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Sharper in a sentence | sharper example sentences

  1. But her tongue is sharper still.
  2. Things seem sharper, more alive.
  3. Katie’s got sharper eyes than I.
  4. You’re sharper than you were before.
  5. Jericho looked sharper and more tempting.

  6. A sharper woman at a bargain did not exist.
  7. As ever, Johan’s mind was sharper than his.
  8. Your already sharp mind becomes even sharper.
  9. His voice was sharper than she’d ever heard.
  10. The light of the dawn was a little sharper now.
  11. Her eyes were sharper than I had ever seen them.
  12. But the Praefect’s ears were sharper than most.
  13. The mind is sharper and retains more information.
  14. With the icy waters came a sharper awareness of my.
  15. It pricked my nose and somehow made me feel sharper.

  16. As he singled them out, they came into sharper focus.
  17. His senses were much sharper when the fear was with him.
  18. The rock was flat and had one edge sharper than the other.
  19. Her teeth are sharper, and at times her eyes are more hard.
  20. The word of God is alive and active, sharper than any sword.
  21. Why not? The words came out sharper than Lydia intended.
  22. The mind is sharper than usual and absorbs information better.
  23. He was sharper, more alert, jumpy even and full of confidence.
  24. His voice was sharper than the arrowhead she had cut herself on.
  25. Win rates will be higher, and moves will be sharper and cleaner.

