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Denounce in a sentence

1. I denounce them to Heaven and to earth.
2. Who told you to write and denounce me?
3. She should go, denounce him, save herself.
4. To prove your patriotism, denounce the Chinese.
5. I denounce you and everything you stand for.
6. And just because it is an error, we denounce it.
7. Maybe Nacho thought Tom had gone to denounce them.

8. The old man and the aunt had agreed to denounce me.
9. I thought and thought and made up my mind to denounce him.
10. Couldn’t denounce the corporations, even under one’s breath.
11. Now I have done my duty in warning everyone and in that, I denounce.
12. The need to denounce America is so deep, for example, that otherwise.
13. Maybe we should denounce the boss to the police instead of killing him.
14. Repeating the phrase, I denounce you and everything you stand for, Larry.
15. So he must go to Arras, deliver the false Jean Valjean, and denounce the real one.
16. If I do not denounce myself? come, let us see how it will be if I do not denounce myself.
17. It is to preserve, to guard the constitution of my country, that I denounce this attempt.
18. Who and where is the false conspirator who says that I denounce the husband of my child!.
19. Often I had heard him denounce the primitive appointments, especially in the autopsy rooms.
20. Obviously in my enthusiasm to denounce I had forgotten about his trashy and inappropriate tattoo.
21. He recorded civilizations’ godlessness but did not denounce their unjust subjugation of Africans.
22. The Chinese have no votes, and are not patrons of the press; therefore, it is safe to denounce them.
23. Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him.
24. I confess that I expected to see my sister denounce him, and that I was disappointed by the different result.
25. I should have given her my identity card and told her to denounce me, because I had done something very, very bad.
26. Now he glared at the colonel and opened his mouth to denounce his defeatism, but Maindayl only shook his head.
27. Aunt Pitty, who had been the first to denounce Old Joe for his policy of retreat, was among the first to pack her trunks.
28. Those moral retards who denounce pornography are too stupid to realise it is their censorship that is creating demand for it.
29. The situation becomes more bizarre when seeing that Obama’s conservative critics rarely denounce him for drone assassinations.
30. Excitement, however, was tempered by a fear that his secret had leaked out and the entire school would stand up and denounce him.
31. But those Lily-liver’d Souls who denounce the Slave Trade are ignorant both of the Sea and of the very Nature of the Negro Heart.
32. Gorulga could denounce the Cimmerian to the people, establish a reputation for integrity, and rid Thutmekri of his rival at one stroke.
33. There were found faithless people among the peasants: they began to denounce their own brothers to the clerk, and to slander one another.
34. Then, touched by Combeferre's words, shaken by Enjolras' order, touched by Marius' entreaty, these heroic men began to denounce each other.
35. Williams) will in due time denounce it as the most abominable system—always employed in the fell purposes of outrage, plunder, war, and death.
36. But as for those who disbelieve and denounce Our revelations-these are the inmates of the Fire, dwelling therein forever; and what a miserable fate!.
37. Fernand Mondego, Count of Morcerf, an old soldier who has fought in twenty battles and whose honorable scars they would denounce as badges of disgrace.
38. He rushed back to the town in a state of desperation and went at once to the Courts of Justice to denounce the two knaves who had robbed him to the judge.
39. Should she indeed awake, and see me, and curse me, and denounce the murderer? Thus would she assuredly act if her darkened eyes opened and she beheld me.
40. But I know that a dozen or half a hundred towns will rise up in injured wrath to denounce me with claims and figures for having much more dreadful weather than Fargo.
41. Denounce himself, great God! Deliver himself up! With immense despair he faced all that he should be obliged to leave, all that he should be obliged to take up once more.
42. Consequently, the day came when he failed to heed a warning from a woman—a master in her own right—to not denounce the sexual activities of a political figure's wife.
43. In formal divinity they are the Unitarians of Islam, they refuse divine attributes to Muhammad, forbid prayers in his name, and denounce supplications to departed saints.
44. Gavryl was greatly surprised that Ivan did not denounce him before all the villagers, and at first he stood in much fear of him, but he soon afterward overcame this feeling.
