of the man.
The private interest of many powerful individuals, the confirmed prejudices of great bodies of people, seem, indeed, at present, to oppose to so great a change, such obstacles as it may be very difficult, perhaps altogether impossible, to surmount.
Those losses following so close together had been highly laborious to surmount, and the burden of coping with her affliction contributed significantly to the extension of her struggle, until she was blessed with her ability to see things no normal person could see even with perfect vision.
What if he failed leading to his fall? But what were the alternatives? Any way, a thrifty life of penny saving wouldn’t do either, as it would only turn pound foolish in the end, wouldn’t it? The big buck was the key but where would that come from? How was he to surmount the odds and cross the hurdles to pull it off in a big way?
But, if it were possible to surmount this fundamental objection, and if that rule which forbids, during the same session of the Senate, the re-agitation of a proposition once decided, were disregarded, your committee would still be at a loss to find any sufficient reasons for prolonging the political existence of the corporation for the purpose of winding up its affairs.
He was in a hurry to be gone; had he then been in a state to see things more clearly, had he only been able to form an idea of the difficulties besetting his position, to see how desperate, how hideous, how absurd it was, to understand how many obstacles there still remained for him to surmount, perhaps even crimes to commit, to escape from this house and return home, he would most likely have withdrawn from the struggle, and have gone at once and given himself up to justice; it was not cowardice which would have prompted him to do so, but the horror of what he had done.
No one needs to be reminded that love stories, in which the lovers are required to surmount all sorts of obstacles, are common enough; one of the chief difficulties in supplying the demand is to create obstacles of the sort that will stand the test of plausibility and yet add a reasonable means by which the hero and heroine may overcome them, for the distracted couple must live up to what is expected of them, and their romance must be molded by the practical maxim that nothing succeeds like success—success meaning that their final happiness must be in conformity with the necessities of conventional morality; their union either blessed by the church of their faith or confirmed by law.
The surmounting fire of their age.
He must again ask for divine intervention in surmounting this angry emotion.
Blue eyes, surmounting a thin nose and thin lips, enlivened a round, pale face.
Noiselessly surmounting the barbed wire, we crept up to him and in a second Ginger was on him.
Because of surmounting losses, this one division at Goldman was a direct threat to its very survival.
I see over my own continent the Pacific railroad surmounting every barrier, I see continual trains of cars winding along the Platte carrying.
Surmounting this picturesque pedestal is an obelisk of black-veined marble on a granite base, the whole rising some seven feet from the ground.
It’s a unique feature of life in that, a fulfilling moment, while surmounting a mountain of miseries, obliterates the nightmares of the past.
Bolton showed him a box of technician-fourth-grade insignia, and Colling counted out several sets of the three chevrons surmounting a T that denoted his new rank.
At that moment the wind, as it were, surmounting all obstacles, sent the snow flying from the carriage roofs, and clanked some sheet of iron it had torn off, while the.
By this time it was late afternoon so he took a bus along the coast to a point where he could look at the amazing spectacle of Mont Saint Michel, a castle-like building surmounting a conical island hill just off-shore.
At that moment the wind, as it were, surmounting all obstacles, sent the snow flying from the carriage roofs, and clanked some sheet of iron it had torn off, while the hoarse whistle of the engine roared in front, plaintively and gloomily.
The natural effort of every individual to better his own condition, when suffered to exert itself with freedom and security, is so powerful a principle, that it is alone, and without any assistance, not only capable of carrying on the society to wealth and prosperity, but of surmounting a hundred impertinent obstructions, with which the folly of human laws too often encumbers its operations: though the effect of those obstructions is always, more or less, either to encroach upon its freedom, or to diminish its security.
We passed rapidly along; the sun was hot, but we were sheltered from its rays by a kind of canopy while we enjoyed the beauty of the scene, sometimes on one side of the lake, where we saw Mont Saleve, the pleasant banks of Montalegre, and at a distance, surmounting all, the beautiful Mont Blanc and the assemblage of snowy mountains that in vain endeavour to emulate her; sometimes coasting the opposite banks, we saw the mighty Jura opposing its dark side to the ambition that would quit its native country, and an almost insurmountable barrier to the invader who should wish to enslave it.
