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    1. As soon as they were out onto the plaza atop that building, Yorthops turned east toward the basin and went to the far end and found a table among the lush pots of mushroom ferns they had in the corner

    2. Deep, regular waterings are essential to develop a lush, verdant lawn

    3. The Shark was conducting his main business from here, lost in the Irish countryside, hidden under a layer of lush green local pasture

    4. When you understand that native cities look like steep crags festooned with lush jungle, it is easy to be impressed with the skyline of henarDee as it came into view almost another hour later

    5. In spite of being so flat, it was pretty country, lush with the fronds of houses, the ripe smells of rich cropland in the mid summer heat and the sounds of a hundred different kinds of lumins and charrasspas

    6. As soon as they had checked the greenhouses for themselves, they started to despatch punnets of their lush red tomatoes to all of their important friends

    7. He and five men landed on the planet to have a look around; it was a lush green world, similar to Earth’s rain forests

    8. ' And yes, she was charming and lush but all the lounge bits, like the three sofas on the afterdeck, looked as though they'd been added after the armaments

    9. they started to despatch punnets of their lush red tomatoes to all of

    10. There were a couple of the women, not the ones so active with their data connections, that were the lush, bosomy, thick hair, thick lipped Minoans or their descendants

    11. beautiful world of lush green forests and high mountains unfold beneath them as they flew

    12. The house grew a lush crop of the fruits, mainly along the eaves and on the balcony rails of the upper rooms

    13. As the stream curved there was a sandbar, making an actual beach, and a very lush meadow in the middle with large fruity plants

    14. The lush undergrowth grew greener and greener daily

    15. Lush leaves had filled in the trees, and were stretching their little veins to reach the sun, camouflaging the last of the pond from the deck's sight

    16. Its faces were stepped with courtyards of varying sizes, all lush with plantings

    17. It was in a lush equatorial highland with bright blue sky and water, bold clouds and bursting greens everywhere else

    18. Bordered by Turkey, this is full of turquoise lakes, lush forests with bears and rocky highlands, and semi-desert flowers

    19. With powder sand beaches and lush green mountains, banyan trees and volcanic outcrops, this is where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic in a sheltered cove of calm shores and beautiful coral

    20. It was green and lush with lazy little brooks choked with lesh weed and luse

    21. Though he was short for his race, at eye level with Brice, it was obvious the being was an elf, his eyes were the only indication Brice needed, even though unlike most elves, this one lacked the lush halo of gold hair and was completely bald

    22. The sight of the lush Ebro valley as he stood with

    23. All that remained of the once lush collection of flowers was dust covered earth

    24. There's only room for two or three teams in this field if he wants to keep it this lush

    25. "This is a nice place too," Desa said, "there's a stone outhouse down that end and the pasture's quite lush

    26. Its shore is remarkably beautiful country, thick green forests and lush pastures surrounding comfortable villages

    27. surrounded by lush gardens and many statues

    28. Sally the Sleepy showed up about a half hour late, finding Patty the Perky patiently sitting at a table by a window taking in the lush vegetation that surrounded the front and two sides of the rather rustic but exclusive dining place

    29. The lady, now naked, ran her fingers over her lush body, and then astonished Danny by crawling on top of the bed, walking on her knees

    30. When his aching prick entered her warm, lush cunt and he felt the heat of her inner body enveloping his most sensitive area, he could not control what happened

    31. Doing so would increase our level of amazement and happiness, as we get to observe the intricate details of the lush environment

    32. This plain, with its lush vegetation, gave me such a feeling of joy I could barely contain myself

    33. I barely noticed the green fields and lush olive groves

    34. Two hundred years ago it had stood proud, among lush gardens on the fringe of this old merchant city

    35. There were lots of cow herds about and the soil looked rich and the grass lush and sweet there were forests and some quite steep wide ravines as we passed by them but we were not destined to rattle along for much longer

    36. Serviceberry, ceanothus, and a hundred other shrubs and forbs created a lush understory where a cat could roam for hours

    37. Three stories tall, the old mill stood picturesquely at the edge of the river, an old metal one-lane bridge at one side beckoned travelers to visit the lush pastures on the other side

    38. “The bounty of harvest, the grape-vine wreaths, the lush fruit wines, the rich honey

    39. Caroline was thrilled for a reason of her own apart from the healthy commission she earned: the extensive grounds included a superb twelve-stall stable sturdily built of river rock, surrounded by hectares of lush pastureland and neither Sylvia nor her son had any interest in horses

    40. The bugger’s turned into a real lush, and he’s just used me as an excuse to go off the wagon

    41. Cautiously leaving the safety of the fences they roamed out across the lush grass again, heads down as they grazed

    42. This peaceful campground had lush grass and free showers, with only two other campers

    43. in the lush

    44. We’ll take it slowly; the more we exert ourselves, the worse it will be in the end if lady Luck keeps running out on us,” Amonas said while plowing on ahead working his knife in one hand, hacking away any lush growths that proved to be obstacles in his path

    45. He had trod on through thickset lush overgrowths, greens and all sorts of wild vegetation using his indispensable knife and had neither complained for the steaming heat nor for the breath-clogging moisture

    46. He turned though once before starting to rummage through the thickset leaves and lush bushes all around, and asked Amonas:

    47. He charged into an area of the forest called Artesia, normally a lush, peaceful place

    48. He had to entertain the idea that he could be stranded in this lush version of hell with Hilderich as his sole companion for the rest of their lives

    49. The greenery was still lush but it looked as if it had shrank a notch; the leaves were smaller and thinner while the stems resembled those in normal plants instead of the monstrously thick greens they were starting to get used to

    50. To Amonas, this place was even harsher than the lush wilderness they had left behind

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    Synonyms for "lush"

    alcoholic alky boozer dipsomaniac lush soaker souse exuberant luxuriant profuse riotous succulent deluxe gilded grand luxurious opulent princely sumptuous juicy luscious red-hot toothsome voluptuous lavish ornate tender epicurean fresh

    "lush" definitions

    a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

    produced or growing in extreme abundance

    having strong sexual appeal

    ostentatiously rich and superior in quality

    tender and full of juice