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    1. ” They are offering shelter for the poor and hungry as long as you change your beliefs to fit their expectations

    2. By reaching out to someone in need, be it your neighbor, an orphan, or people in a homeless shelter, we add a little more peace and hope to the world

    3. shelter via the back passage

    4. doostEr had some canvas he could put over the end of the backbone and tongue to give them a little shelter

    5. shelter of the Most High

    6. Every family, every house lives in this shelter

    7. shelter and held my head with His hands standing next to the head of the

    8. But we are in the shelter of the Most High, and thus

    9. warmest of places, but for the while it will be shelter

    10. Have food stamps saved anyone? Has anyone been better off in life because they have health insurance? Does life get easier when we have these conveniences? Our tax money goes to pay for things like health insurance, food stamps, social security, Medicare, upkeep of unused buildings (that could be used to shelter the homeless if our Government really did care about us), great scientific studies like whether sick shrimp perform as well on a treadmill as healthy shrimp (this is a real study funded by the Government – it cost about 15 million dollars), army expenses, paying off the interest on our nation’s debt, veteran’s benefits, and government jobs such as postal workers or police officers

    11. and the deeps, the shift and shelter

    12. ‘Lintze, we’ll shelter over there and have something to eat

    13. Along with our nervous laughter, it offered some shelter from searching questions

    14. behind a glassless bus shelter as he relieved the pressure in his

    15. as the bus shelter was the only half decent structure left standing on

    16. Harry finished watering the nettles behind the bus shelter and

    17. shelter, where the door’s open

    18. It seems appropriate for the cottage to be used to shelter a representative of a local family and the Stubbses have been in the village since time immemorial, as I remember Mrs Stubbs telling me once when she was washing my hair – that woman can talk! Oh well, wait and see what happens with Ms Singh

    19. Tarak had made clear to her what they could expect; the biting cold, heavy snow drifts, and evenings with little or no sleep, crammed into small caves for shelter

    20. They would have to pick up the pace if they were to make the next shelter before it hit

    21. Tarak shouted orders instructing them to make a run for the shelter on the far side of the mountain; even the Hausa seemed to understand the urgency

    22. Generally speaking, successful applicants fall into two categories – the qualified ones who merely need somewhere to be for a short period and those who will use the shelter of the Foundation as a spring board

    23. Normally this would be forbidden Brent, but circumstances dictate that we must reach shelter

    24. temporary shelter in the buildings

    25. forces of the Crown and giving shelter to wanted

    26. This at least gave a little shelter from the rain and wind, as well as

    27. Slipping through the muddy torrents coursing from the Main Street down the Lakeside Road, we reached the shelter of the porch and I went with father around to shutter the store windows, just in case the winds shifted suddenly and threatened from the north

    28. Sam and Lian laughed at the thought of Monica being left in the middle of the forest all alone with no food or shelter

    29. Meanwhile, Andrew had gathered all the other villages at the Kingston Bomb Shelter, and was solemnly writing down the names of the villagers who had been killed by the being that called itself ‘Justice’

    30. 14, the bible verse that had been recurring all over the village of Trouble Valley that was now no more but an old bomb shelter eleven villagers hid away in as the heroes of this story, Andrew, Jack, Monica, Julia and Matt headed for the Impenetrable Cavern, to finally set right what had once went wrong and bring peace to a universe torn asunder in chaos

    31. shelter, but the advantage of

    32. dilapidated, small wooden shelter that had been

    33. tether on his horse, and entered the shelter

    34. to seek the shelter of a convent

    35. chambre d’hote, and bus shelter along the way – but

    36. The rain came down despite the shelter of the trees and although it

    37. share their shelter with the animals

    38. small shelter next to the barge, and listened to the

    39. we should at least be thankful that we have shelter of a

    40. Emily figured he was probably on the verge of emerging from his shelter after she had buried Whimly and the demons beneath the avalanche of rock

    41. reached their night’s shelter they were shivering and

    42. "Maybe I should bring him to the Archenon, shelter him in the Great Tree with the rest of the children

    43. beneath the meagre shelter of a stunted oak

    44. She, meanwhile, had found shelter in a large

    45. It had been artfully concealed with mud and leaves, low to the ground but skillfully erected so as to provide maximum shelter

    46. After forty minutes of careful crawling she got to the edge of the forest and scuttled into the shelter of the trees

    47. “Hello are you still wet?” Cried a voice outside the shelter

    48. The ultramarine boy helped lift the bicycle whilst Sam gathered his raincoat from the shelter then he lifted Snags into the wheelie cart, then guided Sam into the saddle

