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Shelf in a sentence | shelf example sentences

  1. It is on this shelf.
  2. I saw a shelf above.
  3. We hit a kind of shelf.
  4. Store it on a high shelf.
  5. A clock on a shelf chimed.

  6. On the shelf over there is.
  7. The seat was more of a shelf.
  8. We have porridge on the shelf.
  9. Above each shelf was a sign.
  10. She lifted a book from the shelf.
  11. What is the Shelf Life of Herbs?
  12. The medicine stands on the shelf.
  13. Resting on a dusty shelf up high.
  14. On the shelf at public telephones.
  15. I collected my bag off the shelf.

  16. There’s a spot on the top shelf.
  17. He put the comic back on the shelf.
  18. Michael looked up at his book shelf.
  19. The Recoverability of a real Shelf.
  20. Laws on the shelf of a book store!.
  21. We have porridge on the shelf ….
  22. Mikegilli: First place on my shelf.
  23. He moved to a tall shelf behind his.
  24. He found it on a shelf after a while.
  25. Nor on the shelf above the windscreen.

  26. The cats are ____________the CD shelf.
  27. Am I to old, am I stuck on the shelf?
  28. It took the shelf below with it, and.
  29. The shelf lives are achieved without.
  30. Of equal searches and a gorgeous shelf.
  31. The entire shelf above and all of its.
  32. I could read all the books on the shelf.
  33. Mathew went to a shelf and removed a box.
  34. Raf gazed past me to the near-bare shelf.
  35. And stood within the frontier, as shelf.
  36. They are in the open shelf behind you.
  37. The shelf below seemed to hold the answer.
  38. They sat on the shelf, unused for only a.
  39. Bake on bottom shelf in 400 F oven about.
  40. The other shelf held his basketball stuff.
  41. It came from a shelf with many other books.
  42. On the shelf above was a bent kitchen fork.
  43. At your homes sit your yearbooks in a shelf.
  44. Counting the number or products on a shelf.
  45. Helmets and thick gloves perched on a shelf.
  46. Two books of his own were there on the shelf.
  47. He found the vast expanses of shelf space odd.
  48. Above the bed on a corner shelf stood a lamp.
  49. A wooden shelf? A cover? The sound came again.
  50. There is a small shelf of books, a minifridge.
  51. Midge looked at the shelf, then looked around.
  52. Then the intruder stood up from behind a shelf.
  53. Conan kicked the skull on the leaf-strewn shelf.
  54. They occupied more and more retail shelf space.
  55. When she spotted it, it was on the highest shelf.
  56. God is not an item on the store shelf that you.
  57. On the next shelf Molly's name was cut in marble.
  58. As I sit on the powdery shelf I have made with.
  59. Dad said, They're on the top shelf in the garage.
  60. Fox inclined his head to the skulls on the shelf.
  61. They put their deepest sense of self on a shelf.
  62. You will need cardboard, scissors and shelf paper.
  63. I pulled it off the shelf and thumbed through it.
  64. Lying up on the shelf by her bunk she saw a rose.
  65. He threw his gym bag on the cart’s lower shelf.
  66. I laughed and pushed the stuff off Jake’s shelf.
  67. When I entered my room I saw the book on my shelf.
  68. There was a dusty desk, some files on a shelf and.
  69. My cosmetics and shower caddy are on another shelf.
  70. He removed the DVD from the shelf and studied the.
  71. Most bookstores have shelf after shelf of books on.
  72. I closed the lid and placed it back onto the shelf.
  73. You start on the lower shelf and I’ll start here.
  74. There was no TV or radio evident, just a shelf of.
  75. Seeing the old hymn-book on the shelf, Heidi said:.
  76. At the top of the shelf behind some cardboard boxes.
  77. A voice told me to look up on the shelf up there.
  78. The money was put on the shelf by the hair-ointments.
  79. It was shoved onto the top shelf of his small closet.
  80. It’s on the top shelf in the living room closet.
  81. The good book wasn’t one of those on my book shelf.
  82. He spotted a wooden shelf jutting out of the dirt to.
  83. Letting out my breath, I tested the shelf with my leg.
  84. He went back to the CDs on the shelf and there it was.
  85. Near the front of the top shelf was a small yellow dish.
  86. I looked round, and there was the tin box on the shelf.
  87. He shrugged his shoulders and dropped down on the shelf.
  88. Carol sighed, leaning back against the shelf behind her.
  89. And now a library with much more shelf space than books.
  90. I slipped it from the shelf, opening to her inscription.
  91. Jo crossed to the shelf to the left of the entrance and.
  92. Coral animals were washed in from the continental shelf.
  93. Cut the bottom shelf (I) to suit the dimensions of the.
  94. He then looked back to the shelf items, inconspicuously.
  95. Howard went to a shelf in the next chamber and returned.
  96. It's my bet you'll stay on the shelf a while yet, Joseph.
  97. I think she’s got some over on the shelf with the oils.
  98. The images are freezer, shelf, and refrigerator friendly.
  99. It can't be moths making such a noise on the second shelf.
  100. They don’t have a very long shelf life but here’s a.

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