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    1. conscious becomes sensitive to the voice of the Holy

    2. Sam was surprised that his ears were suddenly so sensitive to the unfamiliar music

    3. believe that we can be more sensitive of His presence in

    4. “Super sensitive, digital interference probes shoot out of the light

    5. presence the more you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit

    6. It involves being sensitive to the feelings of the individual with whom one is interacting

    7. ' It was decorated to look as much like one as possible, and possessed of sensitive eyes and ears

    8. "This is a pretty good rendering, did you or your sister give this to them?" Glenelle asked, still sensitive about the changes they had made on this planet

    9. Yet, I could hardly enjoy it, as the bloke started bombarding me with lots of silly questions such as: “Are you sensitive?”

    10. They had shared a beer or two together, and Menachem thought that Beniamin was a sensitive soul, not one of the more resilient expatriate types

    11. He was glad she didn't just whisper something to one of them like 'ask daddy about the enemy starship,' but she was sensitive enough to his wishes to refrain from doing that

    12. The pressure sensitive ones like his had little plastic bumps sticking out of the plank and the wood was well finished instead of rough-sawn

    13. I felt rejected and I was sensitive to it because of withdrawal

    14. She wasn't being sensitive enough to that, she was still treating him like a kid from the desert rim on an RNAcid trip

    15. Luray has also been a little less sensitive to and forgiving of his ignorance

    16. Hence, there are some instances wherein some skins are really sensitive and can

    17. There are people who are born with sensitive skins

    18. In this manner, people who have sensitive skins should not resort to dermabrasions

    19. What was your life like there?" Luray was a little sensitive to the implications of that statement

    20. “He’s always been so sensitive

    21. This is very sensitive, as it is usually resting in either extreme in each person

    22. It was a sensitive topic and if it was not for the beer, I would

    23. Shit! Barrie is about as sensitive as a brick and apparently didn’t pull his punches in stating his ‘respectable’ stance

    24. He had a few bright engineers on his staff, including Alan, who was still under sentence and probably couldn't be trusted with sensitive data

    25. response, a highly sensitive method of measuring

    26. He didn't know his personification was sensitive enough to render the sensations he was getting from her flesh

    27. placed in a highly sensitive device that was able to

    28. I want Bunty to come alive to the reader … I want them to see the shy, sensitive girl I have uncovered … but I don’t want it to be sugary sweet, Bunty would have hated that

    29. you should be sensitive but to be over-sensitive leads to a bad result

    30. Tdeshi had always been more sensitive to those things than he had

    31. “Why do you want to know?” he asked, sensitive to Kemberra’s warning

    32. He was also sensitive to the fact that some of it he was supposed to know and be responsible for as part of his job

    33. Now maybe she was more sensitive to it because of earlier, but she thought it was more than simple lust that drew his gaze

    34. He was sensitive about something financial, she was being followed and he was in the clutches of an obvious bait girl

    35. These were highly sensitive matters, and it was

    36. how sensitive the Italian Cardinal was to such taunts

    37. The Abbess was more sensitive, but just

    38. unaware of the sensitive nature of the subject he had

    39. She was sensitive to the needs and abilities of her students and respected by her fellow faculty

    40. "One more sensitive than I would have expected," Glenelle said, "She has retreated to her home space crying hysterically

    41. afraid, and Jean wondered again at the sensitive nature of

    42. Grimes reckoned there was little difference between them and approved of neither, for every time they harangued one another, his Harvest Festival Poster flapped around the window in sheer terror, leap-froging less sensitive Government notices who stayed sublimely cool, obviously they had heard it all before

    43. Her real belief was still that the asteroids were natural and rich educated people played games of self-delusion with instruments so sensitive that they were better connected to the spirit world than reality

    44. He especially liked to wallow in the water or mud with others of his kind since this kept his body temperature within an acceptable range and didn’t allow his fair and sensitive skin to dry out under the raging rays of the sun during the hottest months in his habitual habitat

    45. Even their dog seemed to be despondent a great deal of the time, his being sensitive to the negative vibes that were constantly floating about his airspace

    46. He liked this young woman; though she was sensitive, she seemed to have a fiery will and a mind of her own

    47. Not only can Bob the Buho hang out almost invisible in his lofty environment, but he can swirl about silently in the black sky without calling attention to the sensitive eardrums of many of his prey

    48. Furthermore, how about his hearing capabilities? Bob the Buho has an audible range similar to us Homo sapiens, but his “what’s-going-on?” sound mechanism is much more sensitive than ours to certain frequencies

    49. The Cancer sign also indicates that you tend to be sensitive, moody and emotional

    50. “He’s sensible and sensitive

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    Synonyms for "sensitive"

    medium sensitive spiritualist raw sore tender sensible nervous irritable touchy huffy unstable susceptible receptive sympathetic perceptive sensorial delicate painful

    "sensitive" definitions

    someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead

    responsive to physical stimuli

    being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others

    able to feel or perceive


    of or pertaining to classified information or matters affecting national security