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Counter in a sentence | counter example sentences

  1. She sat at the counter.
  2. I hopped off the counter.
  3. Paul went to the counter.
  4. Roy looked at the counter.
  5. If you counter attack or.

  6. They paused at the counter.
  7. Back to the counter I went.
  8. I slump against the counter.
  9. The counter down the drain.
  10. They led him to the counter.
  11. Put it on a floured counter.
  12. To counter the E radio noise.
  13. A boy stepped to the counter.
  14. The boy behind the counter.
  15. In the counter top above it.

  16. Jake walked up to the counter.
  17. She set her cup on the counter.
  18. More of something to counter.
  19. Dar leaned against the counter.
  20. He looked over to the counter.
  21. Hello, I’m on the counter.
  22. She leaned against the counter.
  23. Betty leans against the counter.
  24. Philpot's porter on the counter.
  25. We must leap onto the counter.

  26. He looked at the Geiger counter.
  27. Keys looked on from the counter.
  28. She set it on the counter and.
  29. I sat at the counter and waited.
  30. Ruby leaned against the counter.
  31. She set her bag on the counter.
  32. Peering over the counter, she.
  33. He put the beer on the counter.
  34. Needed to try and counter that.
  35. Nick despised the rental counter.
  36. He was a counter, a numbers man.
  37. Krodus stepped up to the counter.
  38. I joined him behind the counter.
  39. I could leave it on the counter.
  40. Emily stood at the counter and.
  41. We sat our towels on the counter.
  42. She placed a bag on the counter.
  43. There is also a slayer counter.
  44. I went to the air ticket counter.
  45. Claire looked down at the counter.
  46. He drags it along to the counter.
  47. I quickly scaled the food counter.
  48. His hand tightened on the counter.
  49. He banged a pliers on the counter.
  50. Liam placed the bag on the counter.
  51. The girl behind the counter smiled.
  52. Bev had just placed on the counter.
  53. On my very counter, sir, said he.
  54. Mr Tetley blinked over his counter.
  55. I walked over to the counter and.
  56. He walked me over to a lab counter.
  57. I then put it on top of the counter.
  58. To counter it I needed black magic.
  59. Petr, ready to counter any argument.
  60. Wanted live man for spirit counter.
  61. Other Supplements and Over Counter.
  62. Nice piece of wood in that counter.
  63. He didnt need a Geiger counter to.
  64. Grady kneading dough on the counter.
  65. But the music is counter pointing me.
  66. We moved to the massive food counter.
  67. She looked over the counter at them.
  68. She spit blood and tried to counter.
  69. I put my mags and M9 on the counter.
  70. Alma walked back behind the counter.
  71. Come, the pizza is on the counter.
  72. A tiny man stood behind the counter.
  73. On Godfrey’s side the counter was.
  74. You can’t buy it over the counter.
  75. The woman behind the counter looked.
  76. In any case, the calorie counter in.
  77. Max limped in and sat at the counter.
  78. And the diner had no counter service.
  79. But I was talking to a closed counter.
  80. That stock cube there on the counter.
  81. You were hogging the counter space.
  82. A counter action had been anticipated.
  83. It’d been on the counter for weeks.
  84. I stepped up to the ticketing counter.
  85. She took his seat behind the counter.
  86. They marched him to the counter and.
  87. A bowl of fruit sat atop the counter.
  88. She placed Smiths beer on the counter.
  89. Spread out wax paper on a counter top.
  90. Behind the counter stood two men---Mr.
  91. Do not get a counter that just shows.
  92. She sets the plate down on the counter.
  93. This was before the counter in my shop.
  94. She put the bag on top of the counter.
  95. She stands, walks over to the counter.
  96. I placed the knife back on the counter.
  97. Mitch leaned his elbows on the counter.
  98. He looked at his Geiger counter; the.
  99. We have created a vaccine to counter.
  100. Then she looks past me to the counter.
  1. Wa couldn’t help countering him at once.
  2. Repair enzymes within the cell act by countering the damage.
  3. Crowley was busy countering the spreading of a cult of Apophis.
  4. Ben turned to his right and kept countering with defensive moves.
  5. Son continued to elude attacks, countering them and using the weapons.
  6. We spent the rest of the day working on new moves and countering strategies.
  7. Crowley focused on countering the strange rituals formula, and achieved some form.
  8. This means taking her questions, ignoring them, and countering them with personal tests.