45. But supposing during this time she notices the absence of the hatchet, she will grumble, perhaps kick up a shindy, and that will serve to denounce me, or at least might do so!.
46. He had since seen her, in the Section of Saint Antoine, over and over again produce her knitted registers, and denounce people whose lives the guillotine then surely swallowed up.
47. The purpose of the Church is to proclaim the Gospel, to teach and shepherd believers, to build and send missionaries, to denounce heresies and uphold truth, and to defend the Word.
48. Now he was relieved of that fear since he observed that Jesus was a very different sort of person from the outspoken and fiery prophet who dared to expose and denounce his private life.
49. Is it not illustrative of the force of habit that Chénier should denounce the exploitation of Fable and gods by poets in the very conventional language he might be expected to object to? In reading l.
50. However, no one dared to defame him or denounce him, taking into account that the few that tried, ended up buried six feet under in the depths of the Death Valley or missing from the face of the Earth.
51. Greek men: who boast of their maleness, and sexual virility, and publicly denounce and hate all pederasts… Tons of sick sexual innuendos about homosexuality, and sodomy… Methinks the Greek men doth protest too loudly.
52. His enemies hesitated to denounce him openly for fear of his friendly believers, while his friends feared to acknowledge him openly for fear of the Jewish leaders, knowing that the Sanhedrin was determined to put him to death.
53. And them and their descendants, to the last of their race, I, Alexandre Manette, unhappy prisoner, do this last night of the year 1767, in my unbearable agony, denounce to the times when all these things shall be answered for.
54. I had spent a horrible day, for, after reading in a morning paper the announcement of a forthcoming marriage between Christine and the Vicomte de Chagny, I wondered whether, after all, I should not do better to denounce the monster.
55. As he listened to Javert, the first thought which occurred to him was to go, to run and denounce himself, to take that Champmathieu out of prison and place himself there; this was as painful and as poignant as an incision in the living flesh.
56. He tried to put to himself, for the last time, and definitely, the problem over which he had, in a manner, fallen prostrate with fatigue: Ought he to denounce himself? Ought he to hold his peace? He could not manage to see anything distinctly.
57. III, under the title, “Is Russian Society Declining?” He objected to Tolstoi who said in the article “Shameful” that one ought not to ask about the abolition of corporal punishment, but “one must and ought only to denounce such a thing.
58. At times the strain of fulfilling the expectations of the press combined with the visions she received proved too much to accept, forcing her to yearn for peace and seclusion from the ever-present public and to denounce the attention placed upon her and her work.
59. Those Joyless Puritans who denounce all Lust alike are foolish and innocent of the Ways of the World; for, as there is a Diff’rence betwixt sound and rotten Meat, so, too, there is a Diff’rence betwixt chearful Lust and that gloomy Variety which sickens the Soul.
60. There are influential schools of thought, professedly Christian, and even Protestant, which zealously denounce the notion of an expiation of—past sin by Christ's sacrifice; affirming that there is no direct connection between His death and the forgiveness of sinners.
61. Military officers of the highest rank, instead of encouraging in their soldiers the brutality and ferocity necessary for their work, diffuse education among the soldiers, inculcate humanity, and often even themselves share the socialistic ideas of the masses and denounce war.
62. Why did they call the porter if it were their work? To denounce themselves? Or out of cunning? Not at all, that would be too much! Besides, did not the porter see the student Pestriakoff at the very gate just as he came in, and he stood there some time with three friends who had accompanied him.
63. Nay, his Republican friends might have the audacity to denounce him as an apostate, but the people had intrusted him with their dearest rights and interests, and he was resolved to pursue these according to his best judgment, regardless of the strictures of friends, and of the contumacious abuse of the press.
64. But when I see how prophets and Apostles have dealt with this subject,�when I observe the open way in which the Reformers of our own Church denounce it,�when I see the number of young men who walk in the footsteps of Reuben, and Hophni, and Phinehas, and Amnon,� I for one cannot, with a good conscience, hold my peace.
65. But though to me and my comrades it had seemed a better plan to send to Majorca for the vessel, as the Moorish lady suggested, we did not dare to oppose him, fearing that if we did not do as he said he would denounce us, and place us in danger of losing all our lives if he were to disclose our dealings with Zoraida, for whose life we would have all given our own.
