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Crook in a sentence

1. A clever crook knows that.
2. I brandished the crook and flail.
3. That sounds a crook deal to me.
4. Guanella in the crook of his arm.
5. Carter raised his crook and flail.
6. Position the patient in crook lying.
7. Devon wasn’t raised to be a crook.

8. I laughed into the crook of his neck.
9. She laughed into the crook of his neck.
10. His clothes, his pack, even the crook.
11. Even when I got back I still felt crook.
12. The crook smiled and ran out of the store.
13. And crook the pregnant hinges of the knee.
14. Across his lap lay a crook and flail—the.
15. She adjusted her bag in the crook of her arm.
16. If she’s a crook, Maya Cooper is a good one.
17. Edwards asked, motioning to the crook of her.
18. The crook was a gold-and-red shepherd’s rod.
19. He pul ed out the crook and flail, which were.
20. The idea of using the crook and flail made me.
21. The blade touched the crook of my arm softly once.
22. He took his crook and the fur that kept him warm.
23. Carter stared at the crook and flail in his hands.
24. Grab hold! I held out the pharaoh’s crook.
25. Harry looked so pitiful in front of the dapper crook.
26. Colleen tucked her face under the crook of his chin.
27. The crook headed for the exit and so did the officer.
28. Let’s determine what makes the crook in the book?
29. Dane had Alexis- Alex nestled in the crook of his arms.
30. There's nothing else to do in a crook place like this.
31. The best we can do is estimate them, by hook or crook.
32. She leaned her head back into the crook of his arm and.
33. Sterling said, with just a faintly noticeable crook of.
34. Here is his reply: 'The most dangerous crook in Chicago.
35. She took the other end of the crook, and we forged ahead.
36. Apologizing again, Toria slid her hand into the crook of.
37. By hook or by crook he was going to find out what it was.
38. They try it sometimes, but it's a crook place for a dance.
39. She looked at the crook of her arm and saw that the large.
40. In the middle a shepherd was standing, leaning on his crook.
41. I gathered my limbs into another crook of the raft, and the.
42. A shepherd sat on a promontory, a crook stuck in the ground.
43. Ajax was brandishing a stick, pretending to be Captain Crook.
44. Tamlyn dragged the shepherd’s crook in the other direction.
45. Fanshaw came in and tipped a folder into the crook of his arm.
46. No, she said, nestling her head in the crook of his neck.
47. Elam was leaning on his crook and herding the sheep to pasture.
48. Maybe he worked for some other crook that you don’t know about.
49. I flew into his arms, knocking the crook and flail out of his lap.
50. Isn’t strange that our musts are always met by hook or by crook.
51. I called and called, Cat said into the crook of my shoulder.
52. He offered the sun god the crook and flail, but Ra shook his head.
53. After all, when he was a crook, Daniel was forced to always think.
54. He shut off his headlights around the next little crook in the road.
55. The Chief Minister was a typical thieving crook in government power.
56. She let out a whinny and thrust her nose into the crook of his neck.
57. He took a step forward and knocked the ball out of the crook of her arm.
58. Another week gone by, by hook or by crook, and I was still in one piece.
59. Carter waded forward, swinging his flail and crook as if he had trained.
60. I grasped the crook and flail in one hand and held Zia’s hand with the.
61. Zoleka was walking between both men, a hand in the crook of each man's arm.
62. Go, go, go! Rich shouted as he snagged Jeff by the crook of his elbow.
63. She was lying on her stomach and propped up in the crook of my right armpit.
64. Often stocks are overvalued because there is a promoter or a crook behind it.
65. Coming to a crook in the trail, Conan dismounted, helped Yasmina down and waited.
66. The days when a crook can select the next president (Nixon/Ford) should be over.
67. Ugh, I can't eat, she told him and rested her head in the crook of his neck.