  9. Countering all of the purported benefits of formal education are the costs and limits of.
  10. It took our companion Povon a few months to crack it, but she’s formulated a countering spell.
  11. Jack’s attack was as swift as a viper, Reese spun beneath it, countering, and the fight was on.
  12. Longer bodies for Belt Hold lines will offer more resistance to the trend that they are countering.
  13. Whatever moves the Saxons made, we were faster, countering them even if they split their forces to face us.
  14. In the last few days our profits have come from FCUK, countering general losses in what remains a bear market.
  15. As for countering laser-guided bombs, we have added another useful piece of gear to the shipment for that purpose.
  16. And it was clear you were countering other magic as well as attempting to save the lives of your fellow recruits.
  17. He used the opening to swing at one’s head, but it ducked beneath the bat, countering with a shallow cut on Joey’s chest.
  18. He felt sort of familiar with the controls, instinctively countering rotor torque and easing forward at a gentle climb, south west.
  19. Bart took to her immediately, countering inquisitive coquetry with gallant attention and an apparently bottomless pit of good humour.
  20. The Science Fair had won Jason extra recognition, but a couple of the teachers clearly objected to his clandestine methods at countering Mr.
  21. Countering the constant pitch and roll of the cruiser with his body and gripping the helm hard, for 4 hours left him numb and disorientated.
  22. Thus, we will concentrate on countering their project ‘Olympus’ first, the one most dangerous for the integrity of history since it touches at timeline ‘A’.
  23. He finally breaks down her defenses, countering all of her arguments about why they shouldn't be together and showing her, in great detail, how incredible they are together.
  24. The right hands: clockwise, the left hands: countering in alternating cadence in front of each twin as she moved very, very slowly away from her corner down the length of the deck.
  25. It is going to take education, personal self development, and the pursuit of dreams and aspirations for us to begin the process of countering and defeating the ills that are destroying us.
  26. You can imagine how important that will be in diverting attention and countering any allegations that might start flying around about the Government having instituted a ‘shoot to kill’ policy.
  27. Apart from having psyonic powers that will make the job of countering them vastly more difficult, they have already proven that they won’t hesitate to fiddle with history, as was the case with Yeshua.
  28. The rationale of time! It does take its toll! I, myself, was hardly the super-kid that for a short spell held her marriage together by countering one adultery with another, providing a safety-valve to stave off the disintegration.
  29. The mental health community's awareness of such dependencies as "consumption addictions" led UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute to recently sponsor a conference on "Mental Health and Simple Living: Countering the Compulsion to Consume.
  30. He was resentful that far from countering the 'infamous fascist slander against the USSR', the Sikorski government had not found it necessary 'even to address questions to the Soviet Government or to request information on the matter'.
  31. Nobody gave him any credence, with the head of the Polish delegation countering him with a harsh response, mentioning the enormous disproportion of forces between Poland and its allies on one side and the Soviet forces on the other side.
  32. Surely even a base mortal such as yourself might intuit the magnitude of what he bears witness to? This marks the first perfect balance between the countering forces---the lull of darkness and the salve of light---since that day three centuries past when Blacke Sorcerer Alon Malagar was immolated.
  33. After all, the Americans had only recently set up their own Homeland Security Department, and although this was primarily designed to defend the country against WMDs, the so called Weapons of Mass Destruction, it would also be capable of preventing and countering just the sort of terrorist attacks that the UK had been enduring since ‘the troubles’ started.
  34. He also wondered who among the American senior commanders he could blame for all this: contrary to the dismal combat performance of the British and Dutch troops in other parts of the Pacific and Asia, the American forces in the Philippines had consistently outsmarted the Japanese forces, either guessing in advance the Japanese attack plans or countering Japanese attacks with new and unpredictable tactics.
