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    1. And so to the question, to the motivational seminar,

    2. There were lots of colorful pamphlets around, each about a different seminar or research project, most of them in fasion arts

    3. The records back at NCTA indicated she was here for a full year, not just a seminar, but there was a chance she had attended one

    4. I’m very sure she took the shonggot to try and enhance her learning at a year’s seminar she was attending

    5. “If she was going to a year’s seminar at the Kassikan, I’m sure she would have wanted some shonggot for that

    6. This could be software training or a seminar style presentation

    7. This is not a financial seminar on how and where to invest your money

    8. In this seminar, you have learned:

    9. of running off to some motivational seminar to hear some

    10. Some years ago, I attended a seminar devoted to the subject

    11. I called the seminar “Pacific West’s Series on Real Estate Fundamentals

    12. So he packs his bags, in fantasyland, of course, since we’re still in the seminar, and I show up at his door on a motorcycle during a pouring rain

    13. enthusiasm than they had before my seminar

    14. Some professor from a well-respected institution started a 5 minute seminar on how this was a classic example of Al Qaida led attack and how white-Anglo working class reaction which was disengaged by mainstream politics was reacting to these attacks

    15. [49] This is the outline of a seminar that I led in Aberdeen on 19 January 1976, deputising for Professor Ian Pitt-Watson who was temporarily indisposed

    16. “Why don’t you call in and join me at the seminar while you’re in Christchurch? You’ll get a bit of an idea what we’re on about”

    17. bered that she had received a personal prophesy at a women’s seminar

    18. If you are planning on hosting a special event such as a seminar, webinar, podcast or conference, you can use hashtags to promote and build interest in this event

    19. That these were Macmillan’s assumptions regarding field counsel was confirmed in May 1975 at my first OGC seminar in DC by Charlie Rose and Matt McIlhenny, SupShip Counsel at Groton and Newport News, respectively

    20. they start at 1,500 with a seminar, culminating in an evening meal, at a total cost of $50

    21. returned to Jaguariuna to tell his mother that he was going to a seminar promoted by

    22. After that he signed up for a 3-day seminar with Tom Hopkins, and that was

    23. He motivated Tony to participate in a seminar called “Life Springs” which is

    24. After this seminar Tony had decided to divorce; he realized that neither he or

    25. Tom Hopkins Seminar, he wrote down his ten-year goal-setting plan, and he had

    26. His plans are: he will go to the seminar, he will employ whatever force he has left,

    27. The other day in a seminar a reporter asked me what were my business aspirations

    28. The outside of the brochure referred to a seminar that would be held in the woods of Western Massachusetts, in a beautiful place near the Mohawk State Forest

    29. As I continued to read, it mentioned that Ed McGaa, Eagle Man, was holding a seminar entitled “Mother Earth Spirituality

    30. I did just that, and two months later we were on our way to the seminar

    31. Shortly afterward, we arrived at the camp where the seminar was to be held

    32. One by one the sixty people stood up and began to relate what it was that brought them to the seminar

    33. One year later Beverly and I met with Ed at a seminar in upper New York State

    34. Beverly and one other woman who took part in the seminar danced in authentic Native American doeskin dresses, while I helped with the simpler tasks of Ed’s work

    35. At the end of that seminar, I approached him with a question

    36. seminar speaks to me of the time dedicated to a gestation, and it speaks to me

    37. It is so obvious that it is hardly worth saying, and yet there are at least two top seminar gurus on the circuit at the moment who are claiming that you can

    38. meeting rooms? Can you hold a live seminar there where you invite your existing customers to

    39. How's that writing seminar going?"

    40. purchase a real estate training course or attend a seminar

    41. relationship with a university, perhaps offering to give a seminar to a group of

    42. A meditation seminar or spiritual lecture might be more interesting to you than a night out on the town

    43. As we mentioned earlier, you might find more enjoyment at a spiritual lecture or meditation seminar than at a night on the town

    44. The working place is hell and who cares! My colleague with less talent than me manages to emerge and who cares! The company organizes a seminar on team building and who cares! So many sacrifices and so much money that has been thrown away! If we had considered saving before, maybe we would not be in this situation now

    45. She had heard that the Clothing Factory Association in KwaZulu Natal, was holding an important seminar at the weekend

    46. It would be a two day seminar, so he would obviously be staying in the hotel hosting the Seminar in their conference centre – ‘find out what hotel, also the room or suite number – fortissimo!’ A bemused Rory immediately sent one of his men to make discreet inquiries – when the old lady had a bee in her bonnet…

    47. It was the last night of the Clothing Manufacturers Seminar and the proceedings had ended with one heck of a party!

    48. From the 8th to the 23rd, as the love planet moves through the 12th house, romantic opportunities happen in spiritual-type settings – at the yoga studio, the prayer meeting or meditation seminar

    49. store, which "invites you to a special seminar, focusing on the beauty needs of women in cancer treatment" (San ]ose Mercury News, April 2, 1989; italics added)

    50. All of this and more can be taught to you when you take a meditation seminar

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    seminar talk parley congress discussion consultation conference convention

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    any meeting for an exchange of ideas

    a course offered for a small group of advanced students