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Shack in a sentence | shack example sentences

  1. Our shack was about in.
  2. At its base, a tiny shack.
  3. Love Shack, by the B52’s.
  4. Love Shack! Love Shack yeah.
  5. We moved on to the third shack.

  6. Texas town ’bout that shack.
  7. Winn headed toward an old shack.
  8. Nal were heading toward the shack.
  9. Love Shack, that's where it's at!.
  10. The was no quaint island shack here.
  11. He said no one knew about the shack.
  12. The Love Shack is a little old place.
  13. He cautiously peaked around the shack.
  14. We were in some sort of wooden shack.
  15. Caesar was the last to enter the shack.

  16. The head was withdrawn inside the shack.
  17. Gentlemen, what’s in the shack?
  18. A small, red-brick shack catches his eye.
  19. He knew why I was brought into the shack.
  20. At night he tied him inside a grain shack.
  21. I’d try Coles or even the Chicken Shack.
  22. A bell jangled in the darkness of the shack.
  23. Voices came from a shack; one was low, calm.
  24. The shack suffered from centuries of neglect.
  25. What Bev had described as a shack wasn’t a.

  26. The house was a shack covered with bark.
  27. The gray woman peered out of the burlap shack.
  28. Dart called up to the wooden shack at its top:.
  29. She stepped over to the cook shack and looked in.
  30. Moved his shack from the Rio 95 bridge to I-15.
  31. The shack is pretty much a complete cabin, with.
  32. Yes, ma’m, this is Gopherville Computer Shack.
  33. When he arrived at the Computer Shack store, Danny.
  34. A group of soldiers ran toward the shack, intent on.
  35. Then I looked over at the shack and then back to Sue.
  36. I could see two other planes near an unpainted shack.
  37. The light peeking through the shack was turning sepia.
  38. Completely out of the sightline of the guard shack.
  39. Chatting with Mark in the shack about the wrongs of.
  40. The words seemed lost in the ink shadows of the shack.
  41. Both were exceedingly happy to be away from the shack.
  42. He had staked out this little shack for four days now.
  43. An old dilapidated shack on the north side he claimed.
  44. Gopherville Computer Shack store, which was owned and.
  45. Rincewind began to crawl determinedly towards the shack.
  46. There was an old shack outside the mine entrance, which.
  47. By the time the boys had wandered down to the shack that.
  48. Ailia assumed he meant the rundown shack next to the cabin.
  49. He led them across the cane infested waterway to the shack.
  50. He replaced the gas cap and headed towards the shack to pay.
  51. Stokes and Breckenridge reluctantly walked toward the shack.
  52. As soon as I entered the shack I got the shock of my life!.
  53. She shack her tongue out at one door, then at the other two.
  54. Not all of Shack Town’s residents worked on the dam itself.
  55. It wasn’t too long before I saw the lights from the shack.
  56. I walked on over toward the shack, carefully opening the door.
  57. All he wanted was to die in the shack, where his dad and him.
  58. No wonder Jenny had looked at it once and stayed in the shack.
  59. No damage was done except for losing my Radio Shack TV antennas.
  60. Now the bearded man from the weed shack came timidly to the truck.
  61. Gabriel was still inside the shack, less than twenty metres away.
  62. To the left and a short distance behind the shack was a small hill.
  63. On that side of the island you will find a comfy little shack there.
  64. They struggled Alex into the shack, half-carrying, half-dragging him.
  65. Then we started toward the back of the shack which led to the trail.
  66. With another squeel of metal the trooper materialised from the shack.
  67. Dawn was still just a shade of gray when I stopped at a coffee shack.
  68. The white glass shattered on the floor and the cat ran from the shack.
  69. Did you tell me the story of you taking your grandpa to a shack in.
  70. But honestly, I wouldn’t care if it was a shack with an outhouse.
  71. A lumbering stone troll emerged from a straw-covered shack on a hilltop.
  72. Mitch crept over to Nurse’s shack and crawled under the carpet curtain.
  73. At the suggestion of a dear friend, I am reading a book called THE SHACK.
  74. Before she could enter the shack, the door opened from the inside and a.
  75. As they reined their mounts to a halt in front of Jeremy’s shack, they.
  76. Yeah, Barron said, recalling their conversation at Jeremy’s shack.
  77. We walked the rest of the way back to the shack interior in loving silence.
  78. And that Tenney—he'd never stir himself to fix-up somebody else's shack.
  79. Then he shook his head and looked toward the shack to which Newt had gone.
  80. The man pointed to a service-station shack about a quarter of a mile ahead.
  81. As Johnny followed Mary toward the shack, he leaned forward into her ear:.
  82. Over the years he had always returned to his shack, alone and disappointed.
  83. ANOTHER GUARD sits in a small shack nearby with his head on a desk, SNORING.
  84. Surrounding the shack there were between twenty-five and thirty uniformed men.
  85. He was trailing grand clouds of smoke all around the freight inspection shack.
  86. Jumping from the car Dawn rushed into the shack, her mind a whirl of confusion.
