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Shelter in a sentence | shelter example sentences

  1. Move on to the shelter.
  2. Then Hell is the shelter.
  3. Shelter located in Tel Aviv.
  4. They need food and shelter.
  5. All animal shelter in the U.

  6. We are in need of shelter.
  7. We wil have to seek shelter.
  8. There was no shelter under.
  9. Then Paradise is the shelter.
  10. Holt called from the shelter.
  11. The women at the IOM shelter.
  12. Shelter from wind and weather.
  13. Is that a place of shelter?
  14. A ramp rises behind a shelter.
  15. The shelter had several floors.

  16. He cradled Uma in the shelter.
  17. The cave offered little shelter.
  18. To come running to the shelter.
  19. You’ll be helping the shelter.
  20. According to the Maagan Shelter.
  21. This was the back of the shelter.
  22. We need shelter for the night.
  23. An orb appears beside the shelter.
  24. Please pull him into bomb shelter.
  25. It was kind of you to shelter my.

  26. He was leaning out of the shelter.
  27. The kid needed shelter and warmth.
  28. I had to keep the animal shelter.
  29. He will shelter you with his wings.
  30. Bomb shelter monitors turned off.
  31. The shelter was a huge old building.
  32. A no-kill shelter giving the cats.
  33. Until then we need to reach shelter.
  34. We needed somewhere to take shelter.
  35. There you will find shelter and food.
  36. Immediately went back to my shelter.
  37. Bomb shelter, she corrected me.
  38. Bucca quickly dismantled the shelter.
  39. The shelter worker did as I requested.
  40. Shelter Offshore; Expat Money Matters.
  41. And in the shelter of my arms enfold.
  42. Town Animal Shelter had all but faded.
  43. We had to shelter here for the night.
  44. I needed food, water, rest and shelter.
  45. Then organise water, food, and shelter.
  46. Adding a canopy to the lean-to shelter.
  47. No shelter animal has ever survived a.
  48. They meet at a party on Shelter Island.
  50. First essential when camping is shelter.
  51. Your knowledge of types of shelter.
  52. I had no water, no food, and no shelter.
  53. Within the warmth and shelter of my womb.
  54. Brother Tree, we ask you for shelter.
  55. I want to purchase a cat from a shelter.
  56. A number shimmers above the shelter: 100.
  57. I check the number above the shelter: 59.
  58. Once, a puppy was passed to the shelter.
  59. A full half of his shelter was in flames.
  60. I tag his suit and the shelter goes dark.
  61. Having to find shelter wherever we could.
  62. Is something wrong at the shelter?
  63. By the time the Herons had taken shelter.
  64. There was no shelter over the front porch.
  65. Maybe we can find shelter and information.
  66. Would she stay in the bomb shelter like I.
  67. Once, she helped shelter his monstrosities.
  68. Janet peered from beneath the rock shelter.
  69. Ramsey looked around trying to find shelter.
  70. Food is vital, and having shelter is a must.
  71. It is only moments away from their shelter.
  72. I had carried and laid him under a shelter.
  73. Callen points to a shelter and we run to it.
  74. Under the shelter of which his cheeky toes.
  75. We need to find shelter, Bohdan said.
  76. Before bringing home a cat ask the shelter.
  77. I’m going with Gabriel to see the shelter.
  78. Two weeks in the shelter were like dog years.
  79. A crowd had gathered in and near the shelter.
  80. There is no shelter and peace in this realm.
  81. A strong shelter against the heat of the Day.
  82. I’m starting to break down the shelter now.
  83. Kalman and I took shelter under a large tree.
  84. The number on top of the shelter drops to 56.
  85. The shelter house was full, turning him away.
  86. I had food to eat and a shelter over my head.
  87. She knew they must be in some kind of shelter.
  88. It was hiding in a special shelter of my mind.
  89. She ran for shelter, picking up some cherries.
  90. He who dwel s in the shelter of the Most High.
  91. We pass a ramp, turn and jog toward a shelter.
  92. She, meanwhile, had found shelter in a large.
  93. Trapped inside the shelter of a shell, shell-.
  94. Food, clothing, shelter, 'toys' - all require.
  95. Those who live in the shelter of the Most High.
  96. Mann calling from the Montreal Animal Shelter.
  97. We take them in and give them food and shelter.
  98. Not in the Girl Scouts, but in a bomb shelter.