  1. This too can be countered.
  2. Rowan, to you,' he countered.
  3. She sternly countered with a.
  4. This can be countered by Recall.
  5. I dont know, I countered.
  6. Whose to say? countered Ray.
  7. Because of you also, he countered.
  8. I do! She countered bluntly.
  9. We must stay, countered Suzuki.
  10. Sure, why? he countered with.
  11. Another word so strongly countered.
  12. I countered quickly that I thought.
  13. Are you agreein? he countered.
  14. Fuck it then, Nugget countered.
  15. How about a glass? she countered.
  16. Are you kidding? Jerry countered.
  17. It’s not boring, he countered.
  18. It has its purpose, she countered.
  19. Much better odds! Wendy countered.
  20. We heal fast too, Iggy countered.
  21. I’m not a hoarder, I countered.
  22. Good, she countered with a smile.
  23. Tribute, the old dwarf countered.
  24. And you, Nicolette? he countered.
  25. A bunch of old fish, countered shorts.
  26. Right then, I will, she countered.
  27. Reese stood by me, she countered.
  28. If it is not countered swiftly, I deem.
  29. The way Hamza countered and fought back.
  30. Ellis countered with a shake of his head.
  31. If that was him, Warlock countered.
  32. Why would you say that? he countered.
  33. That’s a switch, Martin countered.
  34. She countered my animation with passivity.
  35. You’re tellin’ me! He countered.
  36. Thus it was countered as wastage of money.
  37. Yes, you do, countered Herr Gotthilf.
  38. The stiff, somewhat formal voice countered.
  39. What one of us has not? he countered.
  40. Rory countered that he was glad it wasn't.
  41. I wouldn’t say that, Faye countered.
  42. All these symptoms need to be countered by.
  43. That is not true, is it? countered Max.
  44. I don’t know about that, she countered.
  45. You can keep your benefits, he countered.
  46. Now you listen to me, countered Teller.
  47. For every bigot countered, two spring forth.
  48. What else is there to do? she countered.
  49. Don’t you trust me enough she countered.
  50. No, the witch isn’t, countered Jannie.
  51. Having Edea was a choice, Joe countered.
  52. I’m happy with myself too, I countered.
  53. You already told us that, Rick countered.
  54. I countered, You have many different facets.
  55. I going as fast as I can, Nolan countered.
  56. Yes, but it is very like you, he countered.
  57. Now that is interesting, countered Clayton.
  58. You haven’t? Jared countered with a grin.
  59. Are you going to be okay? Stacey countered.
  60. And they will remain so, countered Rudolph.
  61. You should be sorry, Maurice, she countered.
  62. She countered it with her typical flippant smile.
  63. Bedi countered, ‘The movement was losing focus.
  64. The chocolate always countered sadness and guilt.
  65. Neither FBI agent countered so I pressed my point.
  66. But thats the rite of passage, I countered.
  67. I don’t lay lots of eggs, countered Edwin.
  68. What the hell does that mean? Kurt countered.
  69. Tony countered instantly and stabilized the motion.
  70. No, that isn’t the car, Herminia countered.
  71. Reservations were only for two, he countered.
  72. How about a goodbye hug instead, she countered.
  73. It won’t shrink there either, she countered.
  74. Connie was ready, and she countered with Ju Jitsu.
  75. Well, I countered his blackmail with some of my own.
  76. I refuse to be a role model, Alicia countered.
  77. That would take too long, the Judge countered.
  78. I don’t have that many talents, I countered.
  79. Garock countered, bringing the shield rim down on.
  80. More than you want to pay Dominex, he countered.
  81. You don’t have to believe it, Alex countered.
  82. He countered these with equally vague responses or.
  83. You will die for certain in here, she countered.
  84. At least my university was coed, Evan countered.
  85. Hey, this man has good taste! he countered as he.
  86. I don’t need to think about it, Brian countered.
  87. However, Starret countered the attack in the classic.
  88. Chatting her up, more likely, Kletsova countered.
  89. Only through corollary examples, Thean countered.
  90. How much can they possibly know? Charles countered.
  91. One kid made a move for the podium and Buffo countered.
  92. Mother is a lady and she eats, countered Scarlett.
  93. We’ve never done this either, the dog countered.
  94. I am not challenging you, Hallen, Hanor countered.
  95. He ducked with surprising agility, and countered with a.
  96. You’ve had all your shots, countered the computer.
  97. As expected, the Mastiff countered with his own powerful.
  98. He has even countered back with his own record-breaking.
  99. You may have killed the whole crew, Teddy countered.
  100. Good assumption Warlock, McDonald countered jokingly.
  1. His bean counters will look.
  2. You move, the woman counters.
  3. But the ship counters that action.
  4. With cabinets, counters, a sink and.
  5. Fecking matches from counters to save.
  6. Boxes swamped the kitchenette counters.
  7. I cruised the buffet counters with Ananya.
  8. An unknown force counters his every move.
  9. The floors, counters, and walls were marble.
  10. Maybe I should move in here, he counters.
  11. This controls rotation and counters shortening.