66. Ah! but I have hitherto considered no one but myself; it is proper for me to hold my tongue or to denounce myself, to conceal my person or to save my soul, to be a despicable and respected magistrate, or an infamous and venerable convict; it is I, it is always I and nothing but I: but, good God! all this is egotism; these are diverse forms of egotism, but it is egotism all the same.
67. If there were no men ready at the bidding of the authorities to torture and murder, the landowner would never dream of seizing a forest which had been tended by the peasants; nor would officials consider themselves entitled to salaries paid to them from money wrung from the famished people whom they oppress, or which they derive for the prosecution, imprisonment, and exile of men who denounce falsehood and preach the truth.
68. But new occasions call for new laws; the side pavement, concentrating the people, required to be kept cleaner, and in better order, than when the whole width of the street was in use; so that the magistrates were constrained to make regulations concerning the same, and to enact fines and penalties against those who neglected to scrape and wash the plainstones forenent their houses, and to denounce, in the strictest terms, the emptying of improper utensils on the same; and this, until the people had grown into the habitude of attending to the rules, gave rise to many pleas, and contentious appeals and bickerings, before the magistrates.
69. This poor little Cosette who has no one in the world but me, and who is, no doubt, blue with cold at this moment in the den of those Thenardiers; those peoples are rascals; and I was going to neglect my duty towards all these poor creatures; and I was going off to denounce myself; and I was about to commit that unspeakable folly! Let us put it at the worst: suppose that there is a wrong action on my part in this, and that my conscience will reproach me for it some day, to accept, for the good of others, these reproaches which weigh only on myself; this evil action which compromises my soul alone; in that lies self-sacrifice; in that alone there is virtue.
70. Here, then, lies the great art: to make a little render to success the sound of a catastrophe in order that those who profit by it may tremble from it also, to season with fear every step that is taken, to augment the curve of the transition to the point of retarding progress, to dull that aurora, to denounce and retrench the harshness of enthusiasm, to cut all angles and nails, to wad triumph, to muffle up right, to envelop the giant-people in flannel, and to put it to bed very speedily, to impose a diet on that excess of health, to put Hercules on the treatment of a convalescent, to dilute the event with the expedient, to offer to spirits thirsting for the ideal that nectar thinned out with a potion, to take one's precautions against too much success, to garnish the revolution with a shade.
71. Either they hold that Scripture gives room for several opposite theories; or they lean to Universalism, and secretly teach men to trust in future purgatories; or they wholly repudiate and openly denounce and assail the old missionary doctrine, and believe that they who have 'sinned without law,’ and led impenitent lives under heathen darkness, shall enjoy evangelisation in Hades; or, if they reject that, shall 'perish without law,’ and die under the double curse of God; but it is simply a fact that opinion is changing here, and that the churches at home, acted upon by the revived spirit of doctrinal study, are silent where our fathers would have spoken, or doubt where they would have unhesitatingly followed the doctrine of former ages, or boldly deny where they would have an athematised opposition.
72. The I excepted, the I effaced, the I forgotten, what would be the result of all this? What if I denounce myself? I am arrested; this Champmathieu is released; I am put back in the galleys; that is well—and what then? What is going on here? Ah! here is a country, a town, here are factories, an industry, workers, both men and women, aged grandsires, children, poor people! All this I have created; all these I provide with their living; everywhere where there is a smoking chimney, it is I who have placed the brand on the hearth and meat in the pot; I have created ease, circulation, credit; before me there was nothing; I have elevated, vivified, informed with life, fecundated, stimulated, enriched the whole country-side; lacking me, the soul is lacking; I take myself off, everything dies: and this woman, who has suffered so much, who possesses so many merits in spite of her fall; the cause of all whose misery I have unwittingly been! And that child whom I.
1. Roy has a good point there,' she said denouncing him coolly.
2. Christians have spent two thousand years denouncing happiness.
3. Then abruptly her voice changed pitch to a whimper, denouncing.
4. Grant came into office denouncing what the previous president, Johnson, had done.
5. When he saw the poison had successfully done its work, he sprang up denouncing the dying woman.
6. A crudely printed flyer was pasted on the door, denouncing astrology and fortune telling as the work of Satan.
7. His team was able to arrive on the scene as the heroes, angrily denouncing the terrorists, before Obama even knew what was going on.