  99. Then she could have stayed in shelter like him.
  100. Tom stuck his head out of the air-raid shelter.
  1. Her mother had a sheltering arm.
  2. He’s been sheltering you all this time.
  3. Carefully sheltering the tiny flame, they.
  4. Kids hustled back under the sheltering trees.
  5. High winds triggers fast fear to have sheltering.
  6. His arms had encircled her, sheltering her and.
  7. Barrons has me then, his arms strong, sheltering.
  8. Safe I will embrace you, fast within my sheltering arms.
  9. She is the sheltering jam that makes the pills of life possible.
  10. Blackberry, sheltering behind a parallel row, kept level with it.
  11. We’re fortifying the cave where the human population is sheltering.
  12. It could also mean sheltering ourselves or limiting ourselves from reac.
  13. I was even accused a few times of sheltering and protecting running slaves.
  14. I laughed and followed him, sheltering my eyes from what I knew I would see.
  15. There, on the sheltering side of the small rise, lay a man who was near death.
  16. Thick underbrush was growing there, sheltering thousands of insects and lizards.
  17. Bob was sheltering her from any embarrassing fallout from his nefarious activities.
  18. Her husband stood next to her, sheltering her from the rain with a huge black umbrella.
  19. The Kantsler and Protopopoff were sheltering in a hollow by the side of the road near the dam.
  20. A tall but paunchy gentleman was sheltering behind some tables in another quarter of the saloon.
  21. The forest deepened in the twilight, became a blue haunt of mystery sheltering unguessed things.
  22. Within a twelve-kilometre radius, all life, even sheltering in buildings, would’ve been terminated.
  23. He struck a match and, sheltering it in the shell of his hands, peered again into the mouth which Mr.
  24. Frank stood up, staring down at the dead body, shoulders hunched as though sheltering from a cold wind.
  25. I struck the match against the side of the box and sheltering it with my hand I lit the cigarette and inhaled.
  26. He made his way towards the inn, sheltering from the rain beneath the overhanging floors of the timber houses.
  27. Usually, states require that the structure be capable of either housing people or animals, or sheltering property.
  28. Mrs Houston, Holms boomed, please ask the young gentleman you have been sheltering in your rooms to join us.
  29. Believing it to be a sign, I tore out the page and later searched out his books, the first being The Sheltering Sky.
  30. If sheltering outdoors move to the other side of your windbreak in preparation or move to better shelter if close by.
  31. She had gone back to Tara once in fear and defeat and she had emerged from its sheltering walls strong and armed for victory.
  32. They spent all their days in the sheltering bays of Noosa, surfing, swimming and lying around in the shade of the Pandanus palms.
  33. Bright white plaster houses with dark wood beams dotted the deep forest green, the trees sheltering the town from the mountain winds.
  34. The Sheltering Society and various other similar organizations also were represented, all ready to take care of those who needed them.
  35. The young man opened the door and ran to the stack, sheltering behind it, and was closely followed by his companion, Stone, and Dino.
  36. But, sitting under the sheltering branches of the black cypress tree, he had to admit he didn’t know who or what in the hell she was.
  37. They barely had time to arrive at the hangar sheltering the XC-10 when a B-45 medium jet bomber landed in the dark on the main northern runway.
  38. Which is where the Time Patrol and its supporters are probably sheltering, which means that they are for the time being out of reach from us.
  39. Desperate screams penetrate the air as ferals hunt down unfamiliar men and pack rape the women and children sheltering in nearby apartment complexes.
  40. Seeing my chance I turned to the side and sent Desirée tumbling forward to roll across the sidewalk to the sheltering cover offered by a parked van.
  41. He wished he could carry Emma up into its sheltering coolness - to have made love to her for the first time along that strong wide branch - Aah, ecstasy !.
  42. Lorry when business hours came round, was this:--that he had no right to imperil Tellson's by sheltering the wife of an emigrant prisoner under the Bank roof.