68. Jaxon's start threw Missy, who had been sleeping in the crook of his arm, flying.
69. The crook was at the bottom of the chest, not having been used for thirteen years.
70. Okay, I was standing in a reception line and my hand was tucked in the crook of…I.
71. The workers got into every crook and cranny, making sure that each moon was spotless.
72. Nodding, he bent his head again to the crook of my neck, and I shut my eyes and held on.
73. I threw an arm across his chest, rested my face in the crook of his neck, exhaled loudly.
74. There were pious shepherds dressed in long robes, with sandals and a shepherd’s crook.
75. Then the next thing you know, my homosexual assistant manager gives the crook his change.
76. The fox had lived! It was warm and soft as it nestled its nose into the crook of her arm.
77. Then, with a bound he was on the bed, and snuggled himself down into the crook of her legs.
78. The baby rested in the crook of his mother's arm, shadows of sun and tree changing his face.
79. He wedged his body into the crook between her head and shoulder, prying to expose her neck.
80. The surf rolled back, and James pressed his lips into the crook between my neck and shoulder.
81. Jaume took his scoop-shaped sallet helmet from the crook of his arm and put it over his head.
82. Who said I wanted anything to do with her? Janelle buried her face in the crook of her arm.
83. Azareel's neck, caught in the crook of Moshe's arm, was quickly yanked into a bruising breath-.
84. Nicole smiled warmly at him when he placed her hand in the crook of her arm and escorted her in.
85. Kathy gratefully downed the pills with the water, then sank back into the crook of Joel’s arms.
86. Its lips settled into the crook of her neck like those of a lover initiating an intimate interlude.
87. One man carried a long crook, whose wood was polished until reflections from the star made it shine.
88. As he took her arm and tucked it into the crook of his elbow, he patted her hand as if to console her.
89. She stood with the stock of the rifle firmly in the crook of her right shoulder, aiming at the doorway.
90. He gently lifted her up and onto his lap, coaxing her head into the crook of his shoulder as he did so.
91. When I crawled under the covers, he nuzzled up to my chest and pressed his head into the crook of my arm.
92. After one last trip to heaven, he laid full length on top of me, his head buried in the crook of my neck.
93. It was started by a crook, Nixon; it has helped crooks prosper; it has pushed our children into prisons.
94. While he’s counting, the customer, or crook I should say, is whining about why this is happening to him.
95. The baby rested in the crook of its mother's arm, shadows of sun and tree changing its face over and again.
96. Silas was in his nest, a stack of old newspaper from Grace wedged in a nearby crook where branch met trunk.
97. He was a small time crook and pimp, and he was one of my regular informants–though not by his own choice.
98. She turned over in bed to face him completely, burying her face in the crook of his neck as she embraced him.
99. There was no crook or cranny, no road or footpath, no hotel or house, no waterfall or furrow, I did not know.
100. He was a tough individual, former crook turned bent policeman and now a free-lance ‘security specialist’.
1. The doctor shifts, crooking one leg up onto the table so that he can face her.
2. In the first place, she’s charming!’ said Kitty, crooking one of her fingers.
3. She fled out into space with a flutter of skirts, landed lightly as a cat and pirouetted on one toe, crooking her arms in the professional pose that appeals for applause.
4. In the following cases: physical defect in the married parties, desertion without communication for five years,’ he said, crooking a short finger covered with hair, ‘adultery’ (this word he pronounced with obvious satisfaction), ‘subdivided as follows’ (he continued to crook his fat fingers, though the three cases and their subdivisions could obviously not be classified together): ‘physical defect of the husband or of the wife, adultery of the husband or of the wife.
