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Sensitive in a sentence

He is so sensitive.
Manly, yet sensitive.
Eve is very sensitive.
* Sensitive to others.
He had sensitive eyes.
And we’re sensitive.
Skin is very sensitive.

You’re too sensitive.
" "You're too sensitive.
Tony's a sensitive boy.
Not sensitive at all.
I was sensitive on this.
sensitive his senses are.
"Sensitive!" he exploded.
- sensitive to everything.
But however sensitive a.
He's a very sensitive boy.
We need to be sensitive,.
She’s a little sensitive.
who was the least sensitive.
Sensitive to my intuitions.
Prickly, sensitive skin.
It’s all rather sensitive.
She can be very sensitive.
Hit sensitive areas, it’s.
Vitamins are sensitive to air.
Wendy’s the sensitive one.
He’s very sensitive about it.

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Synonyms for sensitive

medium sensitive spiritualist raw sore tender sensible