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Sensible in a sentence

And she is very sensible.
It was sensible all right.
This was the sensible me.
The sensible thing was to.
So much for being sensible.
Sue wore some sensible but.
Pigs are much more sensible.

He is usually so sensible.
In some cases it is sensible.
That is very sensible advice.
The story has a sensible and.
We did the only sensible thing.
A sensible course of action.
A man, a sensible man like Dr.
A man—a sensible man like Dr.
They seemed very sensible to me.
Let’s be sensible (about this).
But you really must be sensible.
That is your only sensible option.
You did the sensible thing really.
It would be sensible to implement.
But it has some sensible stuff too.
It’s a very sensible thing to do.
Adrian seems a sensible sort of man.
Jochen was sensible, down to earth.
Sensible if true but now irrelevant.
This is a conscious and sensible work.
That would be good, and was sensible.
How can a sensible dragon put his or.
Keep in mind that a sensible decision.
Nice sensible hobbits stay with Smjagol.
That Ellie was a nice one, sensible too.
The solid, sensible things weren't wanted.
Sounds very sensible to me, he said.
The mamma, she said, was a sensible woman.
Since when is Mike the sensible one here?
That’s what the sensible thing to do was.
Killing the sheriff hadn’t been sensible.
When will you learn to be sensible?
It's good to know you have a sensible mind.

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