1. Crooked as a ram's horn.
2. He walked in a crooked.
3. Bes gave me a crooked grin.
4. I gave her a crooked smile.
5. His back is to me, crooked.
6. And let our crooked smokes.
7. He produced a crooked grin.
8. Jabar's grins a crooked grin.
9. Not all of us are crooked.
10. It emerges crooked and small.
11. This earned him a crooked smile.
12. An’ your nose is all crooked.
13. His face became a crooked smile.
14. Alas! it is a crooked fate that.
15. Crooked numbers on the scoreboard.
16. His nose felt strange and crooked.
17. Jared smiled his sexy crooked smile.
18. Hickathrift smiled, a crooked but.
19. She climbed their crooked tree and I.
20. He’s got crooked heels on his shoes.
21. The crooked instructor offered him a.
22. The salesman flashed his crooked teeth.
23. And he straightened up his crooked back.
24. His tongue feels not his crooked teeth.
25. The wheels on the wagon—they're crooked.
26. All in all, he is as crooked as they come.
27. Now they have repented that crooked course.
28. Crooked Fingers is his first published work.
29. She put on a crooked smile and cocked her eye.
30. Though it had sealed, it left a crooked scab.
31. It was crooked and stained from years of use.
32. That is a crooked stack of girls’ photos.
33. Another guard; his legs crooked over a bench.
34. We charge our neighbors with crooked reasoning.
35. Clara showed up behind me with a crooked smile.
36. It's going to be crooked if you keep moving it.
37. The way her crooked skirt swings at each whack.
38. But they have now repented that crooked course.
39. They saw many crooked crosses that stood as a.
40. With crooked mouths for Heaven, and throw it by.
41. No, she said, and managed a crooked smile.
42. Two crooked lines joined in the middle in the.
43. The whole house was crooked, beaten-up, stained.
44. She came back to the boy and crooked her finger.
45. And the old hunter with the crooked teeth?
46. Arms and legs lie crooked in unnatural positions.
47. He seemed crooked as hell to tell you the truth.
48. He sees a crooked stack of little girls’ photos.
49. Do you know a crooked engraver who will help?
50. He was the crooked shepherd by his given authority.
51. The crooked skirt swinging, whack by whack by whack.
52. She ate her soup sitting all crooked with fatigue.
53. The field grows crooked, wild, like a crazy thing.
54. To read only the black ones: round o and crooked ess.
55. Where the road has been straight, let it be crooked.
56. Jesus, he never argued! His scales mus’ be crooked.
57. Yeah, but one of those guys in Bokoshe is crooked.
58. Why not? I’m jus’ balancin’ the crooked scales.
59. We knew that there was something crooked going on!.
60. She stumbled and lurched through the crooked streets.
61. Unfortunately, I only learned about all the crooked.
62. My lord, the crooked nosed guardsman said, laughing.
63. Max looked at Homer with a crooked, evil smile on his.
64. Nash crooked his thumb and rested it against his temple.
65. Because I saw what the crooked judicial system did to.
66. The man raised my face towards his with a crooked finger.
67. Her teeth are straight on top and crooked on the bottom.
68. Both women, one old and stooped with a crooked back, the.
69. He raised his crooked arms out wide to encompass the world.
70. It was one of those crooked little smiles that if I were.
71. He gave the boy a crooked smile, but Finias didn't see it.
72. Tris stands inside the car, wearing a small, crooked smile.
73. That’s easy, Daniel said, giving him a crooked grin.
74. Emily gave a crooked smile, That's obvious isn't it?
75. When they are still able to step easily off the crooked path.
76. He had deep dark angry eyes with a crooked carrot for a nose.
77. For the first time I curse my crooked nose and average face.
78. When this partition is quite crooked or there is any nasal.
79. Shaving accident, I told him and forced a crooked smile.
80. Wiggles crooked his head a little and noticed the black back.
81. And why not? said Pavel Pavlovitch, with a crooked smile.
82. Obviously, the killing had been the result of a crooked card.
83. It is the true conspiracy that every crooked angle in science.
84. Let me ask you this first? John said with a crooked smile.
85. Jesus on a very crooked and dirty trail that led up the side of.
86. He gave me a crooked grin to make sure I knew he was only joking.
87. He flashed his sexy crooked grin and kissed the back of her hand.
88. Where?’ He crooked his arm and I rested my hand on his forearm.
89. A sentiment is the worse scenario of desire with its crooked rule.
90. The crooked walls of jagged rocks grew hot, exploded with a crash.
91. But I haven’t the slightest interest in crooked enterprises now.
92. Well, that's enough, he said, with a still more crooked smile.
93. Randy and Walter, Dan won about $400 in that card game, crooked as.
94. Tess did not look after him, but slowly wound along the crooked lane.
95. I mentioned BAU before but maybe it should be Crooked As Usual (CAU.
96. I mean it, she insisted, reaching out with her crooked fingers.
97. Some of the swords were crooked: orc-scimitars with blackened blades.
98. Only a half mile lays between us and Starbucks, but it’s a crooked.