  26. Mine sounded better and sharper now that it was finally healed.
  27. He was getting lower now and the hisses became sharper and clearer.
  28. Amusing thing when you get drunk: sharp curves become a lot sharper.
  29. Through this long BULL, you see the falls are sharper that the rises.
  30. It was sharper and more acrid; it almost felt like it stung the eyes.
  31. The two men ran into the night, Hunter leading with his sharper sight.
  32. He plucked one of my sharper knives from the rack and handed it to me.
  33. Fear, the dominant emotion of downtrends, is sharper and more violent.
  34. His senses were sharper and more aware of things that could not be seen.
  35. I was very quiet, for the beasts have ears rather sharper than anything.
  36. There is no longer the scents of stone and earth, but something sharper.
  37. You have a sharper eye than I do, my love, and a sharper memory as well.
  38. He appeared before her, a little brighter and sharper in detail than usual.
  39. Please take a seat, he said, the words sharper than he had intended.
  40. He found out that his eyesight had become sharper and his body gradually.
  41. The road began to gradually slope down, but at a sharper angle than before.
  42. Bullivant, a sharper note of life in her voice than there had been for years.
  43. Kent put his fingers to his canine teeth and felt if they were longer or sharper.
  44. If you want, you can even take sharper breaths so that it’s easier to feel them.
  45. They were slightly longer and sharper than normal, but that didn’t mean anything.
  46. The mice have gnawed at it, and sharper teeth than teeth of mice have gnawed at me.
  47. He senses the man’s surprise when he tastes them: ginger, but with a sharper tone.
  48. He isn’t sure he will ever want to be, so his answer is sharper than it should be.
  49. Haven’s disappointment in the absence of a reprieve made her response sharper than.
  50. Notice that the tops of this indicator tend to be broad, while its bottoms are sharper.
  51. The edges on the flesh are everywhere fused and soft, the draperies being much sharper.
  52. But what Miss Pringle lacked in height was more than made up by having the sharper voice.
  53. And the eyes, they were more sunken, the forehead a bit fuller, the nose a touch sharper.
  54. It would be easy to cut their threads any time with a little sharper blast from the north.
  55. The moon was bright, not quite full but brighter and sharper than Hal had ever imagined it.
  56. They got a cup and found this had a lot sharper flavor, interesting in an orange sort of way.
  58. One day, he'd have to replace it with something a little sturdier and sharper, but not today.
  59. Tall and elegant like Galadriel but with shiny dark hair and a daintier nose and sharper eyes.
  60. The pain in his abdomen, caused by the stab wound, was a little sharper as he sat on the stool.
  61. With his hair wet, he was sharper than usual, and the water shone along the bones in his spine.
  62. There were more and sharper words from the man; then a sudden rustle; she had sprung to her feet.
  63. I groaned internally, remembering, too late, that their hearing was a lot sharper than the norm.
  64. But most of all, Cohen was an old man and old men’s memories are sharper the farther back they go.
  65. Her teeth, in the dim, uncertain light, seemed longer and sharper than they had been in the morning.
  66. In particular, by some trick of the light, the canine teeth looked longer and sharper than the rest.
  67. Their armour was stronger than walls of EURO lab and sword sharper than the tongue of a loose cannon.
  68. Next he turned it around and again using the sharper edge of the rock he began honing it towards him.
  69. But as the specifics faded from memory, the fanzines’ general mise-en-scène came into sharper relief.
  70. Since I had returned to Pico Mundo, my usually keen intuition had been sharper and more reliable than ever.
  71. But the wind was sharper than ever when Thaniel went to King’s Cross to meet Grace’s friend Matsumoto.
  72. Everything became sharper, each smell, each sight burned into her skull, forcing her to see what was there.
  73. Check the 12-month earnings line on a stock chart; the sharper the angle of the earnings upswing, the better.
  74. The rabbits hop in and out and their teeth get sharper, but the message is to reach out for her when she falls.
  75. The sharper than regular curves, that she knew laid just ahead, prompted an angry demand from her trembling lips.
  76. As yet there was no sign of the teeth growing sharper, but the time as yet was short, and there was time for fear.
  77. The edges of the lower mandible are serrated with teeth much more prominent, coarser and sharper than in the duck.
  78. Optionz Traderz: I believed the news out of Europe would cause a sharper than anticipated move one way or the other.
  79. How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child, Abigail, she said to the silent phone.
  80. She could hardly believe that it was Jericho, that he turned into a very respectable person, even manlier and sharper.
  81. Next comes more pain, much sharper this time and the dark void around me is transformed into a bright, blinding light.
  82. The blade was obviously far too dangerous for him to use, even if it was sharper than anything he had ever seen before.
  83. Mammy’s eyes were sharper than Ellen’s, and Scarlett could never recall in all her life having fooled Mammy for long.
  84. He paid great attention to his well-oiled hair and his pencil moustache, which he kept sharper that his drafting pencils.
  85. The top of the cavern was dripping with massive stalactites that were longer than the boat and sharper than broken glass.
  86. On occasion, like lightning, long electrical sparks traveled along and between the spines to disappear at the sharper tips.
  87. They told him this was because the thick air near the ground bent light into a sharper curve than the radius of the planet.
  88. There was at least forty feet of emptiness below unless there was something much sharper than a floor to land on in between.
  89. What could one do but strop the blade sharper and attack the child’s bad moustache lately sprouted on one’s upper lip?
  90. As with Texas Instruments, the drop in Cisco’s stock price was sharper than the fall in its earnings, which dropped just 39.
  91. Forehead to forehead I meet thee, this third time, Moby Dick! On deck there!—brace sharper up; crowd her into the wind's eye.
  92. The smith briefly gaped in surprise and muttered, ’Haps it was sharper than I thought, before he recovered his composure.
  93. Milana may well be old but he is sharper than the riverside reeds, he will try to seal off each level with his maniacal soldiers.
  94. God’s Word alone will bring us health, restoration, prosperi-ty and life in abundance for His Word is sharper than any two edged.
  95. Scarlett herself was afraid of the old lady, for she had sharp eyes and a sharper tongue and Scarlett had felt them both in the past.
  96. And now gradually the sentences of exhortation shortened, grew sharper, like commands; and into the responses came a complaining note.
  97. After Peter emerged from the memory serum haze, some of the sharper, harsher aspects of his personality returned, though not all of them.
  98. I can honestly say that I have never encountered a sharper mind or a person who is less afraid to Harvey Schwartz/The Reluctant Terrorist.
  99. Specifically, her mood has dramatically improved, her energy is about 80 percent better, her mental clarity is sharper and it continues to improve.
  100. While walking, Hazy commented on my nameplate, I haven’t had a chance to tell you yet but your sharper than sharp NSR plate is totally fresh!.

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