  43. By then, over a million non-psyonics were sheltering in and around the old city and it became an attractive target for many arrogant leaders of the World Council.
  44. The cave we had been sheltering in wasn’t a cave at all but a mine with a narrow overgrown path that skirted its entrance and led both to and away from the village.
  45. The type of shelter you build will depend upon: the materials available, the tools available, what you are sheltering from (WIND, COLD, SNOW, RAIN, INSECTS, and so forth).
  46. The scorching afternoon sun could not penetrate the leafy canopy sheltering the two unfortunates and dark clouds blotted the piercing rays resulting in merciful twilight.
  47. They were running all over, then approached us and on having seen us, went out shot to go back to the shadow of a few lazy cedars that were sheltering them with their arms.
  48. Leading her group out of the elevator, she walked along the façade, soon climbing a small staircase leading to a porch sheltering the entrances of two adjacent apartments.
  49. With a roar he charged the ape-man, while half a hundred heads peered from sheltering windows and doorways to witness the butchering of the poor Frenchman by the giant black.
  50. The House of Shelter maintained by the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society announced that it was able to care for at least fifty persons as long as might be necessary.
  51. Harris, Tinker, and Louie had heard rumors that the Japanese had retaliated against Chinese civilians for sheltering the Doolittle men, but didn’t know the true extent of it.
  52. And meantime you'll grow strong again, take up some rational work, and in a very short time you'll repay Shatov for sheltering you and for the expense, which will not be so great.
  53. The shield remained in place, sheltering him from the creature above and with his free hand behind him and his back pinning it against the spire, the connection could not be broken.
  54. The Vicar put his finger on it when he said that the loss of that one baby – and the guilt of that murder has never left me – has resulted in the safe sheltering of so many more.
  55. Keeping the little ones in the centre, hiding and sheltering them from the scourging fire and thunder, the pain that killed from the inside, they huddled briefly together one last time.
  56. The Dalai Lama had to flee to India and the Chinese were so furious with the Indian government for sheltering him that in 1962 they attacked and captured Indian territory along the border.
  57. Also, Al-Baidawi in his explanation of the Holy Qur'an and the historian Ibn-Jubair in his book (A news Reminder of Travel Agreements) mentioned that this sheltering was to a hill of Damascus.
  58. They were swept away in the first rush, before most of them even realized they were under attack, and the infantry platoons sheltering in those dugouts for warmth had only a very little more warning.
  59. Sanity came back gradually but it came, and one afternoon I sat inside my boathouse, sheltering from a sudden shower and watching the tiny waves break on the shore, and I realised that I was happy again.
  60. As the officer ran away, Ho Chi Minh returned inside his hut and dressed properly, then went out and walked to the hut sheltering the radio communications center and the operations room of the headquarters.
  61. To Ingrid, it was immediately painfully obvious that the city was overcrowded with refugees sheltering under whatever roof was available, with most of those refugees being visibly sick or starving, or both.
  62. Going at a tired pace to the tent complex sheltering her air task force’s operations center, Ingrid entered it and stopped first in front of the blackboard showing the meteorological predictions for the region.
  63. Once or twice its service was most effective, as when a fishing boat, with gunwale under water, rushed into the harbour, able, by the guidance of the sheltering light, to avoid the danger of dashing against the piers.
  64. True to the tradition in which they had been atmosphere of sheltering their women from all that was harsh and unfit for feminine reared, the men were courteous and tender and they almost succeeded in creating an eyes.
  65. Hand over hand Tarzan drew the struggling black until he had him hanging by his neck in mid-air; then Tarzan climbed to a larger branch drawing the still threshing victim well up into the sheltering verdure of the tree.
  66. He said that in his watch he hadbeen sheltering behind the deckhouse, as there was a rain storm,when he saw a tall, thin man, who was not like any of the crew,come up the companionway, and go along the deck forward anddisappear.
  67. He desperately wanted to just lie there and doze for another couple of hours but, although their journey was over, they now had to work on finding suitable supplies and getting them back to those still sheltering in the command section.
  68. At first Galinda simply lived wild in the forest bordering the village, foraging nuts and berries and grubs and sheltering in caves or hollows, but eventually she built a large hovel of tree trunks and slabs of peat torn from the nearby bog.