8. Eventually he settled on Mexico, where he spent his time sulking and denouncing the man who had beaten him to the top: Joseph Stalin.
9. Some teach that to kill for one‘s own sustenance is wrong, while others condone sustenance, while denouncing the killing of others for safety reasons.
10. Chabi knows that she has overstepped her bounds this time since she is not denouncing you in any way nor admitting to anyone that she has ever seen you.
11. The spiritual safety-blanket of Mother Church was stripped away by Luther’s stripping the Catholic Church naked in public and denouncing its corruptions.
12. For if ever man spoke well, it would be from a personal feeling, denouncing an enemy, defending himself, or pleading for what really may be dearer than life.
13. The insanity of the human race is that instead of vilifying and denouncing these individuals; they actually glorify these unspeakable things called scientists.
14. Unfortunately, fundamentalists overreacted when denouncing the social gospel’s view that God only cares about institutional sins and unjust social structures.
15. He warned him that if he heard of anything in the press about Elizabeth and my involvement in the killing, he would join me in denouncing the FBI as ridiculous.
16. He notes that such artists are fond of claiming that art has no obligation to teach morality, while at the same time denouncing the Judeo-Christian moral structure.
17. Instead of actively denouncing all forms of worship, including the worship of himself: Jesus corrupted his own teachings by allowing people to follow him and revere him.
18. Bid them, then, listen to the awful voice within, the utterance of a Will above the will, which persists in denouncing wrong and sin, and inspires an expectation of judgment.
19. He spent years in the political wilderness, denouncing Britain’s appeasement of the Nazis, and was returned to office only when that policy’s failure had led to total war.
20. Instead of gaily denouncing and caressing me, they made no allusion to my having failed them, and I was left, for the time, on perceiving that she too said nothing, to study Mrs.
21. When they protest that this authority of theirs, which is actually violence, is necessary to defend the people against the possible tyranny of others,[19] they are simply denouncing themselves.
22. If he wished to promote division, how could he better attain his object than by denouncing the people of a particular section? Who is this man, and where is he? is an inquiry that ought to be made.
23. A striking confirmation of this argument arises from consideration of the language employed by Mohammed in the Koran-like the Bible, an Oriental book—when denouncing future punishment to unbelievers.
24. In newspapers and on posters economists, writers, and journalists tore into Mao, denouncing him for not following orthodox Marxism and generally deciding he couldn’t lead the country out of a paper bag.
25. The discussion came to nothing, and all would have ended well if Missael had not preached the next day at mass, denouncing the wicked seducers of the faithful and saying that they deserved the worst punishment.
26. Mao’s Cultural Revolution (see previous section) had only recently been denouncing everything Western, so this meeting with a pair of anti-communist American Republicans took the world by surprise, to say the least.
27. This event was just the latest scandal for news reporters only too happy to retail the seamier side of Hollywood life and for church-going Americans denouncing the sinfulness of the movies all the way to the news stand.
28. I am about to conclude, gentlemen; and my conclusion contains a reply to one of the most important questions of that day and of our own! This criminal ended at last by denouncing himself to the clergy, and giving himself up to justice.
29. No one seemed to realise that the gilt cross with the enamel medallions at the ends, which the priest held out to the people to be kissed, was nothing but the emblem of that gallows on which Christ had been executed for denouncing just what was going on here.
30. Initial reports based on informants within the Ministry and the Disciplinarium seem to agree that for an unfathomable reason the Patriarch ordered that the Arch-minister be purged of his office, as well as denouncing his piousness the Castigator a traitor ex absentia.
31. Simon, when the Son of Man came first to you, did he come denouncing Moses and the prophets and proclaiming a new and better way of life? I came not to take away that which you had from your forefathers but to show you the perfected vision of that which your fathers saw only in part.
32. Look at the diatribe against astrology a few years ago by 186 famous scientists, none of whom bothered investigating astrology before denouncing it! Thirty years ago French researcher Michel Gauquelin proved the existence of an astrological effect statistically, and his results have been replicated independently by other researchers.
