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Scold in a sentence

Bad hand, I scold myself.
Oh, Phil, don't scold me.
It was no use to scold Laino.
His mother from the door doth scold.
I want to scold you, and yet I cannot.
Aaron heard the scold, loud and clear.
Do not scold young children before others.

I must have patience! I will let her scold.
She longed to say, 'Please don't scold her.
Siting on the ground, he began to scold Ye.
Sari! he tried to scold as she slipped.
Grandma will look on with disgust and scold him.
And they looked gloomy and began to scold Ermák.
She had come to scold; she should stay to learn.
At times he even took it upon himself to scold me.
During those few days, she would scold and scold.
I hear voices somewhere ahead of me, and scold myself.
Were they here to praise him or scold him? Suddenly it.
But I didn’t send for you to scold you, he said.
My father used to scold me for running down the stairs.
I shall not scold, but I don't like your conduct there.
Jason, taking Cherrie’s scold literally, nixes the idea.
He also has a scold scar on his left shoulder on the back.
You should summon her and scold her for her insolence!.
My mother used to scold me for calling her on the phone.
Nuala would scold them for buying food but it was always eaten.
Botchkova began at once to scold her, and call her a convict.
She moves his arm, seems to scold him, continues with the feeding.
So he could not tick her off or scold her in front of his mother.
Sari! he tried to scold as she slipped her dainty hand into his.
Tell me what you have come for—surely it was not simply to scold me?
She did not scold him or threaten to hit him; instead, she just went quiet.
Lady Proudness began to scold her with all the most vicious words but Mei.
He began to scold for some time, although his meaning is about the same as.
The world most vicious ways to scold people had been muttered by her in an.
I can feed and nurse and pet and scold them, and Mother will be my stand-by.
She might scold herself for the weakness, but there was no scolding it away.
And all of my friends scold their grandchildren for their illiterate texting.
After reading that message, Saarang felt happy that Mounika did not scold him.
We sat down in the window-seat; I assured her I would not scold, whatever her.
They did get a scolding.
I saw her scolding eyes.
They might get a good scolding.
Esyth gave him a scolding look.
Big Guys tone was almost scolding.
He probably got a proper scolding.
From inside came a scolding voice.
And all the scolding and the shame.
The good septon has been scolding me.
Lady Proudness was secretly scolding her.
She didn’t bother scolding her mother.
Reproof: To reply with scolding; to rebuke.
Thanks a lot, I say, scolding Cherrie.
His scolding nevertheless hurt Helga, who.
I shivered, scolding my own response to him.
She bowed her head as if he were scolding her.
He had been a kindly man, even in his scolding.
Part way through Ty's scolding, Bob had stopped.
Not scolding you could be an absence of love you.
It is true you actually seem to like my scolding.
Another wave of scolding heat washed over Rhones.
We could hear her scolding voice from inside the.
He stood awhile and listened to Gavrílo's scolding.
She gave me such a scolding the first time I went in.
Poor Ricky wept bitterly reading her mothers scolding.
I could not look straight into her scolding black eyes.
Rose threw a hot cup of coffee at him, scolding his hand.
The old woman was pulling the boy's hair and scolding him.
Scolding as usual, Varia! It is the worst thing about her.
I stand and cross my arms, waiting for the scolding to start.
None of Kusum’s efforts or scolding had any effect on her.
In this verse, there is a scolding and a warning for this man.
A boy—that high—who drank! I gave him a scolding at once.
More raps with the stick, more scolding, and a recommencement.
It was the one thing the landlady was always scolding her about.
When she indicated her thoughts to Mabel, she got the scolding.
He was scolding him quickly, obviously indignant at the attack.
I try scolding; to brace you, but neither of you will be braced.
He looked at me with such assurance that I gave up scolding him.
He felt as if he were her child and in the middle of a scolding.
Then she scolded him sharply.
Calm down, she scolded herself.
Telemachus scolded her and said:.
Hush now, Evan, Lily scolded.
But she scolded her sharply, and.
Because it’s not, he scolded.
You can't just leave, scolded Sammi.
That does it, Clark had scolded.
Thats it! Junya scolded to himself.
Part of me waits for them to be scolded.
Oh, stop complaining! he scolded himself.
The boy cried, and the old woman scolded.
This is hardly the time! She scolded.
The ones who came to her call were scolded.
Oh, be still, Brahdlai! he scolded himself.
Pa, Bernice’s little voice scolded.
His groin tightened and he scolded himself.
They scolded him for betraying their trust.
Gāndhiji could have shouted and scolded her.
Lady Proudness was startled and scolded aloud.
When she has scolded well she will hold her.
Would you please move? scolded another.
Hush, the both of you, Katherine scolded.
Hold your tongue, dragon-fly! he scolded.
At Nice, Laurie had lounged and Amy had scolded.
You didn’t have to hit him, she scolded.
Come on, you’ve had your fun, he scolded.
He agreed, but scolded her for dropping him in it.
Oh, don’t be so hard on him, Lily scolded.
Carr felt like a scolded child and acted like one.
What a mess you’ve made of this, she scolded.
When he had scolded halfway, we began to be on our.
And I don't normally use that word, he scolded her.
She could bring me mice and moles and not get scolded.
She scolded him for her business being still unsettled.
That’s no way to treat a lady, she scolded them.
Ma scolded him and said that Danny couldn’t eat pizza.
This isn't something to laugh about! Akito scolded.
Henry, that is enough! Anne scolded, her tone sharp.
Well that’s not very nice, is it? Ditherer scolded.
The wife scolds her son.
You should be asleep, he scolds mildly.
Everybody scolds us and gives us good advice.
So the Soviet leader scolds Margaret Thatcher.
You never should have left us, Cory, she scolds me.
The mother, in despair, scolds the children, who cry bitterly.
Even when he is angry with her and scolds her, he would never harm her.
We had often seen him getting severe scolds from his father for even small mistakes.
Don’t move your hands, or we just have to start all over again, he scolds me mildly.
Ronald Reagan gently scolds the students when they interrupt or their statistics are incorrect.
The father scolds him, although very mildly, “He is your brother!” implying, “You should be happy too!”.
He had not married her, he said (despite Rumours to the Contrary), for Marriage ruin’d the best of Women and made them Scolds.
Poverty and coquetry are two fatal counsellors; one scolds and the other flatters, and the beautiful daughters of the people have both of them whispering in their ear, each on its own side.
So Tarzan scolds them both and threatens Gunto with a taste of the death-bearing slivers if he abuses Tana further, and Tana, for her part, is compelled to promise better attention to her wifely duties.
Instead of being patient, he hardly lets you speak; instead of prescribing, he denounces; instead of helping, he passionately scolds; and so you do not go to him again, but fight through your later miseries alone.
In the first case, as long as it is joined it does that which the physical self wants: it gets angry, condemns, scolds, strikes; in the second case, when it is separated from the physical, it does only that which can free it from the torturing union.
Toward the end of a debate that was going nowhere, the Bible’s God scolds the friends for misinterpreting what He had been trying to bring to their attention over ages of effort to simplify the subject enough to fit into Man’s limited range of understanding, and to reclarify what Man’s well-intentioned tinkering had done to confuse the issue.
He scolds them with his glittering eye,.

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