  69. At heart he was an arrant coward, which is the way with bullies among apes as well as among men; so he did not remain to fight and die, but tore himself away from them as quickly as he could and fled into the sheltering boughs of the forest.
  70. The house was built in a square, with a central sunlit courtyard made serene with a bathing pool, fountains, flowers, and sheltering trees; the thick-walled house stayed cool, and funnelled breezes that carried the pleasing scents throughout the rooms.
  71. Then, there was a crash of falling timbers near by and Scarlett saw a Rhett sat still, the reins lax in his hands, looking after them, a curious moody look on thin tongue of flame lick up over the roof of the warehouse in whose sheltering shadow they sat.
  72. It is not meet then that I should bring forth in it; let us rather repair to that of the sheltering rock which Satan hurled at us when he wished to kill us with it; but that was held up and spread as an awning over us by the command of God; and formed a cave.
  73. Walking to the magnificent Parthenon, with its 46 white marble columns surrounding its facade, she climbed the four steps leading to the main entrance and walked in the Naos, the huge room sheltering the giant statue of the goddess Athena, protector of Athens.
  74. It must have had a base of its own, a clandestine base that could be sheltering more pirate ships and would be used to transfer its illegal loot on more legitimate-looking ships for shipping and sale to customers that are not too scrupulous about forged waybills.
  75. It is not meet, then, that I should bring forth in it; let us rather repair to that of the sheltering rock, which Satan hurled at us, when he wished to kill us with it; but that was held up and spread as an awning over us by the command of God; and formed a cave.
  76. Once she began to pace about the room, but the sight of those eager black knots of people down the street, of policemen and other important and official-looking persons going in and out of the cottage, drove her back to her bed and its sheltering, world-deadening pillow.
  77. Morrison's and her own conscience's accusations, her soul much beaten and bent by winds of misgiving but still on its feet, still defiant, still sheltering itself when it could behind plain common sense which whispered at intervals that all that had happened was only bad luck.
  78. The shore, about 50 yards from the shack‘s front door, was littered with fish heads, glistening globs of fish scales, turtle shells, various and sundry alligator parts haphazardly distributed around assorted pole racks and crude tables sheltering a variety of ice chests of unknown parentage.
  79. At once, as if by concert, frogs and nightingales were silent; but the light plash of the fountain was still heard beneath the beating of the rain, and far off in the distance some little bird, no doubt safe and dry under a sheltering bough, chirped in monotonous rhythm his two recurring notes.
  80. At intervals, away in the distance, nestling in the hollows or amid sheltering trees, groups of farm buildings and stacks of hay; and further on, the square ivy-clad tower of an ancient church, or perhaps a solitary windmill with its revolving sails alternately flashing and darkening in the rays of the sun.
  81. So much they told him when he forced them, but he guessed there was more wickedness than this afoot, and that a great raid of the whole goblin army with their wolf-allies into the lands shadowed by the mountains might soon be made to find the dwarves, or to take vengeance on the men and creatures that lived there, and who they thought must be sheltering them.
  82. No prince charming is her beau ideal to lay a rare and wondrous love at her feet but rather a manly man with a strong quiet face who had not found his ideal, perhaps his hair slightly flecked with grey, and who would understand, take her in his sheltering arms, strain her to him in all the strength of his deep passionate nature and comfort her with a long long kiss.
  83. In a swath eighty miles wide the Yankees were looting Here lay the fertile state, dotted with plantations, sheltering the women and children,.