Gregory stared at the crucifix that surmounted it.
In the inclined mirror facing him which surmounted the.
But more importantly, I realized that I had surmounted.
The wall was surmounted by a flat stone without a coping.
Each pillar was surmounted by something that looked like a.
Now they surmounted the last low hill overlooking the canal.
It is also by him that the hurdles in the way are surmounted.
The relief is surmounted by two lines of ideographic inscription.
Or white-domed capitol with majestic figure surmounted, or all the.
Upaya has slain Surya and surmounted the depths of hell to come here.
A shout arose from those around Moshe as they surmounted the hilltop.
At one end there rose a spire which, he assumed, surmounted the chapel.
And wise, to know that no man sets a challenge that cannot be surmounted.
Are there people who have surmounted all obstacles and succeeded despite incredible.
The tower is of late Norman and Transitional character surmounted by a Flamboyant crocketed spire.
On the shield is a special form of the sign for Mars: an apple surmounted by a spread-winged Victory.
His sense of right had surmounted and would continue to surmount anything that might be called antipathy.
Thorns: They signify obstacles which will be finally surmounted only if you cut off the thorns in your dream.
Repugnance would have been surmounted by the immense need to win, if chance would be kind enough to let him.
One then perceived on the right, facing the window, a glass door surmounted by a frame glazed and painted gray.
I was not attracted to her enough to overcome a loyalty that might have been surmounted by stronger magnetism.
Of all the huge city there remained nothing but heaps of ruins surmounted at intervals with stacks of chimneys.
It was a huge affair, surmounted by a canopy and furnished with a gaudily painted throne and other theatrical props.
In Burgundy and in the southern towns they planted the liberty tree; that is to say, a pole surmounted by a red cap.
At last they surmounted the first height and looked down upon the scene that stood between them and the next high place.
It possesses several domes completely plated with gold and some twelve hundred spires most of which are surmounted by a golden cross.
The old woman and Leah struggled to keep their precious cargo secure as they in turn surmounted the steep incline of the old riverbank.
His sorrow mounted and his heart was leaden as he began the homeward journey, yet he surmounted the darkness and once again was himself.
He addressed a few words to the force, complimenting them on the excellent way they had surmounted all obstacles and gained their object.
Magicians know that magic results in destruction, but they follow their bestial and fatal lusts, and in this way they are surely surmounted.
In the midst of this chamber were four stones, which had formerly served as an altar, as was evident from the cross which still surmounted them.
He wore a profusion of ribbons on his garment, and gold-lace on his hat, which was also encircled by a gold chain, and surmounted with a feather.
In a normal game the final obstacle to be surmounted entails a hazardous ascent, and the steep slope they now stood before surely met that criteria.
Yet, when that proposition should be disposed of, the whole of the difficulty would not be surmounted, as much would still remain to be accommodated.
Theology might have correctly identified the next or final elevation, but has never been unified in their understanding of how it might be surmounted.
This youth of India was much impressed with the temple of Augustus, situated upon an elevation and surmounted by a colossal statue of the Roman emperor.
At one corner it had a tower surmounted by a spire or steeple, and this steeple terminated with an ornamental wrought-iron pinnacle which had to be painted.
In the middle of the room is a table covered with green cloth, on which there are papers lying and a three-cornered ornament surmounted by an eagle—the zertzal.
In these sheltered lakes the little coloured flowers swam and slid; surmounted smooth slippery waves, and sometimes foundered and lay like pebbles on the glass floor.
She wore a garnet velvet Cloak—despite the Warmth of the Weather—and a Commode that surmounted her hennaed Hair, which fell in Curls o’er her furrow’d Forehead.
On the contrary to what is claimed, Al’lah’s messenger (cpth) surmounts them at all times.

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