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Sexy in a sentence

1. She said I was sexy.
2. He was a damn sexy kid.
3. It gave her a sexy look.
4. That sexy nose of hers.
5. Are too sexy to resist.
6. A sexy concept in itself.
7. That look is way more sexy.
8. Saxon was funny and sexy.
9. I was hoping to create sexy.
10. Sexy voice I should mention.
11. Not desire, but I feel sexy.
12. But in our "sexy" inventor.
13. That he found her truly sexy.
14. But he was still sexy though.
15. Bridget even had on her sexy.
16. And at the same time still sexy.
17. Check out the sexy girls!.
18. Get that sexy ass of yours moving.
19. His voice sounds sexy on the phone.
20. A sexy redhead and a rocker chick.
21. Just then, her sexy face leaned in.
22. This way, you sexy little thing.
23. You have such a sexy voice!.
24. Jared smiled his sexy crooked smile.
25. For the first time it wasn’t sexy.
26. True she was sexy and beautiful but.
27. Sad, beautiful, sexy, and wanting-.
28. He liked her casual but sexy look:.
29. His answering smile was slow and sexy.
30. It came with a pair of sexy V-string.
31. Not in ze vay you are thinking ze sexy.
32. What’s sexy about a guy with bangs….
33. Relaxed and sexy again, she was already.
34. He's so fucking sexy it drives me crazy.
35. Then again, her voice was soft and sexy.
36. Sexy? There’s nothing sexy about me.
37. I loved it when you said you felt sexy.
38. It was a young beautiful warm sexy heart.
39. And seeing you in a sexy dress or three.
40. Once, he thought it sexy, a great turn-on.
41. I haven’t eaten any sexy beasts recently.
42. Edmunson? she replied with a sexy giggle.
43. It was all sexy and skimpy on her, but it.
44. Very sexy, he commented before starting.
45. For some reason he had never looked so sexy.
46. It was at once frustrating and totally sexy.
47. What had been hot and sexy was now just hot.
48. Dressed in a sexy negligee belonging to Mrs.
49. This is not a sexy moment, he kept thinking.
50. And how sexy you looked in that red dress.
51. Those sexy green eyes of couldn't lie to me.
52. He’s going to be sexy in a couple of years.
53. Leesa looked very sexy in her pirate costume.
54. She's a sexy little thing, Chevalier said.
55. With him it was different, exciting and sexy.
56. Then after a while Irena came in, sexy as ever.
57. This voice was deeper, almost husky, and sexy.
58. An infuriatingly smug and annoyingly sexy grin.
59. Hello, she said in a throaty, sexy voice.
60. The waitress was greasy, and not in a sexy way.
61. And how is that? She asks in a sexy voice.
62. Bf We are sexy (he grabs her around the waist).
63. I never knew pregnant women could be so sexy.
64. In their clothes the men had seemed mildly sexy.
65. They did nothing sexual, but it was a sexy scene.
66. I had always thought Italian men were quite sexy.
67. Sexy – I don’t even have to mention this one.
68. Becky had changed into a sexy little black number.
69. They’re about as sexy looking as burlap bags.
70. Jesse was waiting for me, looking sexy as all hell.
71. She stopped in front of him with a slow, sexy smile.
72. The water had felt incredibly sexy on his bare bum.
73. She was sexy in a sleazy way with thick black hair.
74. I can’t help but look at that sexy body of yours.
75. She missed the sexy part, especially the sexy part.
76. One side of Sam’s mouth turned up in his sexy grin.
77. Why not? I think guys who write poems are very sexy.
78. One corner of Sam’s mouth turned up in a sexy grin.
79. Feeling sexy always starts as a feeling from within.
80. Jason nodded his head with a sexy smirk on his face.
81. She said that in a very sexy voice, if you must know.
82. Maybe she just wasn’t used to talking to sexy guys.
83. Conceivably, if she’d said I had sexy legs and bum.
84. It was a perfect amount of sexy mixed in with elegant.
85. Her sexy bangs always helped to frame her delicately.
86. Jason's sexy mouth fell open and he set his drink down.
87. I'll be the judge of that and I call sexy on this one.
88. Maybe it is the end of the world, but she sure is sexy.
89. It may not sound sexy, but it can be a good investment.
90. Nikki was the pretty one while Rachel was the sexy one.
91. He was young, single, sexy; thus a rarity in those parts.
92. You just lay there and look sexy while I jack my dick.
93. Hereʼs to the Fit, Fabulous, irresistible and sexy you!.
94. Being un-self conscious when naked is attractive and sexy.
95. You have such a captivating, sexy ass, Anastasia Steele.
96. Remember me – guy with the red face and sexy smile?
97. The wheels in that sexy brain of yours are always turning.
98. I’m not, I think you’re temper is sexy he teased.
99. He takes a step toward me wearing his sexy predatory look.
100. You are a terribly sexy Juliet, my Zizi, said Robbie.

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