  1. To be sheltered and warm.
  2. She felt sheltered in his arms.
  3. They sheltered under the broad.
  4. The Genie sheltered in his bottle.
  5. The whole setting was sheltered.
  6. And his family that sheltered him.
  7. It’s a deep bay, well sheltered.
  8. She’d always had the sheltered.
  9. The camps lodges were sheltered.
  10. In stormy weather, they sheltered.
  11. At the end of the road, sheltered.
  12. The darkness made us feel sheltered.
  13. It sheltered me in its woolen comfort.
  14. They've been sheltered all their lives.
  15. I was sheltered over the last year too.
  16. Masha still wept, sheltered on my breast.
  17. He was as sheltered as he could make himself.
  18. And where the sleepy cowslip sheltered grows;.
  19. No, they were delicate sheltered creatures now.
  20. You may also be a little emotionally sheltered.
  21. Perched on a ledge that was sheltered by three.
  22. Other Jews sheltered them and got away with it.
  23. The thick stonewalls had sheltered monks there.
  24. I must have lived a sheltered stock trading life.
  25. Who has sheltered us in the arms of our Mothers?
  26. Sheltered thus under religious zeal, the hearts.
  27. Did He not find you orphaned, and sheltered you?
  28. Rich in life and produce, sheltered from most of.
  29. I have lived a sheltered life, Bane conceded.
  30. Then the village survivors sheltered some of the.
  31. New sources of income can be sheltered from taxation.
  32. That was a sheltered valley, open only to the South.
  33. Left of the jetty, a mile away, lay a sheltered bay.
  34. Warm and loved again sheltered like a birds nest 67.
  35. Behind steel bars, I was sheltered from anything real.
  36. And then my own babies were created and sheltered and.
  37. Living a sheltered life, he was thankful to be active.
  38. The brat had been accepted and sheltered by the colossus.
  39. Albert, given his sheltered upbringing, did not recognise.
  40. Animals were sheltered there when bad weather approached.
  41. No wonder the foliage sheltered the street from the rain.
  42. He jumped down and sheltered in one of the side entrances.
  43. Having been so sheltered by her over-protective mother had.
  44. He plants them in sheltered and sunny places of His garden.
  45. I pushed the little one up and we sheltered under the rocks.
  46. He had led a fairly sheltered life up to now and found the.
  47. As a nine-year-old girl sheltered in a small village within.
  48. Tom was more enthusiastic, and pointed out a sheltered spot.
  49. Strands of greasy-looking hair sheltered his ears and cheeks.
  50. It seemed inaccessible, sheltered behind the advancing Pierre.
  51. Anubis sheltered me in his arms, and I sniveled like a little.
  52. They spent the night sheltered under tall, purple-leaved trees.
  53. The tea estates in this area are sheltered by the Drakensberg.
  54. He lives in that sheltered community out on the London Road now.
  55. Thomas had led a sheltered life until he decided to move to Vegas.
  56. They jogged past a river that was sheltered by overhanging trees.
  57. He hugged her and kissed her forehead, she sheltered in his arms.
  58. Tom realised that the low walls that had sheltered the tower crew.
  59. For him it was the most sheltered inlet in the cove of his old age.
  60. This fire is sheltered from strong wind by being below ground level.
  61. Down in the lowest and most sheltered corner of the dell they lit a.
  62. I feel a sting of embarrassment that I am as sheltered as Nick says.
  63. You’ve been sheltered in the city since the breakout of the virus.
  64. On the western flank of Weathertop they found a sheltered hollow, at.
  65. His father attempted to keep him sheltered from some of the evils of.
  66. I felt small and sheltered, like I was a kitten he was holding gently.
  67. Ganesh cried like the sheltered little child he had always wanted to be.
  68. Euthanasia of sheltered dogs shall be allowed under the provisions of.
  69. Their anchorage was beautiful, a sheltered cove behind a fine sand beach.
  70. The courgette thrives best in a sunny though sheltered part of the garden.
  71. But, at the same time, he was glad that Toby was sheltered from the truth.
  72. He’d been leading a very sheltered life over here until we got involved.
  73. I picked him up and carried him to a sheltered spot near a trickle of water.
  74. A sheltered childhood was shattered the night Anna graduated from high school.
  75. Blond hair, green eyes, had an idyllic, sheltered childhood in the Deep South.
  76. He realized with stark recognition, that he had lived a pretty sheltered life.
  77. Most species of bass have the tendency to hang around sheltered areas of water.
  78. Warning Hippos! and found the footpath through a sheltered stand of bush-willow.
  79. Call me sheltered, but I hadn't heard the stereotype about black men and their.
  80. We wandered off to find our sheltered spot in the sun, wearing thongs in case of.