33. The Bible resembles a vast ocean of truth,—and, like the ocean, it offers at one time a boundless expanse of calm and sunshine; depths of redeeming mercy overarched by azure heights of love;—at another time it is covered with blackness and darkness, the heavens above are red with the fiery storms of Divine indignation, when God 'thunders marvelously with His voice,’ denouncing judgment upon the rebellious.
34. Suddenly one man in Perm, another in Túla, a third in Moscow, a fourth in Kalúga declare that they will not swear, and they base their refusal, every one of them, without having plotted together, on one and the same reason, which is, that the oath is prohibited by the Christian law, and that, even if it were not prohibited, they could not, according to the spirit of the Christian law, promise to commit the evil acts which are demanded of them in the oath, such as denouncing all those who will violate the interests of the government, defending their government with weapons in their hands, or attacking its enemies.
35. He knows that the conduct of the Governor at Orel has excited the indignation of the honorable men, and he himself, influenced by public opinion, has repeatedly expressed his own disapproval of the affair; he knows that the lawyer who ought to have accompanied him distinctly refused to do so, denouncing the whole affair as shameful; he knows that changes are likely to take place in the government at any moment, the result of which would be that those who were in favor yesterday may be in disgrace to-morrow; that if the Russian press remains silent, the foreign press may give an account of this business that might cover him with opprobrium.
36. Silence in the court! Charles Darnay had yesterday pleaded Not Guilty to an indictment denouncing him (with infinite jingle and jangle) for that he was a false traitor to our serene, illustrious, excellent, and so forth, prince, our Lord the King, by reason of his having, on divers occasions, and by divers means and ways, assisted Lewis, the French King, in his wars against our said serene, illustrious, excellent, and so forth; that was to say, by coming and going, between the dominions of our said serene, illustrious, excellent, and so forth, and those of the said French Lewis, and wickedly, falsely, traitorously, and otherwise evil-adverbiously, revealing to the said French Lewis what forces our said serene, illustrious, excellent, and so forth, had in preparation to send to Canada and North America.
37. Well, this man is going to the galleys; it is true, but what the deuce! he has stolen! There is no use in my saying that he has not been guilty of theft, for he has! I remain here; I go on: in ten years I shall have made ten millions; I scatter them over the country; I have nothing of my own; what is that to me? It is not for myself that I am doing it; the prosperity of all goes on augmenting; industries are aroused and animated; factories and shops are multiplied; families, a hundred families, a thousand families, are happy; the district becomes populated; villages spring up where there were only farms before; farms rise where there was nothing; wretchedness disappears, and with wretchedness debauchery, prostitution, theft, murder; all vices disappear, all crimes: and this poor mother rears her child; and behold a whole country rich and honest! Ah! I was a fool! I was absurd! what was that I was saying about denouncing myself? I really must pay attention and not be precipitate about anything.