  87. Greg crawled from the shack, bare chested, his skin even whiter than Nurse’s.
  88. Pedro, the scout, and the old Indian came out of the shack, all of them silent.
  89. He saw a wooden shack further down against the hill that was tilted to one side.
  90. Out of the shack dashed Mary, nearly jumping from her skin at the sight of them.
  91. See, my stupid father would’ve been content spending all eternity in that shack.
  92. It was a shack in a warehouse district, near a municipal airport industrial park.
  93. Often children’s moms and some of their teachers and athletic coaches shack up.
  94. They found that Radio Shack could open 25 stores per major city before saturating.
  95. I'm afraid this wooden shack lacks a hearth, but it's on the mend, I assure you.
  96. Her eyes moved around the shack and rested on the place we slept the previous night.
  97. The smell leaking from the shack was more putrid they anything I had yet encountered.
  98. The lich-troll wrapped himself in his robes and rested in a corner of the straw shack.
  99. They were not using the rickety old shack on the Highland side of the river this year.
  100. The woman stopped and merely extended her arm to what looked like a small chicken shack.
  1. Perhaps she traveled to the North Pole and was shacking up with an Eskimo in his igloo.
  2. Now after welfare reform, men can avoid paying child support by shacking up with their children’s mothers.
  3. Sadly, my friend neglected his duty to DOC, Mike and me by shacking up with a new female acquaintance in Westerly the last day of Mike’s life.
  4. You'll have to sleep in the same room as me, because it would look weird, you and I shacking up, and one of us sleeping in the living room on a couch.
  1. Shacked up, whatever.
  2. And if she was shacked up with some new guy, so be it.
  3. Spears read off three coordinates he had Shacked up earlier.
  4. We listened for frogs, but they had shacked up for the winter.
  5. The fool never left the area, but had shacked up with his girlfriend, thinking he would be safe.
  6. As much as she wanted to get away from her mother's bullshit, she didn't want to be shacked up with Brian.
  7. No shit, you've shacked up with her? Is it true that she got married to a four eyed businessman and even has a kid?!.
  8. Having had that thought, he was surprised Anna was still alive, having been shacked up with him, according to the news reports.
  9. Instead of one of his army of sources (Have I got a story for you) it had been that stewardess he’d shacked up with, calling long-distance from Florida.
  10. Besides, her memories revealed that she had acquired an inn and had soon shacked up with a few of her drunken patrons so no one could tell who the Father was.
  11. Adam would love that…and since it seemed we were probably going to be shacked up together in the near future, I figured I should buy him something good for Yule.
  12. Grew his hair out, grew a beard, shacked up with a lovely twenty-four-year-old airline stewardess who wore what she insisted was a chunk of moon-rock on a leather thong around her neck.
  13. We had been adjudicated in Juvenile Court to be a family with social needs because I beat the snot out of him when he was 14 for trashing our rented house on Deer Trail while I was in Tampa shacked up with my girlfriend who had just moved to St Pete.
  14. Stan wouldn’t let her even talk to them on the phone, and what was worse, had told them their mom skipped out all alone because she didn’t want to be bothered with them, and was shacked up with a black doper in Venice (the Southern California version).
  1. No cabins or shacks or anything.
  2. To jump from the rooftops of shacks to the.
  3. Mansi team out to one of the construction shacks.
  4. An’ then they burned down the shacks and tents.
  5. Hey, send these creatures to their respective shacks.
  6. Dozens of shanty homes and shacks similar to those of.
  7. And by a bridge they saw a collection of tents and shacks.
  8. Out where they beached their boat, the buildings were mere shacks.
  9. Above the rooftops of the shacks and tents, Cloud could make out.
  10. One of the shacks had a couple of battered signs outside it, one looked.
  11. The eleven-year-old girl stood in front of one of the nearly identical shacks.
  12. Old multicolored tiled houses, fishermen’s shacks, and bungalows such as my own.
  13. They pass an appalling collection of shacks placed randomly throughout the compound.
  14. Tin and wood shacks lined both sides of what was virtually an alleyway cut into rock.
  15. There were forty tents and shacks, and beside each habitation some kind of automobile.
  16. They passed a small settlement near a sandbar, a collection of floating shacks and boats.
  17. His eyes stared over the camp, over the gray tents and the shacks of weed and tin and paper.
  18. There was no order in the camp; little gray tents, shacks, cars were scattered about at random.
  19. Meanwhile I’m paid the same pittance as the Zulu women who scrub the floors and live in shacks.
  20. The car stopped in the centre, they got out and went to sit at a table, outside one of shacks and ordered three beers.
  21. Not even close: it was deserted and there was nothing but the damn jungle and a scattering of half-fallen-down shacks.