  81. Peering around, the small sheltered spot hid him from anyone passing on the path.
  82. She'd led such a sheltered existence up to then, elderly parents, no boyfriends.
  83. They headed east again and soon they could see the ravine where they had sheltered.
  84. Several had flat roofs sheltered by short walls and it all seemed to go on forever.
  85. Reaching a sheltered alcove we stopped and silently Okani passed the suitcase to me.
  86. Offices, storage areas, laboratories--all sheltered under thousands of tons of rock.
  87. Even as sheltered as she was, she knew that was going to attract unwanted attention.
  88. Tom and Will went to the village church while Zach found a sheltered spot by the sea.
  89. It sheltered magnificently their vagabond labours under the sleepless eye of the sun.
  90. The valley is sheltered and faces south, and though the surrounding country is under.
  91. And, in the more retired parts, a thousand horses were sheltered from the burning sun.
  92. They sheltered from the cold and waited – waited for answers and for their next move.
  93. The ship of scientific inquiry spends little time near the sheltered shore of certainty.
  94. Dawn had broken forty minutes earlier, but the sheltered beach still lay deep in shadow.
  95. They fought with the long gate into Dobbs's field and Tom checked that she was sheltered.
  96. Having first been sheltered by parents, then protected by Max, he was still an innocent.
  97. The first day they had built effective lean-tos to keep them sheltered during the night.
  98. They are sheltered, nurtured, flattered, pampered, and offered a ritual diet of nubile.
  99. A mother's love can keep us sheltered and warm, but it can also blind us from the truth.
  100. Sheltered in the city I’d forgotten what it was like to be without security once again.
  1. I move towards those shelters.
  2. And you can try the shelters.
  3. Shelters should be free of charge.
  4. There are shelters that ‘suspend.
  5. Most of the shelters are completely.
  6. Today, shelters, animals can be found.
  7. The devotees constructed some shelters.
  8. Tents were pitched, and shelters laid out.
  9. They came within sight of the stone shelters.
  10. Who shelters us in the arms of our mothers?
  11. A number of sheds and shelters stood around.
  12. There was enough room in the shelters to fit.
  13. You know, dogs ain't allowed in shelters, sir.
  14. Animal shelters are not the sole, appropriate.
  15. And London's town to that which shelters thee!.
  16. Animal shelters are unprepared to house primates.
  17. Those families that hid in the shelters survived.
  18. IOM also supports several shelters for victims of.
  19. Some women’s shelters require only a High School.
  20. The shelters were hollow chambers that were several.
  21. This was the solitary confinement of animal shelters.
  22. Animal shelters and cat rescue organizations are very.
  23. Shelters should, however, be only temporary solutions.
  25. Ant signaled to Loriime and they walked to the shelters.
  26. Women’s and family shelters everywhere are staying full.
  27. Many shelters use lethal injections to take care of their.
  28. Shelters, boarding houses or any other accommodations for.
  29. No kill animal shelters are good in theory but can easily.
  30. In Portugal, animal shelters are more of a killing station.
  31. I was already headed up a row of what looked like shelters.
  32. The second phase involved secret secluded shelters that.
  33. Should You Invest in Tax-Free Securities and Tax Shelters?
  34. These shelters are their homes, I have learned, and are 32.
  35. Animal shelters in the United States are forced to put down.
  36. I had spotted a large man ducking out of one of the shelters.
  37. Women’s shelters are supposed to be a temporary safe haven.
  38. Women’s shelters house may house abused women, abused women.
  39. Tax shelters are actually legal method of reducing taxable income.
  40. Hasty shelters will usually have many spaces where air can enter.
  41. Humility, self abasement and compassion brings life – shelters.
  42. No tents, huts or other human-made shelters have been constructed.
  43. It was hiding in one of the underground shelters, said Sorren.
  44. The two small shelters within the compound were the only exception.
  45. Also be careful when investing in tax shelters and foreign stocks.
  46. The next day I was contacted by a commoner among the homeless shelters.
  47. Before, there were so many children living in shelters and orphanages.
  48. Tax shelters vary depending on present domestic and international laws.
  49. They will be invaluable in making shelters, rafts and other structures.
  50. One of the shelters had a huge cat room where the residents roamed free.
  51. There are no homeless shelters, no nonprofits dedicated to the homeless.
  52. We checked all the shelters and someone finally told us he recognized her.