1. She wouldn't have denounced you.
2. It was denounced and repudiated there.
3. He’s the man that denounced material.
4. Death was denounced against sin Genesis ii.
5. They have indignantly denounced Li Hongzhi's.
6. She was denounced by the Catholic archbishop.
7. He is denounced in no uncertain terms by John.
8. The man who denounced Ignace to George was a Maya.
9. He was denounced by a man in whom he placed great faith.
10. Napoleon had been denounced in the infinite and his fall.
11. Bush publicly denounced them and quit his NRA membership.
12. Interest, called usury, was indeed denounced in the Torah.
13. They denounced every man as a British partisan who denied it.
14. The Alliance has denounced these attacks by terrorist groups.
15. A leaf quake denounced the presence of a bird of singular plumage.
16. At my trial I denounced all the violations of my rights, Including.
17. John disregarded her advice, denounced the woman, and was arrested.
18. The President asked, was the Accused openly denounced or secretly?
19. When she came back, she stood up in the council and denounced Evelyn as a witch.
20. You’ve probably denounced it as a meager substitute for local human connection.
21. The Russians denounced the Anglo–French invasion, which was only to be expected.
22. They publicly denounced her and destroyed her reputation as a reputable scientist.
23. No man has hitherto denounced the act as on this account tyrannical and oppressive.
24. This happened many times and every time it was denounced as could only be expected.
25. Li Hongzhi debased and denounced the existing religions and Qigong without restraint.
26. While incarnate, he had never denounced the various religions that were in existence.
27. He would have been denounced as unworthy of the station his country had assigned him.
28. Thereupon, exasperated by jealousy, she denounced her lover, confessed all, proved all.
29. It comes as another charity, ‗ Igualdad Animal‘, has denounced what it describes as.
30. The recently publicized and now denounced tactics and surveillance had long been in place.
31. It was not wealth that he denounced, but what wealth does to the majority of its devotees.
32. The FDA publicly and loudly denounced hydrotherapy as having no proven medical benefits whatsoever.
33. Factories that spew toxic waste are denounced for their unthinking destruction of living organisms.
34. Bartholomew a propos of a grant of one hundred francs to the church, and denounced abuses, aired new views.
35. He denounced slavish devotion to meaningless ceremonials and exposed the fallacy of materialistic worship.
36. Their first glimpse of the reality came in February, 1956, when Nikita Khrushchev denounced Stalin's mass.
37. Then, after them, We sent Moses with Our miracles to Pharaoh and his establishment, but they denounced them.
38. Thus the United States is denounced as a land where individualism is rampant and people are pitted against.
39. It is one of the ironies of history that the man who denounced Herbert Hover as a spendthrift’ who.
40. Thus, one can recognize that poverty (often denounced as a negative trait) can actually be a seed for wealth.
41. Above all, Roger denounced the mayor’s grand theft of the citizen’s right to choose their representatives.
42. They will often bring up their children in the very path which they have denounced to their friends as unsafe.
43. In the following part of her 1994 National Prayer Breakfast speech, she denounced abortion and called it murder:.
44. The war is denounced as unconstitutional, cruel, the effect of French influence, and as intended to place James II.
45. Oh, good heavens! Here, be so good as to read what master has written to me, and see if it was I who denounced you.
46. The counter-police of the chateau had denounced to her Royal Highness Madame, the portrait, everywhere exhibited, of M.
47. He linked them in His fearful anathemas along with the Sadducees, and denounced in one breath the 'doctrine’ of both.
48. All of the cynics who had denounced Halfshaft as a talentless fraud had been forced to wait a very long time for this moment.
49. It follows from this that the penalty denounced in the Mosaic Law represents the punishment of sin under the moral law of God.
50. It is this profound psychological need to see the United States bested and denounced that makes anti-Americanism the Hydra-headed.
51. They angrily denounced the allegations of attempted murder and would not issue any statements until the full facts were available.
52. Accordingly, not all who submitted to John's baptism regarded themselves as being guilty of the specific sins which John denounced.
53. For several minutes, and with an astonishingly varied vocabulary, she denounced unappreciative daughters who let their parents down.
54. A messenger from among them had come to them, but they denounced him, so the punishment seized them in the midst of their wrongdoing.
55. In his last years Abner denounced Paul as the clever corrupter of the life teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the living God.
56. This silence, regardless of evangelistic motives, must be denounced because it enabled cruel violence and other injustices to continue.
57. But they denounced him, so We saved him and those with him in the Ark, and We made them successors, and We drowned those who rejected Our signs.
58. He denounced the African slave trade and encouraged Britain’s efforts to establish a colony in Sierra Leone for Africans rescued from slave ships.
59. To propose too much, would be to put this man's head under the axe, and, as he himself said, nothing worse could happen to him if he were denounced.
60. The gentleman tells us, that while the Minister of one foreign nation was denounced here for an implied insult, the letter of the Duc de Cadore to Mr.
61. Once everyone had denounced her, they were all variously disposed of, the guards to campaign, the servants fired, and the sycophants stripped of all rank.
62. With four dead and still counting they had denounced their involvement in the killing on video, and made the big mistake of going to the wrong man for help.
63. However, since then and until the late 1960s, fundamentalists not only denounced the social gospel, they went too far to reject social outreach all together.