  12. They are used to set up constants and counters.
  13. Paul followed him round the rectangle of counters.
  14. The operation of divide-by-n counters will now be.
  15. He had seen them, maybe, behind counters and bars.
  16. Retreat and we’ll let you live, she counters.
  17. One of the chief counters to Polish nationalism was.
  18. Because this counters the volatility of the stocks.
  19. Casinos love drunken gamblers but hate card counters.
  20. Let me take care of the counters, at least, William.
  21. There are Tupperware containers on the kitchen counters.
  22. There were one hundred and seventy counters in grades one.
  23. Blapak was two counters back going thru a bag of raw beans.
  24. Amaranthe leaned on one of the counters and frowned at Akstyr.
  25. And on one of the counters was an open box of Tiberian cigars.
  26. To love and be loved counters an awful lot of Black Dog bites.
  27. She peered past counters and drying bills but did not see him.
  28. Get away from cluttering the counters with too many appliances.
  29. She walked into the kitchen and started to wipe down the counters.
  30. Your trading platform will provide an array of counters for you.
  31. The kitchen contained two counters, a small fridge and a microwave.
  32. Division, the Counters were now shifting their attention to carrots.
  33. Yorthops went off to the cook's counters and Ava leaned over the rail.
  34. It is a truth that does not need a type of faith that counters common.
  35. She looked for him and saw that he had crouched behind one of the counters.
  36. Chef Luc amused himself as he watched Charlie decide which counters to move.
  37. Counters were now shifting their attention to carrots and potatoes, while the.
  38. He’d been placed in a different room, one with white tile and blue counters.
  39. Graphite occupies a greater volume than Iron, it counters the shrinkage of Iron.
  40. Drawing stares as she walked up and down the check-in counters in tears, Grace kept.
  41. Where else do you see banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to counters?
  42. Oh, poor Darren, Mommy didn’t tell him, Mira counters, her voice dripping with venom.
  43. If your closet is a disaster but your kitchen counters are free of clutter, celebrate that.
  44. They sat where they found space, on kitchen counters, in the foyer, even under the stairwell.
  45. Other restaurants and food counters around this square will be run by local Toulouse residents.
  46. Lunch counter sit-ins: Black students sat at whites-only lunch counters and waited to be served.
  47. Hands and documents are pushed under or over the glass counters with everybody yelling to be heard.
  48. She busied herself the rest of the day by wiping down the counters, and then mopped the kitchen floor.
  49. There were community notices on the walls and long counters around the perimeter for filling out forms.
  50. I promise you to keep a detailed accounting of my time there for your bean counters at the pay section.
  51. In fact, beside himself, only five other subjects could be seen, and they were all behind the counters.
  52. When I found one, I took a quick peek inside and saw that it was a work lab with tools, counters and benches.
  53. But then, Jim Manzi, the author of the article counters with, [But] Atkins has come to have second thoughts.
  54. This counters the effect of the slower metabolism and the increased appetite caused by the cessation of smoking.
  55. He was only twenty minutes removed from the glare of the mirrored sales counters and his eyes struggled to adapt.
  56. They even banned one of our favourite board games called Carrom in which we flick counters across a wooden board.
  57. In the kitchen, David removed a dish towel from the rack, wet it under the sink, and started cleaning the counters.
  58. The graphical nature of ‘getting a man on-board you’ sounds revolting, but Kate always counters with the fact.
  59. There were seven counters and twelve checkers, none of whom were allowed to vote because they had to be independent.
  60. Hence, unless you have direct access to the counters, you will need to know if your broker is charging the right rates.
  61. There were counters to that rumor that he was going through with-drawls from using the Kelvan computer, and there were.
  62. With half an hour still to spare, Zara then went down to the Promenade Deck and toured quickly its boutiques and counters.
  63. I ran the fastest sprint of my life and even then I don’t know how I made it back to the shelter of the kitchen counters.
  64. This becomes an easy task with the plethora of online calendars and date counters available free of charge on the Internet.
  65. Some of these concessions will be restaurants and food counters due to be run by our citizens living in the Toulouse Tower.
  66. Weak light filtering through grimy windows, revealing rows of long counters littered with salt, dented cans, and torn labels.
  67. Aunt Rachel had just pulled the white candles out from underneath one of the counters when there was a knock at the back door.
  68. Gopal counters, ‘The ad agency just didn’t understand what the unorganized sector was all about and how to reach out to them.