  53. Sounds of weeping and wailing permeated out the entrances of the shelters.
  54. Many animal shelters have focused on dogs and are trying to cover part of.
  55. All proceeds from sales of these novels benefit battered women’s shelters.
  56. Get out of all shelters and hide outs, experience the Real in total nakedness.
  57. Here we were dominated by the fear of an invasion and we had shelters because.
  58. She shelters dogs while teaching them discipline Her endless hours of training.
  59. I hope that the other girls didn’t waste their time finding air raid shelters.
  60. Also included in tax shelters is the flow through shares or limited partnerships.
  61. Animal shelters are often places collecting dogs without sufficient veterinary.
  62. In the year of 2006, the Italian Department of Health listed 1144 animal shelters.
  63. In addition to motels, the family was offered shelter care at the local shelters.
  64. They made it to several more rock shelters before they again heard the rocket ship.
  65. Citizens were advised to make their way to rescue shelters set up around the city.
  66. Get as many of the people in the city into the underground shelters as you can.
  67. Once they got the message out, they set up the light shelters at the landing site.
  68. The staff of dog shelters makes its profits by selling the dog food and veterinary.
  69. Financial resources for motels and shelters came from the Maine Department of Health.
  70. A significant number of this tax evasion cases is accounted to abuse of tax shelters.
  71. The results were horrific; in the intense heat, bomb shelters became vast crematoriums.
  72. Infrastructure set up to make sure that where municipality or private animal shelters.
  73. Certain public buildings in the USA were designated as bomb shelters in case of a.
  74. Why were these men still inside that barrack instead of inside shelters or trenches?
  75. We put a lot of it into tax shelters for the retirement which was coming nearer by the day.
  76. In December, after American planes bombed the field, the POWs were ordered to dig shelters.
  77. Millions more are handed over to animal shelters by pet owners who find them too inconvenient.
  78. The number one reason adult cats are brought to shelters is for unresolved litter box problems.
  79. The shelters were up just like Zalith had expected but the entire site was in perfect condition.
  80. There was no change in either of them and I rigged uniform shelters to protect them from the sun.
  81. I look through the maze of walls and barriers and shelters and see players taking their positions.
  82. Hikers on the AT spent most nights camping in or near group shelters that existed along the trail.
  83. Denison and Nicholls actually counted a total of fourteen such shelters flying out of the GILGAMESH.
  84. The farm houses had been built with deep basements which were originally intended as storm shelters.
  85. For those walking to safety, on the other hand, temporary shelters can be built at each stopping point.
  86. Albert is younger than Jutta, and during the war, he ran as a courier in Hamburg between bomb shelters.
  87. When Kim came back in, I tried to give her the names of some shelters in the area, but she refused them.
  88. There were not enough emergency equipment, shelters or work force to deal with anything of that magnitude.
  89. All shelters MUST be adequately ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and allow moisture to escape.
  90. There were about 30 soulless Cambodians in the camp, kept prisoner in small palm leaved roofed open shelters.
  91. This one had no facilities, consisting of open concrete block shelters protecting concrete tables and benches.
  92. And he shelters neither bombed-out people, no refugees, and he lives in an undamaged house with only one child.
  93. In snow shelters the holes must be regularly checked to ensure that they have not become blocked by snow or ice.
  94. This cluster of huts and shelters attracted wealthy big-game hunters from America and adventurers from over the world.
  95. He has also initiated programs in more than 1,500 schools, 700 prisons, and 50,000 service organizations and shelters.
  96. When the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed, business looked hard for the companies that made money selling tax shelters.
  97. Though both cities used extensive subway tunnels as bomb shelters, many residents hiding out below died from suffocation.
  98. When very high OPMI market prices can be realized, new issues are sold to OPMIs as IPOs and, say, real estate tax shelters.
  99. Along the AT, there are shelters spaced at intervals for the comfort of the perennial hikers that walk the Trail every year.
  100. Those residents who were hidden in their shelters generally survived the attack with the sacrifice of their house and barns.

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