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Counter in a sentence

On the counter.
The counter top.
Over the counter.
To counter this,.
When the counter.
counter is a block.
next to the counter.

To the TWA counter.
counter at the bank.
side of the counter.
way to bank counter.
back on the counter.
all over the counter.
On the counter lie.
Walks to the counter.
counter at this point.
makeup on the counter.
counter and grabbed it.
on the kitchen counter.
She sat at the counter.
sou across the counter.
know how to counter it.
counter in front of me.
Measures and counter.
'Move the counter in,.
leaned over the counter.
they put on the counter.
On the kitchen counter.
with a counter proposal.
Sam slapped the counter.
from behind the counter.
countering attacks from all directions.
Wa couldn’t help countering him at once.
Repair enzymes within the cell act by countering the damage.
Crowley was busy countering the spreading of a cult of Apophis.
Ben turned to his right and kept countering with defensive moves.
countering some of her ideologies and also to sow some doubts into.
Son continued to elude attacks, countering them and using the weapons.
those of fact and their countering, in the DarkSpaces of irreconcilable.
We spent the rest of the day working on new moves and countering strategies.
also reached the peak of perfection and is confidence of countering just by.
Crowley focused on countering the strange rituals formula, and achieved some form.
This means taking her questions, ignoring them, and countering them with personal tests.
Countering all of the purported benefits of formal education are the costs and limits of.
a cultist, and countering by a move he adapted from the few month of Weng Chen Kung Fu he once.
It took our companion Povon a few months to crack it, but she’s formulated a countering spell.
Jack’s attack was as swift as a viper, Reese spun beneath it, countering, and the fight was on.
Longer bodies for Belt Hold lines will offer more resistance to the trend that they are countering.
Whatever moves the Saxons made, we were faster, countering them even if they split their forces to face us.
In the last few days our profits have come from FCUK, countering general losses in what remains a bear market.
As for countering laser-guided bombs, we have added another useful piece of gear to the shipment for that purpose.
And it was clear you were countering other magic as well as attempting to save the lives of your fellow recruits.
He used the opening to swing at one’s head, but it ducked beneath the bat, countering with a shallow cut on Joey’s chest.
He felt sort of familiar with the controls, instinctively countering rotor torque and easing forward at a gentle climb, south west.
Bart took to her immediately, countering inquisitive coquetry with gallant attention and an apparently bottomless pit of good humour.
‘The council has decided by a majority to suspend research into countering temporal eradication,’ said the oldest of the two elders.
Countering the constant pitch and roll of the cruiser with his body and gripping the helm hard, for 4 hours left him numb and disorientated.
The Science Fair had won Jason extra recognition, but a couple of the teachers clearly objected to his clandestine methods at countering Mr.
Thus, we will concentrate on countering their project ‘Olympus’ first, the one most dangerous for the integrity of history since it touches at timeline ‘A’.
He finally breaks down her defenses, countering all of her arguments about why they shouldn't be together and showing her, in great detail, how incredible they are together.
The right hands: clockwise, the left hands: countering in alternating cadence in front of each twin as she moved very, very slowly away from her corner down the length of the deck.
countered with a grin.
I winced and countered.
Correctly countered him.
"Did I what?" he countered.
I countered at nine-fifty.
The Wild One countered.
This too can be countered.
"Or jealousy," he countered.
Doctor Kimiko countered.
Commander Maxi countered.
So what? Sam countered.
Marry me, he countered.
Have you? he countered.
Rowan, to you,' he countered.
I know, countered Edwin.
She sternly countered with a.
’ Wiesse countered, blinking.
"Where's Tom?" Ricki countered.
the results, Alex countered.
`It is the truth!' he countered.
seven fifty? Paul countered.
No, her husband countered.
I dont know, I countered.
Fine Charles, she countered.
This can be countered by Recall.
used to say, countered Maria.
Reilly yet, countered Nelson.
‘It isn’t,’ Bart countered.
‘You are there?’ I countered.
countered, but you say nothing.
Because of you also, he countered.
"I know," he counters.
off behind booth counters.
counters and on the floor.
Casinos throw counters out.
His bean counters will look.
and the chipped plastic counters.
You move, the woman counters.
But the ship counters that action.
The Professor counters, agitated.
With cabinets, counters, a sink and.
Fecking matches from counters to save.
Boxes swamped the kitchenette counters.
(c) CD4026B and CD4033B counters: Both.
An unknown force counters his every move.
I cruised the buffet counters with Ananya.
The floors, counters, and walls were marble.
Maybe I should move in here, he counters.
input to both the counters (CD4017 and CD4033).
They are used to set up constants and counters.
This controls rotation and counters shortening.
their counters, some began waving their trader's.
Paul followed him round the rectangle of counters.
The operation of divide-by-n counters will now be.
He had seen them, maybe, behind counters and bars.
Retreat and we’ll let you live, she counters.
rotary switch, both iC2 and iC3 counters remain per-.
One of the chief counters to Polish nationalism was.
screening and there were 13 possible counters to play.

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