99. She crooked both aluminum crutches into her armpits and tried to keep.
100. The boy had crooked eyebrows colored orange like his short cropped hair.
1. Crooks sat on his bunk.
2. Hardly a pair of crooks.
3. We’re either crooks or feds.
4. An' Crooks been here a long time.
5. We'd tell about you framin' Crooks.
6. Crooks had reduced himself to nothing.
7. Crooks, late editor of The Methodist.
8. She thinks you"re crooks, that"s all.
9. An’ Crooks been here a long time.
10. Crooks said, I didn't mean to scare you.
11. It’s just one more thing those crooks.
12. He’s in here, Crooks said shortly.
13. We’d tell about you framin’ Crooks.
14. That said, these men are crooks and thieves.
15. It just created a bigger market for crooks.
16. It wasn’t nothing, Crooks said dully.
17. Mister Crooks is really a remarkable player.
18. Crooks leaned forward over the edge of the bunk.
19. Richard Nixon because I don’t approve of crooks.
20. Crooks said irritably, You can come in if you want.
21. The prevalence of crooks in mining is pestilential.
22. Crooks settled himself more comfortably on his bunk.
23. Crooks nodded I tol' 'em, but they come in anyways.
24. As far as he was concerned, they were all crooks who.
25. They are crooks and our government is stupid or insane.
26. Shhh… there were crooks and bullets… he whispered.
27. She can deal with this: with crooks and crimes and mysteries.
28. If you are then it is what this pair of crooks has given you.
29. So Solifon and these crooks have the same lawyers?
30. Whatever happened to competent crooks? Willie The Actor.
31. Crooks removed his glasses and wiped his eyes with his fingers.
32. I want to unmask these crooks called the cosmic experts and the.
33. You got a nice cozy little place in here, he said to Crooks.
34. Crooks had retired into the terrible protective dignity of the negro.
35. Crooks had retired into the terrible protective dignity of the Negro.
36. This room was swept and fairly neat, for Crooks was a proud, aloof man.
37. His arms, coarse with hair, slipped into the soft crooks of her knees.
38. Crooks seemed to grow smaller, and he pressed himself against the wall.
39. Crooks seemed to grow smaller, and he pressed? himself against the wall.
40. That logically follows that banks are crooks, as this instance verifies.
41. All the deep value is in mining, but then so are all the profound crooks.
42. I don’t expect you to know this because you work for a bunch of crooks.
43. Crooks seemed to come slowly out of the layers of protection he had put on.
44. Crooks seemed to come slowly out of the layers of protection he bad put on.
45. He could be safe, protected, and never have to work for the UAI or crooks.
46. Apparently the crooks in jail weren’t able to be very specific about the.
47. They’ve caught the crooks that broke into my house, he said to Whitton.
48. Isn’t that luck of the birth? Remember some of the rich are real bad crooks.
49. And speaking of crooks, you hear this announcement on the news almost every day:.
50. The little crooks in the red walls of the canyon were filled with young cottonwoods.
51. The exact second of firing! Police were ecstatic they could id the crooks so easily.
52. There is the detective who follows all the crooks in the world; he investigates them.
53. The judge ordered it to be administered by the crooks at Judicial Response Associates.
54. Don't let the crooks win and steal your identity -- protect yourself and family members.
55. Crooks stared hopelessly at her, and then he sat down on his bunk and drew into himself.
56. And a thousand other crooks and turns must be straightened out which this book has stated.
57. He could remember his instructor telling him that crooks were the best actors in the world.
58. Most banks are not run by crooks and other wankers and this is not what this book is about.
59. They spent most of the day lounging in the crooks of tree branches watching the traffic below.
60. Just one good blow at the Montmartre and we could drive every one of these vile crooks to cover.
61. He had his secret agents everywhere, following every move of the crooks quietly but pertinaciously.
62. Crooks have to carefully gauge the places they want to hit—see if security is worth getting around.
63. Too much had happened in the last days for him to just get wasted by a bunch of crooks worse than him.
64. Crooks sat on his bunk and looked at the door for a moment, and then he reached for the liniment bottle.
65. For a moment Crooks did not see him, but on raising his eyes he stiffened and a scowl came on his face.
66. Crooks sat on his bunk and looked at the door' for a moment, and then he reached for the liniment bottle.
67. It was started by a crook, Nixon; it has helped crooks prosper; it has pushed our children into prisons.
68. It’s even worse now because we know the truth, and the truth is that those crooks knew I had black lung.
69. A couple of hours later, he told his daughter there are many crooks in the road and not to worry about it.
70. CROOKS, the Negro stable buck, had his bunk in the harness room; a little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn.