    49. The last to leave the cave, Adros gave a brief and hopefully final glance at his former shelter

    50. He was a patient, thoughtful man, and she trusted that he’d shelter her

    1. Their anchorage was beautiful, a sheltered cove behind a fine sand beach

    2. Occasionally she would be sheltered by the sail, but most of the time she was under the rain

    3. He was as sheltered as he could make himself

    4. His stories always made me feel odd and out of place but that day, after watching the surfers having so much fun, I gave in and agreed to let him give me my first lesson, as long as we stayed in the sheltered corner, away from the waves

    5. He hugged her and kissed her forehead, she sheltered in his arms

    6. That sheltered side of the island was an enchanted landscape of grazing-grounds and willow trees and the surest way to know such a place is through the soles of the feet

    7. She'd led such a sheltered existence up to then, elderly parents, no boyfriends

    8. He lives in that sheltered community out on the London Road now

    9. I’ve got quite a list of questions on my pad by the time I draw up outside the sheltered housing complex where Bert Redfield lives

    10. There was an out-house instead of plumbing and a rope and bucket well next to the outdoor kitchen that was sheltered by the lean-to next to the back door

    11. in our care are fed and sheltered, and to do our best

    12. dry stone walls, and sheltered from the easterly winds by a spinney of

    13. Tom was more enthusiastic, and pointed out a sheltered spot

    14. relaxed in their sheltered spot, they were passed by a horse-drawn

    15. ’ Andy commented stopping to look at a tall clump of something she couldn’t identify standing sheltered by a bush of some sort

    16. It’s shade was so thick that it even sheltered them from the rain that was early and heavy this week

    17. No wonder the foliage sheltered the street from the rain

    18. The whole setting was sheltered

    19. “Last winter before the spring had stolen my opportunity, I went round to that shallow sheltered cove, one of the few places where the Tahoe freezes each year

    20. other bushes had taken root in sheltered spots in the vicinity

    21. Tom realised that the low walls that had sheltered the tower crew

    22. grassy plateau sheltered by a few gnarled and windswept trees

    23. The end of the drive where they stand is sheltered and they’re not exposed to the midday sun; it seems they like standing there

    24. He’s got a ground floor flat at ‘Chamberlains’, a very up-market sheltered housing property on the outskirts of Chippenham, and has a terrific social life charming all the old ladies who live in the property

    25. could have sheltered a small family); breads, baguettes

    26. With powder sand beaches and lush green mountains, banyan trees and volcanic outcrops, this is where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic in a sheltered cove of calm shores and beautiful coral

    27. practically on all sides with hills, it’s much more sheltered

    28. and were very careful to keep their wares sheltered from

    29. more sheltered forests of the lower slopes

    30. She gazed forward with eyes of gray and white, content to see the children safely sheltered beneath a blue shell

    31. They sheltered under the broad

    32. You may also be a little emotionally sheltered

    33. Animals were sheltered there when bad weather approached

    34. was warm and sheltered on the crisp March day, reminding them

    35. Upon entering the Rex’s foster house, I never would have guessed that nearly twenty cats were being sheltered there, because everything looked and smelled so clean and fresh

    36. No doubt Tessa was in labor and searching for a private place to give birth - some place high in the rocks, away from the water but sheltered from the wind

    37. It sounded so unemotional, so detached, nothing at all like the feelings she experienced on her day to day rounds of the Sheltered Accommodation complex

    38. In single rooms fifty persons were sheltered, ladies in silken robes and beggars in rags

    39. away from home, but safe and comforted and sheltered

    40. The tea estates in this area are sheltered by the Drakensberg

    41. And with the return of his sight came an understanding of what had taken place here beneath the low gorse bush under which he sheltered

    42. They shall be sheltered from all this hissing, from all these murderous aspirations brought Yet I have reserved to Myself a remnant, a precious remnant who shall be hidden from this world, though they forth against My elect, and they shall learn holiness for a time and times and half a time

    43. A pop philosopher who had no effect on the philosophy field, and an awful novelist who had no admirers in literary circles, Rand's appeal was to very sheltered well off individuals with a fantasy image of themselves as persecuted

    44. Born extremely sheltered and privileged, Roosevelt's family connections helped get him elected to the New York legislature and several other posts that led to Assistant Secretary of the Navy, where he schemed to get the US involved in the Spanish-American War while the actual Secretary of the Navy was on vacation

    45. When they first got out of the vehicle, it was windy and cool, but the high banks of the river sheltered them

    46. on my sleeping bag, since my back was aching, and I sheltered my

    47. He realized with stark recognition, that he had lived a pretty sheltered life

    48. It was a beautiful, luxury resort on a sheltered beach that included with the price of a room all the food, drink and beach toys one could want

    49. One truly has to be a highly sheltered member of the elite to imagine either conservatism or golf need ex-presidential help

    50. and I, with so few possessions, had known a happy, sheltered

    1. The Vicar put his finger on it when he said that the loss of that one baby – and the guilt of that murder has never left me – has resulted in the safe sheltering of so many more