  69. With the top of the counter lifted off, the racks elevate themselves to counter level and then move horizontally onto the counters.
  70. The cooks here had marble counters and flaming gas grilles behind them with racks of cookware and insulated storage chests with ice.
  71. Inside, it had counters for form-filling, and a worn floor where drivers waited in line, and a stand-up desk where deliveries were recorded.
  72. Boxes and cartons were stacked against the walls, counters were clean, and closets were filled with folded linens and properly hung clothing.
  73. Between the glass counters, shelves, food, and the frightened counter girls scurrying back and forth, she's fighting with too many handicaps.
  74. This enables the practitioner to use any one of a number of online (Internet) date counters and calendars to quickly count the number of days (.
  75. I dove the last few feet as the shells chasing me slammed into the thick steel armor plating that the kitchen cabinets and counters were inlaid with.
  76. Please have any research wizards you can spare for a co-operative effort in finding counters to these heinous spells contact me after we adjourn here.
  77. The bigger players, those who have direct access to the counters are able to get the best rates and are able to pass on these savings to their clients.
  78. I walked to one of the counters and asked the plump woman with puffy short blondish hair, who was smacking on her gum, if I could see who was in charge.
  79. Grabbing a particular plastic container, she opened it and poured the powder inside it all over the floor, counters and workstations of the laboratory.
  80. The deep narrow shop was a geek’s paradise with everything from electronic components to complete equipment lining the shelves or under glass counters.
  81. Management’s strategy, which included leasing space to Boston Markets rather than operating its own roasted chicken counters, made sense to investors.
  82. Stainless steel tables and counters supported a number of strange instruments, while shelves and cabinets contained all kinds of containers, big and small.
  83. It has become more than a cook's court now, it is where the top aquatic food chefs compete at large elaborate counters with flaring flames and loud sizzling.
  84. It had a great hole in the middle of the floor, fenced as with a wall of counters, and down this wide shaft the lifts went, and the light for the bottom storey.
  85. They walked along the line of food counters first to review the choice of menus, finally choosing a counter that served what looked close to Chinese cuisine to Nancy.
  86. The interior of the Cash ’n’ Go was lined with pressed-wood paneling; counters ran at elbow height around two sides so people could sign their checks and fill out paperwork.
  87. I hate to change the subject, I said, looking around the immaculate white tiled floor and marbled kitchen counters, but your house isn’t anything at all like I expected.
  88. But whenever we look – this is the strange thing about this electron – we always find them to be in one particular Geiger counter, although we have a room full of Geiger counters.
  89. After passing the admission counters, the group found itself in a cavernous enclosed space, with the external walls being made of big armor glass panes that provided plenty of daylight.
  90. Cleaning the counters, wiping the sinks, sweeping the floor and vacuuming the living room floor—all part of her day, all part of the routine she set into after she married her husband.
  91. It’s a one story building which he stripped bare, added tiles, repainted and furnished with counters and long dining table which can seat all of us and our extended family if we had to.
  92. He counters feelings of emptiness from this lack by not giving up anything he already possesses, justifying his selfishness through perceiving himself as more important than other people.
  93. Derbyshire counters that, for all their self-assurance, while neuroscientists are chasing the self through ever narrower and darker passageways of the brain, they have not caught it yet.
  94. This was quite a big place, with counters and dummies clothed in summer frocks, and I was interested to see a small, secluded part served by a middle- aged woman where the elderly could buy the.
  95. When this process was done for all the entrants, it took the table with the counters and selected the six numbers whose counters were the smallest and this turned out to be the winning combination.
  96. At one of the check-in counters, Toyne flashed an identity card which provided them with immediate access to the Launch Pad area, and a few moments later they stood in front of a bright red Shuttle.
  97. By not eating candy bars… but the very magazines featuring models who have perfectly slim waists sit right next to all the last-minute impulse junk foods at the checkout counters in supermarket stores.
  98. Looking around the kitchen, the only things she had on the counters were a microwave, a jar of instant coffee—nasty but you got to do what you got to do—and a dish drainer with a lone coffee cup in it.
  99. Unfortunately, Spirit also grew beyond the capacity of its employee base, with customers complaining that Spirit lacked enough people to staff its ticket counters, reservations, and customer-service centers.
  100. Once past the main entrance to the Southeast Annex, the group went through the admission counters, where they paid the entrance fee of one silver denier per adult or five oboles per children under the age of thirteen.

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