64. As it happened, Conversos were being denounced all over the kingdom for little or no cause and losing all their possessions or even their lives unless they fled.
65. A liberated convict knew the secret of a penalty incurred by this man in former days; he denounced him, and had him arrested, and profited by the arrest to come.
66. While establishing the Baptist Missionary Society and preparing to become its first missionary to India in 1793, Carey denounced slavery in speeches and writings.
67. Reagan denounced the Soviet Union as an ‘evil empire’ and started positioning Pershing and Cruise nuclear missiles on the territory of America’s NATO allies.
68. The Curses were to be denounced from Mount Ebal as soon as they entered Palestine, to hang like thunderclouds of death over the nation in every succeeding generation.
69. He denounced Stalin for his personality cult and for ruling Russia by terror, having thousands of loyal communists shot or imprisoned simply because of his own paranoia.
70. State attorney Bowie denounced several false rumors including one that a room in the Loring home had recently been repainted—presumably to cover up a bloody crime scene.
71. They were denounced as evil pirates in the Anzarin cities, where they were called Wind Raiders, but in reality the Wind Riders became a source of hope for all subjugated Anzarins.
72. I ponder the irony that she denounced her mafia parents years ago to escape this very fate, yet now sits with us making barbarous laws in a barbarous time, enforcing them without mercy.
73. Woe to the man who fell into his hands! He would have arrested his own father, if the latter had escaped from the galleys, and would have denounced his mother, if she had broken her ban.
74. He gazed at the most appalling sight with eyes and muscles that knew not how to waver, but with execrations so bitter and deep as to denote how much he denounced the crime of his enemies.
75. Diaz started to draw up his big Thank-You-Really-You-Shouldn’t-Have speech, when Madero from his prison cell denounced the election as a fraud and called on Mexicans to rise up in revolt.
76. The revival that we have heard so much about these couple of days that accompanied Evan Roberts was denounced by a Congregational minister—Peter Price was his name—as a sham and a mockery.
77. Do you know that the orange lodges agitated for repeal of the union twenty years before O'Connell did or before the prelates of your communion denounced him as a demagogue? You fenians forget some things.
78. The modern world has either sneered at them as absurd, or denounced them as unnatural and immoral; men have been pleased to find in Aristotle's criticisms of them the anticipation of their own good sense.
79. Some of them denounced the show trials as a travesty of justice (they were right – the confessions had all been extracted under torture and were entirely fabricated); others spoke up in defence of Stalin.
80. On Christmas Eve they all happened to come to the house at the same time; each denounced the others, and after nearly coming to blows they all went away raging and cursing and had not been near the place since.
81. Then, having heartily denounced all those who - as he put it - `refused' to believe, he proceeded to ridicule those half-and-half believers, who, while professing to believe the Bible, rejected the doctrine of Hell.
82. The three most revered pagan goddesses of pre-Islamic Mecca were Al Lat, Al Uzza, and Manat, denounced in the Quran as false deities and the source of the infamous controversy about the alleged ‘Satanic Verses’.
83. In that telegram which was never made public, he denounced the first violation of the Treaty of Neerlan-dia and threatened to proclaim war to the death if the assignment of pensions was not resolved within two weeks.
84. It is objected that the curse denounced to our first parents was, according to us, death forever —dissolution without hope of a resurrection; and that, therefore, the threatening did not take effect upon the Redeemer.
85. He arrogantly admitted being a part of the revolt, called the Mongols vultures feeding on the corpse of Mexica-Tolteca culture and denounced his own father as a lackey of the Mongols and a traitor to his mother’s people.
86. In the weeks following the baptism of Jesus the character of John's preaching gradually changed into a proclamation of mercy for the common people, while he denounced with renewed vehemence the corrupt political and religious rulers.
87. Those who had said their prayers with unclosed heels denounced the discoverer of the new mode as a pernicious heretic; while he and a little band of followers consigned all who prayed in the old fashion to the eternal torments of hell.
88. But as the Germans increased their military expansion, Attlee denounced Neville Chamberlain’s infamous peace in our time by stating that it was one of the greatest diplomatic defeats that this country and France have ever sustained.