    2. standing patiently nearby, sheltering as best they could under the

    3. ‘He was sheltering a child, took the full force for the wall when it fell … if it hadn’t been for him, the boy would have been killed as well

    4. overhead thickened, sheltering them from the light of the sun

    5. through the rain and sheltering where they could

    6. residents who were sheltering indoors

    7. He desperately wanted to just lie there and doze for another couple of hours but, although their journey was over, they now had to work on finding suitable supplies and getting them back to those still sheltering in the command section

    8. Within a twelve-kilometre radius, all life, even sheltering in buildings, would’ve been terminated

    9. and in sheltering doorways to wait for belated cars; but the holiday

    10. Frank stood up, staring down at the dead body, shoulders hunched as though sheltering from a cold wind

    11. Keeping the little ones in the centre, hiding and sheltering them from the scourging fire and thunder, the pain that killed from the inside, they huddled briefly together one last time

    12. It is not meet, then, that I should bring forth in it; let us rather repair to that of the sheltering rock, which Satan hurled at us, when he wished to kill us with it; but that was held up and spread as an awning over us by the command of God; and formed a cave

    13. Desperate screams penetrate the air as ferals hunt down unfamiliar men and pack rape the women and children sheltering in nearby apartment complexes

    14. Carefully sheltering the tiny flame, they

    15. for thousands of years and were still sheltering a few people

    16. It is not meet then that I should bring forth in it; let us rather repair to that of the sheltering rock which Satan hurled at us when he wished to kill us with it; but that was held up and spread as an awning over us by the command of God; and formed a cave

    17. sheltering, feeding, care conditions are according to the law”

    18. out of that bar tonight with a sheltering hand on her back

    19. His arms had encircled her, sheltering her and

    20. Her mother had a sheltering arm

    21. They were running all over, then approached us and on having seen us, went out shot to go back to the shadow of a few lazy cedars that were sheltering them with their arms

    22. Bob was sheltering her from any embarrassing fallout from his nefarious activities

    23. It could also mean sheltering ourselves or limiting ourselves from reac

    24. Usually, states require that the structure be capable of either housing people or animals, or sheltering property

    25. The cave we had been sheltering in wasn’t a cave at all but a mine with a narrow overgrown path that skirted its entrance and led both to and away from the village

    26. The forest deepened in the twilight, became a blue haunt of mystery sheltering unguessed things

    27. "Well," said Conan, setting the girl on her feet within the sheltering screen of branches, "we can take our time now

    28. I struck the match against the side of the box and sheltering it with my hand I lit the cigarette and inhaled

    29. "It's Alex Dracos!" snarled Travis, pushing through the soldiers sheltering in the doorway of the headquarters

    30. The Kantsler and Protopopoff were sheltering in a hollow by the side of the road near the dam

    31. The shore, about 50 yards from the shack‘s front door, was littered with fish heads, glistening globs of fish scales, turtle shells, various and sundry alligator parts haphazardly distributed around assorted pole racks and crude tables sheltering a variety of ice chests of unknown parentage

    32. The scorching afternoon sun could not penetrate the leafy canopy sheltering the two unfortunates and dark clouds blotted the piercing rays resulting in merciful twilight

    33. Sanity came back gradually but it came, and one afternoon I sat inside my boathouse, sheltering from a sudden shower and watching the tiny waves break on the shore, and I realised that I was happy again

    34. “Which is where the Time Patrol and its supporters are probably sheltering, which means that they are for the time being out of reach from us

    35. He wished he could carry Emma up into its sheltering coolness - to have made love to her for the first time along that strong wide branch - Aah, ecstasy !

    36. By then, over a million non-psyonics were sheltering in and around the old city and it became an attractive target for many arrogant leaders of the World Council

    37. They spent all their days in the sheltering bays of Noosa, surfing, swimming and lying around in the shade of the Pandanus palms

    38. Going at a tired pace to the tent complex sheltering her air task force’s operations center, Ingrid entered it and stopped first in front of the blackboard showing the meteorological predictions for the region

    39. To Ingrid, it was immediately painfully obvious that the city was overcrowded with refugees sheltering under whatever roof was available, with most of those refugees being visibly sick or starving, or both

    40. They barely had time to arrive at the hangar sheltering the XC-10 when a B-45 medium jet bomber landed in the dark on the main northern runway

    41. As the officer ran away, Ho Chi Minh returned inside his hut and dressed properly, then went out and walked to the hut sheltering the radio communications center and the operations room of the headquarters

    42. It must have had a base of its own, a clandestine base that could be sheltering more pirate ships and would be used to transfer its illegal loot on more legitimate-looking ships for shipping and sale to customers that are not too scrupulous about forged waybills

