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Sensitive in a sentence

1. I was sensitive on this.
2. He's a very sensitive boy.
3. She can be very sensitive.
4. Vitamins are sensitive to air.
5. He’s very sensitive about it.
6. This illness was life sensitive.
7. I became sensitive to the touch.

8. He knew it was sensitive for me.
9. Chickens are very sensitive birds.
10. My eyes were more sensitive, too.
11. Mares are a little more sensitive.
12. The surface is sensitive to touch.
13. That was a sensitive subject for me.
14. You’re a very strong sensitive.
15. He’s always been so sensitive.
16. She was very sensitive at the sides.
17. Witty and sensitive, just like her.
18. Left one is more sensitive, I think.
19. Packing away, he braved a sensitive.
20. The most sensitive part of the male.
21. The Methodists are sensitive about it.
22. Be intelligent and sensitive about it.
23. He told himself not to be so sensitive.
24. Learning To Be Sensitive To The Spirit.
25. I failed to be sensitive to your needs.
26. Hardworking men sensitive to their task.
27. Then I have a sensitive heart, you know.
28. Imagine being very sensitive to sunlight.
29. Very often the penis is highly sensitive.
30. And they're very sensitive to footsteps.
31. The Abbess was more sensitive, but just.
32. All of her most secret, sensitive places.
33. Interest sensitive stocks took off with.
34. People are more emotionally sensitive now.
35. This is where it all gets sensitive.
36. His moustache brushed the sensitive flesh.
37. Being sensitive to wrongs was a good thing.
38. Be careful, though: it is quite sensitive.
39. Once upon a time, they were very sensitive.
40. He’d only ever been sensitive and gentle.
41. Maybe he’s more sensitive than we thought.
42. Wallace’s candidacy was a sensitive issue.
43. Use with caution and be sensitive to their.
44. That is vasomotor rhinitis or sensitive nose.
45. He was funny, sensitive and we had lots in.
46. And yet he was a grateful and sensitive boy.
47. Shorter-term oscillators are more sensitive.
48. My sister's bringing up had made me sensitive.
49. A subordinate should always be sensitive in.
50. A little sensitive to strangers, that is all.
51. She wrinkled her sensitive nose and grimaced.
52. Sensitive, so there had to be something else.
53. You are about release sensitive information.
54. Paul is very sensitive so I try to keep his.
55. Fanny was extremely sensitive to atmospheres.
56. Now I understand why this is a sensitive topic.
57. The password is a sensitive object to deal with.
58. Even today the most sensitive are still closed.
59. He nipped at the sensitive tips and she gasped.
60. Yes my sensitive angel, I do love this hotel.
61. Good for horses that are sensitive to the touch.
62. It's very sensitive but leads to many whipsaws.
63. We become more sensitive to the energies that.
64. Her Everard was made very sensitive by his love.
65. Easy, she said, now sensitive to his touch.
66. He hesitated to voice it at this sensitive time.
67. As a child I was both sensitive and affectionate.
68. Sensitive to what, that’s what I wanted to know.
69. It was quite a sensitive topic for the committee.
70. This seemed to be a sensitive subject for Hudson.
71. He is one of those awfully sensitive poor people.
72. These were highly sensitive matters, and it was.
73. There are people who are born with sensitive skins.
74. Yes, I was a sensitive child who took things very.
75. Pisces is emotional and sensitive just like you.
76. An actor is supposed to be a sensitive instrument.
77. As you can imagine, it’s rather a sensitive area.
78. It is because his hands are especially sensitive.
79. Captain, would you mind? It’s a sensitive call.
80. This makes lab-test customers less price sensitive.
81. This breed is sensitive to heat and should not be.
82. This is a sensitive and inexpensive smoke detector-.
83. Some of the environmentally sensitive had had enough.
84. The process would be especially sensitive that any.
85. Was he really that sensitive about his body image?
86. What we are about to discuss is extremely sensitive.
87. Henry was a very sensitive man when it came to pain.
88. Each spread will be sensitive to the passage of time.
89. So tread carefully, think through any sensitive or.
90. Mostly film directors and authors are very sensitive.
91. Finds one text value within another (case sensitive).
92. Since the iC is highly sensitive, use a long wire to.
93. Men’s hydraulics are a bit sensitive, that’s all.
94. It proves he has heart and is sensitive to those in.
95. Willie had thought being sensitive was being a sissie.
96. It protects a sensitive and crucial part of the body.
97. Sensitive observations of sound waves on the Sun’s.
98. Then his finger touch a sensitive part and she gasped.
99. Señor Cascales is so sensitive on the point that he.
100. The Kothians almost always selected Force sensitive.

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