89. Having established the need for fitness he then denounced competitive sport because activities should be indulged in for their intrinsic pleasure and worth as a means for developing skills and fitness, not for gaining worthless prestige and fame.
90. It must be remembered that at that epoch the police was not precisely at its ease; the free press embarrassed it; several arbitrary arrests denounced by the newspapers, had echoed even as far as the Chambers, and had rendered the Prefecture timid.
91. Until the unspoken religion of self-gratification is exposed and challenged and opposed and denounced publicly: consumers will continue to remain brainwashed and convinced that they only doing what is right and good for themselves and for the world.
92. He assumed that his friends, the Americans, would just tut tut loudly and let him off, but instead President George Bush Senior and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher denounced his action and arranged for a United Nations force to liberate Kuwait.
93. I believe Bowen remained silent as white speakers supported imperialistic missions, and then denounced African Americans in his speech at the SVM convention a few years later, because he was the product of white missionary attempts to civilize blacks in the South.
94. Once denounced, and on such grave grounds as had just now been suggested to his mind, he foresaw that the dreadful woman of whose unrelenting character he had seen many proofs, would produce against him that fatal register, and would quash his last chance of life.
95. You were puffed up with your courage at abandoning a field in which you’d excelled, and you expected me to cheer at your shoulder, but all I could think of was that lonely computer, sitting on her desk in your office, gathering dust since the day you denounced her.
96. It is not an awful severity in the judgment denounced which occasions unbelief, for both nature and Scripture show that God is as really a Destroying Power as He is Light and Love; but it is the infinity of the threatening which has rendered it powerless to produce fear.
97. In another instant the thought had occurred to him that, when he denounced himself, the heroism of his deed might, perhaps, be taken into consideration, and his honest life for the last seven years, and what he had done for the district, and that they would have mercy on him.
98. Whereas, again and again, in his time of freedom, he had denounced the perversion of pathological doubt into moral doubt and had said—the purest experiment in treatment may still be conscientious: my business is to take care of life, and to do the best I can think of for it.
99. Defoe wrote True Histories of Famous Criminals and Notorious Shipwrecks; whilst the French Romancers sent us Year after Year the passionate Productions of their Pens (which were as oft’ denounced by our noble English Criticks as they were gobbl’d up by our hungry English Readers).
100. More stone and less red brick was the main difference between West Country schools and those of the Midlands, and the season passed without hitches until our entry in the West Country Shakespearian Festival had us denounced from several county pulpits and threatened with closure by the police.
1. The church denounces the Muslims, but the.
2. Interestingly, FTC not only denounces the $11k fine "myth".
3. The Pope denounces the humanist statements, and says that with.
4. Sophia-Analysis vehemently denounces the insanity of the ideal of.
5. The Law denounces this capital punishment not only on individual offenders, but on.
6. But our art strikingly denounces its factors in that they do not wish, and do not understand, and are not able to be of use to the people.
7. Already they openly sing The Lament for the King in which Rinaldo lauds the sainted villain and denounces Conan as 'that black-hearted savage from the abyss.
8. Instead of being patient, he hardly lets you speak; instead of prescribing, he denounces; instead of helping, he passionately scolds; and so you do not go to him again, but fight through your later miseries alone.
9. He advocates the principles of fraternity, humanity, justice, and science, and yet he lives so that he is dependent on the oppression of the working classes, which he denounces, and his whole life is based on the advantages gained by their oppression.
10. Eppes) has said this order of blockade has not a single feature of a regular blockade; in this, the gentleman is tolerably correct, and when he denounces, what in the fashionable cant of the day are called paper blockades, I join most heartily in the execration.
11. He denounces the Emperor for the Rambouillet decree, issued the twenty-third of March, eighteen hundred and ten; which subjected the ships of America to condemnation entering the ports of France, which the Emperor declares was an act of retaliation; because Congress had by their act of March, eighteen hundred and nine, subjected the vessels of France to condemnation entering the ports of the United States, yet that gentleman, when speaking of the British blockading order of eighteen hundred and six, issued without even a pretext, which by proclamation without investment subjected our ships to condemnation entering the ports of France, says, with respect to their Orders in Council I have nothing to say as to their justice or their policy.

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