    43. Leading her group out of the elevator, she walked along the façade, soon climbing a small staircase leading to a porch sheltering the entrances of two adjacent apartments

    44. Walking to the magnificent Parthenon, with its 46 white marble columns surrounding its facade, she climbed the four steps leading to the main entrance and walked in the Naos, the huge room sheltering the giant statue of the goddess Athena, protector of Athens

    45. A tall but paunchy gentleman was sheltering behind some tables in another quarter of the saloon

    46. I was even accused a few times of sheltering and protecting running slaves

    47. “We’re fortifying the cave where the human population is sheltering

    48. He’s been sheltering you all this time

    49. High winds triggers fast fear to have sheltering

    50. Bright white plaster houses with dark wood beams dotted the deep forest green, the trees sheltering the town from the mountain winds

    1. that there were a few rude shelters along the way, well-hidden and

    2. We went around to all the local shelters and carefully read the posted information cards and greeted the friendly paws reaching through the cages

    3. One of the shelters had a huge cat room where the residents roamed free

    4. Besides the fact that I don’t do shelters (I can’t handle choosing just one animal, not knowing what will happen to all the rest), I also didn’t know anything about choosing a cat

    5. I then checked them over and gave the most seriously wounded morphine tablets then I tried to set up shelters like we had on Gallipoli out of tunics propped up on pieces of wood that I found in the hole as the sun blazed down

    6. There was no change in either of them and I rigged uniform shelters to protect them from the sun

    7. Naturally, on that first night – a time when members of the new regime visited the shelters – he suspected her to be a stooge, there to garner the loyalty of the Chosen

    8. I told her she could have that three acres to build a house on, but it wasn‘t level enough for her to take her horses and build shelters for

    9. All proceeds from sales of these novels benefit battered women’s shelters

    10. Though both cities used extensive subway tunnels as bomb shelters, many residents hiding out below died from suffocation

    11. A number of sheds and shelters stood around

    12. It might not have even been noticeable to the largely hunter-gatherer populations that lived in mostly temporary shelters around the areas most prone to suffering the slow steady intrusions

    13. The devotees constructed some shelters

    14. less shelters in 2009, an increase of nearly 30% since the recession

    15. In addition to motels, the family was offered shelter care at the local shelters

    16. Financial resources for motels and shelters came from the Maine Department of Health

    17. ” In America, there were school lunch programs, food stamps, the Salvation Army and shelters, safety nets of all sorts

    18. This cluster of huts and shelters attracted wealthy big-game hunters from America and adventurers from over the world

    19. I move towards those shelters

    20. buildings with an economic role (warehouses for food and crops or shelters for

    21. The shelters were up just like Zalith had expected but the entire site was in perfect condition

    22. Once they got the message out, they set up the light shelters at the landing site

    23. stopped the migrations, built shelters, and elected to lead an

    24. clearing with four rude shelters made of hides and poles

    25. The next day I was contacted by a commoner among the homeless shelters

    26. studying shelters and shelter technology when I was 10

    27. would be heating their shelters with wood fires

    28. - even if the shelters were paid from public budgets and were officially public places,

    29. keeping the animals that are not returnable in shelters until they are claimed or

    30. shelters an average of less than one dog per day was killed, in 1995 the number of dogs

    31. The staff of dog shelters makes its profits by selling the dog food and veterinary

    32. information on the animals accommodated in their shelters in order to track the owner

    33. (3) City and village mayors shall be responsible for the activities of the shelters

    34. (4) Stray animal shelters shall be managed by the municipalities and/or animal

    35. (5) Animal protection organisations may create their own stray animal shelters

    36. (1) Mayors and animal protection organisations managing shelters shall:

    37. marked and accommodated in provisional shelters designated by the respective

    38. (5) Work organisation and keeping conditions for all dogs in provisional shelters

    39. over all compliance with the animal protection requirements at all shelters in

    40. Infrastructure set up to make sure that where municipality or private animal shelters

    41. animal shelters and local vets

    42. Shelters should, however, be only temporary solutions

    43. shelters, most of which are in a catastrophic state

    44. Many animal shelters have focused on dogs and are trying to cover part of

    45. In many animal shelters, there are grievances caused by the congestion,

    46. Most of the shelters are completely

    47. capacity of the shelters

    48. problem that the animal shelters are struggling with at the moment is the fact, that many

    49. 000 of them are living in animal shelters

    50. 000 thereof living in animal shelters

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    Synonyms for "shelter"

    shelter tax shelter protection conceal cover shroud screen defend guard ward asylum haven refuge retreat sanctuary security

    "shelter" definitions

    a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger

    protective covering that provides protection from the weather

    the condition of being protected

    a way of organizing business to reduce the taxes it must pay on current earnings

    temporary housing for homeless or displaced persons

    provide shelter for

    invest (money) so that it is not taxable