71. Crooks had his apple box over his bunk, and in it a range of medicine bottles, both for himself and for the horses.
72. CROOKS, THE NEGRO stable buck, had his bunk in the harness room; a little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn.
73. He’s not immediately stopping the wars, nor reversing the tax gift to the rich, and he is bailing out the crooks.
74. Tomorrow can only be worse, especially because the crooks responsible for the current distress have not all been caught.
75. Even in this nest of crooks and cutthroats there are still people who deserve better than a death at the claws of a lycan.
76. The rise in crime and delinquency is not caused by poverty, it is caused by tens of thousands of petty crooks wanting to.
77. For the most part his old comrades seemed to have turned into losers, depraved bandits, revolting pimps or small-time crooks.
78. Crooks stared at Lennie, and he reached behind him and took down the spectacles and adjusted them over his pink ears and stared again.
79. She chewed on small time crooks and plea-bargaining Meliorans for three years, growing hungrier for justice, success, and recognition.
80. Someone has said that all politicians are crooks and he may be on to something, but if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.
81. Melo dramatic Poets and Devil-Damned Crooks move about with violent ease, as they owe it to their dream in books, of victories victory victory.
82. At first he was only fast, and then he was criminal; and then, at the end of a year or two, he was one of the most notorious young crooks in the city.
83. Well, I told him that he couldn’t ignore what was happening and each of us has to participate, even though we know that most elected officials are crooks.
84. The bible mentions the water gate, but it doesn’t predict the Watergate that gave way and flooded Nixon and his crony crooks out of the White House in 1974.
85. These days Bogdanov looks clean and successful and has ballooned to sixty kilos of skin and bone, but we’re pretty sure he’s one of the crooks in your organization, Alona.
86. The swamp men were lean bearded giants in homespun, coon-skin caps on their heads, their rifles easy in the crooks of their arms, their wads of tobacco stilled in their cheeks.
87. The usual train-station scene of policemen, young thugs and their families, hardened crooks, lawyers and judges, had been stemmed by an order restricting the floor to the single case.
88. The danger of regarding any point in the past as the golden age is that you forget that there were just as many crooks, crackpots, and idiots around then, and just as many terrible records.
89. For a moment she stood over him as though waiting for him to move so that she could whip at him again; but Crooks sat perfectly still, his eyes averted, everything that might be hurt drawn in.
90. If you have been contacted by an unauthorized overseas firm or suspect a scam, forward the information to the FCA or the police as they are trying to pursue the crooks, even through governments.
91. A bloke and a girl would be escaping ravening wolves, erupting volcanoes or pursuing crooks, and she"d stop and start arguing, asking questions, complaining she wasn"t being treated with respect.
92. An example of this would be believing that all men should be castrated, because you were raped last year; or that all door to door salesmen are crooks because one of them swindled you five years ago.
93. It is my contention that this money siphoning business has been taking place ever since and grown to include borrowing money against the US to steal for private use by the crooks who run the country.
94. The crooks are not satisfied with skimming what the US buys for cash; they went into borrowing money (to up the cash available) and stealing that against the credit of the people of the United States.
95. And scattered about the floor were a number of personal possessions; for, being alone, Crooks could leave his things about, and being a stable buck and a cripple, he was more permanent than the other.
96. Kovroff escaped the contempt of the crooks because he did things on such a big scale and embarked with his Golden Band on the most desperate and dangerous enterprises that the rest of roguedom did not even dare to consider.
97. Evidently, they were pressing ahead with their fiction that their mother destroyed the free will prepared by those crooks over at legal aid, and therefore things would revert back to the prior will, which split everything equally.
98. The addition of a P and a D completed a message which showed me that the rascal was proceeding from persuasion to threats, and my knowledge of the crooks of Chicago prepared me to find that he might very rapidly put his words into action.
99. There one can study the largest assortment of criminals outside of a penal institution, from the Artful Dodger and Bill Sykes, Fagin and Jim the Penman, to the most modern of noted crooks of fact or fiction, all done here in real flesh and blood.
100. And scattered about the floor were a number of personal possessions; for, being alone, Crooks could leave his things about, and being a stable buck and a cripple, he was more permanent than the other men, and he had accumulated more possessions than he could carry on his back.

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