  22. We broke out of the forest into a clearing made up of makeshift shacks huddled around an old stately looking farmhouse.
  23. There was something sinister about this camp with its ugly shacks, something which had not been here when Hugh Elsing had it.
  24. I left her and entered the depression with shacks, three clustered around a central area that had the burn marks of a fire pit.
  25. Staring out the window, Maria vaguely noticed a half-dozen shacks and boathouses closer to the river, looking dark and shadowed.
  26. They cut across the hill and behind some wooden shacks and some more that were nothing more than woven sticks plastered with mud.
  27. At two in the morning, high on the mountain, Phil, Garrett, and the other POWs reached a collection of wooden shacks in a rocky clearing.
  28. The Poles saw the Jews building beautiful homes and developing modern farms, and they, the Poles, were living in shacks near the swamps.
  29. We’re so far from civilization that if a bomb explodes no one but the yokels in the few clapboard shacks in the woods would hear us die.
  30. Miss Scarlett, they’re living in tents and shacks and log cabins and doubling up six and seven families in the few houses still standing.
  31. Finn had departed yesterday, but he would be back eventually, with more settlers for his vacant shacks and with supplies and probably a new wooden foot.
  32. Like most of the shacks, Joe’s had no indoor plumbing and his room came with only enough electricity for one lightbulb overhead and a hot plate on a shelf.
  33. Those who had been shut out and lived on subsistence wages, in cheap tenements or rural shacks along unpaved back roads, far removed from any talk of black destiny.
  34. The shacks were cobbled together from whatever scrap the Viirin might occasionally dump from their hovering loader-platforms at varying locations throughout the ghetto.
  35. Parents with children suffered without heat in thousands of dilapidated, one-room shacks that decayed on the street adjacent to Melton’s church while he pastored the city.
  36. People crept from their hastily built shacks and began to walk towards the scattered remains of the Forum, now thriving with people from all walks of life, but seeking the same thing – freedom.
  37. The bungalows at first glance looked like nothing but grass shacks built over the water on sticks, but inside they were charming, with finished walls, air conditioning, kitchenette, bar and bed with soft mattress.
  38. So what if nobody was about? It was the middle of the afternoon and many people took their siesta round about now; people always shunned the sweltering heat of the midday Smug and dozed in the cool of their shacks.
  39. The highway to Colton snaked through the mountains, rising and falling, offering breathtaking views of the dense ridges, then dipping into valleys filled with clusters of dilapidated shacks and mobile homes with junk cars scattered about.
  40. Serena had been standing at an intersection in an area dotted with older office buildings and occasional clusters of shacks and boathouses at the river’s edge, oblivious to the construction workers across the street who were clearly ogling her.
  41. It rocked back and forth as Windy, the driver, tried to avoid the mounds and potholes on the small, dirty street lined with small huts and shacks that buzzed with life as they drove past, small massage parlours with girls whooping at Windy to stop.
  42. Because, she said, wondering when the police would arrive, remembering the lakeside cabin where Cassie had been murdered, remembering the shacks and boathouses common to this portion of the Cape Fear River, that’s where Laws would have gone.
  43. But as there was no space for anything new in ShantyTown, and vertical construction was impossible given the resources at hand, they’d typically just patch or prop or partition their teetering shacks, struggling to extend the grim serviceability of what little they had.
  44. Here and there, with stubborn persistence to custom, there had been voices singing, the honey laughter under the mimosa branches, the pickaninnies rushing in clear water laughter at the creek, movements and bendings in the fields, jokes and shouts of amusement from the shingle shacks covered with fresh green vine.
  45. Thank Heaven, there were no ragged women along the roadside today! As she passed the trail leading down to the settlement she looked with distaste at the group of wind blowing, and as she passed there came to her nose the mingled smells of wood shacks squatting in the hollow in the dreary slant of the afternoon sun.
  46. Werner watches Volkheimer climb onto the stool and close his eyes when a particularly plangent waltz comes on, Volkheimer who has killed a hundred men by now at least, probably more, walking into pathetic radio-transmitting shacks in his huge expropriated boots, sneaking up behind some emaciated Ukrainian with headphones on his ears and a microphone at his lips and shooting him in the back of the head, then going to the truck to tell Werner to collect the transmitter, making the order calmly, sleepily, even with the pieces of the man on the transmitter like that.

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